Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 32


Lawnvale, Ohio 1969

The Green Lama, Tsarong and the Acolytes of the Lama Temple have
gathered in Lawnvale Ohio. Lawnvale is a tiny city with roughly 2,000 people. It
is a city where you would never expect to see Multimillionaire Jethro Dumont or his alter ego the Green Lama.

But the disturbance Lama felt has lead him here. Something will occur in
Lawnvale that threatens the Mystic Order of Life. Something that threatens all
life on this planet.

The group has gathered in the city park.

"Tsarong assemble the acolytes in the seven formation. Hopefully we can
strengthen the barriers separating dimensions."

"Honorable Lama I fear the Acolytes are not ready for this sort of work. Even
with your guidance."

"They are not ready Tsarong, I am not ready. But the world is counting on us."


The Necromizone

How long has Professor Necro been inside the Necromizone. He stopped
counting after fifty years. He has no idea how much time has passed on Earth. He
has been here so long most of his human features have rotted away.

Not that his appearance ever mattered to him. He just found it a good way to measure the passage of time here.

He is watching as the Necrogres drag large piles of Oblivorex to the center of the
Desanctified symbol, he and the Darkizors carved into the ground. Necro was at
first confused about what exactly Oblivorex was suppose to be. But being near it
he quickly learned. It is a very potent substance. It enhances any magical spell
and power.

The weakest Darklin would become the mightiest of Darkizors with a small

But what Professor Necro has planned will require a great deal of
Oblivorex. To bring an entire planet from another dimension to the Necromizone
is unheard of. That is why Xcision admired the idea so much. No Darkizor could
aspire to do such a thing.

Xcision approaches Necro holding a bag.

"Xcision, to what do I owe this honor?"

"Necro your progress in this project is tremendous. The Gods themselves do
tingle. But I look at you in lowly Incantior armor and want you to have more. I want you to return to your home dimension with class. For the other lowly Earthers to know you are more. Please accept this."

Necro opens the bag with a wave of his fingers. Inside he sees a fine robe, made
out of the same leather like material that makes Xcision's armor. On it are the same
ominous symbols his old tattered robe had.

"Thank you Xcision you shame me with this."

"Nonsense, it is a tiny token compared to what you have given me."

As Necro puts the robe on a tiny crack of energy hits the center of the Oblivorex.


Pan Guay 1969

The Lion Maimer regains consciousness, but finds he is trapped in the same
pudding that trapped the Black Terror. He is surrounded by Captain Battle,
his son Battle Flag, Bronze Destroyer,Guts, Glory and the Eagle.

Battle speaks first.

"Maimer, you said some interesting things during our fight. Why did your benefactors want the Squadron unharmed?"

Lion Maimer struggles to free himself from the pudding. Captain Battle aims his
Dissolvo Gun at the head of Lion Maimer.

"We took all your little knick knacks, before we trapped you. Even if you got
free, my Dissolvo Gun at full power could take you down. Or at least hurt you
badly. So again, who are your benefactors."

Lion Maimer grins.

"The Beige Bengal"

Bronze Destroyer looks frustrated.

"We know a little bit about you Maimer. We know you are a true mercenary.
Not afraid to play two sides against each other for a bigger pay day."

"The Guerrilla was paying me too."

"Why would the Guerrilla care if you killed us?"

"You're a valued asset of the American Army. Right now, keeping them happy is
a priority."

Black Terror becomes enraged.

"I'll just say what everyone here is scared to say. The American Government
wants me dead and brought in Lion Maimer to do it!!!!"

Guts speaks up.

"Now hold on Terror. The United States would not kill one of its own citizens
without good cause. The Guerrilla's reasons are perfectly plausible."

"That's because you don't know him. I've destroyed hundreds of his operations. He would not care if Maimer killed every American soldiers to be rid of me."

Captain Battle has a look in his eyes that says he believes the Black Terror. He
remembers the desperation in the General's voice. They did not want him simply
detained, they wanted him dead.

Battle shakes the hand of the Black Terror.

"Good luck in your endeavors Terror."

Guts is in shock.

"But Captain???"

Battle's son Battle Flag is in shock as well.


Battle looks at them sternly.

"As of now the Squadron of Liberators is leaving Pan Guay. If you want to stay,
be my guest."

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