Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 24



Private Richard Sargent arrived in Pan Guay a month ago. He has dreamed of serving his country since he was a boy. But the dream never quite looked like this. It is hot, wet and sticky. Because of his last name, the other soldiers call him "Sarge" in a mocking tone. He swears he could kill the next man who calls him "Sarge".


A large man throws Private Sargent behind a tree. It is his superior Lieutenant Masters. They are under attack by Soldiers from the Pan Guay Tiger's Army.

"MEN STAY DOWN!!! Going to radio in for back up."

Private Sergent takes his AK and returns fire. But the Tigers have them surrounded. It will not be long before they are captured or killed.

Before Sarge can fire another round they hear a loud explosion. It is the Liberty Squad lead by Captain Battle.

Battle flies over the area with his jet pack, vaporising the Tiger Soldiers. It is an ugly sight, but this is war.

Another group of Tigers prepare to fire a rocket launcher at Battle, but are taken down by Guts and Glory. Known in their younger days as Yank and Doodle. You would hardly know they are identical twins. Glory has his hair grown to shoulder length, while Guts has a regulation crew cut.

Both men are wearing modified versions of their former costumes. With military flak jackets and armed with pistols. They quickly take down stragglers.

Joining them is the Bronze Destroyer, who lobs a grenade into another section of Tigers.

When they are ambushed by Tiger reinforcements jeeps, they are dive bombed from above by the Eagle and Captain Battle's adult son Nathan Battle. Aided by a jet pack and wings respectively. Each armed with machine guns

The remaining Tigers retreat.

The Necromizone

It is Necro's first day as part of Xcision's organisation. As Xcision gives him the grand tour, he feels the glares of the other Darkizors and lesser beings.

They do not understand why Necro is favored by Xcision. Why he was chosen to join an elite organisation.

"Here is your work space Necro. It is not much, but there is room for promotion."

Necro looks at the tiny space. There is not even a window, unlike the other work spaces in the Darkizor Tower. On the otherside of the room he sees another Darkizor. Slightly smaller than Xcision and those he attended the Darrunner Institute with.

"Necro this is Xthonian.


"Pardon me?"

"Xthallior is my name, honored Xcision."

"Yes.... Necro he is your partner here."

"What is my job here Xcision?"

"You are to apply milliorm dust to these severe stones. You then send them up to enchantments."

"What is the purpose of this?"

Xthallior cannot believe an Earther has the gall to question one on the level of Xcision. The worst thing is Xcision does not look angry. He looks pleased at Necro's inquiries into the sacred process.

"The stones must be prepared for the fire that allows us to commune with our gods."

Xcision walks out, and Xthallior is satisfied. Because he knows no Earther can handle this workload, no matter how quickly he finished Darrunner school.


Captain Battle is talking on a radio to his oldest son William. William is unhappy that his father decided to lead the Liberty Squad into the Pan Guay quagmire.

"Look Bill I may be an old man. But I'm not going to be ordered around by my son."

"Dad you're 65 years old. You have fought in three wars, you lost your blasted eye. You need to be at home. William Junior's birthday is tomorrow."

"You know I love my Willie and Jerry. If I did not believe this was important, I would be home, I hope you understand."


Captain Battle angrily slams the radio receiver.

Nathan walks over to his father.

"Dad its okay, deep down I know Will understands."

Captain Battle isn't sure he understands why he brought the squad here. He has heard the rumors about the Pan Guay Freedom Fighters and their alliegence to the Guerilla. But the President assured him it was vital to national security.

So the Squad flew down to Pan Guay. Getting here they are overwhelmed by the poverty and suffering. After the previous fire fight they returned to the base to be briefed on what is occuring in this jungle that requires the aid of the Squadron of Liberators.

General Chambers walks into the room. He is an older man, Battle recalls meeting him once in Korea.

"Captain Battle thank you for coming here. We are facing a threat beyond our capabilities."

"I find that hard to believe Chambers. The United States is the greatest military power on Earth.'

"Thank you Eagle, but this is beyond us. We have tried everything to stop this man and he has ran over us at every turn."

"Man? Is it Baron Doom and DREAD?"

"DREAD has thankfully stayed clear of this conflict. But this man is more than human. These photos can tell you better than I can."

The Squad looks at the photos. They are blurry images of a man killing Pan Guay Freedom Fighters. Shrugging off gun fire, and in one photo holding a jeep above his head. The list of men capable of doing this is a short one.

The last photo confirms their fears as they all recognize the man.

"Black Terror...."

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