Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 28


Pan Guay 1967

The Lion Maimer has began the hunt. The Beige Bengal attempted to hide it, but
his fear of the Black Terror is palpable. He paid him a great sum in advance. It
will go nicely with the large check the United States paid to "neutralize" the

If this were any other man or animal, the Maimer would have already put a
spear thru his chest and skinned him. But the Black Terror is more than human.

So the Lion Maimer studies him. He studies the patterns of his prey. Where he is
most likely to appear and when.

Next he learns what he can of his foes power. The full extent of his invulnerability.

The news is not good, the prey is incredibly powerful. He is unsure of the true
limits of his invulnerability. It appears to grow as the years pass.

Direct attack would be a mistake. So he goes the indirect route, attacking a
small southern Pan Guay village. The rebel soldiers are easily killed, which
should please the Bengal. But that is not the point of this attack. The point is to
send a message to the prey. To give it the desire to become the predator.

He kills every person in the village but one young girl. Who he takes as a
hostage. He leaves a message scrawled into the ground.


He takes off into the jungle. If he so desired the prey would never find him. But
the Lion Maimer wants to be found, so he leaves a easy to follow trail.
His traps are set. He assumes most of them will fail, but not all of them.

The young girl is terrified. Lion Maimer seems amused by this.

"You have nothing to fear girl. I am not being paid to kill you, and your pelt
would make a paltry trophy."


Black Terror is not much of a hunter. Most of his crime fighting career has been
spent fighting costumed criminals who wanted to be found. Or going off police tips
about gangsters.

But he needs to save Lulu. Lulu was the young girl he spoke to that night he
turned on the rebels. She has been his closest friend and ally. Her village was his
home. He had managed to make the village a sanctuary from the fighting. That is
until tonight, when someone destroyed that sanctuary. Killing everyone and
taking Lulu. At least Terror hopes she was taken.

Now he is going thru the jungle. Following the trail left by this killer. Using every
scrap of intuition and skill he has picked up in his career to find Lulu and the

Soon the trail ends suddenly. Something is very wrong here. He can feel it in his
bones. But those bones are unbreakable and he moves forward.

Suddenly a barrage of spears hit him from every angle. Each one breaking on his
invulnerable hide.

The Terror knows he is getting close. But before he can think about it his foot is
caught on a snare. The rope snaps and the tree trunk breaks attempting to
ensnare the Black Terror.

The Terror starts to run forward.


Lion Maimer is not surprised the prey has survived the first two traps. Maimer
needed a good measure of his invulnerability. He watches the prey continue his
stride through the jungle. Suddenly the prey falls into a thirty foot pit. There are
abandoned emerald mines all over Pan Guay. So Maimer simply set up his death
trap near one.

Now the Prey is trapped for the time being, until the Maimer chooses to finish
him off. Before Maimer can grab the canister he has prepared, the prey leaps out
of the pit.

The Lion Maimer was not prepared for this. Terror looks enraged and starts
running toward the hut, that Lion Maimer is holed up in.

Maimer runs to the catapult he has set up and fires the seven hundred pound
boulder. It took ten men hours to load the catapult. The boulder crushes the
Black Terror. Driving him into the ground, like a hammer
pounding a nail into a wall.

The boulder is quickly shattered and the Black Terror emerges from the pit. Lion
Maimer has greatly underestimated his prey, and will soon pay the price.

Maimer leaps on top of the Black Terror. He first breaks a hatchet on his scalp.
He back flips away. Throwing his razor sharp boomerangs at him, which the
Terror angrily swats aside. Tearing his gloves to shreds. Terror charges the
Lion Maimer, who like a veteran matador, deftly dodges the charge. He throws
the Yo-Yo around the Terror's throat and pulls back.

Maimer is an exceptionally strong man. Perhaps one of the strongest non super
powered men on Earth. If the Black Terror were anyone else, he would be
dead. Terror calmly grabs the metallic string and slings the Maimer into a row of trees.

Maimer releases the line, only to catch a super powered punch to the gut. A
normal man would have collapsed from such a strike. But the Lion Maimer still
stands. He grabs a packet of sand from his belt and tosses it into the Terror's
eyes, blinding him. Maimer takes this chance to scurry up the tree. Even injured,
he is far more agile than the Terror.

Terror grips the tree and rips it out of the ground. Bashing it into the
ground like a frustrated child would a baseball bat after striking out.

The Lion Maimer is injured. It all comes down to this. This mission was taken on
the gamble that the Black Terror has to breathe. He takes out the canister of
home made jungle gas. A concoction he came up with years before to kill a rare

He slowly pulls himself up. Only to see that the Terror is already upon him. He
knocks the canister from his grasp. Maimer punches his foe, only to have his
fist caught. The Terror has broken the Lion Maimer's arm.

Terror has every intention of killing the Lion Maimer, when Maimer does the
unthinkable. He uses his escape plan, hitting the detonator and blowing up the
hut holding Lulu.

Terror is distraught and goes toward the burning rubble to search for Lulu. The
Lion Maimer takes this time to escape. He will not be found.

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