Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 18


Green Lama has risen from the crater. He has determined how to stop Professor Necro and his "God".

Duel-Devil, Black Terror and the Arrow have also determined a plan. But before they can implement it, Green Lama lifts his hand, the ground raises up as if alive and captures the three heroes.

"What you want to do is noble. But I cannot allow you to perish becauses of my inaction."

The three strain against Lama's prison. Even Black Terror, strongest of them all is trapped.

"Lama what are you planning? Let us help you!!!"

"There is nothing you can do. This course was already set before you arrived."

Professor Necro feels confident. He knows the sacred code of the Council of Lamas. He knows the Green Lama would never risk the lives of three innocent men.

"What will you do Lama? Will you kill your allies? There is nothing you can do to stop us."


A black light flows from the Green Lama's eyes. Professor Necro is in shock, but he is not the only one. Tsarong has been Jianhu to the Green Lama for thirteen years. This job involves serving the Green Lama and defending the Mystic Order of Life.

But what the Green Lama has initiated, perverts that Order. Tsarong is torn on what he should do. He knows why the Lama is doing this. He wants to stop the Necromantic and the demonic orge he has summoned. But this could have dire consequences.

Tsarong runs toward the Lama. Violating protocol and attempting to pull him away.

"Honorble Lama, this cannot be. You must stop now. This violates the mystic order!!!!"

The Green Lama does not look at Tsarong.


Tsarong is thrown back by a bolt of black energy. A portal of black light has opened.

Professor Necro never imagined the Lama would attempt this. It is unthinkable that a Green Lama would access such dark magic.


Professor Necro sends a grey bolt of energy into the portal. Attempting to close it, before the Lama can finialize his plan.

The Lama's might is still far greater than anything Professor Necro could have concieved of. Even with the added power of the Moaning Viper aiding him.

The Demonic Ogre has recovered from the earlier attacks of the Lama.

"My lord, destroy the Lama before he can banish us. We must complete are work on this plane."

Green Lama is now floating in the air. The black energy flowing from his body.


The door has turned into a vortex. Pulling only Professor Necro, the Ogre and Green Lama toward it. Only Lama posseses the power to resist it. The Demonic Ogre has already been pulled in, leaving only Lama and Necro.

Professor Necro summons what he can of the Moaning Viper's remaining power into himself.


A Red energy ghost of Professor Necro rises from his body. The energy ghost's face resembles a decaying Viper.

The ghost strikes at the Green Lama, who has projected a Green, Black and Gold energy ghost of his own to meet Necro's head on.

Lama should have an easier time stopping Necro. But the strain of accessing such dark unfamilar power, while resisting the vortex has left him weakened.

The red energy ghost of Necro smashes Lama's green, gold and black energy back. Until finally Lama's energy ghost shatters and he is knocked to the ground.


As the red energy ghost of Necro stands triumphantly over the Green Lama, Necro is knocked down by an explosion.

It is Captain Battle and the Unknown Soldier. In Battle's hands is the Dissolvtro Gun. A merger of Battle's Dissolvo and Soldier's Nitro Guns.

Necro's red energy ghost fades away and Necro himself is pulled into the black door of light before it closes. The last thing Necro sees is a angry Captain Battle.

The stone bonds of Duel-Devil, Black Terror and the Arrow crumble.
"Lama what the heck was that?"

"I apologise my friends. If I wanted to stop Professor Necro, I had to act quickly. I bound you to prevent you from doing anything foolish, and to protect you from the vortex I created."

Green Lama sees Tsarong holding his katana. He walks over to his longtime friend and Jianhu.

"Tsarong I apologize for my actions here. It was the only way to stop Professor Necro, and save the lives of our allies."

"Mr.Dumont I understand why you did this..... But there is a price for accessing such dark power."

"I know Tsarong, I know."


Jethro Dumont stands before the Council Of Lamas. Each member of the Council having served as Green Lama at one time in history. They are not pleased with their current successor.

"Jethro Dumont in doing your duties, you have violated the mystic order of life. Accessing forbidden dark magics."

"I had no other choice."

"There is always a choice. You simply found the choices at hand unappealing."

"Because I refused to allow three good men to die?"


"I am not the first Lama to violate protocol. Lama Arakawa summoned two massive storms to prevent a Mongolian Invasion of Japan. My immediate predecessor Lama Sima ressurected Rasputin from multiple deaths to prevent the rise of an Elder Demon."

"and they paid for those violations."

"And how will I pay?"

"That is not for this council to decide."

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