Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 2

Even if he were simply head of Dumont Industries and Director of the Dumont Foundation, Jethro Dumont would have more than enough work to fill his days.

But he is far more than that, he is also the Green Lama. Years ago, he went to Asia to be trained by a secret order of monks. They trained him on how to unlock the true potential of the human mind. How to commune with the world around himself, to utilize powerful mystic forces.

But with that knowledge comes responsibility, a duty to protect mankind from a dark evil. An evil greater than even those ravaging Europe and Asia. Even the Green Lama is not yet sure what form this evil will take. Hence he must stay ever vigilant.

"Mr.Dumont I have the evening paper?"

"Thank you Tsarong. How would I get along without you?"

"Oh Mr.Dumont I suspect you would manage."

"Perhaps Tsarong, but life would certainly lose its luster."

Tsarong has known Jethro Dumont for years. He remembers when he met
him at the Temple. He dismissed him at first. Simply an arrogant westerner who
wanted to learn the ways of the Lama as a lark. But Jethro Dumont surprised him and before long had completely surpassed him.

They developed a strong bond. Closer than family in many ways.

Even then Tsarong would have never imagined his friend would have been granted the title of Green Lama by the Council. He was ordered to return to the states, for a great threat approached. Tsarong decided to follow his friend. He aides him in his duties as Green Lama.

"Mr.Dumont are you ready for dinner? Mr.Dumont?"

He can not remember ever seeing Mr.Dumont look so distrssed. Even in the case of the Rampaging Dinosaur, he retained a cool head.

"Mr.Dumont, is something wrong?"

"Yes Tsarong, something is wrong. I must gather the three."

Jethro Dumont calmly chants.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

His Grey business suit (with green shirt and Tie) disappear, replaced
by a green druids robe. Both the Lama and Tsarong disappear.

And the headline of the newspaper that distressed Green Lama so?

"Moaning Viper Statue stolen."


Professor Necro is very content in his work. Since robbing Seventh National Bank, he has set up a very nice base of operations in the mountains. He had a house built on a mystic fault line. Here he will be at his most powerful. Giving him a greater connection to the other world. In his meditations he has seen more of that place.

With each glimpse his determination to learn grows. He has attempted greater,
more difficult experiments. Flight, intangibility and energy projection are mere parlor tricks now.

He has noticed he has developed patches of dry skin all over his body with each great exertion of power. But he has no time to worry about such things.

Recently he created a patchwork man made from many corpses. He lost
contact with the monster soon after. Not that it mattered it had
served its purpose.

Now he will attempt something far more difficult. He will bring one of
them to our world. There will be a very small margin of error. If he fails, it
will be a fate worse than death. But if he succeeds untold knowledge and power will be his.

Last night he moved closer to that goal. When he stole the Moaning Viper statue
from the Museum of Ancient Art. A vigilante called the Rainbow attempted to
stop him, but he was easily dispatched.

The next step will not be as easy. For he will need a large human sacrifice to
gather the energy needed to open the portal.

"So be it."


Bill Powers is not happy. He did not become the Bold Eagle to fight small
time gangsters and saboteurs. He did not gain his mystic wings to stop
a gangster from shaking down a general store. Bill is happy to do good,.
but he created the Eagle persona to smash Nazis and Tojos. That is what he
was doing until two weeks ago.

That is until he received a letter from the President of the United
States. Requesting all Mystery Men and Women return home. That they
could do greater good on the home front fighting the new breed of
costumed criminals. Bill Powers disagreed with the decision but as an
American, he honored the President's request.

"Alright youse. Youse maybe wearin fancy duds but ya can't dodge a bullet."

"Wanna bet?!?!"

The Eagle grabs a can of corn and throws it at the gangster, who fires his Tommy Gun at ity,
ignoring the Eagle who takes the Gangster's head off with a right cross."

A young girl who was hiding behind the counter runs out.

"Wow Wee Eagle!! That was exciting. This is the life, huh?"

"It sure is partner!!"

But Bill is putting on a happy face, for the girl.

"Attention!!! Attention!!! Any and all Mystery Men report to New York
City!!! Time Square is under attack!!!!"

Bill feels guilty at his excitement. The Ratzis or the Tojos may have
finally attacked a populated area. Or maybe it is a new enemy. In any
case they can prepare to be smashed by the EAGLE!!!

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