Thursday, February 23, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 19


Professor Necro does not know where is. He has a suspicion he is in
the place he has been attempting to contact since he was a teen. The sky is black
and red, there are multiple suns and moons. The ground feels like stone, bone and meat.

He looks over and he sees the thing he considered a god. What the others
referred to as a demonic ogre. Looking around at this strange valley
he sees many of them. What should he do? Does he dare approach them. They are higher beings. The ones he has sought to commune with since adolescence.

Suddenly they notice him. They walk over to him slowly as a group. The leader
leans down, looking at Necro closely. It has never seen a human
before. The thing slowly lifts its fist and smashes him into the ground.

Necro just barely threw a force field around himself. They are going berserk,
trying to maul him. Higher beings or not, Professor Necro must defend himself.


He sends a stream of Grey energy into the herd. But it does no damage. The
leader tackles Necro. It is about to bash his head in, when it is blown to pieces.

The others in the herd take off running in different directions. But
each one is quickly destroyed.

Necro ponders who it was that saved him. What tremendous power could destroy
these higher life forms. He gets his answer when he sees a group of
beings. They look like they are some bizarre combination of Bird, Reptile and
Gorilla. They are wearing leather armor. The leader approaches him with his hand out stretched.

"Don't you know it is not safe for weaker beings in the NecOrge
valley? They will maim you for sport."

"No, I suppose I did not. Who are you?"

The creature looks surprised. Surprised that someone would not know who he is.

"I am Xcision, of the Darkizors. What realm are you from?"

"I am from Earth."

"How did you get here?"

"I was brought here by a portal."

"Of whose creation?"

"Of my own."

Xcision again looks surprised.

"Impossible, no Earther could create a portal to the Necromizone."

"It is the truth. I generated the portal to summon a NecOrge. During
the course of a conflict, it was reopened and I ended up here."

Now the Darkizor party looks impressed.

"Let us bring you to our home. We are very interested in hearing your story."



"Good morning, it is 6:45 and the weather is going to be sunny and clear. Lets
take it back to you Green Lama."

"Thank you Bill Myers. Folks do you feel tired and rundown? Do you want to
accomplish great things, but your mind and body are unwilling?

The key is not in a tonic, or pill, or even in some pamphlet. The key
is inside of you.

The power to change your life exist within your own mind. You must balance the
mind, the body and the spirit. Once this is done, all your goals are
within your reach.

Now how do you do this? First you must be willing to balance. Next you
should set up a moderate exercise regiment. Following that, take thirty minutes a
day to clear your mind. To spend time with only your thoughts. Finally you should do things that truly make you feel good.

It sounds simple, but usually it is not. We all face struggles and
sometimes they consume us. But the power is within you. But if you need the help, please contact a Dumont Center today. For the locatopn near you please call,


Now here is John Carlton with sports."

Green Lama steps off the set. His look has changed quite a bit since 1953.
Gone are the flowing emerald robes. Replaced with green tights and a hooded

That is not the only thing that has changed. No longer does the Green Lama
operate in a clandestine fashion. He is now a very public figure. Not
shying away from foiling anything from bank robberies, or even intervening in military conflicts in far off lands.

Just recently, he made headlines saving American soldiers in a battle
with the Pan Guay Tiger's Army.

He no longer uses overt mystic arts. Instead using powers such as super speed
and strength.

"Mr.Dumont, the Walrite Chain of stores is interested in carrying the Green
Lama Herbal Tea. What should we tell them?"

"Has the formula been worked out, since the last time I tried it?"

"No sir"

"Tell them it is not ready yet. I want the tea to be perfect. This is
not simply a cash grab. We want to put a healthy drink on the market."

"Sir the Dumont Foundation received a call from a "Carter's School for
the Blind" in Wyoming. They would like the Green Lama to appear. I would have
told them you are busy but...."

"Tell them I'll be there this afternoon."

Green Lama and the executive are now outside. Green Lama looks up and does a familiar chant.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

He takes off into the morning sky like a green blur.

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