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Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 35


Lawnvale, Ohio/The Necromizone ????

Professor Necro is growing frustrated. Despite being more powerful, he is unable
to finish off the Green Lama. Lama's skills have dulled since their last battle,
but he makes up for it with sheer determination.

Necro sends a fireball of purple energy at the Lama who responds with his own
emerald flame. Necro is clearly winning as he pushes back the Green Lama.

Suddenly there is no resistance on Lama's end and Necro's energy creates a
large explosion in the Necromizone.

Before he can wonder what became of the Green Lama, Lama appears behind
him and sends Necro crashing to the ground with a brutal palm strike.

Lama goes to finish off Necro. His new strategy is to take the battle to a
physical level. He assumes he has the advantage over Necro, when it comes it
fighting skill. A reasonable assumption to make, as the Green Lama has been
trained in the martial arts by some of the greatest fighters on the planet.

He goes to palm strike Necro again, who grabs the Lama's wrist and breaking it.. Lama attempts to fling emerald lightning at Necro who swats it aside.

Unfortunately for the Green Lama, Necro was trained in physical combat by
Xcision himself, in fighting arts no other human has ever heard of.

Lama now creates a cloud of green mist around the battle field. A parlor trick
taught to acolytes in their first year. Hoping to confuse Necro and use the time to
heal himself. But Necro is able to sense his mystic aura, and sends Lama
crashing to the ground with a knee to the face.

Necro throws his hands into the air.


Large waves of black energy leave his hands and flow into the Necromizone

The dimensions are bonding. Necro is knocked down as the heavens shake.

Time is slowly bleeding together. He sees different things. He sees himself as a
young man checking out books from the library. He sees himself killing the Tin
Soldier at the bank. He sees his battles with the Lama.

He sees things he does not recognize. He sees a bizarre multicolored Horse Demon wielding some amalgamated Hammer Sword. 

He sees a giant as big as the Necromizone gods. With a power beyond reason.

He then sees a black army of Horse Demons. Fighting one another with no
rhyme or reason.

He sees one being too horrible to comprehend. Necro's eyes and nose begin to
bleed. He feels as if his skull is about to split open.

Green Lama feels this is his chance and attacks. He is in as much pain as Necro, but merging two such disparate dimensions will kill everyone. He lunges at Necro, but is grabbed by the collar and thrown to the ground.

Necro looks down at Lama and speaks.

"This pain is nothing. Since I first opened those cursed texts, my life has been
unending pain. Living as I felt my flesh decay. Yes this pain is more intense.  But
I will endure.... You will not stop me!!!!


The Battle Jet

Captain Battle struggles to get the Curveoscope to function. Since arriving to this
nightmare scene, few of the instruments are operating correctly.

"There I got it."

Battle Flag looks at his father with shock.

"How Dad? All I see is chaos."

"No such thing as chaos Hale. There are patterns in anything if you look hard
enough. I looked and looked and finally found the pattern. I followed it and found
where the disturbances are coming from. If I shut that down we can end this."

"I"ll set a course."

"No Hale, the Battle Jet would get destroyed before we could get close enough."

"Okay I'll take off."

"No your jet pack is damaged."

"Let me use yours then."

"You are not going to make this easy are you. I'm going, not you. I'm old and
you're young with a kid at home."

Battle takes out his Dissolvo Gun.

"Don't think I won't maim you to save your life."

Captain Battle takes off to save his world, while his son can only watch.

Battle Flag looks at the rest of the Liberty Squad.

"The old man can't stop us from holding back those monsters!!!"

The Squadron of Liberators leave the Battle Jet for one final fight.


The Necromizone

Two low level Darkizors guard the machinery that is merging dimensions. While
this project is very important, the idea any being from the Earth dimension could
fight off two Darkizors is preposterous. Even two Darrunner Academy dropouts
like Xhel and Xom.

Soon this theory will be put to the test.

"Xom the sensors just picked up a human heading for us at great speed."

"Is it Necro or that Lama he was so worried about?"

"No, it has no mystic aura of note."

The blue, red and white figure of Captain Battle looks very strange to Xom and
Xhel. These colors did not exist in the Necromizone til now.

Battle sees the machinery powered by a large glowing crystal. He knows
that is what he must destroy to end this madness. He sees it is being guarded
by two inhuman monsters. Covered in fur, scales and feathers, with beaks and

"Halt Earther, mighty Xom commands it."

Xom realizes he should kill the Earther immediately. But he enjoys exerting his
power over a lesser life form.

Battle fires the Dissolvo Gun at full power at Xom's face, burning his peak off.

Xhel had no idea any Earther could be so powerful. He fires a blast of Grey
energy, but Captain Battle flies into the air and avoids it. He fires another energy
blast that is met by a Dissolvo beam. The beam overpowers Xhel
maiming him.

Battle's Dissolvo Gun is over heating. He only has one full powered blast left.

"Admirable display Earther. Xom and Xhel were little more than jokes. The
idea an elderly one eyed human could defeat even the lowliest Darkizor
seemed little more than fantasy."

Battle says nothing and prepares to fire upon the machinery.

"I am mighty Xcrawllor and could kill you with little effort."

Xcrawllor walks away.

Battle does not know what the point of that display was. But it doesn't matter

He aims the Dissolvo Gun at the crystal. Before he fires he thinks of his sons
William and Hale. He thinks of his grandsons Willie and Theodore.

He thinks of the Squadron who became like a family to him.

He fires the gun and wonders if he'll get his eye back in heaven.


Lawnvale, Ohio

Normality has returned to the small boring Ohio town. Professor Necro has
disappeared and with him the abominations of the Necromizone.

The only evidence of the days events are a glowing meteor in the center of the
park. The Green Lama looks around and sees that victory was not obtained without losses. The Acolytes ranks have been thinned greatly. The Green Lama is grateful Tsarong survived.

The question now is who ended the chaos. It was not the Green Lama. He was at
the mercy of Professor Necro. It was not the Acolytes or Tsarong.

He sees the Squadron of Liberators gathered around the Crystal. Captain Battle
is nowhere to be found and Lama realizes he owes his life to the Legend of Two
World Wars.

Hale Battle sits on the ground holding his fathers burnt out Dissolvo Gun. The
old gun has seen a lot and even survived an inter dimensional journey.

Green Lama approaches cautiously.

"Hale I am sorry for your loss. We owe your father more than we can ever

"Thank you sir. Dad had a lot of respect for you. I have to call William...."

Bill Powers, otherwise known as the Eagle approaches the Green Lama.

"This is a difficult time, but we still have a job to do. Can you tell us what this
meteor is?"

The Green Lama looks thoughtfully. His arm is still broken. He sees the
authorities pulling up. Should he take the meteor and guard it. There is no way to
return it to the Necromizone without weakening the dimensional borders again.

He feels becoming proactive in World Affairs has cost humanity too much. He
seeks to rectify a portion of this.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The Lama's arm heal and a green light spreads over the city. No one will
remember what occurred this day. Beyond a meteor hitting Lawnvale, Ohio and
Captain Battle sacrificing himself for a greater good.

He will leave the meteor where it is. It no longer matters to the mystic order of

Finally his tattered bodysuit turns into an ornate green robe, as he, Tsarong and
his Acolytes return to the Lama Temple.


Pan Guay, 1975

Sgt Richard Sargent is ready to put the army behind him. He dedicated his life to
protecting his country. That is until the man he looked up to betrayed his unit to the Beige Bengal. Sargent watched as Lieutenant Masters embraced the brutal dictator like an old friend. Sargent did not have time to think of why he did it.

He was too busy watching the men under his protection get cut down by Tiger
Soldiers, somehow he survived.

Now his enlistment is up and he wants to go home. Maybe he'll become a

A man in a blue suit approaches him.

"Excuse me Sergent?"

"Soon to be unlisted, might as well call me Richard."

"That is what I want to speak to you about. I don't think you should give up on
your life as a soldier."

"What's it to you? I'm sure the army will find killers just as good as me."

"There is more to being a great soldier than killing. What happened to your men
was terrible. But to give up now, disgraces their memory."

"Who are you?"

"Bill Powers, here is my card."

Sargent reads the newly printed business card.

"The Liberty Corps"

Sergent Sargent decides to hear the man out.

To Be Continued in

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