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Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 35


Lawnvale, Ohio/The Necromizone ????

Professor Necro is growing frustrated. Despite being more powerful, he is unable
to finish off the Green Lama. Lama's skills have dulled since their last battle,
but he makes up for it with sheer determination.

Necro sends a fireball of purple energy at the Lama who responds with his own
emerald flame. Necro is clearly winning as he pushes back the Green Lama.

Suddenly there is no resistance on Lama's end and Necro's energy creates a
large explosion in the Necromizone.

Before he can wonder what became of the Green Lama, Lama appears behind
him and sends Necro crashing to the ground with a brutal palm strike.

Lama goes to finish off Necro. His new strategy is to take the battle to a
physical level. He assumes he has the advantage over Necro, when it comes it
fighting skill. A reasonable assumption to make, as the Green Lama has been
trained in the martial arts by some of the greatest fighters on the planet.

He goes to palm strike Necro again, who grabs the Lama's wrist and breaking it.. Lama attempts to fling emerald lightning at Necro who swats it aside.

Unfortunately for the Green Lama, Necro was trained in physical combat by
Xcision himself, in fighting arts no other human has ever heard of.

Lama now creates a cloud of green mist around the battle field. A parlor trick
taught to acolytes in their first year. Hoping to confuse Necro and use the time to
heal himself. But Necro is able to sense his mystic aura, and sends Lama
crashing to the ground with a knee to the face.

Necro throws his hands into the air.


Large waves of black energy leave his hands and flow into the Necromizone

The dimensions are bonding. Necro is knocked down as the heavens shake.

Time is slowly bleeding together. He sees different things. He sees himself as a
young man checking out books from the library. He sees himself killing the Tin
Soldier at the bank. He sees his battles with the Lama.

He sees things he does not recognize. He sees a bizarre multicolored Horse Demon wielding some amalgamated Hammer Sword. 

He sees a giant as big as the Necromizone gods. With a power beyond reason.

He then sees a black army of Horse Demons. Fighting one another with no
rhyme or reason.

He sees one being too horrible to comprehend. Necro's eyes and nose begin to
bleed. He feels as if his skull is about to split open.

Green Lama feels this is his chance and attacks. He is in as much pain as Necro, but merging two such disparate dimensions will kill everyone. He lunges at Necro, but is grabbed by the collar and thrown to the ground.

Necro looks down at Lama and speaks.

"This pain is nothing. Since I first opened those cursed texts, my life has been
unending pain. Living as I felt my flesh decay. Yes this pain is more intense.  But
I will endure.... You will not stop me!!!!


The Battle Jet

Captain Battle struggles to get the Curveoscope to function. Since arriving to this
nightmare scene, few of the instruments are operating correctly.

"There I got it."

Battle Flag looks at his father with shock.

"How Dad? All I see is chaos."

"No such thing as chaos Hale. There are patterns in anything if you look hard
enough. I looked and looked and finally found the pattern. I followed it and found
where the disturbances are coming from. If I shut that down we can end this."

"I"ll set a course."

"No Hale, the Battle Jet would get destroyed before we could get close enough."

"Okay I'll take off."

"No your jet pack is damaged."

"Let me use yours then."

"You are not going to make this easy are you. I'm going, not you. I'm old and
you're young with a kid at home."

Battle takes out his Dissolvo Gun.

"Don't think I won't maim you to save your life."

Captain Battle takes off to save his world, while his son can only watch.

Battle Flag looks at the rest of the Liberty Squad.

"The old man can't stop us from holding back those monsters!!!"

The Squadron of Liberators leave the Battle Jet for one final fight.


The Necromizone

Two low level Darkizors guard the machinery that is merging dimensions. While
this project is very important, the idea any being from the Earth dimension could
fight off two Darkizors is preposterous. Even two Darrunner Academy dropouts
like Xhel and Xom.

Soon this theory will be put to the test.

"Xom the sensors just picked up a human heading for us at great speed."

"Is it Necro or that Lama he was so worried about?"

"No, it has no mystic aura of note."

The blue, red and white figure of Captain Battle looks very strange to Xom and
Xhel. These colors did not exist in the Necromizone til now.

Battle sees the machinery powered by a large glowing crystal. He knows
that is what he must destroy to end this madness. He sees it is being guarded
by two inhuman monsters. Covered in fur, scales and feathers, with beaks and

"Halt Earther, mighty Xom commands it."

Xom realizes he should kill the Earther immediately. But he enjoys exerting his
power over a lesser life form.

Battle fires the Dissolvo Gun at full power at Xom's face, burning his peak off.

Xhel had no idea any Earther could be so powerful. He fires a blast of Grey
energy, but Captain Battle flies into the air and avoids it. He fires another energy
blast that is met by a Dissolvo beam. The beam overpowers Xhel
maiming him.

Battle's Dissolvo Gun is over heating. He only has one full powered blast left.

"Admirable display Earther. Xom and Xhel were little more than jokes. The
idea an elderly one eyed human could defeat even the lowliest Darkizor
seemed little more than fantasy."

Battle says nothing and prepares to fire upon the machinery.

"I am mighty Xcrawllor and could kill you with little effort."

Xcrawllor walks away.

Battle does not know what the point of that display was. But it doesn't matter

He aims the Dissolvo Gun at the crystal. Before he fires he thinks of his sons
William and Hale. He thinks of his grandsons Willie and Theodore.

He thinks of the Squadron who became like a family to him.

He fires the gun and wonders if he'll get his eye back in heaven.


Lawnvale, Ohio

Normality has returned to the small boring Ohio town. Professor Necro has
disappeared and with him the abominations of the Necromizone.

The only evidence of the days events are a glowing meteor in the center of the
park. The Green Lama looks around and sees that victory was not obtained without losses. The Acolytes ranks have been thinned greatly. The Green Lama is grateful Tsarong survived.

The question now is who ended the chaos. It was not the Green Lama. He was at
the mercy of Professor Necro. It was not the Acolytes or Tsarong.

He sees the Squadron of Liberators gathered around the Crystal. Captain Battle
is nowhere to be found and Lama realizes he owes his life to the Legend of Two
World Wars.

Hale Battle sits on the ground holding his fathers burnt out Dissolvo Gun. The
old gun has seen a lot and even survived an inter dimensional journey.

Green Lama approaches cautiously.

"Hale I am sorry for your loss. We owe your father more than we can ever

"Thank you sir. Dad had a lot of respect for you. I have to call William...."

Bill Powers, otherwise known as the Eagle approaches the Green Lama.

"This is a difficult time, but we still have a job to do. Can you tell us what this
meteor is?"

The Green Lama looks thoughtfully. His arm is still broken. He sees the
authorities pulling up. Should he take the meteor and guard it. There is no way to
return it to the Necromizone without weakening the dimensional borders again.

He feels becoming proactive in World Affairs has cost humanity too much. He
seeks to rectify a portion of this.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The Lama's arm heal and a green light spreads over the city. No one will
remember what occurred this day. Beyond a meteor hitting Lawnvale, Ohio and
Captain Battle sacrificing himself for a greater good.

He will leave the meteor where it is. It no longer matters to the mystic order of

Finally his tattered bodysuit turns into an ornate green robe, as he, Tsarong and
his Acolytes return to the Lama Temple.


Pan Guay, 1975

Sgt Richard Sargent is ready to put the army behind him. He dedicated his life to
protecting his country. That is until the man he looked up to betrayed his unit to the Beige Bengal. Sargent watched as Lieutenant Masters embraced the brutal dictator like an old friend. Sargent did not have time to think of why he did it.

He was too busy watching the men under his protection get cut down by Tiger
Soldiers, somehow he survived.

Now his enlistment is up and he wants to go home. Maybe he'll become a

A man in a blue suit approaches him.

"Excuse me Sergent?"

"Soon to be unlisted, might as well call me Richard."

"That is what I want to speak to you about. I don't think you should give up on
your life as a soldier."

"What's it to you? I'm sure the army will find killers just as good as me."

"There is more to being a great soldier than killing. What happened to your men
was terrible. But to give up now, disgraces their memory."

"Who are you?"

"Bill Powers, here is my card."

Sargent reads the newly printed business card.

"The Liberty Corps"

Sergent Sargent decides to hear the man out.

To Be Continued in

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Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 34


Lawnvale, Ohio/The Necromizone

It is becoming very difficult to discern where the Necromizone begins and Lawnvale ends. Moments before The Green Lama has entered the battle against the horrific abominations that occupy the Necromizone.

Before he can work on sealing the rift between dimensions, he is attacked by Professor Necro.

Necro can sense this is the same Green Lama that defeated him previously. Even if he is dressed somewhat differently. Trading the flowing emerald robes for a green body suit and hooded cloak. His mystic signature has not changed.

Necro is surprised he took down his foe so easily. He remembers long ago living in fear of this man. He was so desperate to hide his activities from the Green Lama, that he bound his own life force to three of Lama's allies. Now he sees the mighty Lama on the ground singed and hurt.

Before Necro can advance any further. he is attacked by Tsarong, sworn protector of the Green Lama. Tsarong takes out his glowing katana and attempts to eviscerate Professor Necro. Necro avoids the attacks with little effort, capturing Tsarong in a purple bubble and driving him into the ground.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

Necro is hit by a bolt of green energy that sends him flying across the park. Professor Necro is pleased by this development.

"Killing you will be more satisfying this way."


The Battle Jet 1969

Captain Battle and the Squadron of Liberators are flying back to the United States. Even though they stopped the Lion Maimer, they feel like they were defeated. Black Terror still runs through Pan Guay and their own Government seems to be supporting a terrorist leader.

No one has said anything during the trip back to Liberator City. Finally one half of America's Fighting Twins, Guts speaks.

"You dropped the ball Captain!!!"

Battle Flag, the son of Captain Battle is infuriated by this.

"You're out of line, Guts!!!!"

"He let a traitor like Black Terror escape. Any dead American Soldiers are on his head!!!"

Battle Flag grabs Guts by his shirt and is ready to punch out his long time ally. If not for the intervention of Captain Battle himself.

"Hale stand down!!!"

"But Dad!!!"

"Guts has a right to speak his mind. So Guts why don't you finish."

"Black Terror has been on a rampage in Pan Guay for two years. Endangering American troops and Pan Guay freedom fighters."

"Guts I've known you since you were a boy. You're a skilled fighter with a big heart. But being well read is not one of your strong points."

"What is that suppose to mean?"

"What it means is you do not keep up with current events. It means you have no real clue what is going on in that country. Up til six hours ago, you had no clue who The Guerrilla was."

"He's just a creation of the Beige Bengal, to slander the Freedom Fighters."

"That is bunk and you know it Guts. I've been keeping up with this conflict very closely. Didn't you wonder why the Squadron had not intervened earlier."

"I assumed the Government had requested we stay and protect the home front. Like in WW2."

"No they asked us to intervene before and we refused, because we knew who backed the rebels."

Guts looks in shock as he realizes he was the only one in the dark.

Bronze Destroyerr is looking at the Curveoscope, used to monitor all super powered activity on Earth.

"Captain, the Curveoscope is going crazy. Something bad is happening in Ohio."

Captain Battle does not hesitate before giving the order to the pilot of the Battle Jet.

"Change course to Ohio."

"Dad you're hurt. We need to get you medical attention."

"I can see a doctor, after we investigate whatever is going on in Ohio."


Lawnvale, Ohio/The Necromizone

The Green Lama and Professor Necro have been fighting for what seems like hours. But to an outside observers has only been five minutes. They trade energy attacks that could shatter planets. But no matter what the Green Lama does, Necro has an answer.

Even with months of renewed training in the mystic arts, Green Lama is still not strong enough to fight Professor Necro. Lama is not sure what has happened to Necro since his exile, but he is a different man.

No longer the Necromantic, who relied on outside deities and tailsman for his power. No the power he wields now belongs to him. The Lama attempts to teleport behind Necro, only for Necro to anticipate and teleport behind him.

He sends Lama crashing to the ground, immediately Lama flies back into the fray. As they fight across dimensions.


Kiyomi, Savayne and the other Temple Acolytes have been fighting the Necromizone Abominations. Preventing them from crossing over fully onto the Earth Plane. If not for the quick shielding spell of Kiyomi, they would have been killed by the egg of the bat goat creature.

But now the creatures are getting bigger and stronger. Even fighting as a well coordinated team, they are slowly being overwhelmed. One portion of the group was swiped aside by a twenty armed centipede turtle.

Separately Kiyomi and Savayne fire mystic bolts at the creature and are unsuccessful. They remember the words of Tsarong and the Green Lama and join hands, merging their power into a blast that knocks the centipede turtle onto its back.

The victory is only temporary as it will soon get back to its feet. Kiyomi and Savayne are drained from the effort. It will take moments to regain the energy to launch another attack. Moments they do not have. Suddenly the centipede turtle explodes. Hit by the Dissolvo Cannon of the Liberty Squad's Battle Jet.

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Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 33


Lawnvale, Ohio 1969

Kiyomi remembers the speech the Green Lama gave to all the acolytes at the

"Separate your powers are insignificant, but together you can form a great wall.

You must form a single mind and fuse your mystic power. Something is
attempting to shatter the walls separating dimensions. If this happens this will be
the end of life as we know it."

The training was brief but strenuous. Each day her and the other acolytes
gathered in the temple yard and received instructions from The Green Lama and
his Jianhu.

Each day they were pushed to the brink of exhaustion. Each day she
bonded with her fellow acolytes. As a group they hold no secrets.

Now Kiyomi stands in a small park in a tiny American city. She is surrounded by
the other acolytes and they begin to chant.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The Acolytes hands glow a delicate green as the light shines forth forming a net
around the city. At the moment there is no strain. But they can feel a tiny
fracture around the dimensional wall. The way one might feel a chipped tooth in
the back of ones mouth.

Suddenly the Acolytes feel the crack grow in size.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

They briefly prevent the crack from expanding. Before the pressure increases.

Kiyomi cannot believe they are failing so quickly after all that training.

Suddenly the group feels the pressure go away. They are unable to turn around,
but know they are being supported by the Jianhu to the Green
Lama, Tsarong.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro activated the infernal machine. Powered by the Oblivorex it is
ripping and tearing thru the barriers separating the Necromizone from Earth.

A unnamed Darkizor operates a section of the controls operating the machine.

"Professor Necro, we are experiencing resistance from the Earth Realm."

"Resistance" thinks Professor Necro. It can only be the Green Lama. Necro is
unsure if it is the one that exiled him or a brand new Lama.
In any case, he welcomes the chance to test his hard earned might.

He floats over the machine hacking at the dimensional walls.


A purple beam of energy cascades from his hands into the Oblivorex. Causing the machines drill to increase in intensity, causing light sun light to shine into the Necromizone. Horrifying and captivating both the Necrogres and Darkizors. They have never seen such a sight.


Tsarong and the Temple Acolytes are thrown by the explosion as the tiny crack,
became a gaping hole. A light never seen in this dimension shines thru.

Tsarong and the Acolytes recover quickly. Seeing a horde of horrifying creatures
marching thru. Some are very familiar to Tsarong. He encountered one such
beast in 1953.

Tsarong takes out his specially crafted blade. It has been empowered for this

"Acolytes... We were expecting the first wave to fail. Do not allow it to
dishearten you... Now is the time we fight. We have trained you for this day."

Tsarong and the Acolytes charge into battle with the menagerie of creatures.

One resembles a combination of a dog, lizard and spider. It spits out what appears to be wool at Kiyomi. She quickly forms a mystic barrier protecting her. Savayne attacks it from behind, slicing its legs off in a single stroke, before stabbing it thru the head.

"Thank you Savayne."

"You are welcome Kiyomi."

Temple Protocol prevents two acolytes from engaging in romance with one
another. But they cannot control their feelings.

As a monster resembling a bat with a goat's head throws a toxic egg at the pair,
they see why such rules exist.

Tsarong is in combat with two of the creatures known as Necrogres. Tsarong has
grown more powerful since that day in 1953. But he realizes that he cannot afford
to be struck once by anything this powerful.

He ducks one mangled green fist, and it strikes its partner in the jaw. The two
mindless monsters are now fighting one another.

"Om, Mani, Padme,Hum"

Tsarong's Katana glows green, and he slices the head off of both creatures.

Before he can reflect on how far he has come, he is swarmed by a group of skinless feathered sheep.


The Green Lama has wanted to join the battle. But his role wasto support the mystic barrier separating dimensions. They were managing to hold back the dimensional tear, before a surge of energy from the other dimension struck him. The energy is vaguely familiar.

He flies to the battle field and sees the Temple Acolytes and Tsarong struggling
with a horde of inhuman enemies. The enemies are not fighting as a group. They act like wild animals.

Using his speed and strength, the Lama takes apart the animals in waves.

He sees Tsarong being overwhelmed by what appears to be feathered sheep.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The Green Lama destroys the sheep with a telekinetic shove. He flies over to
check on his Jianhu.

"Tsarong you are wounded."

"Yes I know, but I can still fight."

"Allow me to heal you."

Before the Green Lama can say the sacred words he is struck by a bolt of

Professor Necro has returned.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 32


Lawnvale, Ohio 1969

The Green Lama, Tsarong and the Acolytes of the Lama Temple have
gathered in Lawnvale Ohio. Lawnvale is a tiny city with roughly 2,000 people. It
is a city where you would never expect to see Multimillionaire Jethro Dumont or his alter ego the Green Lama.

But the disturbance Lama felt has lead him here. Something will occur in
Lawnvale that threatens the Mystic Order of Life. Something that threatens all
life on this planet.

The group has gathered in the city park.

"Tsarong assemble the acolytes in the seven formation. Hopefully we can
strengthen the barriers separating dimensions."

"Honorable Lama I fear the Acolytes are not ready for this sort of work. Even
with your guidance."

"They are not ready Tsarong, I am not ready. But the world is counting on us."


The Necromizone

How long has Professor Necro been inside the Necromizone. He stopped
counting after fifty years. He has no idea how much time has passed on Earth. He
has been here so long most of his human features have rotted away.

Not that his appearance ever mattered to him. He just found it a good way to measure the passage of time here.

He is watching as the Necrogres drag large piles of Oblivorex to the center of the
Desanctified symbol, he and the Darkizors carved into the ground. Necro was at
first confused about what exactly Oblivorex was suppose to be. But being near it
he quickly learned. It is a very potent substance. It enhances any magical spell
and power.

The weakest Darklin would become the mightiest of Darkizors with a small

But what Professor Necro has planned will require a great deal of
Oblivorex. To bring an entire planet from another dimension to the Necromizone
is unheard of. That is why Xcision admired the idea so much. No Darkizor could
aspire to do such a thing.

Xcision approaches Necro holding a bag.

"Xcision, to what do I owe this honor?"

"Necro your progress in this project is tremendous. The Gods themselves do
tingle. But I look at you in lowly Incantior armor and want you to have more. I want you to return to your home dimension with class. For the other lowly Earthers to know you are more. Please accept this."

Necro opens the bag with a wave of his fingers. Inside he sees a fine robe, made
out of the same leather like material that makes Xcision's armor. On it are the same
ominous symbols his old tattered robe had.

"Thank you Xcision you shame me with this."

"Nonsense, it is a tiny token compared to what you have given me."

As Necro puts the robe on a tiny crack of energy hits the center of the Oblivorex.


Pan Guay 1969

The Lion Maimer regains consciousness, but finds he is trapped in the same
pudding that trapped the Black Terror. He is surrounded by Captain Battle,
his son Battle Flag, Bronze Destroyer,Guts, Glory and the Eagle.

Battle speaks first.

"Maimer, you said some interesting things during our fight. Why did your benefactors want the Squadron unharmed?"

Lion Maimer struggles to free himself from the pudding. Captain Battle aims his
Dissolvo Gun at the head of Lion Maimer.

"We took all your little knick knacks, before we trapped you. Even if you got
free, my Dissolvo Gun at full power could take you down. Or at least hurt you
badly. So again, who are your benefactors."

Lion Maimer grins.

"The Beige Bengal"

Bronze Destroyer looks frustrated.

"We know a little bit about you Maimer. We know you are a true mercenary.
Not afraid to play two sides against each other for a bigger pay day."

"The Guerrilla was paying me too."

"Why would the Guerrilla care if you killed us?"

"You're a valued asset of the American Army. Right now, keeping them happy is
a priority."

Black Terror becomes enraged.

"I'll just say what everyone here is scared to say. The American Government
wants me dead and brought in Lion Maimer to do it!!!!"

Guts speaks up.

"Now hold on Terror. The United States would not kill one of its own citizens
without good cause. The Guerrilla's reasons are perfectly plausible."

"That's because you don't know him. I've destroyed hundreds of his operations. He would not care if Maimer killed every American soldiers to be rid of me."

Captain Battle has a look in his eyes that says he believes the Black Terror. He
remembers the desperation in the General's voice. They did not want him simply
detained, they wanted him dead.

Battle shakes the hand of the Black Terror.

"Good luck in your endeavors Terror."

Guts is in shock.

"But Captain???"

Battle's son Battle Flag is in shock as well.


Battle looks at them sternly.

"As of now the Squadron of Liberators is leaving Pan Guay. If you want to stay,
be my guest."

Monday, March 19, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 31


Pan Guay 1969

Black Terror was down after being hit by the rocket blast. But he is not hurt. He's thankful he took the brunt of the blast and not the Squadron of Liberators.

The blast also freed him of the substance called "pudding" that had him trapped.
He looks over and sees the Squadron on the ground.

"Looks like Captain Battle and his lackeys are down for the count. That's fine by
me, this fight is between me and you."

Black Terror is in shock when he sees the Lion Maimer. The assassin hired by
the Beige Bengal to kill him in 1967. He searched all over Pan Guay, but could
never find him.

"Maimer you picked a bad day to return. I'm going to finish what I started two
years ago."

"You'll find that easier said than done Terror...."

Black Terror charges into the Lion Maimer and catches him with two powerful
hay maker punches. Lion Maimer leaps back up and punches Terror in the
stomach, following up with an uppercut that sends Terror flying.

"Surprised Terror? Oh I learned a lesson from my encounter with you. I learned
that sometimes skill is not enough."

Before Lion Maimer can continue, Black Terror goes back on the attack.
Maimer tosses him with a simple Judo Throw.

"See I learned if I was going to hunt big game, I needed power. I researched
you Benton."

Terror catches Maimer with a punch to the nose and attempts to follow with a
knee strike, but Maimer catches it and drives him into the ground.

"Surprised I know your real name? That you're retired pharmacist Bob Benton.
You created a mixture now known as the "Benton Formula"."

Black Terror grabs Lion Maimer and slams him hard enough into the ground, the
shock waves are felt for miles. Lion Maimer flips behind the Terror and throws
him into a row of trees.

"I spent the last two years trying to find a sample of the Benton Formula. I went
to that hole in the wall pharmacy ran by your son."

"What did you do to Tim?"

Lion Maimer leaps over and kicks Black Terror in the ribs.

"Nothing yet. I know he has the same powers as you and I still had not found the
formula. No need initiating a confrontation I had no chance of winning. But I'll
take care of him soon enough."

Terror rips a tree out of the ground and attempts to strike his foe with it. Only
Lion Maimer catches the large tree and tosses it aside, before hitting Terror with
a punch.

"I went to Mexico and that proved a dead end. The formula was impossible to
find. But then I read about a man named Niles Fraizer."

"Gentleman Brute!!"

"That's right old bean. Seems he created a formula very similar to yours. Instead
it turned a wimpy slob into a debonair if brutish gentleman."

Black Terror picks up a large rock and throws it at the Maimer, only to see it
shattered by a punch.

"That potion would be useless to me. But I obtained a sample and had it studied
by some chemist In my employ. They were able to work out the side effects."

Lion Maimer leaps behind Black Terror and places him in a chokehold.

"Now I'm as strong, or stronger than you. Strong enough I should be able to
crush your windpipe."

Before Lion Maimer can test his theory, he is hit in the back by the Dissolvo
Ray of Captain Battle.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro and Xcision are visiting the Oblivorex Mine.

"Look at it Necro, this is all because of you. Soon you will do even greater
things. Things no one on this plane have ever seen."

"That is what I wish to speak to you about Xcision."

"Please continue."

"I have been thinking of Earth lately."

"What concern could you have of your pathetic home dimension?"

"I want Earth to be more than it is. At the same time we could offer the gods a
tremendous tribute. An entire planet of sentient beings."

"What are you suggesting Necro."

"I want to merge Earth with the Necromizone."


Dumont Tower, New York City 1969

Jethro Dumont, the current Green Lama stands atop the tower mystically
surveying the Earth. As he has each day since the warning he received from the

Each day he has turned up nothing. Nothing that would concern the Council.
Though in searching for this threat, he has stopped other crisis before they start.

As he prepares to stop for the day, he is brought to his knees by a sensation. It
only lasted a fraction of a second but has left him in shock.

Tsarong, Jianhu to the Green Lama goes to check on Dumont. Dumont raises up
and dust himself off.

"Soon Tsarong, soon."


Pan Guay 1969

It took a great deal of effort for Captain Battle to get back to his feet. When he did, he saw the Black Terror was in a fight with a man dressed in animal skins.

Battle recognized the man as the assassin known as "Lion Maimer". When he
caught up to them fighting in the jungle, Maimer was attempting to choke Black
Terror to death.

He stepped in and fired the Dissolvo Ray at nearly full power. Lion Maimer's back is now burnt and smoldering.

"You know I promised my backers I would not kill any of the Squadron of
Liberators. But since you forced my hand, I'll be glad to send you out to

Lion Maimer leaps at Captain Battle, who activates his Jet Pack and takes to the
air. He takes out his Dissolvo Gun and begins trying to shoot the Lion Maimer.

Maimer dodges each blast, as rows of trees are burned down by the Dissolvo
Gun. Battle is staying close to the ground. His eye sight is not what it was and he
does not want to risk shooting Black Terror.

Suddenly Lion Maimer leaps into a tree and jumps out at Captain Battle.

Knocking him to the ground. Such a fall would have injured a man in his prime.
Lion Maimer breaks a tree trunk over his leg and prepares to impale the legend
of the Great War, only to be tackled by the Black Terror.

Terror is fighting on instinct now, he is tearing, gouging and clawing at his
enemy. Before Lion Maimer's newly enhanced strength had caught him off
guard. But now he is ready and fighting at full force.

Lion Maimer tears into Black Terror with equal ferocity.

Together they destroy large sections of the Pan Guay Rain Forrest. Destroying
species of plant and animal, man has yet to discover.

Finally the Black Terror falls.

Captain Battle raises to his feet slowly. His ribs are broken. Ligaments in his
knees may be twisted or at worst torn. But he knows he has to stop the Lion

He fires the Dissolvo Gun at full power at the Maimer, bringing him down to his

Maimer shakily stands back up.

"That trick won't work old man."

"How bout this one?"

Battle fires the Unknown Soldiers Nitro Gun at the Lion Maimer. The explosion
shatters the surrounding trees.

As the smoke clear the Lion Maimer is still standing. He is burned, bloodied and
battered. But he is still standing and more than powerful enough to shatter the
neck of an old man.

Maimer knocks Battle down. He only uses a fraction of his
power. As he does not want to kill him prematurely.

He lifts him by the scruff of his neck. He takes out his knife and prepares to gut
the Legend of the Great War.

Before he can, Battle takes out an aerosol can and sprays it into the face of the
Lion Maimer. Before Maimer loses consciousness, he realizes Black Terror did
have to breathe.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 30


Pan Guay 1969

Bronze Destroyer, Guts and Glory have held off the Black Terror as long as they
could. But have paid a price, as the super strong Terror has brutalized them.

But it will not be in vain as Captain Battle and the Bold Eagle can now initiate the final
section of the plan. Both men fly out of the sky, Battle aided by his jet pack and
Eagle using his mysterious anti gravity wings.

They each hold in their hands canisters of "pudding". But this is not a dessert
treat, this is a compound crafted by Battle that will expand when it hits the air
and ensnares the Black Terror.

"You ready Eagle?"

"Sure am Battle, but look Terror spotted us and is starting to rabbit."

The Black Terror could crush each member of the Liberty Squad with relative
ease. But he is a good man trying to do good work, so he decides to run.

Captain Battle takes out his Dissolvo Gun and zaps the ground in front of the

"Now Eagle!!"

Eagle pulls the tab on his canister and throws it at Terror. Before it hits the
ground, the Black Terror leaps into the sky at the Eagle. Eagle having greater
agility in the air dodges, as Captain Battle zaps Terror in the chest with his
Dissolvo Gun. It is is powerful enough to burn away the Jolly
Roger emblem on what remains of his costume.

Terror lands harmlessly on top of the "pudding". He tries to find his footing on
the soft structure but finds himself sinking in the more he moves. He looks up
and sees Captain Battle just dropped the second canister.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro and Xcrawllor work in silence. Draining the desanctified stones
and powering the circuits for the mystic tablets.

Suddenly five large Darkizors burst into their workspace, lead by Xcision. Necro
starts mentally powering a spell to defend himself. Until he sees the smile on
Xcision's face. Necro has never seen a Darkizor smile before. It is more than a
bit off putting.

"Necro you are a genius. My faith in you has been rewarded."

"It worked?"

"It more than worked. The gods smiled upon us. Now the Oblivorex Mines are
overflowing. We have an excess of it for the first time in Loom Cycles."

"I am so pleased to have played a small part in this."

"It was more than a small part. That is why I am here. I want to include you in my
Hexagon. You will play a vital part in deciding how we use are new found wealth."

"What of me Xcision?"

"What of you Xcrawllor? I had planned on skinning you alive regardless of the
success of this project. But now? I am so ecstatic I am going to let you live."


The Lama Temple 1969

Jethro Dumont and Tsarong are inspecting the grounds. They watch as the Lama
Candidates train and hone their skills. The candidates are the Lama Acolytes who have shown the greatest potential. The ones who could one day take the mantle of the Green Lama. The others possibly the Jianhu to the Lama.

The rest do what they can to make the job of the Lama and his Jianhu easier.
They are the invisible hands of the Lama Temple. Keeping everything running
like clock work.

Dumont watches as the Candidates known as Kiyomi and Savane have a match.

The Temple trains them in hand to hand combat before honing the skills of the

Kiyomi is the first female candidate in two generations. She has proven to be an
excellent mystic and healer. But hand to hand combat has proven to be a liability
for her. It will likely keep her from ever being Lama or Jianhu.

While Savane is an excellent fighter, he has proven to be a poor strategist and a
sloppy mystic. Even now instead of pressing his physical advantages over
Kiyomi, he throws bolts of energy at her.

Kiyomi welcomes this as it puts the fight on her terms. She has quickly done a
spell that acts as a buffer and a means of absorbing the energy to increase her
physical strength briefly. Savane to his credit notices his strength waning and
drops the mystic attacks. He catches Kiyomi with a kick to the mid section, just
as she uses her augmented strength to knock him down.

Neither candidate can get up before the count of four.

Jethro Dumont walks over to the fighting circle.

"Rise acolytes"

"Honorable Lama what do we owe the honor?"

"I am on business. Savane why do you insist on using mystic attacks, when you
know it is one of your weak points?"

"I thought using it in battle would hone my skill quicker."

"Battle is not the time to experiment in new techniques."

Kiyomi looks somewhat pleased.

"Kiyomi why did you not make sure your mystic absorption barrier was
protected from physical assaults?"

"I did not think it would be necessary here, seeing as Savane was using mystic

"As Lama the majority of your enemies will not use magic. They will use
physical brute force. If Savane were using a gun, you would be dead."

"I apologize Honorable Lama."

Jethro Dumont walks away knowing the candidates are not ready for what is to


Pan Guay 1969

The Black Terror struggles to break out of the "pudding". But despite his super
strength he is unable to gain enough leverage to break out. It is simply too

"Terror please stop struggling."

"Stick it up your nose Battle. I'm not going to be stopped. The people of Pan
Guay need me."

Guts is angered by this.

"They need some loose canon going around stopping freedom fighters?"

Black Terror starts laughing.

"Hahahahaha!!! Freedom Fighters? Have you talked to any of the villagers
about these freedom fighters? They care about freedom as much as Hirohito and
Mussolini did. Have you even met the Guerrilla?"


Captain Battle, Bold Eagle and Bronze Destroyer have all heard that name. The United
States government has denied his existence. He is the leader of the "Freedom

"I know some of you know who he is and the things he has done. Well let me
assure you the truth is worse. He is just as bad as the Beige Bengal. The only
difference being, he has no use for the Communists.

He has corporate backers who want access to the Emerald Mines and Oil Fields here. I'm going to get free and I will find a way to save this country."

Captain Battle tries to calm him.

"Terror I promise we are not attempting to bring you in. I just needed to
speak to you in a controlled environment."

Suddenly The Black Terror and Liberty Squadron are hit by a rocket blast.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 29


The Dumont Tower New York City

Jethro Dumont, the Green Lama returned to his office hours ago. He just left a meeting with the Council of Lamas. They told him that this planet was about to be attacked by the greatest threat ever faced by a Green Lama. Even they do not know when or where it will occur.

Now he stands on top of his tower and concentrates. Trying to obtain the full scope of his mystical awareness. He reaches out to every corner of the planet. But he senses no threat that would concern the Council to such a degree.

Dumont finally opens his eyes. He will need to begin his training a new. Start as if he were a protege again. Hope that when the threat occurs he will be powerful enough to repel it.

"Jethro may I speak to you?"

It is Tsarong, The Green Lama's long time friend and Jianhu.

"What is it Tsarong?"

"Your meeting with the Council disturbed you?"

"Yes, a threat even they are unable to comprehend will strike soon. My mystic skills have atrophied. I have become too concerned with image and finance."

"Jethro everything you have done was for the greater good."

"Yes that is true. But perhaps I was wrong about what the greater good is. I thought using brute force to fight street crime and educating the masses was a way to improve humanity. But in the end I lost sight of the larger picture and may have doomed us."

"Do you have a plan?"

"Yes I do Tsarong, and it will heavily involve you and the Temple Canidates."

"Are they ready for this sort of battle?"


The two friends stare into space, pondering what must be done.


The Necromizone

Xcision is furious. It is rare he drops his refined demeanor. But right now he has no need for such pleasentries.

"Xcrawllor face me immediately!!!!"

Xcrawllor comes out from behind his work slab.

"Xcision my lord have I displeased you?"

"Why did the circuits in these tablets burn out in the middle of a ceremony?"

"I do not know, it is impossible."

Xcision throws Xcrawllor into a stone wall.  Grabbing him by his throat and pressing his glowing palm against his cheek.

"Right now the hills of anguish are being destroyed by acid rain. Because in the middle of our tribute, the tablets burned out. You used faulty mystic circutry. The great bird god was given a psychic shock."

"Xcision please, I would never do such a thing. Please I swear I inspected every circuit board personally."

"Grrrrrrr, Xcrawllor I am going to make you a sacrifice and hope this pacifies the gods."

Professor Necro humbly walks forward.

"Great Xcision if you will allow me the honor. I have an alternative that should work more efficiently."

"Speak Necro...."

"In my free time I have been work on an alternative to the tablets. It is a basic scroll, that once chanted should medicate the gods. Please attempt this before sacrificing Xcrawllor."

Xcision drops Xcrawllor.

"Hmm you did this on your own? Yes I will try it. If it fails Xcrawllor's life will be forfeit and you Necro will be demoted."

"Of course Xcision."

The Darkizor leader walks out of the room.


Pan Guay

Bronze Destroyer,Guts, Glory and Hale Battle sit in the supply truck driving thru the Pan Guay country side. They hope that the truck will be stopped by the super powered Black Terror.

The man who has declared war on both factions of the Pan Guay Civil War. The United States Government who has been aiding the rebels called in Captain Battle and the Squadron of Liberators to combat him.

The truck has stopped. That can only mean the Terror has appeared. If it was the Tiger's Army, they would have simply attacked.

Hale Battle crawls on to the roof of the truck, as Black Terror goes to the back.  Terror rips the door open only to see Bronze Terror, along with Flag and Glory  holding pistols and rifles.

Bronze Destroyer speaks with an air of authority.

"Black Terror you are under arrest by the authority of the United States Government."

Black Terror says nothing, grabbing the bumper of the truck and throwing it across the road.

Realizing this is an ambush, the Black Terror retreats. Hale Battle using his jet pack tackles him into the ground. He punches the Terror in the stomach injuring his hand. Using his jet pack he builds some distance, before unloading his pistol into him.

The bullets have no effect on the Black Terror. Who begins throwing large stones at Hale, who narrowly avoids each projectile.

Hale has not seen the Terror in years. He looks far different than he remembers.  He has long Grey hair, and a thick salt and pepper beard. His familiar Black with Gold trim costume is in tatters. With his blue cape nearly nonexistent.

Hale decides to go for heavy artillery and lobs a grenade at the Terror. He emerges from the explosion unscathed but angry. Hale is shocked to see Terror easily leap twenty feet into the air and tackle Him. Sending him crashing to the ground.

Hale's Jet Pack is damaged, and he is injured. If Black Terror were inclined, he could snuff out the adopted son of Captain Battle. He turns to walk away only the  Tomahawk of theBronze Destroyer go into his back.

He turns around only to be hit by a double clothesline by Guts and Glory. It is a testament to their athleticism they have managed to stagger the Terror. Fighting in sync, they keep the Terror off balance with various strikes and judo throws.

Terror then grabs Glory by the hair and throws him into Guts.

Bronze Destroyer kicks The Black Terror in the jaw. Destroyer knows he needs to keep him busy just a little longer.

But the Bronze Destroyer is past his prime. He can only dodge the super powered blows for so long. Before one gets thru, then another. Now he is on his knees. Black Terror is ready to walk away, but the Destroyer grabs him by the ankles.

Black Terror is annoyed. He really has not wanted to seriously injure the Liberators. But the longer this skirmish goes, the more likely the Bengal and Guerrilla's forces are to get involved. 

Suddenly two red, white and blue figures come out of the sky. It is Captain Battle and the Eagle.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 28


Pan Guay 1967

The Lion Maimer has began the hunt. The Beige Bengal attempted to hide it, but
his fear of the Black Terror is palpable. He paid him a great sum in advance. It
will go nicely with the large check the United States paid to "neutralize" the

If this were any other man or animal, the Maimer would have already put a
spear thru his chest and skinned him. But the Black Terror is more than human.

So the Lion Maimer studies him. He studies the patterns of his prey. Where he is
most likely to appear and when.

Next he learns what he can of his foes power. The full extent of his invulnerability.

The news is not good, the prey is incredibly powerful. He is unsure of the true
limits of his invulnerability. It appears to grow as the years pass.

Direct attack would be a mistake. So he goes the indirect route, attacking a
small southern Pan Guay village. The rebel soldiers are easily killed, which
should please the Bengal. But that is not the point of this attack. The point is to
send a message to the prey. To give it the desire to become the predator.

He kills every person in the village but one young girl. Who he takes as a
hostage. He leaves a message scrawled into the ground.


He takes off into the jungle. If he so desired the prey would never find him. But
the Lion Maimer wants to be found, so he leaves a easy to follow trail.
His traps are set. He assumes most of them will fail, but not all of them.

The young girl is terrified. Lion Maimer seems amused by this.

"You have nothing to fear girl. I am not being paid to kill you, and your pelt
would make a paltry trophy."


Black Terror is not much of a hunter. Most of his crime fighting career has been
spent fighting costumed criminals who wanted to be found. Or going off police tips
about gangsters.

But he needs to save Lulu. Lulu was the young girl he spoke to that night he
turned on the rebels. She has been his closest friend and ally. Her village was his
home. He had managed to make the village a sanctuary from the fighting. That is
until tonight, when someone destroyed that sanctuary. Killing everyone and
taking Lulu. At least Terror hopes she was taken.

Now he is going thru the jungle. Following the trail left by this killer. Using every
scrap of intuition and skill he has picked up in his career to find Lulu and the

Soon the trail ends suddenly. Something is very wrong here. He can feel it in his
bones. But those bones are unbreakable and he moves forward.

Suddenly a barrage of spears hit him from every angle. Each one breaking on his
invulnerable hide.

The Terror knows he is getting close. But before he can think about it his foot is
caught on a snare. The rope snaps and the tree trunk breaks attempting to
ensnare the Black Terror.

The Terror starts to run forward.


Lion Maimer is not surprised the prey has survived the first two traps. Maimer
needed a good measure of his invulnerability. He watches the prey continue his
stride through the jungle. Suddenly the prey falls into a thirty foot pit. There are
abandoned emerald mines all over Pan Guay. So Maimer simply set up his death
trap near one.

Now the Prey is trapped for the time being, until the Maimer chooses to finish
him off. Before Maimer can grab the canister he has prepared, the prey leaps out
of the pit.

The Lion Maimer was not prepared for this. Terror looks enraged and starts
running toward the hut, that Lion Maimer is holed up in.

Maimer runs to the catapult he has set up and fires the seven hundred pound
boulder. It took ten men hours to load the catapult. The boulder crushes the
Black Terror. Driving him into the ground, like a hammer
pounding a nail into a wall.

The boulder is quickly shattered and the Black Terror emerges from the pit. Lion
Maimer has greatly underestimated his prey, and will soon pay the price.

Maimer leaps on top of the Black Terror. He first breaks a hatchet on his scalp.
He back flips away. Throwing his razor sharp boomerangs at him, which the
Terror angrily swats aside. Tearing his gloves to shreds. Terror charges the
Lion Maimer, who like a veteran matador, deftly dodges the charge. He throws
the Yo-Yo around the Terror's throat and pulls back.

Maimer is an exceptionally strong man. Perhaps one of the strongest non super
powered men on Earth. If the Black Terror were anyone else, he would be
dead. Terror calmly grabs the metallic string and slings the Maimer into a row of trees.

Maimer releases the line, only to catch a super powered punch to the gut. A
normal man would have collapsed from such a strike. But the Lion Maimer still
stands. He grabs a packet of sand from his belt and tosses it into the Terror's
eyes, blinding him. Maimer takes this chance to scurry up the tree. Even injured,
he is far more agile than the Terror.

Terror grips the tree and rips it out of the ground. Bashing it into the
ground like a frustrated child would a baseball bat after striking out.

The Lion Maimer is injured. It all comes down to this. This mission was taken on
the gamble that the Black Terror has to breathe. He takes out the canister of
home made jungle gas. A concoction he came up with years before to kill a rare

He slowly pulls himself up. Only to see that the Terror is already upon him. He
knocks the canister from his grasp. Maimer punches his foe, only to have his
fist caught. The Terror has broken the Lion Maimer's arm.

Terror has every intention of killing the Lion Maimer, when Maimer does the
unthinkable. He uses his escape plan, hitting the detonator and blowing up the
hut holding Lulu.

Terror is distraught and goes toward the burning rubble to search for Lulu. The
Lion Maimer takes this time to escape. He will not be found.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 27


Pan Guay late 1967

The Beige Bengle is not pleased. The insurgents aided by the Americans have gained no traction in their war with the Tiger's Army. But now a wild card has been added to the conflict with the American known as the Black Terror.

Initially he had aided the insurgency. The Tiger's Army suffered great losses. There was no way to stop the super powered American.

Worst of all It was hurting the image of the Beige Bengal. For years he had fostered an image of being more than man. Now his people were openly questioning why the Bengal did not intervene.

Then reports came in the Terror had switched sides. He was now attacking the Insurgent Army. Bengal is unsure what had changed. But he decided to attempt to use it to his advantage. But the Beige Bengal soon learned that the Black Terror was beyond even his grasp.

That is until he met the Lion Maimer. A brash white man walked into his throne room. He was covered in various animal skins, complete with a headdress and mask made from a Lion's mane and flesh. His belt had various weapons from knives, to hatchets to boomerangs to even a yo-yo.

"How did you obtain access to my chamber?"

"I showed myself in. You're in need of my services. Don't worry I ain't killed your men. Professional courtesy."

The Beige Bengal thinks that killing those guards would have been a mercy, compared to what awaits them for their failure

"Why would The Mighty Beige Bengal need the services of one such as you?"

"Because if I wanted it, you'd be dead right now. I'd put my hatchet right between your eyes. As soon as the Black Terror figures out killing you will end this, you're as good as dead."

"And you believe you can kill the Black Terror?"

"There ain't no animal alive, Lion Maimer can't skin."


Dumont Tower, New York City, 1969

Jethro Dumont sits behind his desk. His every attempt at meditation has been foiled by work. Even now he engages in negotiations with the President of Screen Stones Animation.

"Mr.Garreth I do not want to demean your hard work. But the animation on the Green Lama cartoon is unacceptable. Allowing such a product to be released would soil the reputation of the Lama."

"Mr.Dumont we have a contract."

"Which grants me full creative control. Further more Dumont Industries could buy the company that owns your studio for pocket change."

Before Jethro Dumont can continue, his mind is invaded by an alien yet very familiar presence.


Jethro Dumont blinks away in a green light.

"Mr.Dumont? Mr.Dumont? He hung up on me..."

Jethro Dumont is now in his Green Lama uniform standing before the shadowy  audience of the Green Lama Council. Made up of every Green Lama in history. Even Dumont is unsure of exactly how they exist. They are not physical, yet are not fully incorporeal. In his studies he learned the former Lama's exist in a separate dimension.

"Why was I summoned here in such a manner? It goes against protocol."

The head Lama Alumnus looks down at Dumont.

"Which should tell you how dire the situation is."

"What situation is that?"

"We are disappointed you have allowed your mystic skills to atrophy like this. Currently in an unknown plane, a human is making plans that may destroy life as we know it."


The Necromizone

Professor Necro has stepped up his efforts as an Incantior. He drains the Desanctified stones and powers the circuits in the mystic tablets. His every attempt to innovate the process is blocked by Xcrawlor. The only good work he can complete is in cave at the Tower.

He captured a Necrogre and performs experiments to enhance their strength and awareness. So far the experiments go well. Though the Tower Leader would frown upon such activities. Just as Xcrawlor would frown on him, for stealing circuit boards from the Tablets.

But he replaced the circuits with a lesser brand. Only someone like Xcision would figure it out. For all his talk, Necro knows Xcrallor did not complete his term at the Darrunner Institute. No he forged his scroll to get this job. Xcision knows but decided to give him a chance.

In any case even if the Tablets burn out mid ceremony, it will be Xcrallor blamed. That will be two problems solved.


Pan Guay, 1969

Captain Battle paces nervously. The squad is dangerously under powered. Battle's mind is as sharp as ever, but physically he's washed up. He cradles his Dissolvo Gun nervously. At full power perhaps it could stop the Black Terror.

But it would mean killing a good man. Battle has done even more research and discovered Terror has not killed a single civilian or American Gi. He has killed a few insurgents and Tiger Soldiers when backed against the wall. Every American soldier has spoke well of him.

In fact the only one who spoke ill of him was Sergent Masters, who stressed lethal force was needed

So Battle stands nervously holding his Dissolvo Gun. In his holster is the Nitro Gun. The only thing left of the Unknown Soldier.

Hale Battle walks into the tent.

"Dad it's time to go."


Black Terror stands in the trees. In his younger days he was never too athletic. It wasn't til he created the Benton Formula, that his shyness went away. In Pan Guay he has become quite adept at climbing trees.

He received a report yesterday, that the Rebels were getting a truck filled with supplies. Terror knows the Rebels have no intention of letting the people of Pan Guay get those supplies. So the Black Terror will play Robin Hood and take them.

Terror has also heard reports Captain Battle and the Squadron of Liberators have arrived in Pan Guay. No doubt they were brought into fight him.

Terror does not want to hurt them, but he will.......

Monday, March 12, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 26


It was two years ago the Black Terror arrived in Pan Guay. He remembers the
night he left getting into a fight with his sidekick and adopted son Tim Roland,
known at the time as the Twin Terror.

Black Terror lectured Tim about doing his civic duty. How they owed it to the
troops to use their powers to aid them in liberating Pan Guay. Tim said
he had a greater obligation to his daughter. Black Terror left without saying
goodbye and got on the plane to Pan Guay.

What he found was a country torn apart and crippled by poverty and famine. The
Beige Bengal ruled with an iron fist and was not going to give up the country
without a fight. Terror thought his choice was simple and began aiding the
American Troops and Pan Guay "Freedom" Fighters.

Terror was making a difference on the battlefield. The Tiger's Army had no way
of countering someone as powerful as the Black Terror. But the more success he
obtained, the more he noticed nothing was changing. He noticed that the people
of Pan Guay did not revere the "Freedom" Fighters. They feared them as much
as they feared the Tiger's Army.

One night the Terror decided to go out as Bob Benton. Hoping to see things from
another perspective. Hopefully it would alleviate his doubts about the Freedom
Fighters and their mysterious leader The Guerrilla.

That night he went to a village bar called "Paw of the Dog" to get some intel and
perhaps take in some local color. The Pan Guay freedom fighters had taken over
the place. They were drunk and loud. Running roughshod over the men and women stupid enough to remain.

He watched as one freedom fighter demanded another pitcher of beer.

"I can't give you another pitcher, until you pay for the last four I gave you."

The soldier looks indignantly at the bartender.

"What? Do you know who I am? I'm a Lieutenant in the Guerrilla's Army. I fight for
your freedom and this is how you repay me?"

The bartender looked down, not looking the Lieutenant in the Eye.
"I am sorry, but I am running a business, and your men have ran off my paying

The Lieutenant takes out a knife and grabs the bartender by the collar.

"Maybe I will slit your throat pig!!!"

Black Terror grabs the Lieutenant's wrist. Perhaps if the Lieutenant knew the man with
graying hair was the Black Terror, he would have responded differently.

"Get your hand off me, American Vermin!!!"

He stabs the Black Terror in the chest, the blade of his knife breaking.

Black Terror is in disbelief. Back home the media had portrayed the freedom
fighters as noble souls fighting for equality. But this man just tried to murder him in cold blood. Terror knocks the Lieutenant out with a single punch.

His fellow soldiers waste no time attacking the Terror. Shooting him in the back
and being shocked when he did not fall down. His shirt was simply torn to shreds.
Within minutes, the Black Terror dismantled the Freedom Fighters.

When he left the bar, he was approached by a young lady. She looked ravaged
for one so young.

"Sir I have never seen anyone do what you just did. You are the American Black

Terror considered denying it, but wondered what the point was. He has no friends in this country and his only remaining family was a super hero thousands of miles

"Yes I am."

"Why did you come to Pan Guay?"

"I wanted to make a difference."

"Helping the Americans and Rebels fight the Tiger's Army?"


"But now you know the truth about the rebels."


"Would you like to know the whole story?"

Black Terror walks with the girl back to her home. She tells him the story of the
Beige Bengal and the Guerrilla's power struggle. How both sides have torn the
country apart. How the Americans decided to aid the rebels due to the
Communist Chinese endorsement of the Bengal.

Terror knew ending this conflict was beyond even his power. But he decided he
could improve the lives of the civilians in Pan Guay. Keeping them fed and safe
from the fighting.

Two years later and his costume is tattered rags. His salt and pepper hair is
grown to shoulder length, and he has a Grey beard. Now he acts as a spoiler.
Attacking both the Bengal and Guerrilla's men. Taking great care to protect the
civilians and American soldiers.

He has heard the rebels are getting a shipment of supplies today. Terror knows
that means the Tiger's Army will attack. Giving him the perfect opportunity to
steal the supplies and whittle down the armies numbers.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro has been promoted to Incantior and is bored. He must take the
mystic energy from the desanctified stones and transfer it to the mystic circuits in
the tablets.

He is being watched very closely by the Darkizor known as Xcrawlor. Next to
Xcision, he is the most powerful Darkizor he has encountered. He knows
regulation backward and forward. He insist on sticking to the formula. Attempts
to deviate are not appreciated.

"What are you suggesting Necro?"

"If we simply used our personal energy, we could power the circuits far faster
and more efficiently than draining the desanctified stones."

"And what would happen when we drained our personal energy?'

"That would not happen if we took well timed breaks."

"And we would get behind schedule."

"No we would be ahead of schedule. The time we saved not draining the stones
would easily cover the rest periods."

"We will not do that. We shall prepare the tablets the way our elders did and
their elders did before them."

Necro finds Xcrawlor easy enough to read.

"I apologize Xcrawlor, I had no idea your personal cache of mystic energy was so

Xcrawlor is enraged.

"I would turn you into a crimson stain on the floor for showing such disrespect.
But I know you are favored by Xcision. Hmm......"

Xcrawlor lifts his hands and a purple energy leaves his fingers. Going out to the
dozen tablets before him, and fully charging their circuits.

"See Earther, your might cannot compare to mine. I have fully charged the
tablets. Now return to work, lest I forget your favored status."

Necro happily returns to draining the desanctified stones. Knowing he has a new
puppet, ready to do his bidding.


Captain Battle looks shaken and weary. But he has developed a plan for the first
encounter with Black Terror.

"So you are saying our strategy comes down to rice pudding?"

"In a sense, yes I am Glory. We do not have many advantages over the Black
Terror beyond our numbers. But we do have one..

We're more mobile. So all we need to do here is slow him down and contain him."

"So where does the pudding come in?"

"Well Eagle, the "Pudding" is the key to the plan. I created a mushy compound
from the swamp mud and rice in the fields. We get enough of this around Terror
and he won't have the leverage to attack."

Bronze Destroyer asks a question.

"How will we transport the "pudding" to attack?"

"Me and Eagle will carry it, once it hits the air it will expand. Then Terror will be
trapped, giving us the chance to get the supplies to the Freedom Fighters and
talk to Terror."

"How will we get him in position?"

"That is where the rest of you come in Glory. You'll need to go toe to toe with
Terror long enough for me and Eagle to get into position. Can you handle that?"

"We don't really have a choice."

Friday, March 2, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 25


Pan Guay

The Squadron of Liberators have just been informed that the Black Terror is
responsible for the attacks on Pan Guay freedom fighters.

The group is incredulous, some more than others. The Bold Eagle smashes his fist into
the table.

"This is bull!!! I have fought side by side with the Black Terror!!! He's a good

Bronze Destroyer looks away thoughtfully.

"We all saw the pictures Eagle. How many people could do what Terror did?"

"Photos can be doctored."

Guts speaks

"You're leveling a pretty big accusation at the army."

"Maybe it's someone posing as the Terror. Like that guy in Mexico."

Captain Battle looks to cool things down.

"Calm down Eagle. General you don't mind if we do our own investigation? We need to prepare for whoever it is we're facing."

"Of course not Captain. We also have some film of the Terror in action, if that
will alleviate your doubts."

"That would help."

The team gathers together to investigate.


Dumont Tower, Los Angeles, California

"Om, Mani, Padme...."

"Excuse me Mister Dumont, the new samples for the Green Lama Tea have arrived."

"Yes.... Thank you Jonas."

The man leaves Jethro Dumont to his meditations.

"Om, Mani....."

"Mr.Dumont, there is a problem with the Dumont Center in Miami."

"Thank you Jonas.... What is the problem?"

"They ran out of meditation mats."

"Thank you again. Send out more in the morning."




"Sir the executives from Screen Stones has a sample of the Green Lama cartoon

"Hmm send them in."

This has been the scene for the last several days. Jethro Dumont has tried to
reconcile the lives of the Green Lama and Philanthropist Jethro Dumont and is

He has so many responsibilities as Jethro Dumont, he simple cannot focus
on his duties as Green Lama.  Of protecting the mystic order of life.

Not stopping Falstaf the Toy King from robbing a shipment of gum balls. The
Cobalt Cobra never should have successfully ambushed him. The Lama should
have sensed his presence the instant he was transformed.

But he is unable to focus on that as he watches a poorly animated version of
himself battling the Toy King.

Who knows what dark forces are conspiring right now.


The Necromizone

Xthallior cannot believe his eyes. This earther has worked forty hours straight
desanctifying stones. Necro's output makes Xthallior's look like that of a Darklin
or Elder Darkizor.

Xcision burst into the room.

"Astounding Necro!!! Simply astounding!!! You have shattered the previous
record for desanctified stones. At this rate we will be communing in hours.
I want to move you up to Incantorrior. That department has been lagging greatly

"What about me honored Xcision?"

"Um.... Excellent work as always. I hope you train Necro's replacement to be
half as good."

"thank you....."


Pan Guay

"We have looked over the records, the photos and grainy film footage. That has
to be the Black Terror. Even the Eagle can't deny this."

"No Guts..... I can't."

Captain Battle speaks. While still a great fighter and strategist, you can see the
age on his face. His hair is nearly white. His missing eye is more noticeable. He
seems very human.

"Well hate to break it to you team, but fighting a friend is not our biggest
problem. Fighting a man as powerful as the Black Terror is. Except for Guts and
Glory, none of us are in our physical prime. Even if we were at our best, we would
be in an uphill battle."

"If Unknown Soldier were here...."

"He's not here Glory!!! We have to deal with that, and we have to deal with the
Black Terror.

But I have a plan. Tomorrow the Pan Guay Freedom Fighters are going to receive a shipment of supplies. When that happens we'll confront him."

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 24



Private Richard Sargent arrived in Pan Guay a month ago. He has dreamed of serving his country since he was a boy. But the dream never quite looked like this. It is hot, wet and sticky. Because of his last name, the other soldiers call him "Sarge" in a mocking tone. He swears he could kill the next man who calls him "Sarge".


A large man throws Private Sargent behind a tree. It is his superior Lieutenant Masters. They are under attack by Soldiers from the Pan Guay Tiger's Army.

"MEN STAY DOWN!!! Going to radio in for back up."

Private Sergent takes his AK and returns fire. But the Tigers have them surrounded. It will not be long before they are captured or killed.

Before Sarge can fire another round they hear a loud explosion. It is the Liberty Squad lead by Captain Battle.

Battle flies over the area with his jet pack, vaporising the Tiger Soldiers. It is an ugly sight, but this is war.

Another group of Tigers prepare to fire a rocket launcher at Battle, but are taken down by Guts and Glory. Known in their younger days as Yank and Doodle. You would hardly know they are identical twins. Glory has his hair grown to shoulder length, while Guts has a regulation crew cut.

Both men are wearing modified versions of their former costumes. With military flak jackets and armed with pistols. They quickly take down stragglers.

Joining them is the Bronze Destroyer, who lobs a grenade into another section of Tigers.

When they are ambushed by Tiger reinforcements jeeps, they are dive bombed from above by the Eagle and Captain Battle's adult son Nathan Battle. Aided by a jet pack and wings respectively. Each armed with machine guns

The remaining Tigers retreat.

The Necromizone

It is Necro's first day as part of Xcision's organisation. As Xcision gives him the grand tour, he feels the glares of the other Darkizors and lesser beings.

They do not understand why Necro is favored by Xcision. Why he was chosen to join an elite organisation.

"Here is your work space Necro. It is not much, but there is room for promotion."

Necro looks at the tiny space. There is not even a window, unlike the other work spaces in the Darkizor Tower. On the otherside of the room he sees another Darkizor. Slightly smaller than Xcision and those he attended the Darrunner Institute with.

"Necro this is Xthonian.


"Pardon me?"

"Xthallior is my name, honored Xcision."

"Yes.... Necro he is your partner here."

"What is my job here Xcision?"

"You are to apply milliorm dust to these severe stones. You then send them up to enchantments."

"What is the purpose of this?"

Xthallior cannot believe an Earther has the gall to question one on the level of Xcision. The worst thing is Xcision does not look angry. He looks pleased at Necro's inquiries into the sacred process.

"The stones must be prepared for the fire that allows us to commune with our gods."

Xcision walks out, and Xthallior is satisfied. Because he knows no Earther can handle this workload, no matter how quickly he finished Darrunner school.


Captain Battle is talking on a radio to his oldest son William. William is unhappy that his father decided to lead the Liberty Squad into the Pan Guay quagmire.

"Look Bill I may be an old man. But I'm not going to be ordered around by my son."

"Dad you're 65 years old. You have fought in three wars, you lost your blasted eye. You need to be at home. William Junior's birthday is tomorrow."

"You know I love my Willie and Jerry. If I did not believe this was important, I would be home, I hope you understand."


Captain Battle angrily slams the radio receiver.

Nathan walks over to his father.

"Dad its okay, deep down I know Will understands."

Captain Battle isn't sure he understands why he brought the squad here. He has heard the rumors about the Pan Guay Freedom Fighters and their alliegence to the Guerilla. But the President assured him it was vital to national security.

So the Squad flew down to Pan Guay. Getting here they are overwhelmed by the poverty and suffering. After the previous fire fight they returned to the base to be briefed on what is occuring in this jungle that requires the aid of the Squadron of Liberators.

General Chambers walks into the room. He is an older man, Battle recalls meeting him once in Korea.

"Captain Battle thank you for coming here. We are facing a threat beyond our capabilities."

"I find that hard to believe Chambers. The United States is the greatest military power on Earth.'

"Thank you Eagle, but this is beyond us. We have tried everything to stop this man and he has ran over us at every turn."

"Man? Is it Baron Doom and DREAD?"

"DREAD has thankfully stayed clear of this conflict. But this man is more than human. These photos can tell you better than I can."

The Squad looks at the photos. They are blurry images of a man killing Pan Guay Freedom Fighters. Shrugging off gun fire, and in one photo holding a jeep above his head. The list of men capable of doing this is a short one.

The last photo confirms their fears as they all recognize the man.

"Black Terror...."