Friday, February 3, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 5


New York City

Even with wings resembling Old Glory that allow him to fly, Bold Eagle is wearing down. He really felt like he was pushing the zombies back, but then their numbers tripled.

Eagle prepares for one last stand, when heads start to roll
literally. It's America's Fighting Twin's Yank And Doodle.

Dressed in identical skin tight blue, red and white numbers, they ride into
battle on two motorcycles. They decapitate multiple zombies with a
thin steel wire.

They go to greet The Bold Eagle.

"Sorry we took so long getting here. We had to sneak out of our basketball game."

More zombies appear on each side of the street. Eagle looks concerned.

"It's okay boys, I can use the help."

The patriotic foursome prepare to fight, when out of a green light
steps a pair of figures in solid black and gold trim, with skull and crossbones on their chest.

"Black Terror? How did you get here? Aren't you located in Ohio?"

"No time to explain Eagle. But I know how to stop these things for keeps."


An Indian Reservation in Arizona.

The Bronze Destroyer fights alone and was for a time winning.
The creatures have killed his horse Nightmare. At the rate this fight is
going, he will soon join him. A zombie bashes Destroyer's face with a
rock. His skull mask and headdress cushion the blow moderately. He
rams his dagger into the zombie's stomach. But zombie hits him
from behind.

The Bronze Destroyer makes peace with his ancestors, when an arrow takes down the zombie, before he can land the killing blow. Next a massive explosion, destroys a large chunk of the undead invaders.

He looks up and sees a man in a orange hooded shirt costume with silver gloves and boots. He recognizes this man as The Arrow. A mystery man who works for the Government.

"Appreciate the help. How'd you get here so quickly?"

"You probably wouldn't believe me."

"You see how I'm dressed and what I'm fighting and believe that?"

"I was brought here by the Green Lama. I know how to stop the zombies for good."


Los Angeles California

Captain Battle, Hale Battle and Battle Junior are handily winning
the fight with the undead invaders. Battle formulated a strategy that
corralled the zombies to one area. After a few bumps and scrapes,
they started fighting each other. Now Captain Battle is picking them
off with his Dissolvo gun, while Hale takes the stragglers. While Battle Junior is herding new zombies into the melee.

"We're doing good Caps, but we gotta find a way to stop them for good."

"Way ahead of you Hale. I've been studying the pattern and figured
out their desired destination. They are trying to get to 1500 Block.
Looking at the portable Curvoscope, there is a queer symbol on the
ground at that location. We need to destroy it."

"Gee whiz Cap, how we gonna do that? All our energy is bein spent
herding these goobers."

"I can help with that."



The New York estate of Professor Necro.

Professor Necro is in agony. His attempt to speed up the spell, has put
him in a great deal of pain. He knows the effort was a failure, but he
refuses to run. He cannot defeat Green Lama, but perhaps he can slow
him down. Keep him occupied while the spell is completed.

Right now he senses agents of the Lama are nearing his Dire Symbols.
If they destroy those, this will have been for nothing. With a wave of
his hands he chants.

"Carbrix, Zzzern,ORNBLOCK"

Three streams of grey energy leave his fingers and go into the sky.

Even with the current thunder storm centered on his property, he can
feel the air shift. The Green Lama has arrived.

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