Monday, February 6, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 6


Time's Square in New York City

Black Terror is hammered into the ground by a fist made of water. He leaps back
to his feet quickly. He punches the thing where a stomach should be.
But his fist passes thru it, since the thing is made entirely of water.

Minutes ago, Black Terror, The Eagle, their sidekicks Tim, Buddy and America's Fighting Twins Yank and Doodle neared the ominous symbol carved into the ground. Terror was going to smash it and end the current undead invasion.

But before he could do so, a streak of Grey energy struck a fire hydrant. Water
sprayed out and took the shape of a man. It's only job, to guard the symbol.

Fighting it directly has not worked. Yank and Doodle had the idea of
jumping thru it. The water beast caught them and slung them into a building. Eagle tried flying over it, but was caught with a stream of water. Black Terror has been trying to fight it. But it seems hopeless.

"Gee Mr.Terror, you could whip him, if you could get a grip on it."

The Eagle's eyes light up.

"Buddy you gave me an idea."

He whispers in Buddy's ear and the youngster flies away.

Black Terror rips a Stop sign out of the ground and splatters the water monster, only for it to reform around him. The thing is drowning him on dry land. Very quickly Yank and Doodle lock arms and catapult one another into the elemental monster and free the Terror.

"Good work boys. You two make quite a team."

Simultaneously the twins say.

"Thank you sir."

Suddenly the water creature is covered in Grey snow. They look up and see the
Eagle's sidekick Buddy. He has three bags of cement and is dumping it on the
water thing. With each new step it slows down, until finally it is a grotesque
living statue.

Eagle pats the Black Terror on the back.

"I think you and your Terror Twin can handle this."

The two friends in black shake hands and shatter the monster with a
double haymaker.



Professor Necro feels the symbol in Time's Square being destroyed by Green
Lama's agent the Black Terror. They defeated the water elemental he

Green Lama draws closer to Professor Necro's location. Necro quickly does a minor incantation bringing trees to life. The trees surround Green Lama. But Lama without missing a step or turning his head, shatters them.

An Indian Reservation in Arizona.

Yet another arrow bounces off of the monstrous armadillo. The Bronze Destroyer and his new ally the Arrow were moving toward the ominous symbol that is the source of the undead invasion. Arrow has the means to destroy it, thanks to the Green Lama.

Before they could do that, a Grey streak of energy struck a dead armadillo. The thing returned to life and grew to the size of a Kodiak bear. Destroyer's hatchet and Arrow's arrows bounce harmlessly off its armored hide.

The creature rolls into a ball and charges at the duo, and Arrow pushes The
Bronze Destroyer out of its path.

"Thank you friend."

"No problem, but we need to find a way to take this thing out."

"I have a plan. just follow my lead."

The Arrow sends a sharpened shaft into the eye of the monster, enraging it.
It begins to charge, when the Bronze Terror jumps on its back. Putting
a makeshift harness in its mouth.

As Jeff Dixon, the Bronze Destroyer has broken some large broncos and
larger bulls. But this is hardly the same. The armadillo bites thru the harness and bucks Destroyer off of him.

The infuriated animal starts chasing him. A little further and it may have caught its pray. If it had not fallen into a long abandoned mine shaft.

Arrow runs over to survey the damage. The undead armadillo is on its back and
struggling to get to its feet. With its underside exposed, the Arrow sends an
explosive shaft down, killing the monster for good.



The Ominous symbol in the desert has been destroyed. The monster armadillo was
defeated by Lama's agent the Arrow and some Indian Mystery Man.

The Lama destroyed the sentient trees with ease and is drawing closer to Necro.
He did not expect it to stop him. But he did expect to slow him down more.

This will draw upon more of his mystic vitality, but he is
too close to quit now.


Lama is hit with multiple bolts of lighting, causing a massive explosion. Necro
feels confident it worked, only to see Lama encased in a green force
field, float out of the crater.

Necro knows what must be done.

Los Angelas, California

Duel-Devil's fist has a green glow to it. He is preparing to shatter
the symbol on the ground in front of him. When a shock wave knocks him,
Captain Battle, Captain Freedom and Hale Battle down.

"Are the Tojo's bombing LA?"

"No Freedom, I would of saw something on the Curveoscope."

"Cap take a look. It's no Tojo."

Out of the crater steps a monster. Not just any monster, but the Frankenstein
Monster itself. A creature matching its description, has been going on rampages
all over the world.


The Monster has an intense look and charges at the red and blue Master of Fear.
It swats Captain Freedom aside and smashes Captain Battle before he
can fire off his Dissolvo Gun.

Duel-Devil quickly tries to complete his mission, but is tackled by the legendary
monster. Pinning Devil on the ground, it punches him in the head. Duel-Devil
strikes it in the eye with his boomerang.

The monster backs away in pain.

"Arrrgghhhh... Going to rip out your entrails, and make a mighty meal."

"Sure I can't take ya to the Brown Derby instead."


"Yeah I'd rather eat entrails too."

The monster backhands Duel-Devil. Grabs him by the back of his costume and
slams him into the pavement.

Before the monster can finish him off, he flies into the night sky like a

Captain Battle had a plan. He took Hale's Jet Pack and removed his own. Taking
them, he jumped on the monster's back, attaching both jet packs and turning them
on. He preset them to turn off seventy miles off the California coast.

Duel-Devil stands up groggy from the beating. Between Frankenstein and Claw, he
has had his fill of being pummeled by Side Show rejects.

"Cap, what did you do?"

"Destroy that symbol, then we'll talk."

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