Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 4


Professor Necro sits naked on an ominous symbol at the mystical fault line on his estate. Looking at his body, you can see the heavy price he has paid for his work. Soon he will pay even more, at the moment he is in a great deal of agony. Tapping into power he can not quite control, he is making the dead rise in two major American cities and one small Indian reservation. In these locations the same ominous symbols have appeared. The dead are drawn to them, and will destroy anything and anyone that gets in their way.

Every life they take sends more dark energy into Professor Necro. Giving him the power to bring one of them to the Earth plane. But something is wrong. His army should have collected the energy hours ago. He gives what little attention he can spare. In each city, mystery men have arisen to battle his army.

His mystic awareness, tells him the Green Lama is aware of his
existence. He will be here soon. Necro tries to speed up the process. Doing this accelerates the damage being done to his body.


The Arrow has been tracking the Masked Disciple for days. As Ralph Payne, he
learned he planned to blow up an American ship yard on the orders of his Uncle

He sees Disciple gathering the final parts for the bomb. The Arrow has seen
enough, and sends one of his name sakes thru the skull of Disciple.

The other men notice and Arrow sends down a Gas Arrow that knocks them out. No need to kill them. His orders were to kill Disciple, once it was clear his connection to the Nazi's was tenuous and simply a mercenary job.

Just some guy that gave himself a mask and title to seem more important.

"This is Agent Payne. Disciple's dead and his men are knocked out."

Ralph Payne became the first official mystery man of the United States Government five months ago. As an Intelligence Agent, he originally became the Arrow to get to places the law would not allow. So he was very shocked to see that when his identity was compromised during the skirmish with Missile Miser, that his Government Superiors were pleased. They wanted the Arrow on the payroll, and not Ralph Payne.

As he loads his equipment into his car, a green flash of light blinds
him. He sees a group of five men. He knows four of them.

Black Terror: Suspected to be Pharmacist Bob Benton. Has super human strength
and limited invulnerability.

Terror Twin: Suspected to be Benton's adopted son Tim. Reports of his powers
are contradictory.

Duel-Devil: Supposedly a man named Bart Hill. Raised in the Pan Guay Outback,
an expert in boomerangs, and a great fighter in general.

The Green Lama: No info exist on the Lama. Only that he is very powerful.
The man in the pajamas must be his assistant. "

"Mr.Payne I must have words with you."

"Exactly how do you know my idenity Mr.Lama?"

"I know all that I must."

Duel-Devil speaks

"Magic intertwined. Get use to it."

"I need you to become the Fourth Corner in the Four Corners of Fate."

"Four Corners? Is this a.."

"Swing Band?"

"I was going to say some group of costumed champions brought together to fight
extraordinary threats. But now that you mention it."

"So you will join us?"

"I know enough about you Lama, to know you would not recruit me lightly. Allow
me to grab my gear."

Once he has his gear, the six men disappear into a green light.

Los Angeles California.

Hale Battle has been in some scary scraps in his Thirteen years on
this planet. He has fought Nazis, Tojos, Mummys and Vampires and usually a combination of the four. Heck he met his adopted father, after Hale was transformed into a hideous mutant Dodo called a Deaglo. If not for Captain Battle, he would still be that hideous mockery of life.

But this? Seeing reanimated corpses is more unsettling than he
imagined. He just wanted a souvenir for his collection. His every instint is telling him to run. To use his Luceflyer jet pack to take the high ground. But Captain Battle is not doing that, so neither will Hale.

"Look out lady!!! Go, go hide in the apartment. "

He gets the scared woman up to a fire escape. The zombies are organizing and
climbing up after the boy. Hale stands  his ground and fights the zombies with all his young might. But even with dulled senses, one punch gets by then another. Young Hale's last thoughts are not of fear. But that he
failed his father.

Suddenly the zombie liquefies before Hale Battle's eyes. That can mean only one thing. Captain Battle has arrived. The other zombies melt away,

"I'm proud of you soldier. You stood your ground and fought bravely.
I'm sorry we had to split up. But LA is a big city and we needed our best fighters
spread out. That's why Captain Freedom is on the west side."

"You mean I'm one of the best fighters?"

"You know it soldier."

Most people might frown on sending a youngster into this type of fight. Normally Captain Battle would agree. But these are extraordinary circumstances. Even more extraordinary than when Battle, not much older than young Hale, fought in the first World War. That is how he lost his eye.

"What's the plan Cap?"

"We meet back up with Freedom and make a long term plan. Right now we're
fighting symptoms and not the disease."


In the lair of the Green Lama, the Four Corners of Fate and Tsarong appear.

Black Terror is the first to ask.

"Why are we in your lair Lama. We need to be bashing heads, Not having a dinner party."

"It is not as simple as bashing the evil doer. I would of dealt with the matter already, if it were that easy. No each of us have a role to play. In four locations there are symbols.

They are drawing out the undead. We must destroy the symbols to stop the dead
from rising."

"Then we need to get on the horn and tell the locals."

"No Duel-Devil, if it were that easy, I would have done so already. Who
ever destroys these symbols must be mystically sanctified. The books
say it must be the appointed four."

"So that is where we come in."

"Yes Mr.Payne, that is your purpose. Tsarong has ignited the Green Flame. We
must plunge our hands into it."

"Is that wise Mr.Lama?"

Duel-Devil gets a mischievous grin.

"C'mon Arrow, what are you afraid of?"

As the four plunge their fist into the fire, the ceremony begins.

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