Friday, March 2, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 25


Pan Guay

The Squadron of Liberators have just been informed that the Black Terror is
responsible for the attacks on Pan Guay freedom fighters.

The group is incredulous, some more than others. The Bold Eagle smashes his fist into
the table.

"This is bull!!! I have fought side by side with the Black Terror!!! He's a good

Bronze Destroyer looks away thoughtfully.

"We all saw the pictures Eagle. How many people could do what Terror did?"

"Photos can be doctored."

Guts speaks

"You're leveling a pretty big accusation at the army."

"Maybe it's someone posing as the Terror. Like that guy in Mexico."

Captain Battle looks to cool things down.

"Calm down Eagle. General you don't mind if we do our own investigation? We need to prepare for whoever it is we're facing."

"Of course not Captain. We also have some film of the Terror in action, if that
will alleviate your doubts."

"That would help."

The team gathers together to investigate.


Dumont Tower, Los Angeles, California

"Om, Mani, Padme...."

"Excuse me Mister Dumont, the new samples for the Green Lama Tea have arrived."

"Yes.... Thank you Jonas."

The man leaves Jethro Dumont to his meditations.

"Om, Mani....."

"Mr.Dumont, there is a problem with the Dumont Center in Miami."

"Thank you Jonas.... What is the problem?"

"They ran out of meditation mats."

"Thank you again. Send out more in the morning."




"Sir the executives from Screen Stones has a sample of the Green Lama cartoon

"Hmm send them in."

This has been the scene for the last several days. Jethro Dumont has tried to
reconcile the lives of the Green Lama and Philanthropist Jethro Dumont and is

He has so many responsibilities as Jethro Dumont, he simple cannot focus
on his duties as Green Lama.  Of protecting the mystic order of life.

Not stopping Falstaf the Toy King from robbing a shipment of gum balls. The
Cobalt Cobra never should have successfully ambushed him. The Lama should
have sensed his presence the instant he was transformed.

But he is unable to focus on that as he watches a poorly animated version of
himself battling the Toy King.

Who knows what dark forces are conspiring right now.


The Necromizone

Xthallior cannot believe his eyes. This earther has worked forty hours straight
desanctifying stones. Necro's output makes Xthallior's look like that of a Darklin
or Elder Darkizor.

Xcision burst into the room.

"Astounding Necro!!! Simply astounding!!! You have shattered the previous
record for desanctified stones. At this rate we will be communing in hours.
I want to move you up to Incantorrior. That department has been lagging greatly

"What about me honored Xcision?"

"Um.... Excellent work as always. I hope you train Necro's replacement to be
half as good."

"thank you....."


Pan Guay

"We have looked over the records, the photos and grainy film footage. That has
to be the Black Terror. Even the Eagle can't deny this."

"No Guts..... I can't."

Captain Battle speaks. While still a great fighter and strategist, you can see the
age on his face. His hair is nearly white. His missing eye is more noticeable. He
seems very human.

"Well hate to break it to you team, but fighting a friend is not our biggest
problem. Fighting a man as powerful as the Black Terror is. Except for Guts and
Glory, none of us are in our physical prime. Even if we were at our best, we would
be in an uphill battle."

"If Unknown Soldier were here...."

"He's not here Glory!!! We have to deal with that, and we have to deal with the
Black Terror.

But I have a plan. Tomorrow the Pan Guay Freedom Fighters are going to receive a shipment of supplies. When that happens we'll confront him."

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