Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 27


Pan Guay late 1967

The Beige Bengle is not pleased. The insurgents aided by the Americans have gained no traction in their war with the Tiger's Army. But now a wild card has been added to the conflict with the American known as the Black Terror.

Initially he had aided the insurgency. The Tiger's Army suffered great losses. There was no way to stop the super powered American.

Worst of all It was hurting the image of the Beige Bengal. For years he had fostered an image of being more than man. Now his people were openly questioning why the Bengal did not intervene.

Then reports came in the Terror had switched sides. He was now attacking the Insurgent Army. Bengal is unsure what had changed. But he decided to attempt to use it to his advantage. But the Beige Bengal soon learned that the Black Terror was beyond even his grasp.

That is until he met the Lion Maimer. A brash white man walked into his throne room. He was covered in various animal skins, complete with a headdress and mask made from a Lion's mane and flesh. His belt had various weapons from knives, to hatchets to boomerangs to even a yo-yo.

"How did you obtain access to my chamber?"

"I showed myself in. You're in need of my services. Don't worry I ain't killed your men. Professional courtesy."

The Beige Bengal thinks that killing those guards would have been a mercy, compared to what awaits them for their failure

"Why would The Mighty Beige Bengal need the services of one such as you?"

"Because if I wanted it, you'd be dead right now. I'd put my hatchet right between your eyes. As soon as the Black Terror figures out killing you will end this, you're as good as dead."

"And you believe you can kill the Black Terror?"

"There ain't no animal alive, Lion Maimer can't skin."


Dumont Tower, New York City, 1969

Jethro Dumont sits behind his desk. His every attempt at meditation has been foiled by work. Even now he engages in negotiations with the President of Screen Stones Animation.

"Mr.Garreth I do not want to demean your hard work. But the animation on the Green Lama cartoon is unacceptable. Allowing such a product to be released would soil the reputation of the Lama."

"Mr.Dumont we have a contract."

"Which grants me full creative control. Further more Dumont Industries could buy the company that owns your studio for pocket change."

Before Jethro Dumont can continue, his mind is invaded by an alien yet very familiar presence.


Jethro Dumont blinks away in a green light.

"Mr.Dumont? Mr.Dumont? He hung up on me..."

Jethro Dumont is now in his Green Lama uniform standing before the shadowy  audience of the Green Lama Council. Made up of every Green Lama in history. Even Dumont is unsure of exactly how they exist. They are not physical, yet are not fully incorporeal. In his studies he learned the former Lama's exist in a separate dimension.

"Why was I summoned here in such a manner? It goes against protocol."

The head Lama Alumnus looks down at Dumont.

"Which should tell you how dire the situation is."

"What situation is that?"

"We are disappointed you have allowed your mystic skills to atrophy like this. Currently in an unknown plane, a human is making plans that may destroy life as we know it."


The Necromizone

Professor Necro has stepped up his efforts as an Incantior. He drains the Desanctified stones and powers the circuits in the mystic tablets. His every attempt to innovate the process is blocked by Xcrawlor. The only good work he can complete is in cave at the Tower.

He captured a Necrogre and performs experiments to enhance their strength and awareness. So far the experiments go well. Though the Tower Leader would frown upon such activities. Just as Xcrawlor would frown on him, for stealing circuit boards from the Tablets.

But he replaced the circuits with a lesser brand. Only someone like Xcision would figure it out. For all his talk, Necro knows Xcrallor did not complete his term at the Darrunner Institute. No he forged his scroll to get this job. Xcision knows but decided to give him a chance.

In any case even if the Tablets burn out mid ceremony, it will be Xcrallor blamed. That will be two problems solved.


Pan Guay, 1969

Captain Battle paces nervously. The squad is dangerously under powered. Battle's mind is as sharp as ever, but physically he's washed up. He cradles his Dissolvo Gun nervously. At full power perhaps it could stop the Black Terror.

But it would mean killing a good man. Battle has done even more research and discovered Terror has not killed a single civilian or American Gi. He has killed a few insurgents and Tiger Soldiers when backed against the wall. Every American soldier has spoke well of him.

In fact the only one who spoke ill of him was Sergent Masters, who stressed lethal force was needed

So Battle stands nervously holding his Dissolvo Gun. In his holster is the Nitro Gun. The only thing left of the Unknown Soldier.

Hale Battle walks into the tent.

"Dad it's time to go."


Black Terror stands in the trees. In his younger days he was never too athletic. It wasn't til he created the Benton Formula, that his shyness went away. In Pan Guay he has become quite adept at climbing trees.

He received a report yesterday, that the Rebels were getting a truck filled with supplies. Terror knows the Rebels have no intention of letting the people of Pan Guay get those supplies. So the Black Terror will play Robin Hood and take them.

Terror has also heard reports Captain Battle and the Squadron of Liberators have arrived in Pan Guay. No doubt they were brought into fight him.

Terror does not want to hurt them, but he will.......

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