Monday, March 12, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 26


It was two years ago the Black Terror arrived in Pan Guay. He remembers the
night he left getting into a fight with his sidekick and adopted son Tim Roland,
known at the time as the Twin Terror.

Black Terror lectured Tim about doing his civic duty. How they owed it to the
troops to use their powers to aid them in liberating Pan Guay. Tim said
he had a greater obligation to his daughter. Black Terror left without saying
goodbye and got on the plane to Pan Guay.

What he found was a country torn apart and crippled by poverty and famine. The
Beige Bengal ruled with an iron fist and was not going to give up the country
without a fight. Terror thought his choice was simple and began aiding the
American Troops and Pan Guay "Freedom" Fighters.

Terror was making a difference on the battlefield. The Tiger's Army had no way
of countering someone as powerful as the Black Terror. But the more success he
obtained, the more he noticed nothing was changing. He noticed that the people
of Pan Guay did not revere the "Freedom" Fighters. They feared them as much
as they feared the Tiger's Army.

One night the Terror decided to go out as Bob Benton. Hoping to see things from
another perspective. Hopefully it would alleviate his doubts about the Freedom
Fighters and their mysterious leader The Guerrilla.

That night he went to a village bar called "Paw of the Dog" to get some intel and
perhaps take in some local color. The Pan Guay freedom fighters had taken over
the place. They were drunk and loud. Running roughshod over the men and women stupid enough to remain.

He watched as one freedom fighter demanded another pitcher of beer.

"I can't give you another pitcher, until you pay for the last four I gave you."

The soldier looks indignantly at the bartender.

"What? Do you know who I am? I'm a Lieutenant in the Guerrilla's Army. I fight for
your freedom and this is how you repay me?"

The bartender looked down, not looking the Lieutenant in the Eye.
"I am sorry, but I am running a business, and your men have ran off my paying

The Lieutenant takes out a knife and grabs the bartender by the collar.

"Maybe I will slit your throat pig!!!"

Black Terror grabs the Lieutenant's wrist. Perhaps if the Lieutenant knew the man with
graying hair was the Black Terror, he would have responded differently.

"Get your hand off me, American Vermin!!!"

He stabs the Black Terror in the chest, the blade of his knife breaking.

Black Terror is in disbelief. Back home the media had portrayed the freedom
fighters as noble souls fighting for equality. But this man just tried to murder him in cold blood. Terror knocks the Lieutenant out with a single punch.

His fellow soldiers waste no time attacking the Terror. Shooting him in the back
and being shocked when he did not fall down. His shirt was simply torn to shreds.
Within minutes, the Black Terror dismantled the Freedom Fighters.

When he left the bar, he was approached by a young lady. She looked ravaged
for one so young.

"Sir I have never seen anyone do what you just did. You are the American Black

Terror considered denying it, but wondered what the point was. He has no friends in this country and his only remaining family was a super hero thousands of miles

"Yes I am."

"Why did you come to Pan Guay?"

"I wanted to make a difference."

"Helping the Americans and Rebels fight the Tiger's Army?"


"But now you know the truth about the rebels."


"Would you like to know the whole story?"

Black Terror walks with the girl back to her home. She tells him the story of the
Beige Bengal and the Guerrilla's power struggle. How both sides have torn the
country apart. How the Americans decided to aid the rebels due to the
Communist Chinese endorsement of the Bengal.

Terror knew ending this conflict was beyond even his power. But he decided he
could improve the lives of the civilians in Pan Guay. Keeping them fed and safe
from the fighting.

Two years later and his costume is tattered rags. His salt and pepper hair is
grown to shoulder length, and he has a Grey beard. Now he acts as a spoiler.
Attacking both the Bengal and Guerrilla's men. Taking great care to protect the
civilians and American soldiers.

He has heard the rebels are getting a shipment of supplies today. Terror knows
that means the Tiger's Army will attack. Giving him the perfect opportunity to
steal the supplies and whittle down the armies numbers.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro has been promoted to Incantior and is bored. He must take the
mystic energy from the desanctified stones and transfer it to the mystic circuits in
the tablets.

He is being watched very closely by the Darkizor known as Xcrawlor. Next to
Xcision, he is the most powerful Darkizor he has encountered. He knows
regulation backward and forward. He insist on sticking to the formula. Attempts
to deviate are not appreciated.

"What are you suggesting Necro?"

"If we simply used our personal energy, we could power the circuits far faster
and more efficiently than draining the desanctified stones."

"And what would happen when we drained our personal energy?'

"That would not happen if we took well timed breaks."

"And we would get behind schedule."

"No we would be ahead of schedule. The time we saved not draining the stones
would easily cover the rest periods."

"We will not do that. We shall prepare the tablets the way our elders did and
their elders did before them."

Necro finds Xcrawlor easy enough to read.

"I apologize Xcrawlor, I had no idea your personal cache of mystic energy was so

Xcrawlor is enraged.

"I would turn you into a crimson stain on the floor for showing such disrespect.
But I know you are favored by Xcision. Hmm......"

Xcrawlor lifts his hands and a purple energy leaves his fingers. Going out to the
dozen tablets before him, and fully charging their circuits.

"See Earther, your might cannot compare to mine. I have fully charged the
tablets. Now return to work, lest I forget your favored status."

Necro happily returns to draining the desanctified stones. Knowing he has a new
puppet, ready to do his bidding.


Captain Battle looks shaken and weary. But he has developed a plan for the first
encounter with Black Terror.

"So you are saying our strategy comes down to rice pudding?"

"In a sense, yes I am Glory. We do not have many advantages over the Black
Terror beyond our numbers. But we do have one..

We're more mobile. So all we need to do here is slow him down and contain him."

"So where does the pudding come in?"

"Well Eagle, the "Pudding" is the key to the plan. I created a mushy compound
from the swamp mud and rice in the fields. We get enough of this around Terror
and he won't have the leverage to attack."

Bronze Destroyer asks a question.

"How will we transport the "pudding" to attack?"

"Me and Eagle will carry it, once it hits the air it will expand. Then Terror will be
trapped, giving us the chance to get the supplies to the Freedom Fighters and
talk to Terror."

"How will we get him in position?"

"That is where the rest of you come in Glory. You'll need to go toe to toe with
Terror long enough for me and Eagle to get into position. Can you handle that?"

"We don't really have a choice."

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