Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 17


Tsarong has arrived at Times Square. As assistant to the Green Lama, Tsarong is not expected to fight.
But he is skilled in various forms of combat.

A wounded Captain Battle approaches.

"Tsarong what the heck is going on here?'

"A great evil has been summoned to the Earth Plane. The Green Lama has
instructed us to protect the innocent from its rampage, as he roots out the
monster's source."

Tsarong takes out the ceremonial Katana. Crafted centuries ago by one of his predecessors. It is a sacred weapon, only to be used under the most dire of circumstances.

The demonic skeleton now notices Tsarong and goes on the attack. He
nimbly avoids the swipe of the creature, leaping down and slashing it with his
blade. He does no apparent damage.

Tsarong goes back in and executes a maneuver that would leave any normal foe
decapitated. The creature is enraged and smashes its fist into the ground.

Tsarong avoids the blow with a back flip.

Captain Freedom leaps on the monster's back, only to be thrown into a truck, The monster prepares to kill Freedom. 

Tsarong pushes Freedom out of the way and absorbs the devastating blow himself.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

While his powers are not half of what the Green Lama is capable of, Tsarong is not without his special skills.

His eyes glow green for a millisecond. The monster charges at him, and Tsarong
delivers a telekinetic strike. The Monster is pushed back a foot, but is undamaged.

Before the battle can conclude, the Liberators, Tsarong and the Monster are
enveloped in a Grey smoke.

They are surprised to see themselves on a scarred battlefield.


Professor Necro has summoed the demonic creature to defend him. Lama hoped for this, so he can deal with them both at the same time..

In his haste, Necro also summoned Lama's servant Tsarong and the bruised and
battered Squadron of Liberators.

Professor Necro looks as if he considers the battle over.

"It is I who brought you to this plane to rule all you survey. Destroy the Green Lama!!!"

The monster does not understand the words of Necro. But it can sense the power
of the Green Lama.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The creature charges at the Green Lama with deceptive speed, Green Lama
hits it with a blast of green energy that drives it into the ground.

Necro is shocked. This is the creature he has worshiped since adolescence. How
can the Lama beat it down so easily?

Lama gathers a large amount of the serene energy, so he can destroy all
traces of the monster.

Professor Necro steps forward.

"I would not do that Lama."

Lama does not turn his head.


"For it is tied to human life. To destroy it would kill anyone mystically bound to it
on this plane."

"You Necro? Your life was forfeit when you summoned this abomination."

"Not me Lama, No my life has indeed ended. It Is your precious lackeys, whose blood
binds both the creature and me to this plane!!! To kill us, will kill
Duel-Devil, Black Terror and the Arrow!!!!"


The serene energy disappears. He looks at the ground, with no way to stop
Professor Necro.

The monster having recovered, stomps Green Lama into the ground. Professor
Necro raises his decayed fist in triumph.

"This world is yours my lord. Your dark age shall last forever!!!!!"

Suddenly both Necro and his new God are hit by a barrage of gun fire, It is Missile Miser and Gentleman Brute.


"I do say, you have the hygiene and cooth of a Yale Man."

Brute catches the monster with a perfectly placed jab, that would make Gentleman
Jim Corbett proud. The monster drops his fist into the skull of Gentleman Brute
with less technique.

Missile Miser empties his chain gun into the monster. Missile Miser has done evil things. But that does not mean he wants his planet ruled by some demonic ogre.

Bullets have no effect on it. The monster leaps into the air and smashes Missile
Miser into the ground. His armor that resembles a walking stove is cracked and

Duel-Devil and the Arrow send synchronized Arrows and Boomerangs into the
monsters face. To even less effect than Missile Miser's bullets.

Black Terror executes a picture perfect dropkick into the monster.
Following it up with a series of staggering hay makers.

The trio heard what Professor Necro said. They know what they have to do. But
before they can act, an explosion knocks everyone down.

It is the Green Lama. He too, knows what must be done.

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