Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 14


Captain Battle has made it into the heart of the D.R.E.A.D Water Mammoth. He
knows Baron Dread is near. He kicks open the door and sees the Baron standing
at the controls. Battle shoots him without a seconds hesitation. He turns him over and sees it is a Dread Trooper wearing The Baron's Cape and Cowl.

"Son of a......."

Baron Dread leaps down, dropkicking Battle in the back of the head. He tries to
strike him with his steel electrawhip, but Battle narrowly avoids it. He takes out his Dissolvo Gun and fires three blast and the Baron deflects each one with the whip.

"Herr Battle I thought a man of honor would not attack an enemy from behind."

"This is war Dread. You didn't display much honor in your sneak attack."

"Yes, but I'm not expected to."

Battle clips the Baron on the chin and body slams him on the metal
floor. Lifts him by the hair and bashes his head into the control panel. Grabbing his hair and slinging him back down.

"Hahahaha do you know what you have done? You've damaged the control
console. You have killed yourself Battle."

"Don't you mean us."

Battle grabs the controls and attempts to stop the Water Mammoth's collision
course. When Dread grabs him by the throat with his electrawhip. He is being
electrocuted. Battle trying to keep a clear head, grabs the exposed face of the
Baron, electrocuting him as well.

The longtime enemies lay on the ground. Battle is desperate to stay
conscious but finally loses that fight. He wakes up minutes later.

"Where did the Baron go? Blast!! That scum must have woke up before me."

Battle checks his watch and sees he was only out for three minutes. The Water
Mammoth is still out of control. Most likely it was originally heading for the
secret HQ of D.R.E.A.D. Now it is heading for the bottom of the ocean.

Captain John Battle will not be killed by a sinking sub.

He has too much to live for. He wants to see what type of men his sons
Hale and William turn into. He wants to see his grandson grow up. He wants to see what great accomplishments America has in her future.

But most of all he wants to live for himself. To have the satisfaction of growing old after a life time of battles.

He did not survive losing an eye at the age of 15 to go out like this.

He opens up the Water Mammoth's control panel. The wiring is a mess. The
Baron damaged it before he got in here. That means he had an escape pod ready.
Battle could likely find a wetsuit and escape. The Mammoth is not that
deep under water. But he can't guarantee where it will stop.

Battle successfully locks in a destination for the Mammoth. That
means he can't change course. Now to the second part of his plan. He heads for the bowels of the Mammoth. He sees no living D.R.E.A.D personnel. He is in the engine room.

The Mammoth has a power source he has never seen before. An odd hybrid
engine. Running on coal,steam, electricity and gasoline.

He takes his Dissolvo and destroys the steam section first. Then the electric and coal sections.
That leaves the gasoline section which should be running out very soon.

The lights are out, that means his plan worked. Hopefully the homing
beacon works. He opens the hatch to the Mammoth and wearily crawls out. The sun has risen and it looks like a beautiful day is starting. He is unable to move his arm or walk without a limp.

He sees two helicopters above his head. It is the rest of the
Squadron of Liberators. Eagle floats down and pats him on the back.


The Eagle gets a mischievous smile on his face. It is impossible to
hide his relief.

"Just like you Battle. Taking a cruise while we do all the work."

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