Friday, February 17, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 15



Missile Miser is angry. The attack on Arrow, Black Terror and Duel-Devil was a
disaster. They did not manage to kill one of their foes. Instead they had to make a hasty retreat. Now their mysterious benefactor is keeping them holed up in this creepy Victorian mansion in upstate New York.

It has been a week now, and still they have been told nothing. The pay
is excellent, but he did not don this armor to make money sitting on his rear.

Putting his helmet back on, he burst into the benefactor's office. The room is old, dilapidated and covered in ominous symbols.

The benefactor is in a tattered brown robe covered in similar symbols. He pulls
down his hood, revealing a face that looks like it has been dead for
five years.

"Miser why did you burst into my workspace unannounced?"

"I am tired of waiting. When do we attack?"

"You are not being paid to attack. You are being paid to protect this estate."

"Who would want to attack a moldy old mansion."

"Very soon this estate will be under siege. Under siege from your enemies. Then
you will be free to leave. Now go Missile Miser, for Professor Necro
has work to complete."

Missile Miser leaves, at least partially pacified. Professor Necro creates an
ominous symbol with the blood of Arrow, Black Terror and Duel-Devil around the
Moaning Viper statue.

"Bind these souls that call upon those that must not be. Bind them
thru the Viper God. Let that which they call forth, only be undone by death."

A grayish green light burst forth from the Moaning Viper statue.
Cutting a hole thru the old Victorian Mansion and the night sky. A portal has opened.


Jerry Simmons has been a policemen for five years now. He heard tales about the
zombie invasion of 1945 from the veterans. About super villain attacks and
mystery men. But he always assumed it was a little exaggerated. That
is until he had a truck thrown at him.

What is this thing? How does he describe it? It is massive, at least eight feet tall. It looks like a green skeleton. But a skeleton of what is hard to say. Nothing human that is for sure. Not any animal he has ever heard of. The skull is wide and sloping. The eyes pointed and a huge under bite with sharp fangs.

Its eyes are emitting a cold dead light. Jerry is scared, he wants to
go home to June and the kids. But he took a vow to serve and protect. He empties
his service revolver into the things skull. He hopes it gives the civilians time to run.


The Squadron of Liberators having defeated D.R.E.A.D are flying back to the
states in Captain Battle's state of the art Battle Jet.

Battle lays on a bed. After his ordeal in Korea, he needs to rest.

He hears Eagle talking to a Government Official on the two way radio.

"What? We want to help. But we only have one guy not on the disabled list."

Captain Battle snatches the radio from Eagle.

"Battle here. We'll be there."

"Cap you're in bad shape. We can't go fight whatever that thing is.
Not with us busted up from that business with D.R.E.A.D. Let me and Unknown Soldier handle it."

"No we fight together. Until I'm dead, we keep fighting."

The Battle Jet heads for New York City.


Jethro Dumont has been sitting for days meditating. Waiting for Professor Necro
to make his move. He has ignored all business with the Dumont Foundation and
Dumont Industries. He has only sat in this darkened room expanding his


Dumont's business suit turns into a green and gold robe. His servant
Tsarong joins him and they disappear in a blink of Green Light.

The battle with Professor Necro begins now.


Jeff Simmons is about to be crushed by the monster, when he is tackled by the
Bronze Destroyer.

Destroyer hits the monster with his hatchet and the hatchet breaks in two. The
monster backhands Bronze Destroyer, sending him flying thru an old building.

The Unknown Soldier lands a direct hit with his Nitro Gun. But the smoke clears
and the monster is unfazed. Next the Bold Eagle flies in on his red, white
and blue wings.

Catching the monster with various strikes. But each blow has no effect. The
creature grabs the Eagle by his wings and drives him into the ground.

Now Captain Battle is firing his Dissolvo Gun at full blast. The
monster is wincing, backing away. The attack cannot continue as the gun is overheating.

The Unknown Soldier using his unnatural strength, hits the creature with a lamp
post repeatedly. He ties it in a knot around the monster. It breaks
free as easily as a child tears paper.

Battle leaps on the monster and straps his jet pack to its
back. A maneuver he once successfully executed on the Frankenstein Monster.

But it fails. The jet pack is unable to lift the skeletal behemoth. It
rips the jet pack off and crushes it.

For the first time ever, Captain Battle is afraid.

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