Thursday, March 22, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 34


Lawnvale, Ohio/The Necromizone

It is becoming very difficult to discern where the Necromizone begins and Lawnvale ends. Moments before The Green Lama has entered the battle against the horrific abominations that occupy the Necromizone.

Before he can work on sealing the rift between dimensions, he is attacked by Professor Necro.

Necro can sense this is the same Green Lama that defeated him previously. Even if he is dressed somewhat differently. Trading the flowing emerald robes for a green body suit and hooded cloak. His mystic signature has not changed.

Necro is surprised he took down his foe so easily. He remembers long ago living in fear of this man. He was so desperate to hide his activities from the Green Lama, that he bound his own life force to three of Lama's allies. Now he sees the mighty Lama on the ground singed and hurt.

Before Necro can advance any further. he is attacked by Tsarong, sworn protector of the Green Lama. Tsarong takes out his glowing katana and attempts to eviscerate Professor Necro. Necro avoids the attacks with little effort, capturing Tsarong in a purple bubble and driving him into the ground.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

Necro is hit by a bolt of green energy that sends him flying across the park. Professor Necro is pleased by this development.

"Killing you will be more satisfying this way."


The Battle Jet 1969

Captain Battle and the Squadron of Liberators are flying back to the United States. Even though they stopped the Lion Maimer, they feel like they were defeated. Black Terror still runs through Pan Guay and their own Government seems to be supporting a terrorist leader.

No one has said anything during the trip back to Liberator City. Finally one half of America's Fighting Twins, Guts speaks.

"You dropped the ball Captain!!!"

Battle Flag, the son of Captain Battle is infuriated by this.

"You're out of line, Guts!!!!"

"He let a traitor like Black Terror escape. Any dead American Soldiers are on his head!!!"

Battle Flag grabs Guts by his shirt and is ready to punch out his long time ally. If not for the intervention of Captain Battle himself.

"Hale stand down!!!"

"But Dad!!!"

"Guts has a right to speak his mind. So Guts why don't you finish."

"Black Terror has been on a rampage in Pan Guay for two years. Endangering American troops and Pan Guay freedom fighters."

"Guts I've known you since you were a boy. You're a skilled fighter with a big heart. But being well read is not one of your strong points."

"What is that suppose to mean?"

"What it means is you do not keep up with current events. It means you have no real clue what is going on in that country. Up til six hours ago, you had no clue who The Guerrilla was."

"He's just a creation of the Beige Bengal, to slander the Freedom Fighters."

"That is bunk and you know it Guts. I've been keeping up with this conflict very closely. Didn't you wonder why the Squadron had not intervened earlier."

"I assumed the Government had requested we stay and protect the home front. Like in WW2."

"No they asked us to intervene before and we refused, because we knew who backed the rebels."

Guts looks in shock as he realizes he was the only one in the dark.

Bronze Destroyerr is looking at the Curveoscope, used to monitor all super powered activity on Earth.

"Captain, the Curveoscope is going crazy. Something bad is happening in Ohio."

Captain Battle does not hesitate before giving the order to the pilot of the Battle Jet.

"Change course to Ohio."

"Dad you're hurt. We need to get you medical attention."

"I can see a doctor, after we investigate whatever is going on in Ohio."


Lawnvale, Ohio/The Necromizone

The Green Lama and Professor Necro have been fighting for what seems like hours. But to an outside observers has only been five minutes. They trade energy attacks that could shatter planets. But no matter what the Green Lama does, Necro has an answer.

Even with months of renewed training in the mystic arts, Green Lama is still not strong enough to fight Professor Necro. Lama is not sure what has happened to Necro since his exile, but he is a different man.

No longer the Necromantic, who relied on outside deities and tailsman for his power. No the power he wields now belongs to him. The Lama attempts to teleport behind Necro, only for Necro to anticipate and teleport behind him.

He sends Lama crashing to the ground, immediately Lama flies back into the fray. As they fight across dimensions.


Kiyomi, Savayne and the other Temple Acolytes have been fighting the Necromizone Abominations. Preventing them from crossing over fully onto the Earth Plane. If not for the quick shielding spell of Kiyomi, they would have been killed by the egg of the bat goat creature.

But now the creatures are getting bigger and stronger. Even fighting as a well coordinated team, they are slowly being overwhelmed. One portion of the group was swiped aside by a twenty armed centipede turtle.

Separately Kiyomi and Savayne fire mystic bolts at the creature and are unsuccessful. They remember the words of Tsarong and the Green Lama and join hands, merging their power into a blast that knocks the centipede turtle onto its back.

The victory is only temporary as it will soon get back to its feet. Kiyomi and Savayne are drained from the effort. It will take moments to regain the energy to launch another attack. Moments they do not have. Suddenly the centipede turtle explodes. Hit by the Dissolvo Cannon of the Liberty Squad's Battle Jet.

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