Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 13

Unknown Soldier
Baron Dread

Silver Talon


Captain Battle has an easy time finding the location of D.R.E.A.D's Water
Mammoth. All he has to do is follow the trail of destruction created
by the Dread Troops. Battle helps the American soldiers when he can. But right now stopping Baron Dread once and for all is his top priority.

As he nears the Water Mammoth, Captain Battle is struck by a case of vertigo.

He thinks that is not possible. He has taken worse beatings and never been dizzy. The air starts changing colors. Suddenly he is caught in the palm of the Wizard known as the Silver Talon.

"Ah Captain Battle. It has been so long since we met face to face. It
appears you have thinned our ranks considerably. I can no longer feel the Doctor or Berzerker's aura."

"You'll join them soon enough Talon."

"Oh I think not my Western foe. I think not."

Battle feels the sensation of burning. Rationally he knows this is an
illusion. The Silver Talon does not have the power to change size or burn him. But in his weakened state he is vulnerable to illusion. He struggles to free his arms. If he could get to his Dissolvo Gun.

Talon is enjoying the site of Captain Battle struggling to
break his spell.

As much fun as he is having, it is time to end this. Perhaps he could summon a
lightning bolt or a fireball. Silver Talon wants the personal touch you can only get using a blade.

He takes out an ugly twisted dagger. He will first give Battle shallow
cuts all over his body. Then perhaps convert the dirt into salt. Allow him to suffer, before Talon cuts out his heart.

Captain Battle is unable to break the Silver Talon's grip. He is
simply too strong in this form. He can tell by the look in his eyes, that Talon is
ready to kill him. When a loud explosion causes him to break his grip.

Battle gets back to his feet. He wonders who saved him. He turns and sees the
Unknown Soldier standing among a pile of dead Dread Troops.

"Soldier you're okay. I wasn't sure you could survive a fall like that."

Soldier looks angry. He bites his lip before speaking.

"Thank you Captain."

Soldier shakes Captain Battle's hand.

"No problem Soldier. Can you at least gimme your name."

Before Soldier can answer, Two bolts of red energy hit them both.
Silver Talon has recovered.

"Killing two liberators should give me great leverage over Baron Dread."

"You wanna bet Talon!!!!"

Before Battle can take off, Unknown Soldier stops him. Battle looks at the
masked figure. He shakes his head saying "No." Then points at the Water
Mammoth leaving.

Captain Battle heads for the Mammoth, when Talon notices.

"Oh no you....."

Silver Talon is tackled by the Unknown Soldier. As Captain Battle enters the Water


The D.R.E.A.D Water Mammoth is as large as a football field. Captain Battle got
inside before it fully submerged. His mission is to find the leader of D.R.E.A.D Baron Dread. So far he has been unsuccessful in finding him. He has found plenty of D.R.E.A.D Troops, and wasted no time in dispatching them.

Battle has arrived at what he thinks is the control room for the Water Mammoth.

He melts the lock with his Dissolvo Gun and kicks the door in. Only to find
nothing. The room is empty.

"Stupid Amerikan. Did you think the control room to this magnificent machine
would be so easy to find?"

"Iron Jaw"

"Yes, the Baron has left it up to me to kill you."

Iron Jaw is Baron Dread's top assassin. He lost the bottom half of his jaw in an
attempted assassination of Joesph Stalin in 41. He was the first man approached
to join D.R.E.A.D. They have had several run ins over the years.

"Whats the matter, Baron forget to oil your mouth this morning."

Iron Jaw punches Captain Battle in the stomach. Normally the Captain
could avoid such a simple attack. But between being pummeled by a super powered teammate, a Nazi Viking King, a Vampire Doctor and a Chinese Wizard, this has been a rough night.

Jaw grabs Battle by the hair and rams his face into the cold metal
wall. He then knees him in the chin. Battle coughs up blood. He can't let things end
like this. Instinctively he punches his foe in the jaw, cutting his fist on the
jagged metal surface.


Seeing the creepy metal mouth flapping up and down would be unsettling to
anybody else. But Captain Battle takes that as his big chance. Melting
Iron Jaw's artificial jaw with the Dissolvo Gun.


"Whats that Iron Jaw? I'd say cat got your tongue, but I can see that's not the

"........... ........... .........."

The enraged Iron Jaw runs at Captain Battle. His tongue hanging down with no
jaw bone to support it. Battle calmly steps aside, ramming him into
the cold metal wall.

"Huff....huff....huff....  You're next Baron Dread."


Unknown Soldier has never been in a fight like this. He is having
difficulty telling what is real from what is illusion. Silver Talon has shifted the
environment from hell to heaven to something in between.

Now it appears he is on a giant checker board. He narrowly avoids being crowned
by both black and red pieces. He does not dare use his Nitro Gun on
any of these things. He has no idea what he is firing at. He sees Talon on the
other side of the board. He has to get over there and finish him once and for all.

He takes a grappling hook out of his utility belt and throws it around
one of the leaping checkers. On top of the flying piece, he leaps onto Silver Talon, only to find nothing there.

Talon slashes him with the crooked dagger he meant for Captain Battle.
Unknown Soldier falls to the ground. Talon laughs as the illusions fade
away. The checker pieces were merely flying boulders.

"Ah I can still kill one Liberator tonight."


Unknown Soldier stands up smiling. He quickly grabs Silver Talon's wrist.

If Soldier were the chatty type. He would tell Talon about his tough
hide. How it is too tough to be pierced by a gaunt wizard. Instead he breaks
Talon's wrist.

Silver Talon in a panic, blinds the Unknown Soldier with a simple light
flash. Due to the mystic interference, he is unable to teleport. Instead a loyal
Deaglo saves his master flying away into the night sky.

Getting his sight back, Soldier is upset that the old wizard got away. He also
worries for Captain Battle alone on the Water Mammoth.

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