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Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 3


Denver Colorado

No one is thinking of the war in Europe and Asia. They are not even
thinking of the supposed attacks by the undead in some of America's largest cities. No the people in Denver are only thinking of MASTER CLAW.

The inhuman tyrant has launched his latest attack on freedom in Denver. He plans to use the cities higher altitude to create a mobile sky palace. A robed human gave him the idea in a dream.

Right now his minions are doing incantations at each corner of the city. Much of the populace has given up. Accepted the dominion of Master Claw, hoping they might be spared when he becomes supreme ruler.

Rumor has it both Hitler and Hirohito fear the Claw. That they only breathe at his leisure. But not every man fears the monstrous Claw. Not every man fears his gruesome face, his sickly green skin or mangled mouth of fangs. No some men have mastered fear itself. Men like Duel-Devil:Master of Fear!!!! 

The Claw forms a fist and smashes Duel-Devil into the ground. He lifts Duel-Devil by the scruff of his neck.

"Devil I grow tired of you."

Duel-Devil is groggy and bleeding but forms a half hearted grin.

"Claw I gotta tell ya. You throw a terrible party!!!"

Duel-Devil headbutts Claw, knees him in the stomach and lands a spinning kick to
the jaw. Claw is hardly phased but the Devil takes the sharp end of
his boomerang and slashes the Hate God across the face. In a rage, Claw grabs the head of Duel-Devil and drives him into the ground.

"Some call you "The MASTER OF FEAR" Devil. But there is another term
for a man without fear. It is called being an idiot!!!! You have no
hope of stopping me. Just as those insipid scientists and FBI agents had no chance of stopping me!!!

I used you as sport. A diversion to keep me occupied as my minions
created my palace in the sky."

Master Claw looks into the night sky and sees the full moon come into view.

"Yes, let me show you how hopeless."

Claw's already ugly face, forms a hideous smile. He begins to grow to
the height of a skyscraper. He gleefully kicks over the office of the Denver Post.


"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

Claw finds his foot paralyzed.

"What sorcery is this?"

"It is no mere sorcery Claw. It is the power of the Green Lama."

Claw forces his foot down. Forgetting his Red and Blue rival.

"Green Lama, yes I've heard of you. Your exploits reached even my tiny
kingdom. I was saving you for last."

"Perhaps you are not as confident in your power, as I in mine."

"FOOL!!!! You think you are the only one skilled in sorcery. Beyond my natural
mutant and demonic might, I have been granted inhuman power by Gen-Tran himself. BEHOLD!!!!"

With a wave of his gnarled green hand, a shower of meteorites crashes
into Green Lama. Or would if the Lama had not made himself intangible at the last instant.

"The mere trick of a weakling!!"

Claw leaps into the sky toward the Green Lama. Who calmly flies out of the way.
Claw swipes at the Lama, causing him to split in two. He swipes at the pair,
creating four Green Lama. The process continues again and again, until
finally there are twelve Green Lama.

"Your cowardice knows no bounds. CURSE YOU!!!!!"

The twelve Lama join hands and calmly chant.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum."

A gust of green wind becomes a tornado. Capturing the massive Claw and tossing
him around the night sky like a ping pong ball in a fountain.

Duel-Devil is curious. Who could have the power to do this to Claw. Duel-Devil attempts to get up, but his injuries are severe.

"Please do not move Mr.Hill. Tsarong will help you."

"How do you know my name fella?"

"Patience, all will be revealed soon."

Tsarong places his hands on the chest of Duel-Devil and chants.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

A green light flashes briefly.

Bart Hill hops up to his feet, now fully healed.

"How did you do that? Never mind, I gotta join the fight against Claw."

Speaking of the Claw. The God of Hate has finally fallen out of his impromptu
green tornado. He could defeat Green Lama given time.

But eventually the sun will rise and his power will be halved. No
better to deal with the Green Lama at his own leisure.

He points a mangled green index finger at Tsarong and Duel-Devil,
sending a fresh meteor shower at them. In the blink of an eye, Lama teleports away, appearing in front of Duel-Devil and his faithful servant Tsarong.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum."

A green field of energy forms around the trio. The meteors crumble
like a child's mud pie, left out in a blistering sun. Unfortunately, The Claw has


Bold Eagle was expecting action. Just not this kind of action.

He is surrounded by the Living Dead. Something straight out of  a pulp magazines. But the Bold Eagle is not afraid, he has never backed out of a fight. He punches the zombie in the face sending his jaw flying.

"Know what they say. A zombie and his jaw are soon parted."

"Eagle help!!!!"

It is a local man trying to help, but is in way over his head.
Right now he is pinned down by three of the zombies.

"Hold on buddy, I'm coming for ya!!!"

Eagle grabs a fallen sign post and bashes in one of the zombies heads. He grabs
another by the collar and flies into the air before piledriving it
into the street. He prepares for the third one, only to see the guy has dealt with it.

"Gee whiz Eagle, I'm not some helpless kid."

They share a laugh, only to see more zombies at every corner.

"You need to run."

"Yes sir."


"Look pal, I appreciate you saving me and especially stopping Claw. But
who are you and how did your pal heal four broken ribs and a
concussion with a fancy massage."

"Bart Hill, I am the Green Lama."

"That's another thing. How do you know my name? I don't exactly advertise that

"I am the Green Lama, I know the things I must. Your destiny is
intertwined with mine. For you are to be the Second of my Four Corners of Fate."

"Huh, you starting a band or sumthin? Bob Wills and Glenn Miller must be

"Your flippant tone does us no good. Claw was right in one regard. A man who
pays no heed to fear is most certainly a fool."


"Excuse me?"

"Claw called me an idiot. But guess what, I don't cotton to being called a fool
either, especially by some gold colored Friar Tuck wannabe."

"My apologies. You have seen my power, will you trust me?"

"Why not? I got nothing to be afraid of."

An unnamed reservation, somewhere in Arizona.

Jeff Dixon is not equipped to deal with the undead creatures. But the Bronze Destroyer knows exactly how to deal with such things. Taking two hatchets, he leaps from his skull faced horse"Nightmare" and hacks the monsters into pieces.

Another monster tries to devour an elderly woman, but the Destroyer
throws his hatchet at the zombie, slicing its skull in two, like a
watermelon at a Summer BBQ.

This has been going on for hours. The Bronze Destroyer destroys the
zombies and more rise to take their place. Even with his enhanced strength and stamina, he is growing tired. With the war in Europe, there is little the local Governments can do to back him. Not that they would put protecting an Indian Resevation at the top of their list.

The moments distraction allows a zombie to hit him in the head with a rock.

"Curse you monster."

He takes a dagger from his sheath and stabs the zombie in the skull.


North Haven Ohio

Bob Benton is enjoying a quiet evening at home reading the local
paper. His adopted son Tim is sitting on the floor reading the
latest Donald Duck comic.

They are unaware of the current crisis hitting various
American cities. Fortunately, North Haven is not
one of those cities.

Suddenly Bob's paper and Tim's funny book are swept up in a mini
tempest. A eerie green light flashes and a strange trio appears. A man
in a Red and Blue costume. Bob recognizes him from the newsreels as
"Duel-Devil:Master of Fear". Some kook in a green robe and an
unassuming China man.

"Excuse me what are you doing in my home?"

"Your answers will soon be answered Black Terror."

"I... I'm not the Black Terror. A wimp like me?"

"Enough with your deceptions."

The Green Lama lifts his hand and suddenly Bob Benton is transformed
into the Black Terror as suddenly as his young friend Tim is
transformed into "The Young Terror."

"Alright buddy I'm listening. What do you want?"

"Black Terror, you are to be my Third Corner in the Four Corners of Fate."

"Four Corners of Fate? You starting a Swing Band?"

Daredevil chuckles.

"Already made that joke."

"Well excuse me for not being wherever the Devil you two have been."

Green Lama lifts his hand.

"There is a great crisis at hand. All over the country, the undead
rise. They seek to power a greater evil. Only we four can stop him."

"We four? Alright I'm in. How bout you Tim? Been awhile since we had a
good dust up."

"You bet Terror!!!"

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The group now five strong, vanish from Bob Benton's living room.

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