Monday, March 19, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 31


Pan Guay 1969

Black Terror was down after being hit by the rocket blast. But he is not hurt. He's thankful he took the brunt of the blast and not the Squadron of Liberators.

The blast also freed him of the substance called "pudding" that had him trapped.
He looks over and sees the Squadron on the ground.

"Looks like Captain Battle and his lackeys are down for the count. That's fine by
me, this fight is between me and you."

Black Terror is in shock when he sees the Lion Maimer. The assassin hired by
the Beige Bengal to kill him in 1967. He searched all over Pan Guay, but could
never find him.

"Maimer you picked a bad day to return. I'm going to finish what I started two
years ago."

"You'll find that easier said than done Terror...."

Black Terror charges into the Lion Maimer and catches him with two powerful
hay maker punches. Lion Maimer leaps back up and punches Terror in the
stomach, following up with an uppercut that sends Terror flying.

"Surprised Terror? Oh I learned a lesson from my encounter with you. I learned
that sometimes skill is not enough."

Before Lion Maimer can continue, Black Terror goes back on the attack.
Maimer tosses him with a simple Judo Throw.

"See I learned if I was going to hunt big game, I needed power. I researched
you Benton."

Terror catches Maimer with a punch to the nose and attempts to follow with a
knee strike, but Maimer catches it and drives him into the ground.

"Surprised I know your real name? That you're retired pharmacist Bob Benton.
You created a mixture now known as the "Benton Formula"."

Black Terror grabs Lion Maimer and slams him hard enough into the ground, the
shock waves are felt for miles. Lion Maimer flips behind the Terror and throws
him into a row of trees.

"I spent the last two years trying to find a sample of the Benton Formula. I went
to that hole in the wall pharmacy ran by your son."

"What did you do to Tim?"

Lion Maimer leaps over and kicks Black Terror in the ribs.

"Nothing yet. I know he has the same powers as you and I still had not found the
formula. No need initiating a confrontation I had no chance of winning. But I'll
take care of him soon enough."

Terror rips a tree out of the ground and attempts to strike his foe with it. Only
Lion Maimer catches the large tree and tosses it aside, before hitting Terror with
a punch.

"I went to Mexico and that proved a dead end. The formula was impossible to
find. But then I read about a man named Niles Fraizer."

"Gentleman Brute!!"

"That's right old bean. Seems he created a formula very similar to yours. Instead
it turned a wimpy slob into a debonair if brutish gentleman."

Black Terror picks up a large rock and throws it at the Maimer, only to see it
shattered by a punch.

"That potion would be useless to me. But I obtained a sample and had it studied
by some chemist In my employ. They were able to work out the side effects."

Lion Maimer leaps behind Black Terror and places him in a chokehold.

"Now I'm as strong, or stronger than you. Strong enough I should be able to
crush your windpipe."

Before Lion Maimer can test his theory, he is hit in the back by the Dissolvo
Ray of Captain Battle.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro and Xcision are visiting the Oblivorex Mine.

"Look at it Necro, this is all because of you. Soon you will do even greater
things. Things no one on this plane have ever seen."

"That is what I wish to speak to you about Xcision."

"Please continue."

"I have been thinking of Earth lately."

"What concern could you have of your pathetic home dimension?"

"I want Earth to be more than it is. At the same time we could offer the gods a
tremendous tribute. An entire planet of sentient beings."

"What are you suggesting Necro."

"I want to merge Earth with the Necromizone."


Dumont Tower, New York City 1969

Jethro Dumont, the current Green Lama stands atop the tower mystically
surveying the Earth. As he has each day since the warning he received from the

Each day he has turned up nothing. Nothing that would concern the Council.
Though in searching for this threat, he has stopped other crisis before they start.

As he prepares to stop for the day, he is brought to his knees by a sensation. It
only lasted a fraction of a second but has left him in shock.

Tsarong, Jianhu to the Green Lama goes to check on Dumont. Dumont raises up
and dust himself off.

"Soon Tsarong, soon."


Pan Guay 1969

It took a great deal of effort for Captain Battle to get back to his feet. When he did, he saw the Black Terror was in a fight with a man dressed in animal skins.

Battle recognized the man as the assassin known as "Lion Maimer". When he
caught up to them fighting in the jungle, Maimer was attempting to choke Black
Terror to death.

He stepped in and fired the Dissolvo Ray at nearly full power. Lion Maimer's back is now burnt and smoldering.

"You know I promised my backers I would not kill any of the Squadron of
Liberators. But since you forced my hand, I'll be glad to send you out to

Lion Maimer leaps at Captain Battle, who activates his Jet Pack and takes to the
air. He takes out his Dissolvo Gun and begins trying to shoot the Lion Maimer.

Maimer dodges each blast, as rows of trees are burned down by the Dissolvo
Gun. Battle is staying close to the ground. His eye sight is not what it was and he
does not want to risk shooting Black Terror.

Suddenly Lion Maimer leaps into a tree and jumps out at Captain Battle.

Knocking him to the ground. Such a fall would have injured a man in his prime.
Lion Maimer breaks a tree trunk over his leg and prepares to impale the legend
of the Great War, only to be tackled by the Black Terror.

Terror is fighting on instinct now, he is tearing, gouging and clawing at his
enemy. Before Lion Maimer's newly enhanced strength had caught him off
guard. But now he is ready and fighting at full force.

Lion Maimer tears into Black Terror with equal ferocity.

Together they destroy large sections of the Pan Guay Rain Forrest. Destroying
species of plant and animal, man has yet to discover.

Finally the Black Terror falls.

Captain Battle raises to his feet slowly. His ribs are broken. Ligaments in his
knees may be twisted or at worst torn. But he knows he has to stop the Lion

He fires the Dissolvo Gun at full power at the Maimer, bringing him down to his

Maimer shakily stands back up.

"That trick won't work old man."

"How bout this one?"

Battle fires the Unknown Soldiers Nitro Gun at the Lion Maimer. The explosion
shatters the surrounding trees.

As the smoke clear the Lion Maimer is still standing. He is burned, bloodied and
battered. But he is still standing and more than powerful enough to shatter the
neck of an old man.

Maimer knocks Battle down. He only uses a fraction of his
power. As he does not want to kill him prematurely.

He lifts him by the scruff of his neck. He takes out his knife and prepares to gut
the Legend of the Great War.

Before he can, Battle takes out an aerosol can and sprays it into the face of the
Lion Maimer. Before Maimer loses consciousness, he realizes Black Terror did
have to breathe.

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