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Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart Day 1

Intro by Matt D

I can't say that I would have been able to predict where Vic's creative endeavors have taken him, but I can say that the end result has been a lot of fun. A wrestling fiction playing upon the the late 90s gave way to a self-aware Saturday Morning Cartoon evolution of Sentai shows. From there, he delved back into the past of that fictional world and took intentionally two-dimensional villains and fleshed them into a third dimension, spattering in public domain characters from decades' past to add some color (and for the intellectual challenge). Cosmic Forces, however, stands as a clear inversion of what's most recently come before.

Here the heroes are those pulp players, fleshed out to admirable lengths. Here the main villain is Professor Necro and he is given motivation, backstory, and even a momentum that would never be possible in the Saturday Morning Homage of Horse Power. This is a villain with a blackened heart and a twisted soul, but both the heart and the soul are weighty and human. Meanwhile, a great deal of that selfsame humanity on golden age heroes who were previously just interchangable strong chins, bright costumes, and varying powers. And in the midst of this he creates a number of new villains and geopolitical situations for them to deal with and react to.

Throughout this flourish of creativity, Vic continues to improve as a plotter, often balancing three scenes in a chapter, with all of them heading towards a common goal. His structuring skills have advanced to the point that while you might wonder early how everything could possibly come together, everything does and in satisfying ways.

Cosmic Forces:Necromantic At Heart


Mortimer Plumber was born in 1921 to Hank and Judy Plummer in White Springs
New York. Growing up he never wanted for very much. Then again he never
asked for much. Just a small allowance to buy his pulps, a library
card and Mortimer was content.

Despite being a handsome and athletic boy, Mortimer rarely socialized.
It is not that he was disliked, he simply had little
use for others, unless he needed something.

Eventually Mortimer's lust for knowledge lead him to strange places. He started
reading more obscure books. Books he was unable to ascertain whether they
were fact or fiction. One book he came across was very old. The material hardly
felt like paper. There were bizarre symbols on the cover. He would
read the same passage over and over until he understood the meaning.

Hank and Judy were concerned. Mortimer had always been odd. But they had
never worried for him. They assumed his love of learning would help him get a
good job. A better job than Hank had working in a Textile Factory. They
decided to confront Mortimer one ugly September evening.

They entered Mortimer's room and were taken aback by what they saw. The room had ominous symbols painted on the walls. His desk had a display of candles and what looked to be a puddle of blood that had taken the shape of the letter n. They see Mortimer looking a bit disheveled. His face lights up
at the sight of his parents.

"Mom!!! Dad!!! It is so good to see you. I was going to call for you.
I wanted to tell you the news."

Hank and Judy are surprised that Mortimer has no fear of them seeing this. That
he is anxious to show them. Hank can see Judy's discomfort so he starts.

"Mort what is this?"

"It's the ceremony Dad."


"Yeah, I had been preparing for weeks. I made contact!!"

"Contact? Contact with what?"

"Dunno Dad. It was only a few seconds and it was beautiful. Maybe it was

"God? Mort you can't be serious."

Mort's jubilant mood takes a turn.

"Why wouldn't I be serious?"

Judy is near hysterical. She has kept calm. But she is losing her grip.

"Don't you care Mortimer? Don't you care about your future?"

"This is my future Mom."

"Mort you were suppose to start college soon. Become a doctor, a lawyer
or even a librarian or teacher. This will not lead anywhere. I want to
know what this is?"

He picks up the book with the bizarre symbols.


Mortimer punches his father. His mother tries to pull him away and he
elbows her in the head.


Mortimer grabs the book and runs out the door. His parents stagger to the door
after him.

"Mort please come back. I'm sorry!!"

"We love you Mortimer!!!"

It has been years since Mortimer last saw his parents. He never gives them much thought. His studies have advanced greatly since then. He has seen more of his visions. They have directed his actions. Driven him to advance further in his studies.

His first breakthrough was flight. He only hovered a few feet above the ground
and it left him exhausted for days. But he had actually flown.

Dad was right about one thing. He was not able to find a good job, following his
heart. He lives in the back of the garment factory that he works at
during the day.

His manager doesn't care, as it gives him an excuse to pay Mortimer less. But this "work" was a waste. It drained him of valuable time and energy he could dedicate to studying. He struggled with a solution until he read the newspaper.

"Missile Miser robs munitions truck. The Rainbow killed ."

He looked at newspapers from all over the country. Besides the war in Europe,
these costumed criminals were in all the headlines.

Some were small time but flamboyant criminals like the Puzzler. Others were
larger than life conquerors like the monstorus Claw. While some
seemed to be sorcerers like himself like the Silver Talon.

He decided then and there he would join their ranks. No not join, but become the
greatest of them all. It would give him a steady income while allowing
him to test his power. Yes that is another reason. He wants to test his newly earned might.

As a counter to the rising menace of the costumed villain, came the heroic man of

Many of them were patriotic in nature like Captain Battle and the Bold Eagle.
Others were more mysterious like Duel-Devil, or the power
house known as Black Terror.

But the most powerful mystery man of all was Jerhro Dumont, better
known as the Green Lama. Dumont had been trained by a mysterious sect of monks in Tibet.

Someday Mortimer planned to test his own power against that of
the Green Lama. But that is the future. Tonight he must prepare for
the debut of Professor Necro.


Seventh National Bank is the largest bank in the city. Mortimer, no Professor
Necro plans to rob it. He puts on his druid robe. It is covered in arcane symbols.

He looks at the front doors of the bank. He could phase thru the doors
harmlessly. Take the money and leave before anyone is the wiser. Any other night he would. But this is the debut of Professor Necro. He must leave a calling card.

"Scard, Alsever, Birep!!!"

His hands glow with a black energy as the doors shatter. A simple hand gesture
disables the alarm. Now he must open the vault. His eyes glow black as the
combination lock on the vault spins wildly and the door pops open.

He fills the canvas bag with as much money as possible. Feeling satisfied he
prepares to exit.

"Not so fast pal!!!"

It appears Professor Necro will get the test he wanted.

"And who are you?"

"The Tin Soldier. Put the money back, you're under arrest."

The Soldier fires his rifle at Professor Necro. It is a small feat to
deflect two bullets. Unfortunately Tin Soldier fired three bullets and the third hits him in the cheek. The Tin Soldier fires non lethal Pacifier bullets to deal with criminals. On this night, that is a mistake. Necro stands up shakily. His power is keeping him conscious, if only barely.

The Tin Soldier looks like a giant toy soldier made of tin. In reality
he is coated with a miraculous material that is resistant to most man made weapons. Alas. the powers of Professor Necro do not come from men.


A black ball of energy flies out of Necro's hands hitting the Tin Soldier directly in the chest. The Soldier collapses in a heap. Necro grabs his money and inspects the damage. He sees that the tin protecting his chest has pealed away. Underneath he is just a man.

Necro leaves as he hears police sirens wailing.

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