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Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 33


Lawnvale, Ohio 1969

Kiyomi remembers the speech the Green Lama gave to all the acolytes at the

"Separate your powers are insignificant, but together you can form a great wall.

You must form a single mind and fuse your mystic power. Something is
attempting to shatter the walls separating dimensions. If this happens this will be
the end of life as we know it."

The training was brief but strenuous. Each day her and the other acolytes
gathered in the temple yard and received instructions from The Green Lama and
his Jianhu.

Each day they were pushed to the brink of exhaustion. Each day she
bonded with her fellow acolytes. As a group they hold no secrets.

Now Kiyomi stands in a small park in a tiny American city. She is surrounded by
the other acolytes and they begin to chant.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The Acolytes hands glow a delicate green as the light shines forth forming a net
around the city. At the moment there is no strain. But they can feel a tiny
fracture around the dimensional wall. The way one might feel a chipped tooth in
the back of ones mouth.

Suddenly the Acolytes feel the crack grow in size.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

They briefly prevent the crack from expanding. Before the pressure increases.

Kiyomi cannot believe they are failing so quickly after all that training.

Suddenly the group feels the pressure go away. They are unable to turn around,
but know they are being supported by the Jianhu to the Green
Lama, Tsarong.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro activated the infernal machine. Powered by the Oblivorex it is
ripping and tearing thru the barriers separating the Necromizone from Earth.

A unnamed Darkizor operates a section of the controls operating the machine.

"Professor Necro, we are experiencing resistance from the Earth Realm."

"Resistance" thinks Professor Necro. It can only be the Green Lama. Necro is
unsure if it is the one that exiled him or a brand new Lama.
In any case, he welcomes the chance to test his hard earned might.

He floats over the machine hacking at the dimensional walls.


A purple beam of energy cascades from his hands into the Oblivorex. Causing the machines drill to increase in intensity, causing light sun light to shine into the Necromizone. Horrifying and captivating both the Necrogres and Darkizors. They have never seen such a sight.


Tsarong and the Temple Acolytes are thrown by the explosion as the tiny crack,
became a gaping hole. A light never seen in this dimension shines thru.

Tsarong and the Acolytes recover quickly. Seeing a horde of horrifying creatures
marching thru. Some are very familiar to Tsarong. He encountered one such
beast in 1953.

Tsarong takes out his specially crafted blade. It has been empowered for this

"Acolytes... We were expecting the first wave to fail. Do not allow it to
dishearten you... Now is the time we fight. We have trained you for this day."

Tsarong and the Acolytes charge into battle with the menagerie of creatures.

One resembles a combination of a dog, lizard and spider. It spits out what appears to be wool at Kiyomi. She quickly forms a mystic barrier protecting her. Savayne attacks it from behind, slicing its legs off in a single stroke, before stabbing it thru the head.

"Thank you Savayne."

"You are welcome Kiyomi."

Temple Protocol prevents two acolytes from engaging in romance with one
another. But they cannot control their feelings.

As a monster resembling a bat with a goat's head throws a toxic egg at the pair,
they see why such rules exist.

Tsarong is in combat with two of the creatures known as Necrogres. Tsarong has
grown more powerful since that day in 1953. But he realizes that he cannot afford
to be struck once by anything this powerful.

He ducks one mangled green fist, and it strikes its partner in the jaw. The two
mindless monsters are now fighting one another.

"Om, Mani, Padme,Hum"

Tsarong's Katana glows green, and he slices the head off of both creatures.

Before he can reflect on how far he has come, he is swarmed by a group of skinless feathered sheep.


The Green Lama has wanted to join the battle. But his role wasto support the mystic barrier separating dimensions. They were managing to hold back the dimensional tear, before a surge of energy from the other dimension struck him. The energy is vaguely familiar.

He flies to the battle field and sees the Temple Acolytes and Tsarong struggling
with a horde of inhuman enemies. The enemies are not fighting as a group. They act like wild animals.

Using his speed and strength, the Lama takes apart the animals in waves.

He sees Tsarong being overwhelmed by what appears to be feathered sheep.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The Green Lama destroys the sheep with a telekinetic shove. He flies over to
check on his Jianhu.

"Tsarong you are wounded."

"Yes I know, but I can still fight."

"Allow me to heal you."

Before the Green Lama can say the sacred words he is struck by a bolt of

Professor Necro has returned.

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