Friday, February 10, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 10


Jethro Dumont stands before the Council of Lamas. The Council is made up of
Lamas past. Today he appears before them with a desperate plea.

"Honored predecessors, I ask your permission to go against protocol. Professor
Necro intends to violate the Mystic Order of Life."

"And you wish to stop him before he starts?"


"This cannot be."

"Please you have not been in the world in a very long time. You do not understand the damage that can be done. More than the mystic order is at stake."

"You fear the loss of human life?"


"The loss of human life is a great tragedy. But no Lama can be permitted to
prematurely interfere in the affairs of man."

"Am I to simply act as a fireman? Putting out fires while doing
nothing to prevent them."


"Please grant me permission this once."

"We will not. We advise you to leave. For you will need to be ready for this
Professor Necro's eventual attack."


Bob Benton is bored. Boredom is what lead him to become the Black Terror. For
years he had been weak and a bit scared. He became a pharmacist because he
was fascinated by pills and chemicals.  How one tiny pill could change

He remembers one night in college he had a dream. In the dream he discovered a
formula that would grant him great power.  For years he worked on
perfecting it, but never could.

That is until one day a young kid named Tim blundered into his pharmacy. Accidentally adding Formic Acid to the latest fail concoction.

Something possessed Bob to drink this formula and instantly he felt
different. More powerful, more confident. He bought a costume and became the Black Terror, and Tim (after drinking the formula) became his partner Young Mister Terrorr.

Together they did a lot of good in North Haven. Stopping costumed villains like the Puzzler and the Scorcher. Meeting new allies like Green Lama,Duel-Devil and the Arrow. Forming the mighty team, the Fourth Corner of Fate.

But those days feel like a lifetime ago. He married his girlfriend
Laurie four years ago. He loves Laurie, but he wonders if he wanted to get married.

Tim and he grew apart, which he supposes is natural. Tim needs to find his own destiny and he can't do that with his adopted father around. He went off to college last year, attending UCLA.

Even the Fourth Corner of Fate grew apart. There was the business with the Tide
Tyrant last year. He was almost excited to get the distress call from

Now that the Little Wise Guys are safe, Bob has returned home.
Laurie has went to bed already, while Bob studies his lab notes. Or he
would if he did not hear something in the Pharmacy beneath his apartment.

"Hmm might be some wino looking to get high on cough syrup. Maybe I'll give
him a scare."

Professor Necro needs a blood sample from Bob Benton. Better known as the
Black Terror. Knowing who Benton is and how he got his powers, Necro surmised
he must have blood samples in his lab.

He must be careful breaking into Benton Pharmacy. Any great exertion of mystic
power will alert the Green Lama. Not that Necro has much to spare these days.
After his failure in 1945, most of his power is focused on holding his
body together.

He picks the lock open and walks inside. He uses his finger as a
flashlight. Finally he finds the lab. In the fridge he sees multiple blood samples. Most belonging to Benton, and some to his adopted son Tim.

"Pharmacy's closed."

It's Benton in his Black Terror costume. Necro was afraid of this. He
did not want a direct confrontation with the Black Terror.


A stream of black smoke leaves the nostrils of Professor Necro. With Terror
blinded, he grabs the vials of blood and runs for it. Before he is
tackled by the Black Terror.

"Sorry pal, exit is one way."

Necro curses his infernal limp. Since that day in 45 he is unable to
walk normally. He will not be captured by this man. If it means revealing himself to Lama so be it.


A black bolt of lighting sends the Terror crashing into a table.

"Something tells me you're not a wino."

Necro cannot allow this confrontation to become prolonged.


Black Terror falls into a pit that appeared instantly beneath his feet.

Necro exerts himself further and disappears in a puff of black smoke
with the vials of blood.

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