Friday, March 16, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 30


Pan Guay 1969

Bronze Destroyer, Guts and Glory have held off the Black Terror as long as they
could. But have paid a price, as the super strong Terror has brutalized them.

But it will not be in vain as Captain Battle and the Bold Eagle can now initiate the final
section of the plan. Both men fly out of the sky, Battle aided by his jet pack and
Eagle using his mysterious anti gravity wings.

They each hold in their hands canisters of "pudding". But this is not a dessert
treat, this is a compound crafted by Battle that will expand when it hits the air
and ensnares the Black Terror.

"You ready Eagle?"

"Sure am Battle, but look Terror spotted us and is starting to rabbit."

The Black Terror could crush each member of the Liberty Squad with relative
ease. But he is a good man trying to do good work, so he decides to run.

Captain Battle takes out his Dissolvo Gun and zaps the ground in front of the

"Now Eagle!!"

Eagle pulls the tab on his canister and throws it at Terror. Before it hits the
ground, the Black Terror leaps into the sky at the Eagle. Eagle having greater
agility in the air dodges, as Captain Battle zaps Terror in the chest with his
Dissolvo Gun. It is is powerful enough to burn away the Jolly
Roger emblem on what remains of his costume.

Terror lands harmlessly on top of the "pudding". He tries to find his footing on
the soft structure but finds himself sinking in the more he moves. He looks up
and sees Captain Battle just dropped the second canister.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro and Xcrawllor work in silence. Draining the desanctified stones
and powering the circuits for the mystic tablets.

Suddenly five large Darkizors burst into their workspace, lead by Xcision. Necro
starts mentally powering a spell to defend himself. Until he sees the smile on
Xcision's face. Necro has never seen a Darkizor smile before. It is more than a
bit off putting.

"Necro you are a genius. My faith in you has been rewarded."

"It worked?"

"It more than worked. The gods smiled upon us. Now the Oblivorex Mines are
overflowing. We have an excess of it for the first time in Loom Cycles."

"I am so pleased to have played a small part in this."

"It was more than a small part. That is why I am here. I want to include you in my
Hexagon. You will play a vital part in deciding how we use are new found wealth."

"What of me Xcision?"

"What of you Xcrawllor? I had planned on skinning you alive regardless of the
success of this project. But now? I am so ecstatic I am going to let you live."


The Lama Temple 1969

Jethro Dumont and Tsarong are inspecting the grounds. They watch as the Lama
Candidates train and hone their skills. The candidates are the Lama Acolytes who have shown the greatest potential. The ones who could one day take the mantle of the Green Lama. The others possibly the Jianhu to the Lama.

The rest do what they can to make the job of the Lama and his Jianhu easier.
They are the invisible hands of the Lama Temple. Keeping everything running
like clock work.

Dumont watches as the Candidates known as Kiyomi and Savane have a match.

The Temple trains them in hand to hand combat before honing the skills of the

Kiyomi is the first female candidate in two generations. She has proven to be an
excellent mystic and healer. But hand to hand combat has proven to be a liability
for her. It will likely keep her from ever being Lama or Jianhu.

While Savane is an excellent fighter, he has proven to be a poor strategist and a
sloppy mystic. Even now instead of pressing his physical advantages over
Kiyomi, he throws bolts of energy at her.

Kiyomi welcomes this as it puts the fight on her terms. She has quickly done a
spell that acts as a buffer and a means of absorbing the energy to increase her
physical strength briefly. Savane to his credit notices his strength waning and
drops the mystic attacks. He catches Kiyomi with a kick to the mid section, just
as she uses her augmented strength to knock him down.

Neither candidate can get up before the count of four.

Jethro Dumont walks over to the fighting circle.

"Rise acolytes"

"Honorable Lama what do we owe the honor?"

"I am on business. Savane why do you insist on using mystic attacks, when you
know it is one of your weak points?"

"I thought using it in battle would hone my skill quicker."

"Battle is not the time to experiment in new techniques."

Kiyomi looks somewhat pleased.

"Kiyomi why did you not make sure your mystic absorption barrier was
protected from physical assaults?"

"I did not think it would be necessary here, seeing as Savane was using mystic

"As Lama the majority of your enemies will not use magic. They will use
physical brute force. If Savane were using a gun, you would be dead."

"I apologize Honorable Lama."

Jethro Dumont walks away knowing the candidates are not ready for what is to


Pan Guay 1969

The Black Terror struggles to break out of the "pudding". But despite his super
strength he is unable to gain enough leverage to break out. It is simply too

"Terror please stop struggling."

"Stick it up your nose Battle. I'm not going to be stopped. The people of Pan
Guay need me."

Guts is angered by this.

"They need some loose canon going around stopping freedom fighters?"

Black Terror starts laughing.

"Hahahahaha!!! Freedom Fighters? Have you talked to any of the villagers
about these freedom fighters? They care about freedom as much as Hirohito and
Mussolini did. Have you even met the Guerrilla?"


Captain Battle, Bold Eagle and Bronze Destroyer have all heard that name. The United
States government has denied his existence. He is the leader of the "Freedom

"I know some of you know who he is and the things he has done. Well let me
assure you the truth is worse. He is just as bad as the Beige Bengal. The only
difference being, he has no use for the Communists.

He has corporate backers who want access to the Emerald Mines and Oil Fields here. I'm going to get free and I will find a way to save this country."

Captain Battle tries to calm him.

"Terror I promise we are not attempting to bring you in. I just needed to
speak to you in a controlled environment."

Suddenly The Black Terror and Liberty Squadron are hit by a rocket blast.

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