Monday, April 30, 2012

The Last Will and Testament of the Cyborg Abraham Lincoln Day 1

Supplemental material


Another Earth

Ten men in yellow hooded robes prepare to kill a young man.

"Do you have the ceremonial dagger brother Clyde? We can afford no

A man drops from the sky. He wears a fine black suit with a high collar red cape.
His face is half metal with a bright red mechanical eye.

With a flash of speed, the cyborg decimates the group of yellow robed men. The
leader of the group drops his dagger and runs, he casually lifts his arm up and
vaporizes the man. Leaving a pile of ashes in his place.

The young man does not see the cyborg as savior. For he knows his time on
Earth is done.

The Cyborg is Abraham Lincoln and this is his planet.


How did the 16th President of The United States become a cybernetic tyrant
feared by all?

To answer that question you must look at Professor Necro. Not the one we know. This Necro greatly miscalculated when he attempted to merge his Earth with the Necromizone. Causing the Oblivorex to end up in North America in 1450.

Initially worshiped by the Native Americans, the Europeans quickly exploited
the mysterious crystal and technology was jump started.

The American Revolution was fought with laser rifles and the Civil War was
fought with armored robots.

But some things did not change. Lincoln was still shot in Fords Theater by John
Wilkes Booth. Instead of a pistol he was shot by a laser gun that nearly
destroyed him.

But technology on this Earth was advanced and Lincoln was saved. His body
became more machine than man. It was the cyborg Lincoln himself who tore
Booth out of his armor and executed him on the spot.

Lincoln was now more than a President, he was a true hero and protector of the
American people. During reconstruction he saved the South from the evil of the
Grand Wizard.

This Lincoln prevented World War 1 by saving Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand
from Assassination.

He stopped the mutated OctoNazi's from invading Poland.

Lincoln was a savior to the world. That is until the Rulians appeared. The
Rulians were a race of Alien conquerers who ruled most of the galaxy. They
decided they must rule Earth, that is until they saw the Cyborg Abraham Lincoln.

The Rulians realized they could never defeat such an enemy in a direct
confrontation. But they could corrupt him.

The Rulians hacked into the Cyborg Lincoln's brain and altered it. Giving him an
unquenchable thirst for conquest. Allowing the Rulians to come in and attack
during the chaos.

Soon Lincoln destroyed much of what he had built, including his reputation. In a
battle that scarred the planet, Lincoln killed the Green Lama and even destroyed
the Sacred Lama Council.

Now a incongruous group has declared war on Lincoln. These factions represent
the moral spectrum of everything from evil to the purest good.

They sow rumors of an uprising in Montana. Lincoln arrives planning to
investigate. When he finds a barren field, the cloaking spell is

He is surrounded by everyone from American Soldiers to Members of the Yellow
Devil Society to old Octo Nazis who have emerged from hiding. Lincoln is brutal in his attack, taking down most of the group with a laser beam from his cybernetic eye.

The lead Grand Devil commands


The spell casters begin chanting, they are the remnants of the Lama Temple.

They have opened a green door of light that sucks in Abraham Lincoln. Sending
him to another Earth.

This Earth is safe for now.


The Earth of Horse Power

Lincoln lands in a field filled with cattle.  He looks around confused at what has
occurred. The attack of the insurrectionist did not wound him.

He flies high into the sky above Earth and surveys the country. The cities are full
of people. The land is rich and vibrant, showing no signs of war and strife.

Lincoln attempts to access his communications network only to find nothing. For
that to happen his satellite networks would have to be disabled. The
insurrectionist would not have the skill or desire to do that.

Lincoln flies to his headquarters in South Dakota and finds a mountain with his
face and other presidents carved into it.

Lincoln decides to fly into space to investigate.


The Astro Risk Space Station is the first step of Liberty Corps exploring space. Very soon the station will leave this galaxy and explore deeper space.

Wide Load is the lead engineer on the Astro Risk. It is his pride and joy. He was relived to return to work after visiting his little brother Spare Tire, the head mechanic of the Liberty Corps fleet on Earth.

Their visit was broken up by a Dread Watch ambush. He is grateful he does not need to worry about that up here on the Astro Risk.

His communicator goes off.

"This is Wide Load."

"Wide Load, Space Case here. Monitors are saying a man in a suit and cape is floating
in front of the Astro Risk."

"Send a medical team out."

"No he is fine, I mean he is just studying the space station. Is everything alright
where you are?"

"Doing fine down here. What should we do?"

"Going to open communications."

A monitor appears in front of the Astro Risk. On the monitor is Space Case
commander of the Astro Risk. Space Case is a very laid back leader, he is more
interested in technology and exploration than combat.

The man in the suit fascinates him. Getting a closer look, he could swear the guy
was a cyborg Abe Lincoln.

The Astro Risk is surrounded by an artificial atmosphere that allows sound to

"Sir how did you get up here?"


"Are you human?"


"Are you from Earth?"

Lincoln raises his left hand and extends his index finger. It begins glowing and
fires a blue beam of energy that tears a hole in the Astro Risk.

The Astro Grunts in battle suits designed for space combat, filter out the airlocks
and attack. They fire pulse rifles at Lincoln but find they have no effect. Lincoln attacks them with a blur of speed they cannot even comprehend.

Soon the Space Hawks filter out. They look like something out of a 1930s movie
serial mixed with an F-14. The Hawks fire missiles at Lincoln, who destroys them
with a glance before they can even reach him.

He holds up both hands and fires waves of energy that annihilate the Space

Lincoln then builds up speed and tears thru the Astro Risk multiple times.

Astro Risk Security Director, Wing Span activates the Satellite Killer. A
large Satellite is aimed at the cyborg. Wing Span presses a button and a giant beam of
energy that could eradicate a small moon, hits Lincoln.

Once the dust clears. they are in shock that Lincoln is unharmed. Even his
suit (minus a large tear in the front) is unaffected.

Space Case gets to the communication Station. It took a long time to configure the Astro Risk Phones to be able to contact Earth in seconds. But now he is so glad they made that effort.

"We need Horse Power!!!"

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Duel Devil:Loose Ends Day 6


It has been months since the tourney in Crab City. Qron has increased Bart Hill's
training regiment. Qron decided to move from hand to hand combat to fighting
with weapons.

Bart Hill is running thru Qron's back yard and is narrowly avoiding spears and
other projectiles.

He takes his boomerang and throws it at a target, kicks the
head off a wooden stand in, catches the boomerang and somersaults toward
Qron, who ducks Bart's kick and flips him to the ground.

"You are improving, but you must fully master using the boomerang in combat.

Go reset the traps and start again."


The Wolf arrived in Crab City at midnight, stepping off a freighter boat. He
arrives at the Game Plaza at One AM. He decides to not announce himself and
goes directly to Cri Jo's office.

He is stopped by a large man in an ill fitting suit. The man is some Pan Guay
mongrel. A result of the various nationalities that occupy this country.

"What are you looking for?"

"I must see Cri Jo."

"Mr.Cri has serious business to attend to. Leave...."

The Wolf grins as he sets his trap.


The large man tries to punch the Wolf, who leaps in the air and kicks the base of
the man's neck, shattering his vertebrae. The man is dead.

Cri Jo burst out of his office.

"What the devil is going on. I am expecting....."

Cri Jo stops mid sentence. Realizing who has arrived.

"The Wolf...."

"I am honored by your presence."

The Wolf is a tall lanky man. His hair is long and wild, it looks as if it has
never been combed. He has a long mustache that goes past his chin. It almost
looks like a pair of fangs.

He circles Cri Jo's office like he owns it, before finally sitting behind his desk.

"While I remain in Pan Guay, this will be my office. Do you object Mr.Cri?"

"Of course not, you are the honored weapon of Master Claw. To have you here,
honors us all."


Cri Jo hurriedly leaves the office and gathers money to pay the Crab City sheriff
to hide another dead body.

With Cri Jo gone, the Wolf takes out a crumpled yellowed with age photograph.

It is the Wolf in his teenage years standing next to a stern looking older man.
The Wolf knows him as Qron, the man who taught him the art of assassination.


Bart Hill's hands and feet are bleeding. It was a particularly rough day of training.

Qron insisted he climb a barbed wire wall. The Old Man said, Bart would
encounter such obstacles as the Duel-Devil.

Bart is bandaging up his hands, when Qron calls him for dinner. The old timer
fried them up some chicken. Bart gingerly grabs a drumstick, careful not to hurt
his hand.

Qron quickly shovels food down his throat.

"Boy you must wonder why I increased your training."

"I assumed I had simply improved a great deal."

"That is only part of it. You know little of my life."

It is true, the old man never talks about himself.

"I come from a land called Ricca. Have you heard of it?"

"No I have not."

"It is a land of misery and death. Ruled by a demonic tyrant called Claw. There
are few means of elevation is Ricca.

 I simply fought and struggled in the jungle wilds. Eventually I refined my
techniques and gained the attention of the Claw.

Claw sent me to China to further my studies. It was there I met King Gokun, the
greatest fighter that ever lived.

He put me thru a training regiment that makes yours look like child's play.

After years of training, I returned to Ricca and served Master Claw proudly. I was even
allowed to take on a disciple of my own. This would prove to be my down fall."

"Why is that Master Qron?"

"You see I had, in fact I still have a great deal of respect for The Claw. But I did not fear him. I fear nothing in this world.

The Claw could not abide this. The Claw needs more than respect, he needs
hatred and fear.

Claw saw these things in my disciple. This disciple was a young man filled
with hate and a healthy fear of Master Claw. Claw took my disciple and nurtured
him. Made him stronger than even I could make him.

One terrible night the disciple struck. With no warning he attacked me as I slept. I woke up in time to fight back, but I was hurt and the disciple pressed the advantage.

We fought thru out the palace of the Claw, til the Disciple drove my head into a
window. Bleeding, I forced my disciple off me and dove thru the window, falling into the ocean. I swam for days before ending up on a fishing boat. Which brought me to Pan Guay.

That night my disciple was reborn as "The Wolf of Ricca"."

"Master why are you telling me this story?"

"Because The Wolf has arrived in Pan Guay. He intends to kill you."

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Weekend Edition 5

More Kung Fu Action


Bart Hill is hurting. Master Qron gave him some powder made from plants
growing in his backyard and the pain is now dull. But Bart can not see out of his
left eye.

"Bart listen to me. This is when the training I have given, comes into use.

Your eyes are but one part of you. Listen to your other senses, embrace them
and abandon your sight for now.

This fight is about more than victory or money. This fight will put you on the road
to revenge."

Bart stands up wearily.

"Got ya Qron. I'm ready to go."

The old man in the ill fitting tux walks up to Bart and Qron.

"Change in brackets, you fighting Jared now."

Bart looks at Qron.

"What does this mean Qron?"

"Don't worry they play loose with brackets to con gamblers."

"This Jared guy shouldn't be tough. He only got this far due to an easy bracket."

"That is what worries me. Someone is counting on the gamblers to bet on you."


Bart enters the ring and sees Jared Chang enter next. Jared is about the
same size as Bart Hill, but not nearly as skilled a fighter. He only made it this far
due to bracket fixing.


Qron jumps up and grabs Bart Hill's arm.

"End this quickly."

Jared charges in and catches Bart with three stiff jabs to his bad eye. Bart
responds with an upper cut to Jared Chang's chin. He tosses him in the corner
and begins kneeing him in the face.

Jared headbutts Bart and knees him in the groin. Bart hits Jared with a spinning
back fist.

Jared is on the ground and Bart kicks him in the face.

Before he can finish him, Pan Guay Jake staggers to ringside.

"Hey boy!!! Hey boy!!! Once you get done with him, maybe I'll finish what I

Bart Hill is filled with rage and leaps down to the floor and shatters Pan Guay
Jake's orbital bone. He is now raining punch after punch on him.

The bouncers try to pull Bart off Jake, but he breaks the leg of one of the men
with a kick. Then dislocates the shoulder of the other with a judo throw.

The gamblers while armed, are still filled with fear and empty the casino as Master Qron tries to pull Bart Hill off Pan Guay Jake.


He is unable to get the boy to listen to reason and resorts to punching him in the
back of the neck. Qron drags Bart Hill back to his house, before the Crab City
Sheriff arrives.

 Things were not suppose to go like this. After Pan Guay Jake told Cri Jo his story, Jo formulated a scam.

He would put Bart Hill against Jared Chang. Knowing all the gamblers would bet on Bart Hill.

Then during the fight he would have Jake make a big display of antagonizing the
boy. Distracting him long enough for Jared to knock him out.

But the boy was too much for Chang. He was too much for Cri Jo's personal guards and now the sheriff is going to shut him down.

His bribe will not sweep this under the rug. He knows he can get the money from
Ricca. But Master Claw will expect a payment in return. Either the life of Cri Jo, or Bart Hill.

He picks up the phone and calls the "embassy" in Ricca.

"This is Cri Jo, I must speak with The Wolf. Yes I will pay any price, but I need
him in Pan Guay now."


Bart Hill wakes up in his bed at Master Qron's house. His face feels like the skin
was peeled off. He looks out the window and it is now daylight.

He still has on his boxing trunks and his hand and feet wraps are soaked in dried

He goes in the kitchen and sees Qron sitting at the table in a trance.






The old man turns and stares Bart Hill in the eye.

"What is it Bart?"

"Master I'm sorry about last night."

"You anger is justified. But you will find that even the noblest of anger carries
grave consequences. Get dressed we must continue your training."


The Island Of Ricca

Ricca is a poor nation. But you would not know it by looking at the palace of its
imperial ruler, otherwise known as Master Claw. It has more rooms than could
possibly be needed, floors made of marble, walls lined with silk curtains and
oil paintings of the Claw on the ceilings.

The man known simply as the Wolf is the greatest assassin in the world. One of
the finest unarmed combatants who has ever lived.

Most of his income is from serving as bodyguard to Master Claw. Not that the God of Hate would ever need a bodyguard, it is simply a status.

The Wolf packs his uniform and prepares to leave for Pan Guay. He goes into
the throne room to ask permission of Claw to leave Ricca.

The Claw looks down from his throne with a mouth full of jagged teeth and his
talon covered hand stroking his chin.

"It has been a long time since you have felt the need to leave Ricca. Why would
you go to Pan Guay and help a roach like Cri Jo? I would enjoy devouring him,
savoring his fearful, decaying soul."

The Wolf is careful to avoid eye contact with Master Claw.

"I would enjoy that as well Master. But after hearing the reports of what occurred at the tournament, I could not resist."

"Tell me more."

"A skilled fighter turned up. A fighter filled with a hate and blood lust to match
my own. It seems he was trained by Qron himself."

"Yes that does seem worthy of your notice. Leave now and return quickly. I do
not like being without your services."

"Of course Master Claw."

Friday, April 27, 2012

Time's Up For Dread Watch Day 6

Other 80s classics


Master Masters has done a great deal of research on the Necronoids.

It is in his best interest to know of the creatures that were opposing his
arch enemy. But these winged monsters are not Necronoids, though they look

Masters is angry that his fight with Sergent Sargent is cut short.

"Shuristrike, gun!!!"

Shuristrike tosses Masters his pistol, who fires it at a Xenoid that attacks him.

The Xenoids for their part are unable to make a distinction between Dread
Watch and Horse Power.

Monocruel fires force beams from his monocle at a group of Xenoids.
Ramshackle swings his chain wildly at anything that moves.

Shuristrike sends exploding shurikens at the Xenoids.

For now Dread Watch fights side by side with Horse Power.


Ax Wing pays no attention to Dread Watch and attacks Horse Power. With great
speed and using his wings, he cuts down the team in two dashes.

Sergent Sargent has rearmed his Laser Bayonet and begins firing. Ax Wing
avoids the shots.

Bold Eagle being able to fly, attacks Ax Wing in the air. Ax Wing easily out
maneuvers him, landing several hard punches. Only his greater experience
keeps Eagle from being completely overwhelmed.

Suddenly Ax Wing slashes Eagle across the face with his cybernetic hand.

Before he can finish Eagle off, the laser tomahawk of Bronze Destroyer strikes
him in the back of the head.

Ax Wing turns his attention to the other Liberty Corps Director, only to be
tackled by a now air born Mustang. He was thrown by Clydesdale.

They crash to the ground and Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters into Ax Wing's

 Stallion, follows up with a downward slash of his Stallion Sword.

"Form the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster!!!"

Clydesdale slams the handle of his Horse Hammer into the ground.

"Horse Hammer!!!"

Bronco connects his Bronco Shooters at the handle and places them on top of the
Horse Hammer.

"Bronco Shooters!!!"

Stallion places his sword on top of the Bronco Shooter.

"Stallion Sword!!!"

Mustang places his daggers on each side of the sword.

"Mustang Daggers!!!"


 Ax Wing detaches the wings on his back (known as the Ax Winger) and holds it in front of him as a shield, deflecting the blast back at Horse Power.

He runs into the team and attacks, using the Ax Winger as a melee weapon, attacks
the now weaponless Horse Power.

Now he throws the winger into the air and it strikes the team like a missile. The x winger goes back into the air and Ax Wing leaps up allowing it to reattach to
his back.


The Necromizone

Skelegun and Professor Necro watch the battle unfold on Earth.

"You are pleased Professor?"

"Very much Skelegun, Ax Wing is performing better than I dared hope for. Soon
Horse Power will be destroyed and the Obivorex reclaimed."

"What of the humans battling the Xenoids? They were fighting Horse Power

"They require a closer look."


As skilled as Dread Watch are, the Xenoids begin to overwhelm them.

Soon they have Master Masters on the run. Well timed laser blasts shatter their skulls. They were fired by Sergent Sargent.

"Sargent? Why would you save me?"

"Right now we need all the warm bodies we can to

Masters shoots a Xenoid behind Sergent Sargent.

"And why won't I simply shoot you in the back?"

"It's not in your best interest."

Sergent Sargent leaps over Masters and cuts down an approaching Xenoid.

"You know that much about me Sargent."

"Tell me Masters, what in your expert opinion, should we do about Ax Wing?"


Masters did have a plan, but it involves trusting Dread Watch. Something Horse
Power was not thrilled about.

Ax Wing's greatest weapon was the Ax Winger he uses to fly. Every time they
attempt to fire the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster, Ax Wing detaches
his ax winger and fires it at Horse Power.

Masters tells Sergent Sargent.

"Summon the Horse Canon."

"How do you know about that?"

"You really think I don't keep up with your upgrades? I saw you use it during
your skirmish with that fanatic."

"Don't see how the canon can hit it, when the Combination Power Blaster

"It won't, you are going to give us control of the Combination Power Blaster."

"You're crazy, but I don't think we have a choice."

"Good to know you can still follow orders Sargent."


Horse Power are struggling in their battle with Ax Wing. He keeps going from air
to land combat and they are unable to get a read on him. When he detaches the
Ax Winger, it is like having to fight two enemies.

A squad of Dread Troops and Grunt Patrolman have joined the fight with the

Ax Wing is shot in the back by Sergent Sargent, allowing Bronco and Clydesdale
to punch him.

"Summon the Horse Cannon"

"Sarge we won't be able to hit him."

"I got it worked out this time."

The Horse Cannon appears around the Horse Power team.

Clydesdale places his horse shoe in the red slot on the canon..

Stallion places his horse shoe in the blue slot on the canon.

Bronco places his horse shoe in the yellow slot on the canon.

Mustang places his horse shoe in the green slot on the canon.



Dread Watch surround the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster. It takes all
four of them to hold it steady. Horse Power has fired the Horse Canon at Ax

Masters speaks

"On my word Dread Watch."

Ax Wing detaches his Ax Winger and fires it at Horse Power.


The Horse Power Combination Power Blaster is fired. The recoil sends all of
Dread Watch flying.

A swirling red, yellow, green and blue beam of energy hits the Ax
Winger knocking it off course. This allows the Horse Canon blast to hit Ax Wing

It gets up very shaken and collapses. A black door of light takes him and the

Before Sergent Sargent can offer his hand, Masters shoots him in the chest and Sergent Sargent collapses to the ground.

Masters stands over his former protege triumphant.

"Now its convenient."


The Necromizone

Ax Wing and the Xenoids return battered and defeated. Professor Necro walks
over to them, looking down and somewhat annoyed.

Ax Wing kneels in front of him.

"Forgive me Necro."

"I wish you had been successful today. But I now have a good gauge of
what you and your Xenoids are capable of.

Soon I will move forward with my master plan.

Necro looks over at a final cocoon that has yet to hatch. Inside sits the fallen
Liberty Corps Agent, Road Test.


Sergent Sargent lays on the ground motionless after being shot by his former
mentor and current enemy Master Masters.

Horse Power are in shock, but do not show it. Stallion leads them in an attack on
Master Masters and Dread Watch.

Before the team can get near them, Masters puts a code into his wrist computer.

The Horse Power team is hit directly by a high powered pulse beam, fired by the
DREAD Sky Mammoth.

The team attempt to regain their footing and are hit by a barrage of missiles.

Under normal circumstances, Masters would not attempt such a direct attack with the Sky Mammoth. But thanks to his earlier attack, the Liberty Corps arsenal has been decimated.

"I wouldn't celebrate if I were you Masters."

Master Masters is left speechless when he sees Sergent Sargent. Masters attempts to stab him with his  \rapier. But Sergent Sargent grabs Masters wrist, causing him to drop it.

He punches Masters hard enough to shatter part of his helmet and send him
flying across the grounds of Liberty Base.

Masters gets up injured. He inputs another code and the Sky Mammoth tractor
beam grabs him and Dread Watch.

Before they can retreat, Stallion gives the word.

"Summon the Horse Flys!!!"

Out of the sky comes four hover chariots. Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. The
four Horse Powers get into their assigned chariot.

"Form Chariot Maximus!!!!"

The green and yellow chariots attach to the back end corners of the blue chariot.
Finally the red chariot locks on top of the back of the green and yellow chariots.

The Chariot Maximus fires a full powered blast from the horse head on the front
of the blue chariot. The blast damages the Sky Mammoth.

On board the Mammoth, Master Masters is hurt.

"Fire the pulse cannon at full power."

The full powered blast narrowly misses Chariot Maximus.
Clydesdale shouts out.

"Summon the Horse Cannon!!!"

The Horse Cannon appears in Clydesdale's hands and he places it on top of his
red chariot.


The blast rages out of the Horse Shaped cannon and tears a hole thru the Dread
Sky Mammoth.

Masters struggles to keep control of the Sky Mammoth. It is falling apart and
will soon explode.

Within seconds the Sky Mammoth shatters in a burst of fire. What is not noticed
is a black light surrounding the wreckage.


The Liberty Corps is resting in the wreckage of their headquarters. Clean up can wait for now.

Zane Dresden walks over to Sergent Sargent.

"Sarge how did you survive being shot?"

"It only grazed my shoulder. I'm fine."

Romero Sanchez joins in.

"Sarge I saw it hit you."

"Things were too chaotic for you to be sure of anything. It grazed my shoulder, I'm fine."

The team does not press the issue further.


Master Masters sits in his seat on the bridge of the Sky Mammoth. He is badly
injured and surprised he's even alive. Or that the Sky Mammoth is still together
at all.

Professor Necro appears before him.

"I think you could use a friend."


Horse Sense PSA

Billy walks into Jimmy's living room.

"Jimmy I found the neatest thing."

"Wow whats that Billy?"

"An old freezer and it works and every thing. We can go camping and pretend we're Eskimos."

A man in a red and yellow fireman's uniform walks in.

"I would not do that boys."


"Never go to sleep in a deep freezer and pretend to be Eskimos. Its
dangerous and offensive to our Inuit brothers."

"Thanks Flash Fry!!"

"Know Better"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time's Up For Dread Watch Day 5

Other 80s Classics


Horse Power and Sergent Sargent are fighting their way thru Liberty Corps
Base. They are trying to get to the master command console.

Bronco on his Super Sidewinder Cycle avoids being hit by the shovel of the Earth

Bronco connects his Bronco Shooters at the handles and attaches them to his
cycle. He destroys a section of wheels on the Earth Mauler with a single shot.

Mustang is running around the base, disarming every automatic canon and
missile launcher.

Sergent Sargent is running away from his own Mangler Tank. Sarge jumps into the drivers seat of
the Mangler and enters a code into the on board computer to regain control.

Stallion climbs into the gunner position and begins firing at the Liberty Corps
Solo Flyers,  small jets roughly the size of a motor cycle. Designed for aerial
missions that require a delicate touch.

Clydesdale is face to face with the Lion Shark Mariner Tank . A vehicle designed to fight on land or water. Clydesdale catches the fired harpoon in his hand and throws it into the Lion Shark's engine, disabling it.

The team is now gathered at the entrance to the command console. Bold Eagle
and Bronze Destroyer join them a bit worse for wear.

Sergent Sargent barks out orders.

"Alright men, form the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster."


Master Masters has lost his cool a bit. Horse Power are about to reclaim the
Command Console. It maybe time to retreat, he is not going to enter a fight he
can't win.

Shuristrike and Ramshackle enter the room from a side entrance connected to
the prison.

"Where is Crime King, we have to retreat soon. The Sky Mammoth is ready to
transport us away from here."

"Crime King was too heavy to move unaided."

"We are rapidly running out of time for that. The force field guarding the Command Console will break eventually."

Master Masters knows he needs a way to even the odds with Horse Power.


Battle-Line was laying in the infirmary when the alarm sounded. He was ordered
by Triage to stay put. He saw that the base had been attacked by some sort of
monsters in Dread Troop uniforms.

He did as he was told by Triage, until the base went on lock down. Looking on the
security monitors he could see Dread Watch taking the command console.

Battle-Line decided to take action and stop Dread Watch himself. He assumed they intended to use Liberty Base against Horse Power.

Battle-Line knew most sections of the base are under surveillance. So it would be
impossible to sneak attack Dread Watch. Then he remembered the
service tunnels his dad told him about. They were built before anything else.

Mainly to make it easier for construction of the underground labs.

Battle-Line is very close to the Command Console. His injured leg is slowing him
down some. He holds the Battle Shot tightly, knowing he only gets one chance at

If he takes out Masters the others will scatter.

He shoots Masters but only grazes his shoulder. Somehow Masters knew to


Battle-Line throws out smoke bombs in an attempt to cover his escape. But he
forgot about Monocruel. Who aided by his Monocule, can see through the densest darkness.

Battle-Line is shot in the back by a yellow force beam.

Masters picks him up.

"Lucky for you boy, I need a hostage."


Stallion places his Stallion Sword on top of the Bronco Shooters between the
Mustang Daggers and forms the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster.

Before they can fire, the doors to the Command Console open and Dread Watch
walks out. Ramshackle is holding an injured Battle-Line.

Master Masters carries himself with an air of authority that Sergent Sargent
remembers from serving under him in Pan Guay.

"Stand down Sargent."

Sergent Sargent aims his Laser Bayonet at Masters head.

"Stand down or Ramshackle will crush Battle's grandson."

Bold Eagle is agitated.

"Do what he says, we will not risk Battle-Line's life."

"Forget it, I drop my weapon and Masters kills him anyway. I shoot him and I have a shot at saving the kid."

Ramshackle stomps Battle-Line's leg.


"I keep my promises Sargent. You know that about me. What I want is a one on
one battle with you.

No Horse Power, No E-Unit, No Dread Watch. Just Sergent
vs Master."

"Fine you have a deal."

Now it is Bronze Destroyer's turn to lose his patience.

"Sergent we did not authorize this."

"Is this how it's gonna be Director? You two come out of retirement and start
running all the plays?"

Bronze Destroyer decides to let Sergent Sargent decide this.

"Its your call Sergent."

"Lets do this Masters."


Ramshackle holds a gun to the back of the bound and injured Battle-Line.

Shruristrike and Monocruel stand with him. Masters gives them strict orders not
to interfere.

Horse Power stand on the other side of the base with the hinges on their helmets
opened, revealing their faces. With them are Liberty Corps Directors, Bold Eagle
and Bronze Destroyer.

Sergent Sargent tells them to stay out of it, until Dread
Watch does something stupid.

Master Masters has his titanium Rapier. He left his gun with Shuristrike.

Sergent Sargent removes the gun segment to the Laser Bayonet and gives it to
Bold Eagle.

The two men were once closer than brothers.

Until that day in Pan Guay when Masters betrayed his unit at the Fantomah

Shortly after E-Unit was formed, Dread Watch appeared, lead by a mysterious
Dread Master. It was years before Sergent Sargent discovered the Dread
Master's true identity.

Now it all comes to an end, Sergent Sargent will defeat his former mentor once
and for all.

The two circle one another. Steel meets laser as the two men prove to be evenly matched.

Masters parries every attack of Sergent Sargent. Until Sarge manages to cut
Masters across the stomach. Unfortunately for him, Masters is well armored.

Masters cuts his arm a moment later.

"Seems I should of gave you fencing lessons. Then again I couldn't turn you
into an adequate soldier."

Sergent Sargent attacks Masters ferociously, seemingly attempting to
decapitate him.

Masters blocks and before the stalemate can be decided, they are rocked by an

Ax Wing and the Xenoids have arrived.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time's Up For Dread Watch:Day 4

Other 80s Classics


The Necromizone

Professor Necro and SkeleGun watch as Ax Wing battles a group of Necronoids.

Flying thru the air he destroys them with a few quick dashes, his wings cutting
them to shreds.

The Necronoids form the Necronaut and attempt to stomp Ax Wing. But he is far
too fast for it.

SkeleGun speaks to Professor Necro.

"Professor, Ax Wing is impressive."

Ax Wing fires the wings on his back like a missile at the Necronaut, causing it to
fall apart.

"Thank you SkeleGun, your approval means much to me. But this is only a
portion of what Ax Wing is capable of."

Ax Wing spits a wire mesh out of his mouth, forming cyber cocoons around a few
of the defeated Necronoids.


Sergent Sargent hits one of the Dread Brutes with a full powered shot from his
Laser Bayonet. The Brute is sent crashing into a wall. Clydesdale knocks the
Brute out with a right hook.

"Well that's one Dread Brute down. How bout the others?"

"Let me check Clydesdale."

Sergent Sargent takes out his communicator and contacts Mustang.

"Mustang how are things going?"

"About to wrap it up Sarge."

The Dread Brute swings wildly at The Green Horse Power, who swiftly avoids his
punches. He begins to run circles around the Brute, hitting him with multiple
kidney punches.

The Brute goes to one knee, as Mustang quickly digs a hole
around him. Packing the dirt tightly. Mustang then knocks him out with a running

"Now I'm done Sarge."

"Stallion and Bronco finished theirs off before you."

"In that case why are the alarms still blaring?"

"Good question."


Mustang attempts to reenter Liberty Base first, but is hit by a trio of missiles and sent crashing into Clydesdale and Sergent Sargent.

"What in Blue Thunder? Those were our missiles."

"Yeah and that is our laser canon, DUCK!!!!"

Clydesdale grabs Sergent Sargent and absorbs the blast. At full power that canon
has enough power to hurt even Clydesdale."

Stallion and Bronco arrive to their teammates location.

"What is going on here? We tried to enter the base and were hit by Chain

"Those are weapons meant for Omega Class attacks."

Sergent Sargent looks around.

"I think those Dread Brutes were decoys."


Master Masters is usually all business. But he admits to himself he is having
great fun attacking Horse Power with their own weapons. Still he is a business
man first.

"Monocruel have you located Crime King?"

"Yeah I unlocked his cell ten minutes ago, but he hasn't moved."

"You forget Monocruel, that Crime King is trapped in that alien armor. If his
associate Retro-9 is to be believed.

For now he can wait. We must defeat Horse Power first."

"Well Master there is one other thing. As huge as this base is, it seems there is
an entire larger section I can't access, no matter what I do."


Ramshackle throws a chair across the room.

"What in the world is wrong with you Ramshacle?"

"Bronco stole my bike!! I'm going to tear him apart."

"No you are going to remove Crime King from his cell. Shuristrike you go
with him. Me and Monocruel will deal with Bronco."


Bronco summons his Super Sidewinder Cycle. He is going to plow thru the gate
with the Cycle at full speed. That is if he can avoid being destroyed by Liberty
Corps Hatchet Copters on autopilot.

They fire multiple screamer missiles at him. Fouling up his tracking instruments
and throwing him off course.

"Sarge, can you guys get these things off my tail? I need to build up my

"You got it Bronco."

Sergent Sargent takes down one Hatchet with a full powered Laser Bayonet

Stallion leaps up and slices another with his sword.

Mustang runs and bounces off the wall, somersaulting at three Hachets and
cutting thru them with his daggers.

Clydesdale leaps off the ground and smashes one Hachet with his Horse
Hammer. Rips the propeller off and throws it into another one.

Bronco now has enough room to reach top speed and none of the canons or
missiles can touch him. He fires rockets from his cycle and creates a hole
in the wall surrounding Liberty Base.


Ramshackle and Shuristrike walk confidently thru the Liberty Base Prison
complex. There are only a few prisoners being held. One cell has what appears to
be a high tech grease trap.

"This is a lot of trouble to break me out. I'm touched."

It is Thunder Thief walking out of his prison suite. He is wearing PJs with his
emblem on the pocket. His blue and yellow hair is fairly long now.

Ramshackle snorts.

"You think we'd break you out? Dread Watch don't work pro bobo."

"That's bono you idiot."

Ramshackle fears no man, he has no idea Thunder Thief is powerless, and
punches him in the face.

"Well looks like you aren't as tough as you use to be. No wonder Liberty Corps
is keeping you as a pet."

On instinct, Thunder Thief tries to electrocute Ramshackle. Only to find the
dampener belt hum loudly, preventing it.

Shuristrike calls out.

"I found Crime King."

Ramshacle looks at Thunder Thief and walks away laughing.

Thunder Thief for the first time feels powerless.


The Necromizone

The cyber cocoons of the Necronoids are preparing to hatch.

"Watch SkeleGun, this is Ax Wing's true power."

The cyber cocoons break open. The Necronoids have changed, the metallic
portions of their bodies are covered in jagged points. The bone portions with
patches of brown fur.

They look more ferocious than before.

But the biggest change are the wings they each have. The wing on the organic
side looks like a butterfly's wings were cut up and glued back together. The
metal halves looks like something belonging to a metallic bat.

The Xenoids take to the sky and fly in formation around Ax Wing.

Professor Necro opens a black door of light and the squad flies into it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time's Up for Dread Watch:Day 3

Other 80s Classics


The Dread Master looks over the four candidates presented to him by Monocruel.

"And these men meet my requirements?"

"These men ranked the lowest in every category of all the Dread Troops."

"Good, I do not want to lose any good men with this experiment. Is the
concentrate ready?"

"Yeah the little guy finished it an hour ago,"

"Did he remove the element I requested?"

"Yes, but under protest."

"Take these men to the lab and begin. We attack soon."


David Foster is having a discussion with Romero Sanchez in his living quarters.

"David your intervention with Sarge didn't go well."

"Maybe I should have waited. We had been planning to have that talk since we
returned from New York. I ended up just blurting it out, after Sarge botched the
mission by arguing with Boomeranger."

"Well what do we do now? You saw how he reacted. Something has to be up."

"Maybe but he's a grown man. We offered to help and for
now that's all we can do."

"I don't think so. We could get the Directors to put some pressure on him."

Before David can make an objection, his and Romero's communicators start

"Foster here, what's the problem?"

"David its Spare Tire. Liberty Base is under attack."

"One of Necro's monsters?"

"I don't think so. They are wearing Dread Troop uniforms."

"You don't think they belong to Dread Watch?"

"I don't remember Dread Troops being able to throw cars."

"On our way!!!"


Bruce Gannon, was surprised Dread Master selected him for this
mission. He felt like he was doing poorly in Dread Watch after graduating from the Trainer's school.

When he was selected to take part in a special experiment to create Super Dread
Troops he was thrilled. That was until he drank the serum. Soon he felt like his
bones were breaking and muscles were tearing. His thoughts were no longer his
own. He felt an irrational need to inflict pain.

Before he could reconcile those feelings, he and the three other Dread Troops
selected were shot out of the Sky Mammoth's air lock. The four crashing into
Liberty Corps HQ like raging meteors.

His mind cloudy he shakes off the gun shots of the Grunt Patrol. He had never
actually fought in the field before. He mainly did menial task like laundry detail
and kitchen duty. He actually thought being shot would hurt more. Instead he
hardly feels anything, before he drops a jeep on top of a group of Grunts.


Mustang and Clydesdale had been in the middle of an air hockey tourney in the rec room, when they got the call. That Liberty Base was under attack by four monsters in Dread Troop uniforms.

They arrive and see Cold Snap trying to hold off one of them. Snap fires his cold
gun at the behemoth, who snaps his icy bonds as quickly as Cold Snap forms

Before the Dread Trooper can crush Cold Snap's gun and hand, Clydesdale
flattens him with his Horse Hammer.

Nearby Flash Fry has held back his Dread Trooper with his Fryer on its highest
setting. Seems these things are more vulnerable to fire than ice.

To Flash Fry's surprise the brute goes against common sense and runs into the fire
and punches him out. Before he can crush Flash Fry's head, Mustang tackles him
with super speed. Raining down several dozen punches in a minute.


Spare Tire has been dreading this day. Not because of a Dread Watch monster

But because his brother Wide Load was returning from the Liberty
Corps Space Station. Otherwise known as the Astro Risk.

Tire loves his brother, but it seems like he is always one upping him.

Now Spare Tire is worried one of these Dread Brutes will kill his brother.

Tire fires several bolts from his bolt gun at the brute. It succeeds in drawing his
attention away from Wide Load.

The Brute slugs Spare Tire in the gut and slams him to the ground. Wide Load
runs to his baby brother's rescue, only to be slammed on top of him.

With both brothers under foot, the Dread Brute tries to crush them. He would
accomplish this if not for the Yellow Horse Power Bronco. Who fires his Bronco
Shooter's into its back.


Crash Course drops the petal down in his customized Drag Roaster Combat Car.

He sets aim for the Dread Troop tearing apart the Grunt Patrol and sends him
flying with his fortified titanium bumper.

He graduated from the Grunt Patrol just a short time ago. Most of the Liberty
Agents have welcomed him with open arms.

Everyone but High Five, who has been on his case since day one. Spare Tire told
Crash, its because Five is having a hard time coping with the death of former Liberty Corps driver Road Test.

As he sees the Dread Brute stand up, Crash makes a U turn and prepares to run
it over again. But the brute is ready and jumps onto the hood of the Roaster and
pulls him thru the windshield. He is wearing protective armor so injuries are kept
to a minimum.

Stallion leaps down and slashes the Dread Brute's back with his Stallion Sword.


Master Masters is pleased to see how well his plan is working. Liberty Corps is
on full alert battling the Dread Troops that Masters pumped full of the Brute Serum concentrate.

Masters and Dread Watch walk right thru the front gate of Liberty Base.
Casually taking down any Grunt Patrolman or Agents who try to stop them.

"Right here Monocruel, the control room for the base."

Monocruel quickly rewires the door, so they can enter the Command Console.

Before he can press the button he is shot in the back.

"Bloomin Onions"

It is the Liberty Corps Directors Bill Powers and Jeff Dixon in their Bold Eagle
and Bronze Destroyer uniforms.

"Masters you're under arrest."

Masters shoots Eagle in the chest while blocking Destroyer's laser tomahawk
with his sword.

"After the beating Claw gave you, you two should welcome retirement."

Bronze Destroyer tries another strike with his tomahawk, when Masters hits him
with a nerve strike that causes him to lose the feeling in his left arm.

"You're very skilled Dixon. Even at your advanced age, you could take apart
most men."

Masters knocks Destroyer out with a back hand.

"But I am not most men. I am the Dread Master."

Bold Eagle gains control of his harness

"Alright creep that tears it."

Bold Eagle dive bombs Masters, only to be blind sided by a green beam of
electricity from Monocruel's monocle.

"Door's open, lets go before Sergent Sargent and the boys know what is what."

The door closes behind them and Dread Watch now controls Liberty Base.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Time's Up For Dread Watch

Other 80s classics


The Necromizone

Professor Necro and Skelegun stand in front of the cocoon. The
cocoon itself is massive, and has patches of circuitry on it.

Inside is the injured Xenomoth Professor Necro captured months ago. The
creature was far too weak and pathetic to be of much use at the time. It had been
mangled by Thunder Thief. But Professor Necro saw potential in it.

He crafted a cybernetic cocoon and powered it with his essence, so the creature
could be rebuilt. The cocoon is cracking and a metal claw tears it open. Soon the
cocoon is glowing and finally it shatters.

The reborn creature stands before Professor Necro and Skelegun. It bares a slight
resemble to its former form. The basic body of a Xenomoth. But with a metallic
arms, wires and circuits on its chest, legs and shoulders. Wires where before it had tendrils. The biggest change are the wings on its back. The wings of a moth are gone. Replaced by what appears to be a giant battle ax.

Professor Necro looks pleased with the results of his experiment.


The Dread Watch Sky Mammoth flies high over the skies of the artic. It serves
as a mobile headquarters for Dread Watch.

Master Masters sits in the master control room of the Sky Mammoth simmering.
He thinks of the battle with Liberty Corps earlier. Once he got back to the base,
he realized Horse Power was occupied with some self styled Time Thief.

But there was a day no menace would take priority over Dread Watch.

Shuristrike walks in.

"Father are you still upset?"

"Yes Kio, it's hard not to think about it."

Masters inadvertently rescued the boy named Kio from a Fantamah death cult.

Masters was not looking to be a hero. He was simply stealing an artifact from a
temple. In the process, he killed the cultists. He later learned they had
intended to sacrifice Kio in a ceremony.

Masters would have abandoned the boy, but he proved extremely useful. So
Masters raised Kio as his son. Overseeing his training in the ninja arts.

"Father you appear lost in thought."

"No Kio, I know exactly what I am going to do."

"What is that?"

"I am going to rescue Crime King."

"You said there was no need to pursue it, since the robot paid up front?"

"Under normal circumstances that would be true. But this is personal, I intend to
complete that job and destroy Horse Power, once and for all."


Sergent Sargent and Horse Power have returned to Liberty Base. Horse Power
have depowered, returning to their human identities.

David Foster otherwise known as Stallion looks concerned.

"David you were quiet the entire trip back. Are you upset by what happened to

"I am Sarge. But there is something else worrying me."

"What would that be David?"



"Sarge you have been acting oddly and it is hard to overlook. You got into that
argument with Boomeranger in the middle of a fight."

"I wanted him out of the way."

"The old Sarge would not of allowed that to distract him."

Zane Dresden joins in.

"You shot a TV a month ago for no reason."

"I was stressed out from dealing with that Battle the 3rd goober."

Romero Sanchez interjects

"Sarge you never lost your cool during the war. So seeing you flip out over a
lame cartoon is odd."

Finally Brutus Roberts speaks.

"While we're on the subject. You have taken some nasty beatings lately, and I
don't remember you getting so much as a bruise."

"Come to think of it Sarge, you were the only one not mutated by the cocoon of
the Heterocera."

"David we went over that, I was not trapped long enough to change."

"That's a load of bull Sarge."

"Nobody asked you Thunder Thief."

Thunder Thief has been a minimum security prisoner of the Liberty Corps for
months now. He heard the discussion and could not resist stirring the pot.

"The Heterocera trapped me in its cocoon and was absorbing my juice instantly.
Why would you not change?"


"Sarge just let Dr.Hendrix examine you."


Sergent Sargent storms out of the room.


Guntersville, Alabama

Niles Frazier survived his encounter with the Claw. But at a great price. His leg is
broken, as well as both his arms and several ribs. He would have died if Missile
Miser and Lionel Craig had not found him.

Mr.Craig had even offered Niles a job in his Ivy Pro chemical division. But Niles declined. He wants to give that life up forever. But Mr.Craig insisted on giving him some money.

So Niles bought himself a brand new trailer. He hears a loud knock at the door.
He tries to ignore it, thinking it must be Missile Miser, wanting him to come out
of retirement again.

The door is ripped off the hinges and tossed aside. A large man in a leather vest
with no shirt and brandishing a chain enters. He is followed by another man in a
metallic helmet/fencers mask with a black bodysuit. Niles's memory is not as
sharp as it was. But he thinks that is Ramshackle and the Dread Master.

"Is there anything I can do for ya?"

"I would like to discuss a business matter with you Mister Frazier."

"Take a seat please."

The Dread Master carefully sits down on the brown and green couch.

"Mister Frazier I want to discuss your Brute Serum."

This agitates Niles Frazier greatly.

"Nope, nope, nope I don't wanna do it. I ain't taken that stuff again. You can just leave."

Niles Frazier on his crutches tries to walk away, only to be lifted by the scruff of
his neck by Ramshackle.

Master Masters walks over to him.

"I think you are confused by my offer. I want you to make a concentrate of the
Brute Serum. That will end your involvement."

Masters hands him a large roll of hundred dollar bills.

"Okay mister, you got a deal."

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Weekend Edition 4

more karate action


Cri Jo sits in his office in the Crab City Game Plaza. Cri Jo came to Pan Guay in 1917 from the Island of Ricca with a pound of gold.

With that he built a criminal empire in Crab City. Even if his casino is more than a bit run down. He is an older man with most of his hair gone, except for patches on the sides and a think strand on the top of his head combed to the back.

Tonight is the annual fighting tourney in the basement of the casino. It is rarely a money maker and normally loses cash on pays off to the Crab City police.

But Cri Jo's bosses in Ricca insist he run the tourney, for reasons they will not explain. If one appreciates their well being, they do not question the Claw.

A short chubby man walks in. He is wearing a thick pair of glasses held together by tape.

"Mister Cri, you should go watch the fights."

"I'm busy."

"This will interest you."


Bart Hill is in the quarter finals. He is fighting a short skinny man of Japanese descent. The short man got here by using his agility to out maneuver his opponents. He leaps to the side and Bart kicks him in the jaw. He attempts to leap over Bart's head, but is grabbed by the hair and driven face first into the mat.

The man tries to jump up and Bart Hill knocks him out with a right cross to the jaw. The old man in the ill fitting suit yells out


Master Qron is stingy with praise. But in this case it flows freely.

"Excellent work Bart. I expected you to be eliminated here. Your skill far surpasses expectations. Even if I lost three dollars betting on the other guy."

Bart is distracted seeing Pan Guay Jake fidgeting in the corner. Jake knows he should leave. That he should go far away from Pan Guay. He never expected the kid to recover. He thought he would die in the Emerald Valley. But the boy survived and remembers Jake.

Jake prepares to leave before a large man in a suit blocks his way.

"Cri Jo wants to speak to you Jake."

"Well whatever Cri Jo wants, Old Jake wants."

Jake walks into the side room filled with busted roulette wills and scuffed billiard tables.

"What do you need of Old Jake, Mr Jo?"

"This new fighter. He seems to be very interested in you Jake. Why is that?"

"I hadn't noticed."

"His stare has burned a hole in you, whenever he is not competing."

"Oh well guess I got one of them faces."

"No you don't Jake. You are going to tell me a story and not skimp out on details."


Bart Hill is in the third round of the tourney. He is set to fight a muscle bound white man. He has long curly blond locks and a leathery face. His name is Mike "Roughneck" Rogers. Master Qron said he is the favorite to win the whole thing.


Bart somersaults over Rogers and kicks him in the back of the head. He goes down to a knee and Bart follows with another kick that Rogers blocks. Rogers punches Bart in the testicles and slams him to the ground.

He climbs on top of him and starts raining down punches. Bart follows Qron's training and blocks out the pain. He pretends to be unconscious so Rogers will get up. Once he is up ,Bart Hill climbs back up to his feet. His eye is swollen shut and his nose is busted.

Rogers punches Bart in the gut and slings him across the ring. He runs at him and Bart knees him in the chin and follows it with a spin kick that tangles Roughneck in the ropes.

Bart takes this chance to hit him with a flurry of punches, finishing him with a straight kick to the face knocking him out.

The fight is over and Bart Hill advances to the semi finals.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Duel-Devil:Loose Ends Weekend Edition 3

Other Pulp Heroes


Bart Hill began his training under Qron. Each morning he was forced to swim five miles, followed immediately by a ten mile run.

He also had Bart run thru intense gymnastic routines. The old man explained dexterity would be as vital to combat as brute force.

But mostly his training involves being beaten up by the old man. Some days Bart would land a few hits and seemingly have Qron on the ropes. Other days, Bart was instantly knocked out by a single kick. Either way the result was the same, Bart would lose.

After several weeks Bart Hill seems like a different man, than the boy who cried Dare-Devil. He comes back from his fifteen mile run and is unable to find the old man. He looks inside the house and he is nowhere to be found.

Bart ponders taking a quick nap, before doing the gymnastic drills. But he decides against it. He does go look inside his room, where he finds a stack of magazines by his bed. They are all pulp magazines. He has not read a pulp since he met Qron. The old man does not seem like the literate type.

Bart goes thru the stack and the old man has them all. The Slicer, The Clock, True Mask Stories featuring Brass Blizzard, True Detective Stories. Even a few romance pulps.

"So you found them."

It is Master Qron, he has a dozen fish on a line, just returning from a fishing trip.

"Thanks, but I figured you frowned on this sort of thing?"

"You want to be like these men? A masked hero?"

"Well yeah, but...."

"That is what I am training you for. So you can bring this Duel-Devil to life."

Bart was going to tell him that his name is Dare-Devil, but he knows better than to correct the old man.

"Why are you not running your gymnastic drills?"

"I was searching for you."

"OUTSIDE!!! I have plans for you tonight."


Qron takes Bart to a crummy looking (even by Crab City standards) casino. Downstairs a broken down boxing ring is set up. Various gamblers and would be fighters are standing around.

"What is this Qron?"

"I'm entering you in a tourney. It is good experience for you and will give me some extra cash."

Bart is getting his fist and feet taped up when he notices a man in the corner laughing. He is wearing a cheap looking hat, but Bart recognizes the man.


Qron looks up.


Bart touches the scar on his chest. His physical reminder of Pan Guay Jake.

Bart starts walking toward him.

"JAKE!!!! JAKE!!!!"

Pan Guay Jake sees a fighter with dirty blond hair yelling his name.  The man looks mad enough to kill him. But Jake has no idea who the guy is, until he sees the boomerang scar on his chest.

Bart Hill is pushing into the crowd. This is what he really wants, he wants to kill Pan Guay Jake.

Qron is trying to hold him back.

"Bart.... Bart.... Calm down...."

Bart Hill refuses and keeps pushing.

"BOY!!! STOP NOW!!!!!"

Bart Hill freezes at the sound of his Master's scream.

"I do not care who this man is, he is not your concern. Your concern is winning tonight. Once I am done with you, you can track this Jake down at your leisure."

Bart looks down and accepts the authority of Master Qron.



Three of the fights have already taken place. Most of these men are simple bare knuckle boxers and wrestlers with little formal training. Most of them are fighting in jeans.

Qron got Bart a pair of red boxing trunks. It is his turn to fight now.

He is fighting a very fat black man. He is slightly taller than Bart and looks very confident in his skill.

They do not even have a bell, instead some old man in an ill fitting suit screams.


The fat man charges into Bart, driving him into the turnbuckle. His deceptive speed caught him off guard. With the breath knocked from him, the fat man body slams him to the broken canvas.

Now he is stomping him in the ribs, until Bart catches his foot and from the ground kicks him in the face.

He leaps up and punches him in the gut three times. He can tell this is a mistake, as the belly is too insulated.

Bart kicks him in the nose, busting it.

"You dun broke my nose, you summabeach."

He grabs Bart by the hair and tosses him out of the ring. But the gymnast training Qron gave, pays off, when Bart lands on his feet. The fat man turns around and is in shock to see Bart standing on the ropes. He charges toward him, only for Bart to leap off the ropes and kick him in the jaw. The fat man falls to the ground and rattles the entire ring.

Bart Hill enters the second round. He solemnly holds his arms up in celebration, as Pan Guay Jake is gripped by a new fear.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Time's Up For Dread Watch

\Other 80s classics


Clark City, Texas

This is not the way Scott Timber wanted things to go. When he started using his
Time Displacement Belt to commit robberies, he only wanted to make some
quick cash to fund his experiments.

He could not approach one of the big box developers like Ivy Pro. They would
reject his design, then quickly make a duplicate.

He was hesitant to go to the banks for a loan. He just could not trust institutions
that did business with Ivy Pro and Mor-Con. Too easy for his design to leak out,
and the banks would demand to see schematics for the belt.

That left a non profit like the Liberty Corps. He could trust them not to steal his
design. But they would want a commitment, that Scott was unwilling to give.

So that left using the TDB for crime. He came up with the identity of Shift:The
Time Thief, and went to work. Robbing tiny sums across the world had earned
him 500,000 in a week. But that was not nearly enough to begin his project.

So he started stealing larger sums of money. That carried the risk of attracting
the attention of Horse Power.

"Got you!!!!

The Yellow Horse Power Bronco takes out his Bronco Shooters and fires a laser
beam at Shift. Shift activates the TDB and disappears quickly. What might
appear to be super speed or teleporting is actually the time stream being

Shift appears behind Bronco, before he can attack, The Green Horse Power
Mustang rushes him. With his super speed, Mustang nearly catches Shift, who narrowly
shifted out.

Now he is hiding on the roof. Hoping he can shift back to his apartment in LA. Maybe he can sell the TDB to Ivy Pro.

Suddenly two black and red gauntlets come out of the roof and pull Shift down. It
is the Red Horse Power Clydesdale. He punches Shift in the chest, damaging the
suit. In a panic, Shift activates the TDB and is in the middle of traffic.

"He damaged the navigation systems. Now if I want to Shift, I'll
have to set the coordinates manually."

Two boomerangs hit Shift in the damaged area of his suit. Boomeranger has
arrived. But he now wears the uniform of the Ultra Battlers.

Temp energy is beginning to leak from Shift's suit.

"By order of the Ultra Battlers, we demand you stand down."

"What in Blue Thunder are you doing here Boomeranger? This is a delicate

"Doing what it was taking you clowns hours to do and apprehend this felon."

"You idiot it took us hours to box him in like this. You may have switched teams,
but I'll be dang blasted if you ruin this."

Shift is still panicking, but is slightly relived. If those two keep arguing, he might
be able to shift to the next town over. It will deplete the remaining Temp
Energy. Allowing him to repair the suit. Even if it means having to take a bus back to LA.

He slowly starts putting in the coordinates.

"Now look here pal. I ain't in yo precious Liberty Corps now. My service
contract ended and I went to a proper group. So stay outta my way pops."

Boomeranger and Sergent Sargent notice Shift glowing. They realize he is
preparing for a big shift.

"Oh no ya don't!!!!"

Boomeranger throws an exploding Bomberang at the TDB. The explosion
sends Shift flying as he suddenly blinks out of existence. Leaving only a scorched
piece of earth as evidence he was even here.


Samson, North Dakota.

Dread Watch has seen better days. Since losing to Horse Power months ago,
they no longer get the really big jobs.

They occasionally get hired to back up third rate dictators. This is not what Master Masters envisioned, when he founded Dread Watch in 1978.

Now the top bootlegger in the United States has hired them to guard an illegal
shipment of moonshine as it is transported to Canada.

The only one who appears happy with this job is the biker Ramshackle. Who has
sampled more than a little of the supply.

They have not had anything resembling trouble since this started. Masters
suspects they were only hired, for the added status it would give the bootlegger..

They are in Samson refueling the truck. Suddenly the truck is flipped over.

Master Masters takes out his rapier and cuts a hole in the side of the truck.
Monocruel, Shuirstrike and Ramshackle each find an escape route. They see
Liberty Corps were notified of their presence.

Masters prepares to battle his former protege Sergent Sargent. Only to realize
he is nowhere to be found.

"Who the devil are you?"

"Name's Battleline, you're under arrest."

"Laugh Track"


"Fast Break"

Master Masters cannot believe this. Liberty Corps sent their B team to stop
him. He will make an example of them.


Ramshackle swings his chain at the Liberty Corps Agent Fast Break. A former
pro basketball player, he decided to enlist in the army after Doctor Mindfunk's
attack cost him the MBF Championship.

He is still new to this and new to not being the best. But he still has some moves.

He is dribbling two basketballs and easily dodges the attacks of Ramshackle.

"You cost me ten grand when you blew that free throw."

Fast Break bounces the basketballs off the face of Ramshackle.

"Sorry buddy, would an autograph help?"

Ramshackle headbutts Fast Break.

"Nah but how bout I leave you my signature!!!!"

He follows up with a bunch to the gut of the MBF legend.

Fast Break rolls thru and takes out his net cannon. He fires it entrapping

"Nothing but net!!!"


Shuristrike is in a duel with Co-Op. First matching one another move for move
with katanas. Shuristrike throws several shurikens at Co-Op, who uses his
juggling skills to stop the deadly stars. Trapping them in hard rubber balls.

Co-Op catches Shuristrike with his lasso. Using the ranching skills he picked up
during his summer in Colorado.

Before he can finish hog tieing Shuristrike, a puff of smoke appear around him
and he is gone. Co-Op turns around and Strike spits a deadly mist in his face.

Even with the lenses guarding his face mask, it still burns. Co-Op attempts to
clean his eyes, but is knocked out by the nunchucku of Shuristrike.


Monocruel hates wasting any blast from his monocle on the buffoon known as Laugh Track. But the injun is a deceptively skilled fighter.

"Okay stop me if you heard this one. A big shot aristocrat turned mercenary, takes a job working for a low life bootlegger."

Monocruel fires a red heat beam at Laugh Track who blocks it with his Tomachik. A rubber chicken/tomahawk.

"Ooh you have heard that one. Sorry, but I got a million of them."

He throws the Tomachik behind his back at Monocruel, who melts it with another heat blast.

Laugh Track comes in closer and tackles Monocruel to the ground.

"Fancy guy like you probably doesn't like playing in the mud."

Monocruel fires a blast of his monocle at a tree above a group of kids.

Laugh Track runs to the kids and knocks them out of harms way. Giving Monocruel the chance to blast him with an ice beam.


Master Masters slashes at Battle Line. This is Battle Line's first major mission since being promoted. He was hoping he would of been paired up with Ramshackle. Anybody but Masters.

"Don't I recognize you boy? Weren't you in the Grunt Patrol."

Battle Line fires shots from his Battle Shot, which Masters deflects with his rapier.

"Yeah I was, whats it to you?"

"I only remembered, because it struck me as pathetic the grandson of Captain Battle was a lowly Grunt."

Battle Line punches Masters in the stomach.

"We all have dues to pay."

Masters turns a back flip and kicks Battle Line in the face.

"Are you related to Captain Battle the 3rd? Now that is someone living up to a legacy."

Battle Line throws a bolo at Masters who simply leaps over it.

"Gonna take more than that to shake me."

"Your grandfather would say that too. I actually fought with him in Pan Guay. His last fight before he disappeared. You should ask your father about that."

Battle Line is stunned. If he were fighting anyone else, it would mean nothing. But that fraction of a second is all the Dread Master needs. He cuts Battle Line's chest and shoots him in the leg with his Dread Blaster.

Suddenly Fast Break is thrown next to Battle Line. Ramshackle walks over dusting himself off.

"So we gonna kill em?"

Masters thinks to himself.

"No they're not worthy. Let them live with the failure.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 9

Other 80s classics


Horse Power is scattered as the Claw attempts to stomp them. He has
reached full power thanks to a mysterious lunar eclipse. Claw sends a flurry
of meteors at the team.

"At this rate, Claw is going to destroy Manhattan.
Summon the Horse Fly Chariots!!!"

Blue, Red, Yellow and Green lights appear over New York City. They are the
Horse Fly Chariots. Each Horse Power gets behind the controls of their specially
designed hover chariot.

The Chariots swarm the Claw, firing Green, Blue, Yellow and Red laser beams.

They are having minimum effect on the God of Hate.

Sergent Sargent is sent crashing two floors down by the monstrous vampire man
bat called the Doctor. He groggily gets up.

Sarge wonders why the fall did not break his back. Before he can
ponder it further, the Doctor tries to stomp him, but Sergent Sargent narrowly
avoids him.

He instinctively reaches for his Laser Bayonet, before remembering that idiot,
Battle the 3rd dropped it on the 12th floor. Sarge throws a flash
grenade at the monster, momentarily slowing it down. He is grateful this building
is condemned, otherwise he would be even more handicapped in this fight.

The Doctor grabs him by the throat and slams him thru a wall into an abandoned
bathroom. Before the Doctor can cut Sergent Sargent's throat,
Captain Battle the 3rd fires a full powered Dissolvo 85 blast into his back.

The Doctor merely annoyed, sends the grandson of Battle flying across the hall.

He abandons Sergent Sargent and pursues his original prey.


Grunt #8998 gets to the second floor and realizes that Captain Battle the 3rd and
Sergent Sargent along with the Doctor are gone. It is not difficult to track them,
one just needs to follow the trail of destruction.

The Ultra Battlers waste no time in pursuing them. They attach grappling hooks
to the wall and fall down the hole.

Before #8998 can follow, he notices something on the floor.


Missile Miser's armor is nearly done for. It has served him well, through four wars, a depression and several presidents. He has fought everything from archers, to divine leaders to demons from other dimensions. But he never suffered a beating like the one Claw gave him. Both to his armor and his dignity.

The tired armor lets out what sounds like a human moan. Miser
ask the armor to hold itself together just a little longer.


Stallion attempts to find a weak spot on the Claw. But the Nightmare of Ricca is a deceptively skilled opponent. They can't find a vulnerable area. They realize the only way they are going to win is to overpower him.

"Time to form CHARIOT MAXIMUS!!!!"

Stallion positions his Blue Horse Fly at the front of Chariot Maximus.

Next Mustang connects his Green Horse Fly to the left back end corner of
Stallion's Horse Fly.

Bronco connects his Yellow Horse Fly to the right back end corner of Stallion's
Horse Fly.

Finally Clydesdale places his Red Horse Fly on the back ends of Bronco and
Mustang's Chariots.


They place the already formed Horse Power Combination Power Blaster on the
front of Stallion's section of Chariot Maximus.


The swirling multicolored beam of power surges at the Claw, who catches it in his
palm. The team is in shock that it did not topple the God of
Hate. Claw begins to push back.

"What are we going to do Stallion? We're putting all available power into
this blast."

"I don't know Bronco. We could tap into our life support units. But I don't want to
gamble on that again."

Claw pushes the beam back toward Horse Power, even as the energy burns a
hole into his palm.

Claw feels a pain in his lower back. It is enough to cause him to drop his hands and be hit by the full power of the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster Chariot Maximus Power Blast.

Claw shrinks back to his original seven foot height.


Moments before

Missile Miser has found the Claw. He has grown to full power thanks to the lunar eclipse. He knows the monster can shrug off any of his chain guns and bombs. But Miser does not think Claw can handle being hit by the Missile Miser armor in ballistic mode.

Miser turns several cranks and dials inside his armor. The commands cause the
arms and legs to withdraw into the missile segment of the armor.

Inside it has become broiling hot. He is very close to the Claw and aims for the
lower part of his spine.


Claw in the midst of a titanic struggle is distracted by the booming muffled


Miser sees a flash of light as he hits the Nightmare of Ricca.


The Doctor is tearing apart the Ultra Battlers. Their Dissolvo Rifles have had as
little effect, as Battle the 3rd's Dissolvo 85 had on the transformed vampire.

Sergent Sargent decides without his Laser Bayonet to take a low tech approach
to fighting the Doctor. He kicks a wooden banister in, creating a make shift
stake. He lunges at the Doctor aiming for his chest.

"Hey Dracule say Ahhh!!!!!"

The vampire Man Bat grabs Sergent Sargent's wrist.

He leans in very close.

"In this form I am not as finicky. I think I'll finish my meal......"

A laser hits the Doctor directly in his lower abdomen. The Doctor reverts to his
true form and disappears into dust.

Sergent Sargent sees Grunt #8998 holding the Laser Bayonet.

"Hey Sarge you forgot this."


Missile Miser lays in the remnants of his armor. He is shocked to see he
survived the crash. Shocked and more than a bit sad. Seeing his lifes work turned
into scrap metal brings Missile Miser to tears. If he thought he was going to
survive, he never would have launched that kamikaze attack on The Claw.

As he thinks of what to do with the time he has left, he is surrounded by five of
those Ultra Fighters or Super Batters. He can't remember what they are called.
They are lead by a man in a business suit.

"Phineas Q Hawthron? My name is Lionel Craig and I want to give you a job."


A month after the fight with the Old Breed in New York City, there is a party at
Liberty Corps Headquarters. Grunt #8998, real name Jerry Battle, has just been
promoted to Liberty Corps Field Agent. His codename, a tribute to his lineage is

The ceremony was hours ago and now they are having a party in the hangar base.

Mess Hall made a huge spread with every food you can imagine and a few you
could not.

Director Bill Powers and Director Jeff Dixon walk over to shake Battleline's hand.

"For a Grunt who was promoted you seem a bit down Battleline. Is it because
your dad could not be here?"

"No Director Powers, I know dad is on a secret mission. I honestly thought Willie would be here. After the fight with the Doctor, he gave me this big
speech about how I was like a brother to him and how we should stay in touch."

"I understand how you feel Battleline. Your cousin cares about you. He
needs time to adjust."


The music goes off as everyone looks at Sergent Sargent, who flipped on the
television in the hangar. Battle the 3rd told him to watch the latest episode of his

Courtney Hendrix speaks.

"Sarge what's wrong? I've never seen you this upset."

"Yeah just look at this."


Captain Battle just got to the basement of the haunted mansion. Sitting in
the corner cowering is Sergent Corporal. A wannabe Captain Battle, against
Battle's orders attempted to fight the dreaded Count Fangula. A garlic bomb
sends Fangula running.

"Sergent I hope you learned a lesson."

"I'll say, before fighting a vampire, learn how to clean garlic out of your vest."



Everyone in the hangar starts laughing. Everyone but the simmering Sergent Sargent and the embarrassed Battleline.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Rise of An Old Breed Day 8

Other 80s classics


The Doctor sank his teeth into the neck of Sergent Sargent. It has been decades
since he took blood from an unwilling human. He expected the blood to taste
warm and sweet. What he found was vile, he has never tasted anything so putrid.
The Doctor releases Sergent Sargent and throws him to the ground.

"You are not human.."

Captain Battle the 3rd kicks the Doctor in the face, and zaps him in the chest
with the Dissolvo 85.

"That's rich coming from a jawless vampire."

He fires his gun at the roof beneath him, creating a hole, grabs Sergent Sargent
and jumps to the room beneath them.

"C'mon Sarge snap out of it. Fangula's only stunned. We need a plan."

Sergent Sargent pulls himself together.

"What happened to the Doctor?"

"You were too old and bitter to eat. I hate to say this, but I need to use your
Laser Bayonet. I know the Doctor's weakness, but I don't think the Dissolvo 85
has enough juice."

"Why do you need it? Just tell me and I'll do it."

"I read all of Gramps old journals. He mentioned a battle with the Doctor in
Korea. I would not of thought of it, until I saw how badly you hurt
him, when you shot him in the gut."

"I'll shoot him there again."

"Sarge look, I know you don't like me. But I know where the vulnerable area is. I can hit it the first time. You're still groggy from being bitten."

The crimson and brown clad Doctor crashes thru the ceiling in pursuit of the pair.

Sergent Sargent hands Battle the 3rd his Laser Bayonet. It is at its highest setting.

The Doctor charges toward the duo. Battle the 3rd aims the bayonet and fires a high powered blast, hiting the Doctor directly in the shoulder. The Doctor howls in pain and transforms into his man bat form.

"Aw geez......."


Stallion leaps at Claw and slashes at him with his Stallion Sword. Claw
blocks it with his forearm. He raises his other hand and shoots a ball of fire into
the Blue Horse Power.

Mustang runs in at super speed and frustrates Claw, peppering him with punches.

Claw kneels over in pain. Sitting very still, Mustang grows overconfident and has
his ankles grabbed by Claw..

Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters at Claw, who uses Mustang as a shield. The
Green Horse Power now has dents in his chest plate. Claw tosses him aside and
moves toward Bronco. Who fires more blast, but finds each one deflected by the
self styled God Of Hate.

Claw kicks him in the chest, and slams a parked car on top of him. Clydesdale
cracks his hammer on top of Claw's misshapen skull, scoops up Bronco and leaps

The four Horse Powers get together.

"We need to end this fast."

"What are you thinking Bronco?"

"We need to bring together the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster."

Clydesdale plants the handle of his hammer in the street.


Bronco connects his Bronco Shooters at the handle and places it on the head of
the Horse Hammer.


Mustang places his Daggers on the Bronco Shooters.


Stallion places his Sword between the daggers.


Claw has recovered and is running toward Horse Power.

"Horse Power Combination Power Blaster Fire!!!!!"


The Necromizone

Professor Necro watches the battle unfold between Horse Power and the Claw.
Even if he is unable to attack directly, he can still aid Claw.

Necro knows Claw's strength is dictated by the cycles of the Earth moon. He creates a lunar


The Horse Power Combination Power Blaster has been fired and hits Claw
directly. But as they hit they notice the storms generated by the Doctor have
ceased. They look into the sky and see a lunar eclipse. With the full moon out,
Claw grows to gigantic proportions.

The Horse Power team fires the Combination Power Blaster multiple times to no effect.


Grunt #8998 finally reaches the location of his cousin Captain Battle the 3rd and
Sergent Sargent. He feels guilt for not staying to fight the Claw. But he could not
do much to help Horse Power and he loves his cousin. Even if he has not seen
him in years.

Grunt #8998 is joined by a group of Ultra Battlers. The men did not say much on
the trip here. #8998 has been in the business long enough to know pure mercs when he sees them. No matter what Lionel Craig's hype machine says, these guys are in it for the paycheck.

Before they enter the building, the unnatural storms filling the NYC skies have
cleared. Replaced by a full lunar eclipse.

#8998 turns to a Ultra Battler next to him.

"What do you think that's is about?"

"Mr.Craig's orders are to save the Captain."

#8998 grumbles entering the building.

"Yeah heard you the first time."


Missile Miser's armor functions, if only barely. It is full
of dents now.

He walks over to check on Gentleman Brute who has reverted to
his Niles Frazier form. He is covered in bruises but is breathing.

Miser goes outside. He sees the moon and wonders how long he was out. He
activates his thrusters. Missile Miser is going on one final flight.