Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 8

Green Lama has walked thru every obstacle his unknown enemy has placed in front of
him. A wall of red smoke bars his path. Lama runs one of his hands across the

"Hmm.... This will not be broken easily."

The Green Lama puts his hands together.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum."

His hands begin to glow a green light. He puts them against the
barricade and mystically tears it open. Then calmly walks past it.

Professor Necro's last step to delay the Green Lama has failed. He drew on more vital life force to build the crimson wall of regret. Now he is more corpse than man.

 His last symbol was destroyed by Duel-Devil. He will not be summoning the ones
from the other place. Now his only goal is stopping Green Lama.

Even in such a fierce mystic storm, Green Lama can see his unnamed foe. He is
being consumed by a black energy,. He is taking in the power he collected from his ominous symbols, before they were destroyed. Lama attempts to block the energy.

Lama looks up to see something that is more corpse than man. Glowing with an unholy silver aura.

"My name is Professor Necro. I want you to know my name, before I kill you."

Necro drives Lama into the ground with a mystic force bolt. Necro failed to
accomplish his primary goal tonight. But with Lama dead, he will be successful
next time.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

Professor Necro's mystic energy bolt is frozen mid stream. Green Lama begins
to glow with a divine green light.

"I'm glad to know your name Professor Necro. I will never forget it."

Necro tries to impale the Lama with a broken tree. But the Lama stops
it as easily as he stopped his mystic lightning. He closes his hand and the tree
falls harmlessly.


Necro takes the Dagger of Sorrow from his sash and attempts to stab the Green
Lama. With each missed thrust he gets more desperate.


With a wave of his hand he sends Necro flying. He lands with a thud in his
backyard. Necro gets back to his feet. He takes a defensive stance. He has one
final tactic.

"I surrender."

The storms instantly cease. Necro's silver glow fades.


"I no longer wish to engage you in mystic combat, so I surrender."

"I'm unsure what you think this is."

"I have broken none of man's laws that you know of, and I am now respecting the
mystic order of life. Leave my property."

The Green Lama is stunned. Even with his wisdom, he never could have expected
this. Professor Necro has him dead to rights. He is forbidden to
interfere in any affair, that is not immediately breaking the mystic order or man's law.

"This tactic will not work a second time."

The Green Lama teleports away in a green light, knowing he will regret
his actions this night.

Necro falls to his knees. He has done great damage to both his body and spirit for nothing. His next attempt to summon them, will come at a far greater price.


Jethro Dumont, his Jiahong Tsarong, Bob Benton, his foster child Tim Roland,
Bart Hill and CIA Agent Ralph Payne are gathered in Dumont's penthouse. They
are celebrating the first successful mission of the Fourth Corner of
Fate. Or rather should be celebrating.

"Lama, I can't believe you let that Necro creep walk!!!"

"Mr.Hill I assure you, it was not as simple as that."

"It never is with you."

"He surrendered and had broken none of man's laws."

"What about the people his zombies killed? Bob you agree with me, right?"

"I do to an extent Bart. But without the Lama we would all be up to our necks in who knows what. It's his call to make."

Ralph Payne is deep in thought before he speaks.

"I'm a law enforcement officer. So I understand what it means to represent a
higher authority. Maybe Lama made a mistake. But at the end of the day it's on
his head."

The new group awkwardly finish their drinks.

At Captain Battle's compound off the California Coast.

Captain John Battle is having a gathering of his own. The guest are
all patriotic mystery men. Men who love Old Glory enough, they go into battle draped in her colors. Assembled here are Captain Battle, his adopted son Hale Battle, The Bold Eagle and his young partner Buddy, the Bronze Destroyer, America's Fighting Twins Yank and Doodle, Captain Freedom and the mysterious Unknown Soldier.

"You might be wondering, why I've gathered you here."

"Captain, we assume it has to do the recent zombie invasion."

"That's right Eagle. This crisis made it clear, America has serious threats beyond the Tojos and Nazi's. That we need to be prepared, so we never get caught with our trousers down again."

Captain Freedom raises his hand.

"What are you suggesting Battle?"

"I'm suggesting we form an organization of us masked mystery men. With my
resources, we can keep America and the world safe from any threat."

Yank asks a question.

"What would this group be called?"

"The Squadron of Liberators."

"Bit of a mouthful. But I think this is a good idea. Me and Buddy are in."

"That's good to know Eagle. How bout the rest of you."

Simultaneously America's Fighting Twins speak.

"Yank and Doodle are in!!!"

The Unknown Soldier raises his hand. Never uttering a word.

"You can count on Captain Freedom. Um Battle, I'm going to change my name to
Masked Freedom, out of respect for your military rank."

"Don't be silly Freedom. You've more than earned your rank."

One person has not spoken or given any response. It is the Bronze Destroyer.
Despite calling himself the Real American, Jeff Dixon has a conflicted
relationship with the Government of his birth land. Here he was able to complete
college, and become a very successful attorney.

But it is difficult to forget the indignities and transgressions
toward his people. It is what motivated him to don the skull mask and headdress of the Bronze Destroyer.

Captain Battle walks toward Destroyer. He extends his hand.

"Sir I know this is not the easiest thing for you. But I know your
background. I know you are as much an American as any of us. We need you in our Squadron."

Dixon looks at Captain Battle. He sees where Battle sacrificed his eye
for a cause he believed in. How despite that, he dedicates his life to protecting
others. He knows this is where he belongs. He shakes Battle's hand.

"I'm honored, to be a part of such a fine group."

The nine men put their hands together.

"To the Squadron!!!"

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