Monday, February 13, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Day 11



The Squadron of Liberators was called to Korea four months ago. Unlike the
Second World War, the President welcomed the intervention of costumed mystery men. Especially after the war had changed.

Just as the playing field had changed when the Communist Chinese decided to
intervene on North Korea's behalf. The playing field changed once again five
months before.

At night some North Korean soldiers displayed super natural  strength and durability. The only thing that could hold them at bay was the morning sun.

During the day the United States Air Force was attacked by monstrous bird
creatures. They shook off bullets and all but the most powerful missiles. At the rate the losses were occurring, America was going to lose this Korean War.

Until the President summoned the Squadron of Liberators. Giving the group's
leader Captain Battle the details of what has occurred, the Captain quickly figured out
what was happening. The Communist were getting the aid of super villains.

He instantly recognized the blurry photos of the bird mutants as Deaglos.

Hapless pawns of his old enemy the Silver Talon. The night time assaults
matched the standard operating procedure of his vampiric nemesis Dr.Dracula.
Clearly the Doctor had transformed squadrons of North Korean soldiers into

But still there was a piece missing. Something about the assaults were too well
formulated to be the handy work of either Talon or Dracula. Then it hit him, it
was Baron Dread. The Baron escaped capture after the fall of Hitler. He was a
brilliant strategist and fighter.

One cold January night, Dr.Dracula and his vampiric soldiers prepared to attack a group of South Korean and American Soldiers. But this night would be different, they would find the Squadron of Liberators waiting for them.

The Vampire Army would of still had the advantage if not for the Squadron's
Sun Guns. The guns were essentially flashlights that could mimic the effects of
the sun. Scorching the vampires and putting them on the run.

On the run from the trio of Captain Battle, Captain Freedom and the Bronze Destroyer. They find themselves blocked off by America's Fighting Twin's Yank and Doodle and the enigmatic Unknown Soldier. They were unarmed, holding nothing but water hoses. The local army chaplain had sanctified the water tanks before
they left. Soaked in holy water and fried by the sun guns, the Korean Vampires
were destroyed.

All but Dr. Dracula, who is far more than a normal vampire. He was able to turn to
mist and escape.

The next day the Deaglos made another day time attack on American planes.

But this time the Liberty Squad was waiting for them. The Bold Eagle and Captain
Battle fought them in the sky, as Unknown Soldier, the Twins and Bronze Destroyer fought them on the ground.

Armed with a compound created by Battle that could cure the Deaglos, the Liberators converted most of the Bird Mutants back to their human selves. The North Korean soldiers quickly surrendered.

"I tell you guys at this rate the commies are gonna be licked."

"Perhaps Doodle, perhaps."

"Aw c'mon Bronzie what's eating you?"

"My tribe faces many difficulties at home. I am glad we can aid the brave South
Korean Army. But perhaps like during WW2, we should put our energy into
defending our homeland."

"With talk like that, you might as well let the Commies win."

"I do not appreciate your tone Eagle."

The Unknown Soldier has a disapproving scowl on his face. The arguing between
The Eagle and Bronze Destroyer has been getting to him. They are both good men,
but with greatly differing views on life and war.

"That's enough you two. Destroyer you can leave at anytime. But we honestly need
your help."

"I know Captain Battle, that is why I stay.


In a state of the art Submarine, off the coast of North Korea. Baron Dread is
holding a meeting of D.R.E.A.D. An alliance formed by Dread, the Silver Talon
and Dr.Dracula. The group was formed in response to the Squadron of Liberators.

Each of the master villains found their every plan foiled by the group of mystery

Baron Dread is the founder of D.R.E.A.D. He leads off the meeting.

"The attacks last night and this morning were utter disasters. The Communist are paying us good money to stop the South Korean and American Armies. What do you propose we do."

"I could attempt to summon a powerful golem to attack the American
Army. Ah but there is interference preventing any great exertion of magic."

"What are you going on about Dragon?"

"Soon we will be glad, that we are far from the United States."

"What about you Doctor?"

"Yes I have already initiated a plan. You see I anticipated the
Squadron getting involved in this conflict."

"Why did you not warn me?"

"There was no need to worry you Baron. You see during that battle I caught
the Unknown Soldier in my thrall."

"So that means?"

"That means as we speak, the Squadron of Liberators has a human time bomb
amongst them. A bomb they have no hope of diffusing."


On the Army base that houses the Squadron of Liberators. The Liberators arm
themselves for the coming battle. Captain Battle thinks he has finally found  Baron Dread's mobile base "The Water Mammoth".

"Hey Cap, how come you never built us Dissolvo Guns like you got?"

"Well Yank, I lack the proper equipment to build another Dissolvo Gun. Two of
the elements that generate the ray no longer exist."

Captain Battle sees a dead eyed look in the Unknown Soldier. He recognizes the
look and kicks himself for not expecting something like this to occur.

The Unknown Soldier has his Nitro Gun aimed at Yank. One round can generate a
powerful explosion.

"Yank get down!!!"

Captain Battle throws the young man to the floor, as the Soldier fires.

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