Monday, February 27, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 21


Tsarong has not heard from Jethro Dumont in over a day. What
is worse,  he has not felt a mystic impulse from him in fifteen hours.

Something has happened to him, and Tsarong must act. As Jianhu to the Green
Lama, his duties usually concern making the Lama's job easier. Whether it be
preparing his meals, or fighting by his side in battle.

The head of the Dumont Foundation informed Tsarong that the
Green Lama had gone to Carter,Wyoming to meet students at a school for the

Tsarong chartered a jet to Wyoming to investigate. Seeing the charred
remains of the school, confirms his worst fears. The Green Lama was ambushed, but who could possess the strength to defeat a Lama in combat.

Tsarong tenses up, he senses traces of a dark mystic power. It feels
familiar. Similar to the power of the Green Lama, but very different.

If Tsarong's suspicions are correct, he will need back up.


The Necromizone

Weeks have passed since Professor Necro started his classes at the Darkizor

Professor Necro stands in the center of the room, wearing the garb of
a Darkizor.

His half rotting face would look out of place anywhere but the Necromizone.
He is surrounded by Xtallior and four other Darklins.

"We must be careful fellow Darklins."

Two of the Darklins generate a binding spell. Pinning Necro's arms down with a
blue energy. Two of the other Darklins fire red beams of energy at
him. Professor Necro grabs the blue energy constraints and pulls the Darklins into the path of the red energy blast.

The Darklins who fired the energy blast panic and prepare to fire
again, only for Necro to turn the ground they are standing on into battering rams knocking them out.

This leaves young Xtallior. Necro smirks as he approaches the lead Darklin.

"I surrender Elder Earther."

"Too late."

Necro teleports behind the Darklin and hits him with a red beam of
energy, ending the duel.

The Elder Darkizor wearily walks over to Professor Necro.

"Excellent work Earther, I can teach you no more. I have contacted the
higher ups at the Darrunner Sorcery Institute, they are very excited to teach you."

Necro sees Xcision was telling the truth. His potential is limitless.


Jethro Dumont, (known to us as the Green Lama) awakens. His arms and legs are
bound. The room is dark, so he is unsure of where he is.

"Ah Dumont you have awakened."

"Who are you? Where am I?"

"It is a pity what you have done to the title of Green Lama. You should know
where you are at all times. As for who I am, you should recognize my voice."

"Lin Tzu?"

"Ah I see your memory has not atrophied, unlike your skill in the mystic arts."

"What do you want Lin?"

"I already have a portion of what I want. To see the great Green Lama bound and
helpless at my feet. To expose as a fraud, the man who stole my job."

"You can't be serious Lin Tzu. At best you were seventh in line to be Lama. the
Council knew of your dark ambitions."

"Enough Dumont. I can live with being passed over for Green Lama, or even Jianhu to the Lama. But to see the way you have disgraced the teachings of the Temple is too much."

A man walks out of the shadows in a blue snake skin bodysuit, complete with the
headdress of a cobra.

"The Cobalt Cobra had to strike."

The Green Lama is taken aback by the sight. There has not been a
Cobalt Cobra in two hundred years. The Moaning Viper Cult was thought to be extinct.

"How did you?"

"Become the Cobalt Cobra? Yes I remember the day you became the Green
Lama. The day your lap dog Tsarong became your Jianhu. I left the temple that
day and vowed never to return. In my quest for power I went all over the world.

I chased after every half baked rumor and legend in my quest. All while honing my skills. My journey took me to Egypt, as I had heard of an ancient wizard who would grant power to an apprentice. Like most of the
legends, it proved to be a dead end."

A loud commotion interrupts Cobra's monologue.

"Curse you Brute, I told you not to touch that!!!!"

"Golly Miser, I didn't mean to set off the fire extinguisher."

"I find you less insipid as a hulking fop."

"Well you done know, when the serum wears off, I can't take it again for three

The Cobalt Cobra looks very annoyed. He has worked hard to set the right tone
for his origin.

"Nice friends you are keeping Lin."

"Missile Miser and Gentleman Brute are no friends of mine. They served a
purpose. Now where was I?"

"You were explaining how you became the Cobalt Cobra."

"Yes after my trip to Egypt in 46, I began having nightmares.

Nightmares where I was devoured by a viper. I was drawn to the Moaning Viper statue. It spoke to me, it gave me the trials. Once I proved myself worthy, I became the Cobalt Cobra."

"How do I fit into this Lin Tzu?"

"You Dumont? You were my fire, the thing that drove me to obtain this power. My
goal was always to kill you, and eventually Tsarong. To show the Council how
wrong they were."

"Then why haven't you killed me yet?"

"Because my current employer would not like that."

"Since when does the mighty Cobalt Cobra need an employer."

The Cobalt Cobra punches Green Lama in the mouth.

"I have no need for an employer. But recently I was approached with an
intriguing offer by the Beige Bengal. You know him don't you Dumont?"

"Yes he is a general in the Pan Guay Tiger's Army."

"Correct, it seems you have been making a nuisance of yourself in Pan Guay.

They approached me with an offer I could not refuse. They will execute you on
national television. As a sign to both the rebels and the United States that their efforts are futile. I get to see you disgraced on the biggest stage possible."

"Tsarong will...."

"Tsarong has no hope of finding you. I am employing five different cloaking spells. But I want Tsarong to find you. I want him to die at your feet. So I'm going to drop three of the spells."

The Green Lama struggles with his bonds, but finds himself helpless.

"Struggle all you like, when you were unconscious, I gave you a post hypnotic
suggestion. It took away most of your super strength and speed. It is a shame
you have fallen so out of practice. Something like that should never
work on a true Lama."

Green Lama closes his eyes and puts faith in his Jianhu.

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