Monday, February 20, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 16


Professor Necro stands triumphant in his office. The one he has waited for is on the Earth plane. Soon he will join him and learn his secrets. A green bolt of lightning hits the ominous symbol in Necro's office. The Victorian Mansion is destroyed, except for the Moaning Viper statue and the blood symbol. Necro looks up and sees the Green Lama has finally appeared.

"You are too late Lama!!!! The ceremony is complete. He is on our plane now."

The Green Lama grimaces and hits Necro with another burst of mystic energy.


Necro forms a bubble of smoke to deflect Lama's next attack. With the ceremony complete, he has no need to hide his true power.

"I have changed since our last encounter Lama. My body maybe ravaged and mangled. But I am now more than a match for your mystic might."

Professor Necro fires a black wave of energy at the Lama who simply turns transparent.

"Is that so?"

Lama blinks away and appears behind Necro. Sending him crashing to the ground with a gust of emerald wind. Necro stands up and turns his arms into serpents, extending them until they are tied around the Green Lama. Lama falls to the ground. The serpentine arms of Professor Necro crushing the life out of him.

"Yes that is so. The ceremony did more than bring him to the Earth Plane. The Moaning Viper gave me a portion of the Viper God's power."

Lama struggles to his feet. Serenely he begins to chant.

"Om Mani Padme Hum."

The Green Lama grows several stories tall breaking Necro's serpent arms.

"You are a fool Necro. It was the first Green Lama who banished The Viper God. It was he who bound him to the Moaning Viper statue."

Necro still feels no fear. He has a final plan to kill the Lama once and for all.


Green Lama's instructions were very vague. Duel-Devil, The Arrow and Black Terror were unsure what role they were to play in this battle. In 1945 their part was to destroy the symbols responsible for the zombie invasion.

Tonight they were brought to a Victorian Mansion in upstate New York. They thought they were suppose to fight Missile Miser, Gentleman Brute and Fear Mancer. Until Lama destroyed the mansion with a bolt of lightning. He is clearly powerful enough to handle these three alone.

Duel-Devil narrowly avoids being stomped by Fear Mancer, as he leaps down from a oak tree. Mancer takes out his billy club and attempts to bash his foes head in.

"Geez buddy, can't you find a hobby."

"Oh I do have a hobby. Head Hunting!!"

Mancer presses the button on his billy club, causing a blade to pop out of the top. He swings it attempting to cut off Duel-Devil's head.

DD falls on his back and with both feet kicks Fear Mancer into the Oak tree.

"I got a good idea Mancer. Why don't I make like a tree and leave."

Devil leaps into the branches of the tree. Fear Mancer matching his agility follows him.

Duel-Devil decides to build distance from Fear Mancer. Climbing higher and higher.

"You will never escape the true Master of Fear!!!"

He fires the blade from his billy club at Duel-Devil who narrowly dodges.

Duel-Devil leaps down over Fear Mancer's head to a lower branch. Mancer attempts to follow, only to see his cape is caught on a branch. Devil throws his boomerang at him. But Mancer quickly removes his mask and cape and tackles DD.

Duel-Devil is shocked to see Fear Mancer is missing an eye.

"Why do you look away Daredevil? This is your fault!!."

"My fault?"

Before Fear Mancer can answer, he is hit in the back of the head by Duel-Devil's returning boomerang. As Fear Mancer lays on the ground knocked out, Duel-Devil wonders who this man is.

Gentleman Brute is not fairing very well against the Black Terror. Despite having a size and strength advantage, he is hamstrung by his refusal to abandon refined and outdated fighting techniques. Black Terror grabs Brute from behind and slams him to the ground.

"Dirty pool"

Brute gets back up and misses a few technically proficent jabs. Only to thumb the Black Terror in the eye.

"So sorry, I must have slipped."

Brute follows up with a few punches that are a bit below the belt.

Black Terror slaps his hands around the Brute's ears, and punches him below the belt.

"Sorry I musta slipped."

Missile Miser is finally getting his chance to fight the Arrow again.

His armor while outdated, is still powerful enough to block or dodge all of Arrow's attacks. Until the Arrow sent a Potato Arrow into Miser's exhaust pipe. It is a shot only one man on Earth could possibly make. Unfortuneatly for Missile Miser, Arrow is that man.



Before Miser can repeat himself, both he and Arrow are knocked down by a mystic aftershock. They look up in shock. Seeing a monstorus green skeleton fighting the Squadron of Liberators.

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