Friday, February 24, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 20


Green Lama just touched down in Carter, Wyoming. The school looks very
rundown. He'll make a donation when he gets back to the office.

Lama pushes open the door and it falls off the hinges. He goes into a classroom
and sees a teacher with a group of blind students.

He hesitates as he approaches.

"Excuse me, I hate to interrupt but I am the Green Lama. I was told
your students were interested in meeting me?"

The teacher turns around and Lama recognizes that face. It is Gentleman Brute!!

"Why certainly old sport. So nice of you to grant our wish."

Brute hits Lama with a textbook uppercut, knocking Lama to the ground.
Then he kicks Lama in the ribs.

"So sorry dear boy, my trick knee acting up."

Lama punches Brute through the wall.

He turns to check on the blind students and sees they are simply dolls
with bombs for heads. Green Lama burst thru the roof and narrowly avoids the explosion.


Green Lama would know that garbled gibberish anywhere.

"Missile Miser!!!"


"I see you have not upgraded your speakers in all these years."

A rocket launcher pops out onto Miser's shoulder, and fires it at Green
Lama. Its impact on Lama creates an explosion.

Lama gets up, his costume in tatters. Gentleman Brute also pops out of the
rubble, his nice suit torn and burnt.

"Miser you nitwit, this suit cost me a well diggers annual salary."



"He said tough!!!"

Lama tears into Gentleman Brute, hitting him with a ferocious series
of rights and lefts.

Missile Miser starts unloading his chain gun on Lama. Who quickly returns fire
with the Brute. Using him as a 500 pound projectile.

"NO STOP!!!! STOP!!!!"

The duo crash to the ground in a heap. Green Lama walks over to them.

"I haven't seen these two in years. They aren't even my enemies. Why would they
stage such an elaborate ambush."

Suddenly as if appearing out of thin air, a man in a blue snake suit
appears behind The Green Lama.

"To act as a decoy Dumont."

With a precision strike to the base of the neck, the Green Lama is knocked out.

"To think the exalted Green Lama could be deceived by a basic cloaking spell."


Professor Necro's evening with the Darkizors proved interesting. They were
very impressed with his raw mystic potential. They felt if he could
accomplish such feats on Earth, then he could achieve great things in the Necromizone.

There were a few harsh lessons. Such as learning the thing he had worshiped for
years, is no more than a demonic neanderthal.

Apparently the Necrogre valley is near a universal vortex. So when he attempted to connect with the
beings here, he was in commune with nearby Necogres.

The Viper God that granted him power was an exiled Viprison. A near
extinct race in the Necromizone.

But he learned of true gods. Xcision took him to the top of the temple
to gaze upon the gods of the Necromizone. They are a trio of giants.

One is a silhouette of a humanoid Lizard.

The other the silhouette of a humanoid bird.

He is not sure what the middle one is suppose to be.

Xcision is escorting Necro to a training class. He is garbed in clothing
similar to the Darkizors.

"Necro while you show great potential. Your current skill level is
still very low.

We are going to put you in a starter class with the Darklins."

"They appear to be children."

"With your potential I'm sure you will rise in the ranks quickly."

Class goes by quickly. With the teacher going thru basic spells and

Nothing Necro or the Darklins did not know already.

 An elderly Darkizor stands up wearily. His fur and feathers Grey and
dirty with age. His knees buckling with each step.

"Class I think dueling is a good way to get introduced. You will learn your
strengths and weakness's and where you need improvement."

Necro is paired with a smallish Darklin.

"Hello elder Earther, My name is Xtallior."

Necro is unsure of how to approach this. If he uses too much power he
might kill the Darklin. Which might make a bad impression on his new host.

Necro and Xtallior circle one another slowly. Xtallior moves first.
Firing a basic red energy blast, Necro puts up a energy shield.


Necro sends out a glob of energy to bind the youngster who disappears. He
reappears behind Necro and sends him into the stone wall with another
blast of red energy.

Xtallior walks over excited.

"You dual very well for an Earther."

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