Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 12

Unknown Soldier


The Unknown Soldier fires his gun at Yank, but the quick thinking
Captain Battle shoves the young man down. Still each round fired by the Soldier's
specially made gun creates a massive explosion. The wall to the Liberators makeshift headquarters is destroyed.

The Unknown Soldier under the thrall of the villain Dr,Dracula prepares to fire
another round, only to be attacked by the Bold Eagle. Eagle hits Soldier with a left/right combo that would shatter a normal man's jaw. But the Unknown Soldier is unfazed. He catches Eagle with a devastating uppercut.

Soldier has his gun pointed at Eagle's head, before the Bronze Destroyer intervenes. Destroyer decides to take a different approach than the Eagle. Using speed and finesse to outmaneuver the Soldier. However the Unknown Soldier is as fast  as he is strong. Even with heightened speed and strength the Bronze Destroyer is caught with a devastating series of  blows, that leaves "The Real American" in condition similar to the Eagle.

Captain Battle for the first time is paralyzed by indecision. He looks down at his Dissolvo Gun. It could end this fight quickly and decisively. But the Unknown Soldier is not responsible for his actions. Battle regrets not
learning more about him now. How he obtained his unnatural strength, or at least his real name.

Battle looks down at the Dissolvo Gun again.

Unknown Soldier has the Bronze Destroyer lifted above his head. Before he can follow thru on whatever it is he has planned, Captain Battle blinds Soldier with a Sun Gun.

While the Soldier flails about trying to regain his sight. The Captain activates his Jet Pack and tackles the Unknown Soldier. Taking him several miles away from the base. Weathering several powerful blows to the head.

"Alright Soldier, tough guy like you oughta be able to survive a fall
from this height."

Captain Battle drops the Unknown Soldier from twenty feet in the air.
As soon as he takes care of Dr.Dracula, he'll return to make sure he
is okay. Before he can look for the Water Mammoth, his wrist
communicator lights up.

"Battle here."

"Dad, it's Battle Junior. The base is being overrun by D.R.E.A.D
Troops. Deaglos, Vamps and plain old North Korean soldiers."

"Who's leading the attack?"

"It's Dr.Dracula and Baron Berzerker."

"I'll be right there."

Captain Battle thinks to himself.

"Looks like Dr.Dracula will be easier to find than I thought."


Baron Berzerker                                           Dr.Dracula

Dr.Dracula is reveling in the attack. He can see the Unknown Soldier
has already damaged the Squadron of Liberators. An American soldier
fires his gun at the Doctor. Who turns to mist and appears behind the
young man and slashes his throat. Tonight he will have the pleasure of
doing the same to the accursed Captain Battle.

Meanwhile Baron Berzerker wrecks even more devastation in his path.
With his club, he shrugs off bullets fired by the American soldiers.

According to rumor, Berzerker was a frozen Viking found by the Nazis.
He was unfrozen and genetically modified. Giving him strength beyond any
normal or even abnormal man.

Captain Battle Junior finds most of the story preposterous. But he cannot
argue with the pure power of the Nazi Viking King. Though that has
never stopped the Son Of Battle before. He immediately gouges the eyes of

"Curse you puny man. By the AX of Tyr, I will slice
out your OW!!!."

"Sorry did I get you in the eye again. I tell you I'm all THUMBS!!"


Battle.Jr ducks just as Yank and Doodle ride by on specially
modified motorbikes, each holding a thin wire and knock the Baron

"Good work boys."

"No problem Junior, but that ain't gonna keep this guy down long."

"The tiny men speak true. My power was born from Odin and soon GRAAAGGHHHHH!!!"

Baron Berzerker's right hand has been melted.

"You you dog....."

It is Captain Battle, he used his Dissolvo Gun at its near highest
setting, to damage the Viking.

He charges into Captain Battle. Swinging wildly with both his left
hand and now deformed right hand. Battle knowing all about battlefield
injuries, hits Berzerker with precision strikes. But eventually the
Baron lands a solid punch to Battle.

"Coward now I will Arrrgghhhhh!!!!!!"

Baron Berzerker collapses, failed by his own club.

Doodle has a big smile.

"Maybe his club is from the gods. Took him down easy enough."

Suddenly a mist appears around Yank, Doodle and Captain Battle Junior.
Taking the trio down quite viciously, It is Dr.Dracula.

"Now Captain we shall finish this."

"Got that right Doc."

Captain Battle takes out a Sun Gun.

"That pathetic toy will not work on a vampire of my class."

"Maybe you're right."

He takes out his Dissolvo Gun and fires it in the Doctor's face.

"Mortal you will not live to regret that."

He turns to mist again appearing behind Battle, and attempts to use
the maneuver he previously executed on the young soldier. But as
Dr.Dracula is more than a mere vampire, so too is Captain Battle more
than a mere soldier.

In a swift motion Captain Battle ducks, unsheathes the knife from his
utility belt and stabs Dr.Dracula in the stomach.

"Grrrrr stupid mortal. A steel blade will not stop me. grrrr."


Captain Battle shoves the Sun Gun in Dr.Dracula's stomach wound and fires.


Light comes out of Dr.Dracula's eyes, ears and mouth. He disappears in
a puff of fire.

Captain Battle is hurt and exhausted. But there is more to deal with.

Tonight he takes down Baron Dread, Silver Talon and the rest of
D.R.E.A.D once and for all.

He wearily pulls himself to his feet and flies into the night sky.

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