Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 23

Black Fury

Green Lama

Missile Miser


Tsarong leads Black Fury, the new Duel-Devil and the Arrow into
battle at the abandoned Air Hanger in North Haven, Ohio. Their mission is to save the Green Lama.

The instant they step foot on the grounds, they are attacked by mercenaries from
the Pan Guay Tiger's Army.

The new group goes on the attack. Duel-Devil brandishing yellow and blue
Boomerangs throws the blue one to disarm a group of soldiers, then the
yellow one to knock them out.

The Arrow takes a more direct approach. Using an exploding arrow to take out
another segment of soldiers.

The Black Fury does not possess the long range capabilities of his
teammates, but he makes up for it with raw power. The Tiger Soldiers bullets
bounce off of his skin. He charges into the fight, tossing the
soldiers around with ease.

The remaining soldiers have surrounded Tsarong. Perhaps thinking the older
Asian man is an easy target. Tsarong has not even taken out his Bo Staff.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

Tsarong's eyes glow green as he claps his hands together, knocking out his

"Come, Mr.Dumont is inside."

"You will never find him my Oriental friend."

It is Gentleman Brute and the Missile Miser.

Brute attacks Tsarong. Making the same mistake as the Tiger Soldiers, in
thinking he would make easy prey.

"I do say, can't you do more than evade my attacks?"

Tsarong executes a perfect backflip.

"Certainly, my brutish friend."

He takes out his Bo Staff, and hits Gentleman Brute with precision
strikes, aimed at his face, torso and knees. He leaps into the air kicking Brute in
the face, then sweeping his leg out from under him.

Gentleman Brute stands up. A trickle of blood coming out of his nose.

"Grrrr you will pay for that......."

His gentlemanly veneer now dropped. He approaches Tsarong menacingly.
Tsarong ducks to the ground, as Black Fury enters the scene and knocks Brute
unconscious with a right cross.

Missile Miser is unloading his chain gun at Duel-Devil, who improbably dodges
every shot. While he avoids Miser's attacks, the Arrow loads his
Potato Arrow to fire into the exhaust port on Miser's armor.

Miser fires a missile at the Arrow, who despite his age manages to dodge it.


"What? I'm guessing you're bragging about the modifications to your armor.
Well I modified the Potato Arrow too."

He fires the Potato Arrow at Missile Miser who arrogantly takes it head on. The
rocket on his armor damaged, he crashes to the ground.

"Guess you weren't ready for the Loaded Potato Arrow."

The team heads into the Hanger to rescue the Green Lama.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro is set to graduate from the Darrunner Institute two Loom Cycles
early. He has proved very gifted at the dark arts.

For his thesis he showed how the Necrogres could be controlled rather than simply destroyed. This has changed the way the Darkizors do business in the Necromizone.

As Professor Necro accepts his diploma he is approached by Xcision and

"Necro I am so pleased to see my faith in you has been rewarded. Do you know
what you will do now?"

"I can't say I have Xcision. I think I want to explore the outer reaches of the
Necromizone. This world is still fascinating."

"I understand Necro. But perhaps you would like a place in my organization. You
will learn more of the Necromizone than you thought possible."

"Yes I suppose you are right Xcision."

Necro offers his decaying right hand to Xcision's feathered claw.


Tsarong, The Arrow, the Black Fury and the Duel-Devil enter the Hanger.
They see the Green Lama tied up.

Before they can get any closer, a man in a blue snake skin bodysuit and Cobra
mask appears before them.

"Tsarong I am so glad you reverted to type. Also thank you for taking out Brute
and Miser. I did not look forward to the long trip to Pan Guay with those two."

"Lin Tzu?"

"Good to see you are as sharp as ever Tsarong. I can see why you were made
Jianhu to the Lama."

"What have you done to yourself Lin Tzu?"

"I am the Cobalt Cobra."

"Impossible, the Viper Cult was exterminated 200 years ago."

Duel-Devil grows impatient. If this is a rescue mission, then they
should get to the rescue portion. He goes over to the Green Lama, but before he can free him the Cobra bars his path.

"I was hoping you'd do that."

Duel-Devil punches the Cobra, who easily dodges the blow. Kneeing Devil in
the ribs and kicks him across the room.

Tsarong yells out.


But the group is on the attack now. The Arrow fires a sharpened shaft at the
Cobra who catches it in his hand. He smiles before throwing it into
the Arrow's femur.


Black Fury is enraged and attacks the Cobra. The Cobra dodges all of the Fury's
punches. Before the Cobra's eyes glow blue and he gives the Fury a telekinetic
shove thru the Hanger wall.

"You have great power, but no clue on how to use it. Now
Tsarong you have no one to hide behind."

"I was never hiding Lin Tzu. I was preparing."

Tsarong and the Cobalt Cobra begin fighting. Each possessing incredible martial
arts skill. Each parrying the others kicks and punches. Tsarong takes
out his Bo Staff and presses on. Cobra responds with a chop that shatters the Bo Staff.

Tsarong leaps backward.

"Om, Mani , Padme, Hum"

His eyes glow green as he claps his hands together.


The Cobra's eyes glow blue as he lifts his left hand into the air. The
two opposing telekinetic forces clash in the center of the room.

Tsarong stands his ground struggling. The Cobra too is having more trouble than
he expected. Perhaps defeating Lama so easily made him think Tsarong had
slipped too. But still the dark powers of the Cobalt Cobra give him
the advantage.


Cobra's attention is briefly diverted.


It is Dumont.


He is awake.


He is free!!!!!

The Cobra's concentration is fully broken as Tsarong thrust his hands forward.
Sending the Cobalt Cobra flying at the Green Lama, who knocks the Cobra
unconscious with a single punch.

Tsarong falls to his knees, exhausted from the struggle. Green Lama runs over
to him.

"Thank you my Jianhu. I knew you would rescue me."

Black Fury charges back into the room madder than a hornet.

"Alright Cobra, time for round 2!!!!"

"Thank you Fury, but the battle is over. The Arrow and Duel-Devil need medical

Black Fury looks slightly embarrassed, then concerned as he sees the condition
of his friends.

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