Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 8



Boston Massachusetts

Duel-Devil, the Arrow and Black Terror did not want this type of
reunion. It has been about a year since the Four Corners of Fate
last teamed up.

The Atlantean Dictator called the Tide Tyrant had invaded New York
City. Supposedly he had a weapon forged by Neptune himself. It took
The combined might of the Four Corners and the Squadron of Liberators
to turn back the invasion. Green Lama disappeared as soon as the
battle ended. He seemed preoccupied. After that the Corners went their
separate ways.

That is until last week when Duel-Devil's young friends "The Little
Wiseguys" were kidnapped by the Fright Mancer. Duel-Devil has no idea
who the man is, or why he kidnapped the Wiseguys.

He confronted him in a condemned apartment building. He was a
man of a similar height to Duel-Devil and wore a similar costume.
Except the colors were Orange and Brown with a white ghost mask and a

"Where are the Wiseguys?"

"They live for now. If you fail to defeat me, they will die a most
agonizing death."

Duel-Devil quickly threw his Boomerang at the Fright Mancer, who caught
it with his cloak. Being the Master of Fear, Devil runs into the
fight. Him and Fright Mancer appear to be evenly matched. Every
jab by Duel-Devil, is parried by Mancer.

"You are as skilled as ever."

"Oh you join my fan club yet?"

"Why should I? You'll be dead soon enough."

Fright Mancer takes a Baton from behind his back and hits Duel-Devil in
the jaw. A few more well placed strikes, put DD on the ground.

"With you dead, I will be the true Master of Fear."

He strikes Duel-Devil in the mouth with the Baton.

"You know buddy. That's not an official title. Just something the
newspapers whipped up."

Duel-Devil hopes by prattling on, the Fright Mancer will grow
distracted. Distracted enough to allow him to get to his Boomerang. He is a
few inches away from the boomerang , when Fright Mancer leaps across
the room and stomps DuelDevil's hand.

"No I will not be so easily distracted. I am Fright Mancer, The True
Master of Fear."

Devil knew the Mancer would stop him from grabbing his boomerang.
He counted on him gloating. To give himl the chance to unbuckle
his spiked yellow belt.

"Now to slit your throat and collect my reward."

Fright Mancer taps a button on his baton sending a sharp blade coming
out the top.

Before he can act, Devil whips him in the face with the spiked belt.


Devil hits him with a left jab followed by a right cross and a
spinning kick.

"Alright Mancer, where are the Wise Guys?"

"The next room over with the FLOWERS!!!!"

Duel-Devil knew that could lead to no good. A huge man wearing a white
tuxedo burst thru the wall. Devil recognizes the man as Gentleman
Brute. An enemy of the Black Terror.

He takes his spiked belt and swings it at the Brute, who catches it in
his bare hand.

"Hmm such poor sportsmanship. Well I suppose you can't expect much
from the common folk."

Devil hits him with several punches that do no damage. The Brute
takes a swing that looks like something straight from Gentleman Jim
Corbett's handbook.

The blows are easily avoided, when Devil realizes the Brute is
fighting under Marquess of Queensberry rules.

Fright Mancer clutching his eye screams.

"Just bash his head in, you ape."

"Only on my time table and with a dignity befitting a gentleman."

If the situation were not so dire, DD would find this more amusing.
Devil slides between the Brute's legs, and flips him using his
coattails. Fright Mancer takes a swing with his dagger baton, but DD easily
dodges, flipping him into the Brute.

"It's been fun but it's time to find the Wiseguys and be on my way."

Duel-Devil is sent flying by an explosion. The wall to the apartment
house was hit by a missile. Flying above him is something that looks
like a flying stove. It is covered with canons and guns. Devil
knows him as the Missile Miser. Long time enemy of the Arrow.


The Miser is talking thru a speaker attached to the flying stove. He
takes aim at Devil, when he is hit by a stream of water.

The explosion caused someone to call the Fire Department. Duel-Devil
takes this as his chance to escape. To rescue the Wise Guys, he will
need back up.

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