Thursday, March 15, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 29


The Dumont Tower New York City

Jethro Dumont, the Green Lama returned to his office hours ago. He just left a meeting with the Council of Lamas. They told him that this planet was about to be attacked by the greatest threat ever faced by a Green Lama. Even they do not know when or where it will occur.

Now he stands on top of his tower and concentrates. Trying to obtain the full scope of his mystical awareness. He reaches out to every corner of the planet. But he senses no threat that would concern the Council to such a degree.

Dumont finally opens his eyes. He will need to begin his training a new. Start as if he were a protege again. Hope that when the threat occurs he will be powerful enough to repel it.

"Jethro may I speak to you?"

It is Tsarong, The Green Lama's long time friend and Jianhu.

"What is it Tsarong?"

"Your meeting with the Council disturbed you?"

"Yes, a threat even they are unable to comprehend will strike soon. My mystic skills have atrophied. I have become too concerned with image and finance."

"Jethro everything you have done was for the greater good."

"Yes that is true. But perhaps I was wrong about what the greater good is. I thought using brute force to fight street crime and educating the masses was a way to improve humanity. But in the end I lost sight of the larger picture and may have doomed us."

"Do you have a plan?"

"Yes I do Tsarong, and it will heavily involve you and the Temple Canidates."

"Are they ready for this sort of battle?"


The two friends stare into space, pondering what must be done.


The Necromizone

Xcision is furious. It is rare he drops his refined demeanor. But right now he has no need for such pleasentries.

"Xcrawllor face me immediately!!!!"

Xcrawllor comes out from behind his work slab.

"Xcision my lord have I displeased you?"

"Why did the circuits in these tablets burn out in the middle of a ceremony?"

"I do not know, it is impossible."

Xcision throws Xcrawllor into a stone wall.  Grabbing him by his throat and pressing his glowing palm against his cheek.

"Right now the hills of anguish are being destroyed by acid rain. Because in the middle of our tribute, the tablets burned out. You used faulty mystic circutry. The great bird god was given a psychic shock."

"Xcision please, I would never do such a thing. Please I swear I inspected every circuit board personally."

"Grrrrrrr, Xcrawllor I am going to make you a sacrifice and hope this pacifies the gods."

Professor Necro humbly walks forward.

"Great Xcision if you will allow me the honor. I have an alternative that should work more efficiently."

"Speak Necro...."

"In my free time I have been work on an alternative to the tablets. It is a basic scroll, that once chanted should medicate the gods. Please attempt this before sacrificing Xcrawllor."

Xcision drops Xcrawllor.

"Hmm you did this on your own? Yes I will try it. If it fails Xcrawllor's life will be forfeit and you Necro will be demoted."

"Of course Xcision."

The Darkizor leader walks out of the room.


Pan Guay

Bronze Destroyer,Guts, Glory and Hale Battle sit in the supply truck driving thru the Pan Guay country side. They hope that the truck will be stopped by the super powered Black Terror.

The man who has declared war on both factions of the Pan Guay Civil War. The United States Government who has been aiding the rebels called in Captain Battle and the Squadron of Liberators to combat him.

The truck has stopped. That can only mean the Terror has appeared. If it was the Tiger's Army, they would have simply attacked.

Hale Battle crawls on to the roof of the truck, as Black Terror goes to the back.  Terror rips the door open only to see Bronze Terror, along with Flag and Glory  holding pistols and rifles.

Bronze Destroyer speaks with an air of authority.

"Black Terror you are under arrest by the authority of the United States Government."

Black Terror says nothing, grabbing the bumper of the truck and throwing it across the road.

Realizing this is an ambush, the Black Terror retreats. Hale Battle using his jet pack tackles him into the ground. He punches the Terror in the stomach injuring his hand. Using his jet pack he builds some distance, before unloading his pistol into him.

The bullets have no effect on the Black Terror. Who begins throwing large stones at Hale, who narrowly avoids each projectile.

Hale has not seen the Terror in years. He looks far different than he remembers.  He has long Grey hair, and a thick salt and pepper beard. His familiar Black with Gold trim costume is in tatters. With his blue cape nearly nonexistent.

Hale decides to go for heavy artillery and lobs a grenade at the Terror. He emerges from the explosion unscathed but angry. Hale is shocked to see Terror easily leap twenty feet into the air and tackle Him. Sending him crashing to the ground.

Hale's Jet Pack is damaged, and he is injured. If Black Terror were inclined, he could snuff out the adopted son of Captain Battle. He turns to walk away only the  Tomahawk of theBronze Destroyer go into his back.

He turns around only to be hit by a double clothesline by Guts and Glory. It is a testament to their athleticism they have managed to stagger the Terror. Fighting in sync, they keep the Terror off balance with various strikes and judo throws.

Terror then grabs Glory by the hair and throws him into Guts.

Bronze Destroyer kicks The Black Terror in the jaw. Destroyer knows he needs to keep him busy just a little longer.

But the Bronze Destroyer is past his prime. He can only dodge the super powered blows for so long. Before one gets thru, then another. Now he is on his knees. Black Terror is ready to walk away, but the Destroyer grabs him by the ankles.

Black Terror is annoyed. He really has not wanted to seriously injure the Liberators. But the longer this skirmish goes, the more likely the Bengal and Guerrilla's forces are to get involved. 

Suddenly two red, white and blue figures come out of the sky. It is Captain Battle and the Eagle.

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