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The Doctor Victator Christmas EXTRAVAGANZA

Part One Origins
Long ago in a land forgotten by time. A small child is ignored by his tribe. Always
given the scraps and leftovers, the child goes without. As he grows
older he becomes a great hunter and gatherer. He always takes care of the small
and weak first. Giving them the greatest portions.

One day while hunting, he sees the strangest tiny green man. The tiny
green man ran away once spotted. The man is compelled to give chase. He
chases the tiny green man for days and weeks, which eventually become months.

One day in a cold arctic environment, the tiny green man stopped running. The
unnamed man grabbed him. Before he could do anything else the ground began
glowing and shaking. Eventually sinking into a brightly lit cavern.

The unnamed man sees hundreds of tiny green men dressed exactly alike.
Before he can question any of them a spirit appears before him.


"Chosen for what strange spirit?"

"You have been chosen to be the avatar of a new day. An avatar of

"What is Christmas?"

"That is not for you to know yet. But eventually all the world will celebrate and a
being such as yourself will be needed."

The unnamed man knows this must be madness. But somehow he trust the spirits
words, and as he accepts the truth in his heart he is transformed.

His hair and beard turn as white as the snow that surrounded him earlier. He
grows several inches in height. His once lean stomach becomes gargantuan.

His animal furs change into a fine red suit with white fur lining, with black gloves
and boots.

Soon the tiny green man comes forward.

"Now you realize my purpose. Our equipment sensed that the one was in your
area. When you managed to keep up with me for all those miles, I knew you were
that one. We are the elves, and we live to serve you. Behold your chariot."

With a flash of golden light a mighty red chariot appears in the room. It is lead by
a mighty team of nine Rein Deer. At the front a Rein Deer with a glowing red
beacon for a nose.

The spirit once again speaks.

"While once you were a man, now and forever more you are SANTA


Part 2

Where there is a great good.....

How did he arrive in this wasteland? His entire life he was driven by greed. The
overwhelming desire to have everything. To take the biggest piece of Mastodon
meat for himself. To horde all the furs and food for himself.

One day he felt a premonition that there was a land filled with all the food he
would ever want. Fearing he would have to share the bounty he did not tell the
tribe. Instead he took out in the dead of night. Traveling for months in one

Now he is in a land of death and despair. He is wasting away. His once ample mid
section is now gone. He lays in the desert dying. But before death can grant him
the oblivion he desperately craves, a fire is started.

Soon it consumes him, but he is not burnt. A  dark figure appears before him.

"A great force for good has been born. The scales of fate will not allow such an
imbalance to exist. You are a man rotten to your core. Filled with a cancerous
greed that will destroy everything you touch. You will be the vesel to right this

"I care nothing for imbalance!!! Give me death!!!"

"You have no choice human."

A black mist surrounds the man. He grows several feet in height. He is garbed in
a black and red fur suit. His blond beard turns coal black. He feels a great power
within him. A power that drives him to destroy and consume.

Tiny stone men surround him. They present him with a chariot made of fire and
brimstone. Lead by a squadron of Deer Skeletons. Their eyes blood red and
consumed by a ravenous hunger.

"Come forth my Xanta Xlaws, Come forth my Destroyer of Christmas!!!"

Part 3

Part 3

Prelude to Christmas

After accepting the sacred responsibility of being the avatar of Christmas, Santa
Claus began his training. His job was to spread good will among men. Giving gifts
to children and the helpless. With these tiny acts of kindness, men would begin to
act on their own.

The tiny green men are known as elves. From what he has gathered, they
originally came from another planet. Their ship crashed on Earth after being
attacked by a race known as the Helves. They set up a base in the North Pole
where they made contact with the spirit who calls himself Master Christmas.

They were tasked with finding a man worthy of the mantle of Santa Claus. Now
the man trains. He learns the full scope of his powers. How to command the Rein
Deer and maneuver his sleigh in any conditions. He learns to access the true
power of Christmas and even combat. The Elves are hesitant to say why.

Now he is told to make a list of naughty and nice. Santa inquires what happens to
the naughty children. He is told they are given nothing. This bothers Santa. He
believes no child is truly naughty. He wonders if there was a way to truly
motivate them to be good, for goodness sake.

It is now Christmas Eve, he is to give all the children Christmas presents. His run
over Asia goes smoothly. But over Africa, Santa Claus sleigh is attacked. It was
struck by two projectiles of Coal.

He sees a man dressed in an outfit similar to his, except it is red and black. The
man is gigantic in height, but extremely thin. His beard is black as night. Santa
realizes he is in for the fight of all time.

Part 4

Christmas Carnage

Santa shouts with a voice that could command a squadron of Rein Deer.

"Evasive maneuvers!!! RUDOLPH FIRE!!!!"

The Rein Deer with his nose so bright, uses it to fire a concussive blast of
crimson energy at the Brimstone sleigh and undead Rein Deer. The undead Rein
Deer are shaken by the attack. Giving Santa his chance to tackle his lanky
doppleganger, knocking him from his sleigh.

As Santa and Xanta fall to the Earth below they exchange thunderous blows that
rattle the heavens themselves. Finally crashing to the ground leaving a massive
crater. Santa Claus faces his enemy.

"Who are you?"

"I am your shadow. I am the wickedness in the hearts of man. I am XANTA


Xanta Claw sends a massive black fireball at Santa.

"Christmas Bulb!!"

He is surrounded by a red energy field that deflects the blast.

Santa knows he must end this fight soon. He sees the tall, thin Xanta. Everything
about him gives off an aura of death and despair.

Santa puts his hands together and they begin to glow with a swirl of red and green


Xanta mimicking Santa puts his hands together and a black and red light shines.






The two tidal waves of energy collide. They are evenly matched, with neither
side giving an inch. Around the world all children can sense the
battle raging. Who will survive... Who will be the face of Christmas?

Part Five

Christmas Carnage

Santa continues pouring out his energy to fight off Xanta's Claw's energy attack.

But he is beginning to waver. He is pushed back inch by inch, as Xanta's black
tidal wave of energy grows larger. Santa will not win this day alone.

At Santa's Base in the North Pole, the ancient alien race known as the Elves
watch with fear and trembling.

"There must be something we can do. Some way to help."

A glowing form belonging to the spirit that empowered Santa Claus appears.

"Yes there is a way for all of you to aid my avatar."

"Master Christmas?!? Surely you can stop the evil one."

"No my powers on this plane are now limited. Quickly create a link with the
children of Earth. They must help Santa before it is too late. "

Around Earth little boys and girls view Santa's plight. They watch him attempt to
turn back an overwhelming onslaught.

"Boys and girls, we are the Elves. Santa needs your help in this battle. The fate
of Christmas is at stake.'

One tiny boy in England speaks to the roof as his parents question his sanity.

"But what can we do? We're just kids."

"You can be good, for goodness sake. Your good energy will empower Santa."

Around the world every child releases the goodness in their hearts. Even the
naughty children give.

Soon Santa who had been driven to one knee stands up. His hair grows longer
and glows a brilliant white light. The sleeves on his uniform tear away revealing
bulging biceps and his eyes now pure white.

Xanta quivers in fear. He pours his remaining energy out. Absorbing every ounce
of ill will mankind has. But it is nothing compared to the goodness inside of

"What, what are you?"

Santa grimly smiles.


Santa powers up fully and annihilates Xanta with his energy blast. Nothing is left
of Xanta but dust.

Around the world children cheer. Parents chalk the event up to excitement over
Christmas presents. The tale of a battle between good and evil the result of an
over active imagination. But the kids know better and have pleasant dreams.

In the North Pole, the Elves cheer wildly, as Master Christmas fades away. Santa now powered down and exhausted, meets his loyal Rein Deer. Who successfully fought off their own demonic doppelgangers.

He gets aboard his sleigh weary but determined to finish his job.

"Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer,Vixen and Rudolph!
"On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donder and Blitzen!"

The Sleigh disappears in a blink of light. Its destination, Christmas.


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