Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 22


Tsarong has finally pinpointed the location of the Green Lama. It took
hours, but he managed to work through the cloaking spells masking Lama's aura.

He is at the abandoned Air Hanger in North Haven, Ohio where Lama is being
held. Before he goes on the attack, he is waiting for his back up to
arrive. Tsarong knows anyone capable of taking down the Green Lama, will make short work of him alone.

"I'm here Tsarong."

"Ah it is excellent to see you Twin Terror."

"I'm the Black Fury now.'

"Where is the Black Terror?"

"Somewhere in Pan Guay, fighting the Tiger's Army. Haven't heard from him in
two years."

Tim Roland, formally known as The Twin Terror, sidekick to the
Black Terror.

He continues to fight the fight he started as a boy. What started as a fun
adventure ended up being serious work after he finished college. But Tim is not
sure he could say the same thing for his adopted father the Black Terror.

No for Bob Benton (Black Terror) being a super hero was about a
thrill. He took it seriously and wanted to do good. But at the same time, he wanted to live life on the edge.

Tim suspects it is why Bob never had a child of his own. He was never
quite done being a kid himself.

Two years ago The Black Terror and his Twin Terror had a falling out. It was over the conflict in Pan Guay. Black Terror thought they should participate and help the rebels. Tim thought they had responsibilities in America. That night Bob Benton, the Black Terror left North Haven for Pan Guay.

Tim decided it was time to stop being a Twin Terror and become his own man.
That night the Black Fury was born.

Wearing a black uniform with a full mask, and a red cape. His chest
emblem being a red circle with a laughing Jolly Roger on the front. The Fury does
his best to keep North Haven crime free, while running Benton Pharmacy and raising his daughter.

Things had been quiet lately, then he got the psychic summons from Tsarong.
He knew anyone who could defeat the Green Lama was trouble.

"So Tsarong, do we attack?'

"No we wait for the others."

"I'm here, sorry I'm so late. Had to charter a helicopter."

"Mr.Payne I promise you, the Dumont Foundation will reimburse you."

Ralph Payne, otherwise known as The Arrow, has been semi retired for
five years.

While in very good condition for his age, he has put on some weight and slowed
down a bit. He spends his summers fishing and his winters hunting.

Right now he is only wearing jeans and a red coat, armed with his bow
and quiver of gimmick arrows.

"Tsarong good to see you. I assume your friend is?'

"The Black Fury, Mr.Payne. You know me as Tim Roland."

"How is the Black Terror?"

"Your guess is as good as mine."

Tsarong is pleased. He thinks the three of them can gel as a team.
Provided luck holds out on the fourth member of the rescue team.

"So has the party started?"

Tsarong conceals his disappointment when he sees Duel-Devil. It is not
the original Devil, Bart Hill. He was retired after a particularly brutal
battle with the Fear Mancer.

No this is Curly, one of the Little Wise Guy's as an adult. Mr.Hill
was unable to select which Wise Guy he wanted to follow in his footsteps. He had trained them all, and knew they all had a good heart. Each with their own unique
strengths and weaknesses.

So all four became Duel-Devil. In the case of Curly, he wears the original blue
and yellow uniform of Duel-Devil.

Curly is a skilled fighter with a great amount of spirit. But in an
operation as delicate as this, he would have preferred one of the more experienced
Devils like Jock or Scarecrow.

"Alright Tsarong, lets go bust out the Lama."

Tsarong does a silent prayer as they prepare the rescue.

The Necromizone

The Darrunner Institute is far different than the Darklin School. Here
there is less emphasis on dueling and more emphasis on studying the minutia of the Necromizone. Learning how the Gods of the Necromizone effect all life here.

The theory the Necromizone is simply the remains of a greater being.
That the gods we see every day, are portions of its main organs.

But there is another thing about the Darrunner Institute. Actual results do not
seem to matter. He notices how some of the Darkizers get away with providing
sub par work compared to himself. He looked into their backgrounds and saw they
always had family members, either on the Council of External Order, or their
families have excess Oblivorex.

Necro finds it fascinating how some elements of society are the same in every
dimension. Not that Necro hasn't benefited from being a pet
project of Xcision.

But still he focuses on improving his skills. Each night he stays up
studying scrolls. Learning the history of the Necromizone. He strives to
separate fact from fiction. After that he duels with whomever he can find. He must keep his mystic reflexes sharp. Even if he refuses to acknowledge the idea directly, he knows what his true goal is.

His roommate is known as Xcurtion. He is friendly enough, but
pathetically weak for a Darkizor of his pedigree and age.

"Hello Necro, I see you are studying the scrolls as hard as ever. Loom
Cycles are too short for that."

"Not all of us are happy coasting on our lineage."

"Don't be like that Necro. I have acquired some of my uncle's prize
Uzon Nectar. Me and some of the others were thinking we could go and watch the Necogre's mate while drinking it."

"A tempting offer Xcurtion. But I have work to do."

Necro knows he must be civil as he becomes established. Soon he will
have all the power he will ever need.

Jethro Dumont has closed his eyes. It has been too long since he has
accessed his full Green Lama powers. No he used them to empower his body. Feeling if he were more proactive, then perhaps things like Professor Necro's attacks on humanity could be prevented. But expanding his duties as a crime fighter as well and the Dumont Foundation's operations came at a cost.

He fell out of practice at using his true mystic skills. A decade ago,
he would of never have been taken prisoner.

Now he closes his eyes and walks around the astral plane. He looks at the doors
to the knowledge of Lama's past. Each door sealed shut. He sees a statue of
himself as he looks now. Gleaming with a bright green light.

He senses if he can get to the statue, he can reclaim some of his
might. As he is only inches from reclaiming his power, the Cobalt Cobra comes out of the ground in front of the statue. Here the Cobra is eighty feet tall.

Dumont while not having access to his powers, is still a man. He leaps at the
Cobalt Cobra, only to be swatted to the ground. Lama jumps back up and attacks
again, only to be knocked down again.

The Cobra smiles and gazes at the statue. He lifts his foot and
shatters it. Jethro Dumont's eye open quickly, as if he had a nightmare while awake.

"I see you thought to circumvent my will Dumont. You are a disgrace to the
mantle of the Green Lama. You will soon die at the hands of the Cobalt Cobra."

Gentleman Brute, now back to full power walks into the room with an urgent

"Pardon me, but we are under attack."

Cobalt Cobra's face gets a sickening grin.

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