Monday, October 10, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye" Day 6


Bronco has not been able to land a blow on the Soldier of Light. Light is more
powerful than he expected. But Bronco is determined and refuses to quit.

"Bronco Shooters, Horse Shoe Mode!!!!!!"

He connects his Bronco Shooters at the handle and fires. But the
Soldier of Light deflects it with his halo.


Bronco charges at the Soldier Of Light. The Soldier expects Bronco to
fire again, but instead he leaps into the air and fires at the ground in front of
the Soldier kicking up dust.


Bronco's Lasso appears in his hands and he wraps it around the Soldier
Of Light.

"Mr.Light you gotten all tied up."

Bronco cinches up on the Lariat and whips Soldier of Light into the ground.

"You will pay for this......"

The Emblem on Soldier's chest glows and fires a energy beam at Bronco, which
the yellow Horse Power swiftly dodges.


The Energy Halo above the Soldier's head grows larger and Bronco's Lariat
tears as the Soldier of Light fires energy from his emblem recklessly. Some of
the beams cause civilians to be injured.

Bronco stands up, a bit shaken from the barrage.

"Look at you Light!!! You say you want to help!!! Have you helped those people
you've injured?"

Soldier of Light takes a step back.

"no.... no.... I did not....."

The Light appears to the Soldier.

"The wicked will attempt to confuse the righteous."


A blast from the Bronco Shooter hits Soldier of Light.

The rest of Horse Power gather around Bronco.

"Lets form the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster!!!!!"

Sergent Sargent limps over.


"We have to Sarge."

"No the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster can't cut it with this guy."

"Then what do we do?"

"Well I was saving this for your Christmas present but..... Summon
the Horse Cannon!!!!"

Horse Power instinctively get in position to hold the Horse Cannon on their

"Alright boys take the Horse Shoes on your chest and insert them in
the slots."

Clydesdale standing behind the cannon inserts his Horse Shoe in the Red Slot.


Mustang inserts his Horse Shoe in the Green Slot.


Stallion inserts his Horse Shoe into the Blue Slot.


Bronco is last and he inserts his Horse Shoe in the Yellow Slot.

Together the four Horse Powers and Sergent Sargent yell.


The Light whispers into the ear of the Soldier of Light.

"You see they seek to use brute force to destroy you. You must match them"

The Soldier has been charging up the Halo in his hands. It glows and
crackles with energy, having grown to in size.


He throws his Halo at the Energy Beam fired from the Horse Cannon. The two
forces clash causing a shock wave that knocks down all but Horse
Power,Soldier of Light and Sergent Sargent.

The massive energies struggle for dominance.

Bronco speaks.

"C'mon team. Grrrr...... Can't let this hypocrite beat us."

The Horse Power team puts more of their personal energy into the blast. Pushing
it toward the Soldier.

The Light pushes her Soldier onward.

"You must not allow the defilers to destroy me."

The Energy halo above his head glows larger and brighter. His energy stops the
Horse Cannon blast from advancing.


The Soldier of Light pushes forward.

Bronco gives even more of his energy to the Cannon. Tapping into his
armors life support system.

The Horse Cannon blast grows more intense pushing the Soldier's Halo back at
him. He begins to doubt.

"How can a false idol fight like this..... If the power of true conviction can
overcome anything? How is it I have not triumphed?"

With each doubt the Soldier's Halo is pushed even further back to him.

"Do not doubt my Soldier."

"But why? why did you send me to attack these men? Why do you not give me the
power I need?"

The Horse Cannon pushes the Halo closer and closer until finally the tremendous
energy hits the Soldier of Light.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro watches as his project falls apart.

"Dear SkeleGun. I believe you are needed."


Soldier of Light stands up. His cape and uniform torn to shreds. His energy
halo is gone and his Halo weapon is broken in two.

He stands up determined to fight.

"I...I am fighting for the right thing. true conviction."

Suddenly Horse Power are hit by the bone shrapnel cannon of SkeleGun. He has a
squadron of Necronoids accompanying him..

They surround the Soldier of Light. Ready to defend him.

The Soldier is hurt. Seeing these demonic creatures defending him,
takes away his last ounce of conviction. Soldier Of Light runs away.

Horse Power would pursue him, but they are occupied with SkeleGun and the


In a world seconds yet an eternity away. Professor Necro smiles. Once again
SkeleGun is confused.

"Forgive me Professor, but why are you smiling? Your Soldier of Light was
defeated and I failed to stop Horse Power. I only narrowly avoided destruction."

"SkeleGun it has been far too long since I have had this much fun.
Soldier of Light is but one part of my plan. He will return soon enough. True conviction always triumphs."


The rec room of Liberty Corps base. The Horse Power team celebrates with their
Liberty Corps teammates.

David Foster takes a sip of his Kaboom cola.

"Guys this was a rough one. Sarge you got it worse than any of us. Do
you want to get checked over by Triage?"

"No David. in fact I feel pretty good."

Romero Sanchez looks dejected.

"Whats the matter Sanchez?"

"Sarge I feel stupid. I kept thinking the Soldier could be negotiated
with. But in the end he was no different than SkeleGun."

"Romero you're not stupid. You tried to do the right thing. You
thought he was a good man and wanted to save him. Only thing you did wrong was thinking he could live up to your standards."

"Thanks Sarge...."

                                 Horse Sense PSA

In the storage shed in the backyard of a suburban neighborhood.

"What are we doing in here Jimmy?"

"Look what I found Billy. My dad had it hidden behind his power tools."

"Is that?"

"That's right Billy, Bikini World magazine, the Rio Edition."

"should....should we look at that?"


The kids look at one another and exclaim.


"What you kids are holding is poison. It will rot the spirit and the mind."

"My dad reads it."

"Let me show you a preview of where your father's foul spirit is
destined to go."

The Soldier shines a light upon the kids showing them a vision. The kids are

A police siren suddenly wails, and The Soldier of Light anxiously leaves.

"Know better."

The kids stand whimpering.

"Uh huh....."

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