Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 23

Black Fury

Green Lama

Missile Miser


Tsarong leads Black Fury, the new Duel-Devil and the Arrow into
battle at the abandoned Air Hanger in North Haven, Ohio. Their mission is to save the Green Lama.

The instant they step foot on the grounds, they are attacked by mercenaries from
the Pan Guay Tiger's Army.

The new group goes on the attack. Duel-Devil brandishing yellow and blue
Boomerangs throws the blue one to disarm a group of soldiers, then the
yellow one to knock them out.

The Arrow takes a more direct approach. Using an exploding arrow to take out
another segment of soldiers.

The Black Fury does not possess the long range capabilities of his
teammates, but he makes up for it with raw power. The Tiger Soldiers bullets
bounce off of his skin. He charges into the fight, tossing the
soldiers around with ease.

The remaining soldiers have surrounded Tsarong. Perhaps thinking the older
Asian man is an easy target. Tsarong has not even taken out his Bo Staff.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

Tsarong's eyes glow green as he claps his hands together, knocking out his

"Come, Mr.Dumont is inside."

"You will never find him my Oriental friend."

It is Gentleman Brute and the Missile Miser.

Brute attacks Tsarong. Making the same mistake as the Tiger Soldiers, in
thinking he would make easy prey.

"I do say, can't you do more than evade my attacks?"

Tsarong executes a perfect backflip.

"Certainly, my brutish friend."

He takes out his Bo Staff, and hits Gentleman Brute with precision
strikes, aimed at his face, torso and knees. He leaps into the air kicking Brute in
the face, then sweeping his leg out from under him.

Gentleman Brute stands up. A trickle of blood coming out of his nose.

"Grrrr you will pay for that......."

His gentlemanly veneer now dropped. He approaches Tsarong menacingly.
Tsarong ducks to the ground, as Black Fury enters the scene and knocks Brute
unconscious with a right cross.

Missile Miser is unloading his chain gun at Duel-Devil, who improbably dodges
every shot. While he avoids Miser's attacks, the Arrow loads his
Potato Arrow to fire into the exhaust port on Miser's armor.

Miser fires a missile at the Arrow, who despite his age manages to dodge it.


"What? I'm guessing you're bragging about the modifications to your armor.
Well I modified the Potato Arrow too."

He fires the Potato Arrow at Missile Miser who arrogantly takes it head on. The
rocket on his armor damaged, he crashes to the ground.

"Guess you weren't ready for the Loaded Potato Arrow."

The team heads into the Hanger to rescue the Green Lama.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro is set to graduate from the Darrunner Institute two Loom Cycles
early. He has proved very gifted at the dark arts.

For his thesis he showed how the Necrogres could be controlled rather than simply destroyed. This has changed the way the Darkizors do business in the Necromizone.

As Professor Necro accepts his diploma he is approached by Xcision and

"Necro I am so pleased to see my faith in you has been rewarded. Do you know
what you will do now?"

"I can't say I have Xcision. I think I want to explore the outer reaches of the
Necromizone. This world is still fascinating."

"I understand Necro. But perhaps you would like a place in my organization. You
will learn more of the Necromizone than you thought possible."

"Yes I suppose you are right Xcision."

Necro offers his decaying right hand to Xcision's feathered claw.


Tsarong, The Arrow, the Black Fury and the Duel-Devil enter the Hanger.
They see the Green Lama tied up.

Before they can get any closer, a man in a blue snake skin bodysuit and Cobra
mask appears before them.

"Tsarong I am so glad you reverted to type. Also thank you for taking out Brute
and Miser. I did not look forward to the long trip to Pan Guay with those two."

"Lin Tzu?"

"Good to see you are as sharp as ever Tsarong. I can see why you were made
Jianhu to the Lama."

"What have you done to yourself Lin Tzu?"

"I am the Cobalt Cobra."

"Impossible, the Viper Cult was exterminated 200 years ago."

Duel-Devil grows impatient. If this is a rescue mission, then they
should get to the rescue portion. He goes over to the Green Lama, but before he can free him the Cobra bars his path.

"I was hoping you'd do that."

Duel-Devil punches the Cobra, who easily dodges the blow. Kneeing Devil in
the ribs and kicks him across the room.

Tsarong yells out.


But the group is on the attack now. The Arrow fires a sharpened shaft at the
Cobra who catches it in his hand. He smiles before throwing it into
the Arrow's femur.


Black Fury is enraged and attacks the Cobra. The Cobra dodges all of the Fury's
punches. Before the Cobra's eyes glow blue and he gives the Fury a telekinetic
shove thru the Hanger wall.

"You have great power, but no clue on how to use it. Now
Tsarong you have no one to hide behind."

"I was never hiding Lin Tzu. I was preparing."

Tsarong and the Cobalt Cobra begin fighting. Each possessing incredible martial
arts skill. Each parrying the others kicks and punches. Tsarong takes
out his Bo Staff and presses on. Cobra responds with a chop that shatters the Bo Staff.

Tsarong leaps backward.

"Om, Mani , Padme, Hum"

His eyes glow green as he claps his hands together.


The Cobra's eyes glow blue as he lifts his left hand into the air. The
two opposing telekinetic forces clash in the center of the room.

Tsarong stands his ground struggling. The Cobra too is having more trouble than
he expected. Perhaps defeating Lama so easily made him think Tsarong had
slipped too. But still the dark powers of the Cobalt Cobra give him
the advantage.


Cobra's attention is briefly diverted.


It is Dumont.


He is awake.


He is free!!!!!

The Cobra's concentration is fully broken as Tsarong thrust his hands forward.
Sending the Cobalt Cobra flying at the Green Lama, who knocks the Cobra
unconscious with a single punch.

Tsarong falls to his knees, exhausted from the struggle. Green Lama runs over
to him.

"Thank you my Jianhu. I knew you would rescue me."

Black Fury charges back into the room madder than a hornet.

"Alright Cobra, time for round 2!!!!"

"Thank you Fury, but the battle is over. The Arrow and Duel-Devil need medical

Black Fury looks slightly embarrassed, then concerned as he sees the condition
of his friends.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 22


Tsarong has finally pinpointed the location of the Green Lama. It took
hours, but he managed to work through the cloaking spells masking Lama's aura.

He is at the abandoned Air Hanger in North Haven, Ohio where Lama is being
held. Before he goes on the attack, he is waiting for his back up to
arrive. Tsarong knows anyone capable of taking down the Green Lama, will make short work of him alone.

"I'm here Tsarong."

"Ah it is excellent to see you Twin Terror."

"I'm the Black Fury now.'

"Where is the Black Terror?"

"Somewhere in Pan Guay, fighting the Tiger's Army. Haven't heard from him in
two years."

Tim Roland, formally known as The Twin Terror, sidekick to the
Black Terror.

He continues to fight the fight he started as a boy. What started as a fun
adventure ended up being serious work after he finished college. But Tim is not
sure he could say the same thing for his adopted father the Black Terror.

No for Bob Benton (Black Terror) being a super hero was about a
thrill. He took it seriously and wanted to do good. But at the same time, he wanted to live life on the edge.

Tim suspects it is why Bob never had a child of his own. He was never
quite done being a kid himself.

Two years ago The Black Terror and his Twin Terror had a falling out. It was over the conflict in Pan Guay. Black Terror thought they should participate and help the rebels. Tim thought they had responsibilities in America. That night Bob Benton, the Black Terror left North Haven for Pan Guay.

Tim decided it was time to stop being a Twin Terror and become his own man.
That night the Black Fury was born.

Wearing a black uniform with a full mask, and a red cape. His chest
emblem being a red circle with a laughing Jolly Roger on the front. The Fury does
his best to keep North Haven crime free, while running Benton Pharmacy and raising his daughter.

Things had been quiet lately, then he got the psychic summons from Tsarong.
He knew anyone who could defeat the Green Lama was trouble.

"So Tsarong, do we attack?'

"No we wait for the others."

"I'm here, sorry I'm so late. Had to charter a helicopter."

"Mr.Payne I promise you, the Dumont Foundation will reimburse you."

Ralph Payne, otherwise known as The Arrow, has been semi retired for
five years.

While in very good condition for his age, he has put on some weight and slowed
down a bit. He spends his summers fishing and his winters hunting.

Right now he is only wearing jeans and a red coat, armed with his bow
and quiver of gimmick arrows.

"Tsarong good to see you. I assume your friend is?'

"The Black Fury, Mr.Payne. You know me as Tim Roland."

"How is the Black Terror?"

"Your guess is as good as mine."

Tsarong is pleased. He thinks the three of them can gel as a team.
Provided luck holds out on the fourth member of the rescue team.

"So has the party started?"

Tsarong conceals his disappointment when he sees Duel-Devil. It is not
the original Devil, Bart Hill. He was retired after a particularly brutal
battle with the Fear Mancer.

No this is Curly, one of the Little Wise Guy's as an adult. Mr.Hill
was unable to select which Wise Guy he wanted to follow in his footsteps. He had trained them all, and knew they all had a good heart. Each with their own unique
strengths and weaknesses.

So all four became Duel-Devil. In the case of Curly, he wears the original blue
and yellow uniform of Duel-Devil.

Curly is a skilled fighter with a great amount of spirit. But in an
operation as delicate as this, he would have preferred one of the more experienced
Devils like Jock or Scarecrow.

"Alright Tsarong, lets go bust out the Lama."

Tsarong does a silent prayer as they prepare the rescue.

The Necromizone

The Darrunner Institute is far different than the Darklin School. Here
there is less emphasis on dueling and more emphasis on studying the minutia of the Necromizone. Learning how the Gods of the Necromizone effect all life here.

The theory the Necromizone is simply the remains of a greater being.
That the gods we see every day, are portions of its main organs.

But there is another thing about the Darrunner Institute. Actual results do not
seem to matter. He notices how some of the Darkizers get away with providing
sub par work compared to himself. He looked into their backgrounds and saw they
always had family members, either on the Council of External Order, or their
families have excess Oblivorex.

Necro finds it fascinating how some elements of society are the same in every
dimension. Not that Necro hasn't benefited from being a pet
project of Xcision.

But still he focuses on improving his skills. Each night he stays up
studying scrolls. Learning the history of the Necromizone. He strives to
separate fact from fiction. After that he duels with whomever he can find. He must keep his mystic reflexes sharp. Even if he refuses to acknowledge the idea directly, he knows what his true goal is.

His roommate is known as Xcurtion. He is friendly enough, but
pathetically weak for a Darkizor of his pedigree and age.

"Hello Necro, I see you are studying the scrolls as hard as ever. Loom
Cycles are too short for that."

"Not all of us are happy coasting on our lineage."

"Don't be like that Necro. I have acquired some of my uncle's prize
Uzon Nectar. Me and some of the others were thinking we could go and watch the Necogre's mate while drinking it."

"A tempting offer Xcurtion. But I have work to do."

Necro knows he must be civil as he becomes established. Soon he will
have all the power he will ever need.

Jethro Dumont has closed his eyes. It has been too long since he has
accessed his full Green Lama powers. No he used them to empower his body. Feeling if he were more proactive, then perhaps things like Professor Necro's attacks on humanity could be prevented. But expanding his duties as a crime fighter as well and the Dumont Foundation's operations came at a cost.

He fell out of practice at using his true mystic skills. A decade ago,
he would of never have been taken prisoner.

Now he closes his eyes and walks around the astral plane. He looks at the doors
to the knowledge of Lama's past. Each door sealed shut. He sees a statue of
himself as he looks now. Gleaming with a bright green light.

He senses if he can get to the statue, he can reclaim some of his
might. As he is only inches from reclaiming his power, the Cobalt Cobra comes out of the ground in front of the statue. Here the Cobra is eighty feet tall.

Dumont while not having access to his powers, is still a man. He leaps at the
Cobalt Cobra, only to be swatted to the ground. Lama jumps back up and attacks
again, only to be knocked down again.

The Cobra smiles and gazes at the statue. He lifts his foot and
shatters it. Jethro Dumont's eye open quickly, as if he had a nightmare while awake.

"I see you thought to circumvent my will Dumont. You are a disgrace to the
mantle of the Green Lama. You will soon die at the hands of the Cobalt Cobra."

Gentleman Brute, now back to full power walks into the room with an urgent

"Pardon me, but we are under attack."

Cobalt Cobra's face gets a sickening grin.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 21


Tsarong has not heard from Jethro Dumont in over a day. What
is worse,  he has not felt a mystic impulse from him in fifteen hours.

Something has happened to him, and Tsarong must act. As Jianhu to the Green
Lama, his duties usually concern making the Lama's job easier. Whether it be
preparing his meals, or fighting by his side in battle.

The head of the Dumont Foundation informed Tsarong that the
Green Lama had gone to Carter,Wyoming to meet students at a school for the

Tsarong chartered a jet to Wyoming to investigate. Seeing the charred
remains of the school, confirms his worst fears. The Green Lama was ambushed, but who could possess the strength to defeat a Lama in combat.

Tsarong tenses up, he senses traces of a dark mystic power. It feels
familiar. Similar to the power of the Green Lama, but very different.

If Tsarong's suspicions are correct, he will need back up.


The Necromizone

Weeks have passed since Professor Necro started his classes at the Darkizor

Professor Necro stands in the center of the room, wearing the garb of
a Darkizor.

His half rotting face would look out of place anywhere but the Necromizone.
He is surrounded by Xtallior and four other Darklins.

"We must be careful fellow Darklins."

Two of the Darklins generate a binding spell. Pinning Necro's arms down with a
blue energy. Two of the other Darklins fire red beams of energy at
him. Professor Necro grabs the blue energy constraints and pulls the Darklins into the path of the red energy blast.

The Darklins who fired the energy blast panic and prepare to fire
again, only for Necro to turn the ground they are standing on into battering rams knocking them out.

This leaves young Xtallior. Necro smirks as he approaches the lead Darklin.

"I surrender Elder Earther."

"Too late."

Necro teleports behind the Darklin and hits him with a red beam of
energy, ending the duel.

The Elder Darkizor wearily walks over to Professor Necro.

"Excellent work Earther, I can teach you no more. I have contacted the
higher ups at the Darrunner Sorcery Institute, they are very excited to teach you."

Necro sees Xcision was telling the truth. His potential is limitless.


Jethro Dumont, (known to us as the Green Lama) awakens. His arms and legs are
bound. The room is dark, so he is unsure of where he is.

"Ah Dumont you have awakened."

"Who are you? Where am I?"

"It is a pity what you have done to the title of Green Lama. You should know
where you are at all times. As for who I am, you should recognize my voice."

"Lin Tzu?"

"Ah I see your memory has not atrophied, unlike your skill in the mystic arts."

"What do you want Lin?"

"I already have a portion of what I want. To see the great Green Lama bound and
helpless at my feet. To expose as a fraud, the man who stole my job."

"You can't be serious Lin Tzu. At best you were seventh in line to be Lama. the
Council knew of your dark ambitions."

"Enough Dumont. I can live with being passed over for Green Lama, or even Jianhu to the Lama. But to see the way you have disgraced the teachings of the Temple is too much."

A man walks out of the shadows in a blue snake skin bodysuit, complete with the
headdress of a cobra.

"The Cobalt Cobra had to strike."

The Green Lama is taken aback by the sight. There has not been a
Cobalt Cobra in two hundred years. The Moaning Viper Cult was thought to be extinct.

"How did you?"

"Become the Cobalt Cobra? Yes I remember the day you became the Green
Lama. The day your lap dog Tsarong became your Jianhu. I left the temple that
day and vowed never to return. In my quest for power I went all over the world.

I chased after every half baked rumor and legend in my quest. All while honing my skills. My journey took me to Egypt, as I had heard of an ancient wizard who would grant power to an apprentice. Like most of the
legends, it proved to be a dead end."

A loud commotion interrupts Cobra's monologue.

"Curse you Brute, I told you not to touch that!!!!"

"Golly Miser, I didn't mean to set off the fire extinguisher."

"I find you less insipid as a hulking fop."

"Well you done know, when the serum wears off, I can't take it again for three

The Cobalt Cobra looks very annoyed. He has worked hard to set the right tone
for his origin.

"Nice friends you are keeping Lin."

"Missile Miser and Gentleman Brute are no friends of mine. They served a
purpose. Now where was I?"

"You were explaining how you became the Cobalt Cobra."

"Yes after my trip to Egypt in 46, I began having nightmares.

Nightmares where I was devoured by a viper. I was drawn to the Moaning Viper statue. It spoke to me, it gave me the trials. Once I proved myself worthy, I became the Cobalt Cobra."

"How do I fit into this Lin Tzu?"

"You Dumont? You were my fire, the thing that drove me to obtain this power. My
goal was always to kill you, and eventually Tsarong. To show the Council how
wrong they were."

"Then why haven't you killed me yet?"

"Because my current employer would not like that."

"Since when does the mighty Cobalt Cobra need an employer."

The Cobalt Cobra punches Green Lama in the mouth.

"I have no need for an employer. But recently I was approached with an
intriguing offer by the Beige Bengal. You know him don't you Dumont?"

"Yes he is a general in the Pan Guay Tiger's Army."

"Correct, it seems you have been making a nuisance of yourself in Pan Guay.

They approached me with an offer I could not refuse. They will execute you on
national television. As a sign to both the rebels and the United States that their efforts are futile. I get to see you disgraced on the biggest stage possible."

"Tsarong will...."

"Tsarong has no hope of finding you. I am employing five different cloaking spells. But I want Tsarong to find you. I want him to die at your feet. So I'm going to drop three of the spells."

The Green Lama struggles with his bonds, but finds himself helpless.

"Struggle all you like, when you were unconscious, I gave you a post hypnotic
suggestion. It took away most of your super strength and speed. It is a shame
you have fallen so out of practice. Something like that should never
work on a true Lama."

Green Lama closes his eyes and puts faith in his Jianhu.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 20


Green Lama just touched down in Carter, Wyoming. The school looks very
rundown. He'll make a donation when he gets back to the office.

Lama pushes open the door and it falls off the hinges. He goes into a classroom
and sees a teacher with a group of blind students.

He hesitates as he approaches.

"Excuse me, I hate to interrupt but I am the Green Lama. I was told
your students were interested in meeting me?"

The teacher turns around and Lama recognizes that face. It is Gentleman Brute!!

"Why certainly old sport. So nice of you to grant our wish."

Brute hits Lama with a textbook uppercut, knocking Lama to the ground.
Then he kicks Lama in the ribs.

"So sorry dear boy, my trick knee acting up."

Lama punches Brute through the wall.

He turns to check on the blind students and sees they are simply dolls
with bombs for heads. Green Lama burst thru the roof and narrowly avoids the explosion.


Green Lama would know that garbled gibberish anywhere.

"Missile Miser!!!"


"I see you have not upgraded your speakers in all these years."

A rocket launcher pops out onto Miser's shoulder, and fires it at Green
Lama. Its impact on Lama creates an explosion.

Lama gets up, his costume in tatters. Gentleman Brute also pops out of the
rubble, his nice suit torn and burnt.

"Miser you nitwit, this suit cost me a well diggers annual salary."



"He said tough!!!"

Lama tears into Gentleman Brute, hitting him with a ferocious series
of rights and lefts.

Missile Miser starts unloading his chain gun on Lama. Who quickly returns fire
with the Brute. Using him as a 500 pound projectile.

"NO STOP!!!! STOP!!!!"

The duo crash to the ground in a heap. Green Lama walks over to them.

"I haven't seen these two in years. They aren't even my enemies. Why would they
stage such an elaborate ambush."

Suddenly as if appearing out of thin air, a man in a blue snake suit
appears behind The Green Lama.

"To act as a decoy Dumont."

With a precision strike to the base of the neck, the Green Lama is knocked out.

"To think the exalted Green Lama could be deceived by a basic cloaking spell."


Professor Necro's evening with the Darkizors proved interesting. They were
very impressed with his raw mystic potential. They felt if he could
accomplish such feats on Earth, then he could achieve great things in the Necromizone.

There were a few harsh lessons. Such as learning the thing he had worshiped for
years, is no more than a demonic neanderthal.

Apparently the Necrogre valley is near a universal vortex. So when he attempted to connect with the
beings here, he was in commune with nearby Necogres.

The Viper God that granted him power was an exiled Viprison. A near
extinct race in the Necromizone.

But he learned of true gods. Xcision took him to the top of the temple
to gaze upon the gods of the Necromizone. They are a trio of giants.

One is a silhouette of a humanoid Lizard.

The other the silhouette of a humanoid bird.

He is not sure what the middle one is suppose to be.

Xcision is escorting Necro to a training class. He is garbed in clothing
similar to the Darkizors.

"Necro while you show great potential. Your current skill level is
still very low.

We are going to put you in a starter class with the Darklins."

"They appear to be children."

"With your potential I'm sure you will rise in the ranks quickly."

Class goes by quickly. With the teacher going thru basic spells and

Nothing Necro or the Darklins did not know already.

 An elderly Darkizor stands up wearily. His fur and feathers Grey and
dirty with age. His knees buckling with each step.

"Class I think dueling is a good way to get introduced. You will learn your
strengths and weakness's and where you need improvement."

Necro is paired with a smallish Darklin.

"Hello elder Earther, My name is Xtallior."

Necro is unsure of how to approach this. If he uses too much power he
might kill the Darklin. Which might make a bad impression on his new host.

Necro and Xtallior circle one another slowly. Xtallior moves first.
Firing a basic red energy blast, Necro puts up a energy shield.


Necro sends out a glob of energy to bind the youngster who disappears. He
reappears behind Necro and sends him into the stone wall with another
blast of red energy.

Xtallior walks over excited.

"You dual very well for an Earther."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 19


Professor Necro does not know where is. He has a suspicion he is in
the place he has been attempting to contact since he was a teen. The sky is black
and red, there are multiple suns and moons. The ground feels like stone, bone and meat.

He looks over and he sees the thing he considered a god. What the others
referred to as a demonic ogre. Looking around at this strange valley
he sees many of them. What should he do? Does he dare approach them. They are higher beings. The ones he has sought to commune with since adolescence.

Suddenly they notice him. They walk over to him slowly as a group. The leader
leans down, looking at Necro closely. It has never seen a human
before. The thing slowly lifts its fist and smashes him into the ground.

Necro just barely threw a force field around himself. They are going berserk,
trying to maul him. Higher beings or not, Professor Necro must defend himself.


He sends a stream of Grey energy into the herd. But it does no damage. The
leader tackles Necro. It is about to bash his head in, when it is blown to pieces.

The others in the herd take off running in different directions. But
each one is quickly destroyed.

Necro ponders who it was that saved him. What tremendous power could destroy
these higher life forms. He gets his answer when he sees a group of
beings. They look like they are some bizarre combination of Bird, Reptile and
Gorilla. They are wearing leather armor. The leader approaches him with his hand out stretched.

"Don't you know it is not safe for weaker beings in the NecOrge
valley? They will maim you for sport."

"No, I suppose I did not. Who are you?"

The creature looks surprised. Surprised that someone would not know who he is.

"I am Xcision, of the Darkizors. What realm are you from?"

"I am from Earth."

"How did you get here?"

"I was brought here by a portal."

"Of whose creation?"

"Of my own."

Xcision again looks surprised.

"Impossible, no Earther could create a portal to the Necromizone."

"It is the truth. I generated the portal to summon a NecOrge. During
the course of a conflict, it was reopened and I ended up here."

Now the Darkizor party looks impressed.

"Let us bring you to our home. We are very interested in hearing your story."



"Good morning, it is 6:45 and the weather is going to be sunny and clear. Lets
take it back to you Green Lama."

"Thank you Bill Myers. Folks do you feel tired and rundown? Do you want to
accomplish great things, but your mind and body are unwilling?

The key is not in a tonic, or pill, or even in some pamphlet. The key
is inside of you.

The power to change your life exist within your own mind. You must balance the
mind, the body and the spirit. Once this is done, all your goals are
within your reach.

Now how do you do this? First you must be willing to balance. Next you
should set up a moderate exercise regiment. Following that, take thirty minutes a
day to clear your mind. To spend time with only your thoughts. Finally you should do things that truly make you feel good.

It sounds simple, but usually it is not. We all face struggles and
sometimes they consume us. But the power is within you. But if you need the help, please contact a Dumont Center today. For the locatopn near you please call,


Now here is John Carlton with sports."

Green Lama steps off the set. His look has changed quite a bit since 1953.
Gone are the flowing emerald robes. Replaced with green tights and a hooded

That is not the only thing that has changed. No longer does the Green Lama
operate in a clandestine fashion. He is now a very public figure. Not
shying away from foiling anything from bank robberies, or even intervening in military conflicts in far off lands.

Just recently, he made headlines saving American soldiers in a battle
with the Pan Guay Tiger's Army.

He no longer uses overt mystic arts. Instead using powers such as super speed
and strength.

"Mr.Dumont, the Walrite Chain of stores is interested in carrying the Green
Lama Herbal Tea. What should we tell them?"

"Has the formula been worked out, since the last time I tried it?"

"No sir"

"Tell them it is not ready yet. I want the tea to be perfect. This is
not simply a cash grab. We want to put a healthy drink on the market."

"Sir the Dumont Foundation received a call from a "Carter's School for
the Blind" in Wyoming. They would like the Green Lama to appear. I would have
told them you are busy but...."

"Tell them I'll be there this afternoon."

Green Lama and the executive are now outside. Green Lama looks up and does a familiar chant.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

He takes off into the morning sky like a green blur.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 18


Green Lama has risen from the crater. He has determined how to stop Professor Necro and his "God".

Duel-Devil, Black Terror and the Arrow have also determined a plan. But before they can implement it, Green Lama lifts his hand, the ground raises up as if alive and captures the three heroes.

"What you want to do is noble. But I cannot allow you to perish becauses of my inaction."

The three strain against Lama's prison. Even Black Terror, strongest of them all is trapped.

"Lama what are you planning? Let us help you!!!"

"There is nothing you can do. This course was already set before you arrived."

Professor Necro feels confident. He knows the sacred code of the Council of Lamas. He knows the Green Lama would never risk the lives of three innocent men.

"What will you do Lama? Will you kill your allies? There is nothing you can do to stop us."


A black light flows from the Green Lama's eyes. Professor Necro is in shock, but he is not the only one. Tsarong has been Jianhu to the Green Lama for thirteen years. This job involves serving the Green Lama and defending the Mystic Order of Life.

But what the Green Lama has initiated, perverts that Order. Tsarong is torn on what he should do. He knows why the Lama is doing this. He wants to stop the Necromantic and the demonic orge he has summoned. But this could have dire consequences.

Tsarong runs toward the Lama. Violating protocol and attempting to pull him away.

"Honorble Lama, this cannot be. You must stop now. This violates the mystic order!!!!"

The Green Lama does not look at Tsarong.


Tsarong is thrown back by a bolt of black energy. A portal of black light has opened.

Professor Necro never imagined the Lama would attempt this. It is unthinkable that a Green Lama would access such dark magic.


Professor Necro sends a grey bolt of energy into the portal. Attempting to close it, before the Lama can finialize his plan.

The Lama's might is still far greater than anything Professor Necro could have concieved of. Even with the added power of the Moaning Viper aiding him.

The Demonic Ogre has recovered from the earlier attacks of the Lama.

"My lord, destroy the Lama before he can banish us. We must complete are work on this plane."

Green Lama is now floating in the air. The black energy flowing from his body.


The door has turned into a vortex. Pulling only Professor Necro, the Ogre and Green Lama toward it. Only Lama posseses the power to resist it. The Demonic Ogre has already been pulled in, leaving only Lama and Necro.

Professor Necro summons what he can of the Moaning Viper's remaining power into himself.


A Red energy ghost of Professor Necro rises from his body. The energy ghost's face resembles a decaying Viper.

The ghost strikes at the Green Lama, who has projected a Green, Black and Gold energy ghost of his own to meet Necro's head on.

Lama should have an easier time stopping Necro. But the strain of accessing such dark unfamilar power, while resisting the vortex has left him weakened.

The red energy ghost of Necro smashes Lama's green, gold and black energy back. Until finally Lama's energy ghost shatters and he is knocked to the ground.


As the red energy ghost of Necro stands triumphantly over the Green Lama, Necro is knocked down by an explosion.

It is Captain Battle and the Unknown Soldier. In Battle's hands is the Dissolvtro Gun. A merger of Battle's Dissolvo and Soldier's Nitro Guns.

Necro's red energy ghost fades away and Necro himself is pulled into the black door of light before it closes. The last thing Necro sees is a angry Captain Battle.

The stone bonds of Duel-Devil, Black Terror and the Arrow crumble.
"Lama what the heck was that?"

"I apologise my friends. If I wanted to stop Professor Necro, I had to act quickly. I bound you to prevent you from doing anything foolish, and to protect you from the vortex I created."

Green Lama sees Tsarong holding his katana. He walks over to his longtime friend and Jianhu.

"Tsarong I apologize for my actions here. It was the only way to stop Professor Necro, and save the lives of our allies."

"Mr.Dumont I understand why you did this..... But there is a price for accessing such dark power."

"I know Tsarong, I know."


Jethro Dumont stands before the Council Of Lamas. Each member of the Council having served as Green Lama at one time in history. They are not pleased with their current successor.

"Jethro Dumont in doing your duties, you have violated the mystic order of life. Accessing forbidden dark magics."

"I had no other choice."

"There is always a choice. You simply found the choices at hand unappealing."

"Because I refused to allow three good men to die?"


"I am not the first Lama to violate protocol. Lama Arakawa summoned two massive storms to prevent a Mongolian Invasion of Japan. My immediate predecessor Lama Sima ressurected Rasputin from multiple deaths to prevent the rise of an Elder Demon."

"and they paid for those violations."

"And how will I pay?"

"That is not for this council to decide."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 17


Tsarong has arrived at Times Square. As assistant to the Green Lama, Tsarong is not expected to fight.
But he is skilled in various forms of combat.

A wounded Captain Battle approaches.

"Tsarong what the heck is going on here?'

"A great evil has been summoned to the Earth Plane. The Green Lama has
instructed us to protect the innocent from its rampage, as he roots out the
monster's source."

Tsarong takes out the ceremonial Katana. Crafted centuries ago by one of his predecessors. It is a sacred weapon, only to be used under the most dire of circumstances.

The demonic skeleton now notices Tsarong and goes on the attack. He
nimbly avoids the swipe of the creature, leaping down and slashing it with his
blade. He does no apparent damage.

Tsarong goes back in and executes a maneuver that would leave any normal foe
decapitated. The creature is enraged and smashes its fist into the ground.

Tsarong avoids the blow with a back flip.

Captain Freedom leaps on the monster's back, only to be thrown into a truck, The monster prepares to kill Freedom. 

Tsarong pushes Freedom out of the way and absorbs the devastating blow himself.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

While his powers are not half of what the Green Lama is capable of, Tsarong is not without his special skills.

His eyes glow green for a millisecond. The monster charges at him, and Tsarong
delivers a telekinetic strike. The Monster is pushed back a foot, but is undamaged.

Before the battle can conclude, the Liberators, Tsarong and the Monster are
enveloped in a Grey smoke.

They are surprised to see themselves on a scarred battlefield.


Professor Necro has summoed the demonic creature to defend him. Lama hoped for this, so he can deal with them both at the same time..

In his haste, Necro also summoned Lama's servant Tsarong and the bruised and
battered Squadron of Liberators.

Professor Necro looks as if he considers the battle over.

"It is I who brought you to this plane to rule all you survey. Destroy the Green Lama!!!"

The monster does not understand the words of Necro. But it can sense the power
of the Green Lama.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The creature charges at the Green Lama with deceptive speed, Green Lama
hits it with a blast of green energy that drives it into the ground.

Necro is shocked. This is the creature he has worshiped since adolescence. How
can the Lama beat it down so easily?

Lama gathers a large amount of the serene energy, so he can destroy all
traces of the monster.

Professor Necro steps forward.

"I would not do that Lama."

Lama does not turn his head.


"For it is tied to human life. To destroy it would kill anyone mystically bound to it
on this plane."

"You Necro? Your life was forfeit when you summoned this abomination."

"Not me Lama, No my life has indeed ended. It Is your precious lackeys, whose blood
binds both the creature and me to this plane!!! To kill us, will kill
Duel-Devil, Black Terror and the Arrow!!!!"


The serene energy disappears. He looks at the ground, with no way to stop
Professor Necro.

The monster having recovered, stomps Green Lama into the ground. Professor
Necro raises his decayed fist in triumph.

"This world is yours my lord. Your dark age shall last forever!!!!!"

Suddenly both Necro and his new God are hit by a barrage of gun fire, It is Missile Miser and Gentleman Brute.


"I do say, you have the hygiene and cooth of a Yale Man."

Brute catches the monster with a perfectly placed jab, that would make Gentleman
Jim Corbett proud. The monster drops his fist into the skull of Gentleman Brute
with less technique.

Missile Miser empties his chain gun into the monster. Missile Miser has done evil things. But that does not mean he wants his planet ruled by some demonic ogre.

Bullets have no effect on it. The monster leaps into the air and smashes Missile
Miser into the ground. His armor that resembles a walking stove is cracked and

Duel-Devil and the Arrow send synchronized Arrows and Boomerangs into the
monsters face. To even less effect than Missile Miser's bullets.

Black Terror executes a picture perfect dropkick into the monster.
Following it up with a series of staggering hay makers.

The trio heard what Professor Necro said. They know what they have to do. But
before they can act, an explosion knocks everyone down.

It is the Green Lama. He too, knows what must be done.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 16


Professor Necro stands triumphant in his office. The one he has waited for is on the Earth plane. Soon he will join him and learn his secrets. A green bolt of lightning hits the ominous symbol in Necro's office. The Victorian Mansion is destroyed, except for the Moaning Viper statue and the blood symbol. Necro looks up and sees the Green Lama has finally appeared.

"You are too late Lama!!!! The ceremony is complete. He is on our plane now."

The Green Lama grimaces and hits Necro with another burst of mystic energy.


Necro forms a bubble of smoke to deflect Lama's next attack. With the ceremony complete, he has no need to hide his true power.

"I have changed since our last encounter Lama. My body maybe ravaged and mangled. But I am now more than a match for your mystic might."

Professor Necro fires a black wave of energy at the Lama who simply turns transparent.

"Is that so?"

Lama blinks away and appears behind Necro. Sending him crashing to the ground with a gust of emerald wind. Necro stands up and turns his arms into serpents, extending them until they are tied around the Green Lama. Lama falls to the ground. The serpentine arms of Professor Necro crushing the life out of him.

"Yes that is so. The ceremony did more than bring him to the Earth Plane. The Moaning Viper gave me a portion of the Viper God's power."

Lama struggles to his feet. Serenely he begins to chant.

"Om Mani Padme Hum."

The Green Lama grows several stories tall breaking Necro's serpent arms.

"You are a fool Necro. It was the first Green Lama who banished The Viper God. It was he who bound him to the Moaning Viper statue."

Necro still feels no fear. He has a final plan to kill the Lama once and for all.


Green Lama's instructions were very vague. Duel-Devil, The Arrow and Black Terror were unsure what role they were to play in this battle. In 1945 their part was to destroy the symbols responsible for the zombie invasion.

Tonight they were brought to a Victorian Mansion in upstate New York. They thought they were suppose to fight Missile Miser, Gentleman Brute and Fear Mancer. Until Lama destroyed the mansion with a bolt of lightning. He is clearly powerful enough to handle these three alone.

Duel-Devil narrowly avoids being stomped by Fear Mancer, as he leaps down from a oak tree. Mancer takes out his billy club and attempts to bash his foes head in.

"Geez buddy, can't you find a hobby."

"Oh I do have a hobby. Head Hunting!!"

Mancer presses the button on his billy club, causing a blade to pop out of the top. He swings it attempting to cut off Duel-Devil's head.

DD falls on his back and with both feet kicks Fear Mancer into the Oak tree.

"I got a good idea Mancer. Why don't I make like a tree and leave."

Devil leaps into the branches of the tree. Fear Mancer matching his agility follows him.

Duel-Devil decides to build distance from Fear Mancer. Climbing higher and higher.

"You will never escape the true Master of Fear!!!"

He fires the blade from his billy club at Duel-Devil who narrowly dodges.

Duel-Devil leaps down over Fear Mancer's head to a lower branch. Mancer attempts to follow, only to see his cape is caught on a branch. Devil throws his boomerang at him. But Mancer quickly removes his mask and cape and tackles DD.

Duel-Devil is shocked to see Fear Mancer is missing an eye.

"Why do you look away Daredevil? This is your fault!!."

"My fault?"

Before Fear Mancer can answer, he is hit in the back of the head by Duel-Devil's returning boomerang. As Fear Mancer lays on the ground knocked out, Duel-Devil wonders who this man is.

Gentleman Brute is not fairing very well against the Black Terror. Despite having a size and strength advantage, he is hamstrung by his refusal to abandon refined and outdated fighting techniques. Black Terror grabs Brute from behind and slams him to the ground.

"Dirty pool"

Brute gets back up and misses a few technically proficent jabs. Only to thumb the Black Terror in the eye.

"So sorry, I must have slipped."

Brute follows up with a few punches that are a bit below the belt.

Black Terror slaps his hands around the Brute's ears, and punches him below the belt.

"Sorry I musta slipped."

Missile Miser is finally getting his chance to fight the Arrow again.

His armor while outdated, is still powerful enough to block or dodge all of Arrow's attacks. Until the Arrow sent a Potato Arrow into Miser's exhaust pipe. It is a shot only one man on Earth could possibly make. Unfortuneatly for Missile Miser, Arrow is that man.



Before Miser can repeat himself, both he and Arrow are knocked down by a mystic aftershock. They look up in shock. Seeing a monstorus green skeleton fighting the Squadron of Liberators.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Comic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 15



Missile Miser is angry. The attack on Arrow, Black Terror and Duel-Devil was a
disaster. They did not manage to kill one of their foes. Instead they had to make a hasty retreat. Now their mysterious benefactor is keeping them holed up in this creepy Victorian mansion in upstate New York.

It has been a week now, and still they have been told nothing. The pay
is excellent, but he did not don this armor to make money sitting on his rear.

Putting his helmet back on, he burst into the benefactor's office. The room is old, dilapidated and covered in ominous symbols.

The benefactor is in a tattered brown robe covered in similar symbols. He pulls
down his hood, revealing a face that looks like it has been dead for
five years.

"Miser why did you burst into my workspace unannounced?"

"I am tired of waiting. When do we attack?"

"You are not being paid to attack. You are being paid to protect this estate."

"Who would want to attack a moldy old mansion."

"Very soon this estate will be under siege. Under siege from your enemies. Then
you will be free to leave. Now go Missile Miser, for Professor Necro
has work to complete."

Missile Miser leaves, at least partially pacified. Professor Necro creates an
ominous symbol with the blood of Arrow, Black Terror and Duel-Devil around the
Moaning Viper statue.

"Bind these souls that call upon those that must not be. Bind them
thru the Viper God. Let that which they call forth, only be undone by death."

A grayish green light burst forth from the Moaning Viper statue.
Cutting a hole thru the old Victorian Mansion and the night sky. A portal has opened.


Jerry Simmons has been a policemen for five years now. He heard tales about the
zombie invasion of 1945 from the veterans. About super villain attacks and
mystery men. But he always assumed it was a little exaggerated. That
is until he had a truck thrown at him.

What is this thing? How does he describe it? It is massive, at least eight feet tall. It looks like a green skeleton. But a skeleton of what is hard to say. Nothing human that is for sure. Not any animal he has ever heard of. The skull is wide and sloping. The eyes pointed and a huge under bite with sharp fangs.

Its eyes are emitting a cold dead light. Jerry is scared, he wants to
go home to June and the kids. But he took a vow to serve and protect. He empties
his service revolver into the things skull. He hopes it gives the civilians time to run.


The Squadron of Liberators having defeated D.R.E.A.D are flying back to the
states in Captain Battle's state of the art Battle Jet.

Battle lays on a bed. After his ordeal in Korea, he needs to rest.

He hears Eagle talking to a Government Official on the two way radio.

"What? We want to help. But we only have one guy not on the disabled list."

Captain Battle snatches the radio from Eagle.

"Battle here. We'll be there."

"Cap you're in bad shape. We can't go fight whatever that thing is.
Not with us busted up from that business with D.R.E.A.D. Let me and Unknown Soldier handle it."

"No we fight together. Until I'm dead, we keep fighting."

The Battle Jet heads for New York City.


Jethro Dumont has been sitting for days meditating. Waiting for Professor Necro
to make his move. He has ignored all business with the Dumont Foundation and
Dumont Industries. He has only sat in this darkened room expanding his


Dumont's business suit turns into a green and gold robe. His servant
Tsarong joins him and they disappear in a blink of Green Light.

The battle with Professor Necro begins now.


Jeff Simmons is about to be crushed by the monster, when he is tackled by the
Bronze Destroyer.

Destroyer hits the monster with his hatchet and the hatchet breaks in two. The
monster backhands Bronze Destroyer, sending him flying thru an old building.

The Unknown Soldier lands a direct hit with his Nitro Gun. But the smoke clears
and the monster is unfazed. Next the Bold Eagle flies in on his red, white
and blue wings.

Catching the monster with various strikes. But each blow has no effect. The
creature grabs the Eagle by his wings and drives him into the ground.

Now Captain Battle is firing his Dissolvo Gun at full blast. The
monster is wincing, backing away. The attack cannot continue as the gun is overheating.

The Unknown Soldier using his unnatural strength, hits the creature with a lamp
post repeatedly. He ties it in a knot around the monster. It breaks
free as easily as a child tears paper.

Battle leaps on the monster and straps his jet pack to its
back. A maneuver he once successfully executed on the Frankenstein Monster.

But it fails. The jet pack is unable to lift the skeletal behemoth. It
rips the jet pack off and crushes it.

For the first time ever, Captain Battle is afraid.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 14


Captain Battle has made it into the heart of the D.R.E.A.D Water Mammoth. He
knows Baron Dread is near. He kicks open the door and sees the Baron standing
at the controls. Battle shoots him without a seconds hesitation. He turns him over and sees it is a Dread Trooper wearing The Baron's Cape and Cowl.

"Son of a......."

Baron Dread leaps down, dropkicking Battle in the back of the head. He tries to
strike him with his steel electrawhip, but Battle narrowly avoids it. He takes out his Dissolvo Gun and fires three blast and the Baron deflects each one with the whip.

"Herr Battle I thought a man of honor would not attack an enemy from behind."

"This is war Dread. You didn't display much honor in your sneak attack."

"Yes, but I'm not expected to."

Battle clips the Baron on the chin and body slams him on the metal
floor. Lifts him by the hair and bashes his head into the control panel. Grabbing his hair and slinging him back down.

"Hahahaha do you know what you have done? You've damaged the control
console. You have killed yourself Battle."

"Don't you mean us."

Battle grabs the controls and attempts to stop the Water Mammoth's collision
course. When Dread grabs him by the throat with his electrawhip. He is being
electrocuted. Battle trying to keep a clear head, grabs the exposed face of the
Baron, electrocuting him as well.

The longtime enemies lay on the ground. Battle is desperate to stay
conscious but finally loses that fight. He wakes up minutes later.

"Where did the Baron go? Blast!! That scum must have woke up before me."

Battle checks his watch and sees he was only out for three minutes. The Water
Mammoth is still out of control. Most likely it was originally heading for the
secret HQ of D.R.E.A.D. Now it is heading for the bottom of the ocean.

Captain John Battle will not be killed by a sinking sub.

He has too much to live for. He wants to see what type of men his sons
Hale and William turn into. He wants to see his grandson grow up. He wants to see what great accomplishments America has in her future.

But most of all he wants to live for himself. To have the satisfaction of growing old after a life time of battles.

He did not survive losing an eye at the age of 15 to go out like this.

He opens up the Water Mammoth's control panel. The wiring is a mess. The
Baron damaged it before he got in here. That means he had an escape pod ready.
Battle could likely find a wetsuit and escape. The Mammoth is not that
deep under water. But he can't guarantee where it will stop.

Battle successfully locks in a destination for the Mammoth. That
means he can't change course. Now to the second part of his plan. He heads for the bowels of the Mammoth. He sees no living D.R.E.A.D personnel. He is in the engine room.

The Mammoth has a power source he has never seen before. An odd hybrid
engine. Running on coal,steam, electricity and gasoline.

He takes his Dissolvo and destroys the steam section first. Then the electric and coal sections.
That leaves the gasoline section which should be running out very soon.

The lights are out, that means his plan worked. Hopefully the homing
beacon works. He opens the hatch to the Mammoth and wearily crawls out. The sun has risen and it looks like a beautiful day is starting. He is unable to move his arm or walk without a limp.

He sees two helicopters above his head. It is the rest of the
Squadron of Liberators. Eagle floats down and pats him on the back.


The Eagle gets a mischievous smile on his face. It is impossible to
hide his relief.

"Just like you Battle. Taking a cruise while we do all the work."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 13

Unknown Soldier
Baron Dread

Silver Talon


Captain Battle has an easy time finding the location of D.R.E.A.D's Water
Mammoth. All he has to do is follow the trail of destruction created
by the Dread Troops. Battle helps the American soldiers when he can. But right now stopping Baron Dread once and for all is his top priority.

As he nears the Water Mammoth, Captain Battle is struck by a case of vertigo.

He thinks that is not possible. He has taken worse beatings and never been dizzy. The air starts changing colors. Suddenly he is caught in the palm of the Wizard known as the Silver Talon.

"Ah Captain Battle. It has been so long since we met face to face. It
appears you have thinned our ranks considerably. I can no longer feel the Doctor or Berzerker's aura."

"You'll join them soon enough Talon."

"Oh I think not my Western foe. I think not."

Battle feels the sensation of burning. Rationally he knows this is an
illusion. The Silver Talon does not have the power to change size or burn him. But in his weakened state he is vulnerable to illusion. He struggles to free his arms. If he could get to his Dissolvo Gun.

Talon is enjoying the site of Captain Battle struggling to
break his spell.

As much fun as he is having, it is time to end this. Perhaps he could summon a
lightning bolt or a fireball. Silver Talon wants the personal touch you can only get using a blade.

He takes out an ugly twisted dagger. He will first give Battle shallow
cuts all over his body. Then perhaps convert the dirt into salt. Allow him to suffer, before Talon cuts out his heart.

Captain Battle is unable to break the Silver Talon's grip. He is
simply too strong in this form. He can tell by the look in his eyes, that Talon is
ready to kill him. When a loud explosion causes him to break his grip.

Battle gets back to his feet. He wonders who saved him. He turns and sees the
Unknown Soldier standing among a pile of dead Dread Troops.

"Soldier you're okay. I wasn't sure you could survive a fall like that."

Soldier looks angry. He bites his lip before speaking.

"Thank you Captain."

Soldier shakes Captain Battle's hand.

"No problem Soldier. Can you at least gimme your name."

Before Soldier can answer, Two bolts of red energy hit them both.
Silver Talon has recovered.

"Killing two liberators should give me great leverage over Baron Dread."

"You wanna bet Talon!!!!"

Before Battle can take off, Unknown Soldier stops him. Battle looks at the
masked figure. He shakes his head saying "No." Then points at the Water
Mammoth leaving.

Captain Battle heads for the Mammoth, when Talon notices.

"Oh no you....."

Silver Talon is tackled by the Unknown Soldier. As Captain Battle enters the Water


The D.R.E.A.D Water Mammoth is as large as a football field. Captain Battle got
inside before it fully submerged. His mission is to find the leader of D.R.E.A.D Baron Dread. So far he has been unsuccessful in finding him. He has found plenty of D.R.E.A.D Troops, and wasted no time in dispatching them.

Battle has arrived at what he thinks is the control room for the Water Mammoth.

He melts the lock with his Dissolvo Gun and kicks the door in. Only to find
nothing. The room is empty.

"Stupid Amerikan. Did you think the control room to this magnificent machine
would be so easy to find?"

"Iron Jaw"

"Yes, the Baron has left it up to me to kill you."

Iron Jaw is Baron Dread's top assassin. He lost the bottom half of his jaw in an
attempted assassination of Joesph Stalin in 41. He was the first man approached
to join D.R.E.A.D. They have had several run ins over the years.

"Whats the matter, Baron forget to oil your mouth this morning."

Iron Jaw punches Captain Battle in the stomach. Normally the Captain
could avoid such a simple attack. But between being pummeled by a super powered teammate, a Nazi Viking King, a Vampire Doctor and a Chinese Wizard, this has been a rough night.

Jaw grabs Battle by the hair and rams his face into the cold metal
wall. He then knees him in the chin. Battle coughs up blood. He can't let things end
like this. Instinctively he punches his foe in the jaw, cutting his fist on the
jagged metal surface.


Seeing the creepy metal mouth flapping up and down would be unsettling to
anybody else. But Captain Battle takes that as his big chance. Melting
Iron Jaw's artificial jaw with the Dissolvo Gun.


"Whats that Iron Jaw? I'd say cat got your tongue, but I can see that's not the

"........... ........... .........."

The enraged Iron Jaw runs at Captain Battle. His tongue hanging down with no
jaw bone to support it. Battle calmly steps aside, ramming him into
the cold metal wall.

"Huff....huff....huff....  You're next Baron Dread."


Unknown Soldier has never been in a fight like this. He is having
difficulty telling what is real from what is illusion. Silver Talon has shifted the
environment from hell to heaven to something in between.

Now it appears he is on a giant checker board. He narrowly avoids being crowned
by both black and red pieces. He does not dare use his Nitro Gun on
any of these things. He has no idea what he is firing at. He sees Talon on the
other side of the board. He has to get over there and finish him once and for all.

He takes a grappling hook out of his utility belt and throws it around
one of the leaping checkers. On top of the flying piece, he leaps onto Silver Talon, only to find nothing there.

Talon slashes him with the crooked dagger he meant for Captain Battle.
Unknown Soldier falls to the ground. Talon laughs as the illusions fade
away. The checker pieces were merely flying boulders.

"Ah I can still kill one Liberator tonight."


Unknown Soldier stands up smiling. He quickly grabs Silver Talon's wrist.

If Soldier were the chatty type. He would tell Talon about his tough
hide. How it is too tough to be pierced by a gaunt wizard. Instead he breaks
Talon's wrist.

Silver Talon in a panic, blinds the Unknown Soldier with a simple light
flash. Due to the mystic interference, he is unable to teleport. Instead a loyal
Deaglo saves his master flying away into the night sky.

Getting his sight back, Soldier is upset that the old wizard got away. He also
worries for Captain Battle alone on the Water Mammoth.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 12

Unknown Soldier


The Unknown Soldier fires his gun at Yank, but the quick thinking
Captain Battle shoves the young man down. Still each round fired by the Soldier's
specially made gun creates a massive explosion. The wall to the Liberators makeshift headquarters is destroyed.

The Unknown Soldier under the thrall of the villain Dr,Dracula prepares to fire
another round, only to be attacked by the Bold Eagle. Eagle hits Soldier with a left/right combo that would shatter a normal man's jaw. But the Unknown Soldier is unfazed. He catches Eagle with a devastating uppercut.

Soldier has his gun pointed at Eagle's head, before the Bronze Destroyer intervenes. Destroyer decides to take a different approach than the Eagle. Using speed and finesse to outmaneuver the Soldier. However the Unknown Soldier is as fast  as he is strong. Even with heightened speed and strength the Bronze Destroyer is caught with a devastating series of  blows, that leaves "The Real American" in condition similar to the Eagle.

Captain Battle for the first time is paralyzed by indecision. He looks down at his Dissolvo Gun. It could end this fight quickly and decisively. But the Unknown Soldier is not responsible for his actions. Battle regrets not
learning more about him now. How he obtained his unnatural strength, or at least his real name.

Battle looks down at the Dissolvo Gun again.

Unknown Soldier has the Bronze Destroyer lifted above his head. Before he can follow thru on whatever it is he has planned, Captain Battle blinds Soldier with a Sun Gun.

While the Soldier flails about trying to regain his sight. The Captain activates his Jet Pack and tackles the Unknown Soldier. Taking him several miles away from the base. Weathering several powerful blows to the head.

"Alright Soldier, tough guy like you oughta be able to survive a fall
from this height."

Captain Battle drops the Unknown Soldier from twenty feet in the air.
As soon as he takes care of Dr.Dracula, he'll return to make sure he
is okay. Before he can look for the Water Mammoth, his wrist
communicator lights up.

"Battle here."

"Dad, it's Battle Junior. The base is being overrun by D.R.E.A.D
Troops. Deaglos, Vamps and plain old North Korean soldiers."

"Who's leading the attack?"

"It's Dr.Dracula and Baron Berzerker."

"I'll be right there."

Captain Battle thinks to himself.

"Looks like Dr.Dracula will be easier to find than I thought."


Baron Berzerker                                           Dr.Dracula

Dr.Dracula is reveling in the attack. He can see the Unknown Soldier
has already damaged the Squadron of Liberators. An American soldier
fires his gun at the Doctor. Who turns to mist and appears behind the
young man and slashes his throat. Tonight he will have the pleasure of
doing the same to the accursed Captain Battle.

Meanwhile Baron Berzerker wrecks even more devastation in his path.
With his club, he shrugs off bullets fired by the American soldiers.

According to rumor, Berzerker was a frozen Viking found by the Nazis.
He was unfrozen and genetically modified. Giving him strength beyond any
normal or even abnormal man.

Captain Battle Junior finds most of the story preposterous. But he cannot
argue with the pure power of the Nazi Viking King. Though that has
never stopped the Son Of Battle before. He immediately gouges the eyes of

"Curse you puny man. By the AX of Tyr, I will slice
out your OW!!!."

"Sorry did I get you in the eye again. I tell you I'm all THUMBS!!"


Battle.Jr ducks just as Yank and Doodle ride by on specially
modified motorbikes, each holding a thin wire and knock the Baron

"Good work boys."

"No problem Junior, but that ain't gonna keep this guy down long."

"The tiny men speak true. My power was born from Odin and soon GRAAAGGHHHHH!!!"

Baron Berzerker's right hand has been melted.

"You you dog....."

It is Captain Battle, he used his Dissolvo Gun at its near highest
setting, to damage the Viking.

He charges into Captain Battle. Swinging wildly with both his left
hand and now deformed right hand. Battle knowing all about battlefield
injuries, hits Berzerker with precision strikes. But eventually the
Baron lands a solid punch to Battle.

"Coward now I will Arrrgghhhhh!!!!!!"

Baron Berzerker collapses, failed by his own club.

Doodle has a big smile.

"Maybe his club is from the gods. Took him down easy enough."

Suddenly a mist appears around Yank, Doodle and Captain Battle Junior.
Taking the trio down quite viciously, It is Dr.Dracula.

"Now Captain we shall finish this."

"Got that right Doc."

Captain Battle takes out a Sun Gun.

"That pathetic toy will not work on a vampire of my class."

"Maybe you're right."

He takes out his Dissolvo Gun and fires it in the Doctor's face.

"Mortal you will not live to regret that."

He turns to mist again appearing behind Battle, and attempts to use
the maneuver he previously executed on the young soldier. But as
Dr.Dracula is more than a mere vampire, so too is Captain Battle more
than a mere soldier.

In a swift motion Captain Battle ducks, unsheathes the knife from his
utility belt and stabs Dr.Dracula in the stomach.

"Grrrrr stupid mortal. A steel blade will not stop me. grrrr."


Captain Battle shoves the Sun Gun in Dr.Dracula's stomach wound and fires.


Light comes out of Dr.Dracula's eyes, ears and mouth. He disappears in
a puff of fire.

Captain Battle is hurt and exhausted. But there is more to deal with.

Tonight he takes down Baron Dread, Silver Talon and the rest of
D.R.E.A.D once and for all.

He wearily pulls himself to his feet and flies into the night sky.