Friday, October 7, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye" Day 5


"HORSE POWER!!!! Come out and face me!!! Match your power against my light!!!!!"

The Soldier of Light is being filmed by a camera crew from the station where he tapes "Remmy and Friends". He is now surrounded by a crowd of gawkers.

The gates to Liberty Base open and a squad of Grunt Patrolmen walk out. The Grunt Patrolmen walk up to the Soldier of Light. They have no fear of the figure in Teal and Gold. Grunt #44 speaks.

"Soldier of Light by the authority of Liberty Corps, you are under arrest."

The Soldier smirks.

"Is that so?"

The Grunt Patrolman is dropped by a right cross. The other Grunts take out their plasma rifles and fire. The Soldier of Light deflects the blast with his Halo. He prepares to retaliate when.

"That's enough!!!!"

It is Sergent Sargent and E-Unit.

"At last you face me."

Soldier of Light gets into a defensive position.

Romero Sanchez steps forward. Sergent Sargent puts his hand on his shoulder.

"What are you doing Romero?"

"Please Sarge, I have to try."

"Alright Sanchez, gonna let you call your own play on this one."

Romero walks up to the Soldier of Light.

"Soldier we are not enemies. We want the same things. We want to help people. You have not done anything unforgivable."

The Soldier hesitates. This man is being reasonable. Perhaps there is another way.

Romero offers his hand.

"The business's you destroyed can be rebuilt."

The light shines upon the Soldier though no one but him can see it.

"The devil will approach you wearing the face of an angel."

Romero feels good, he reached the Soldier of Light. While he shakes his hand, he feels the grip tighten. The Soldier of Light knocks out Romero Sanchez


David Foster is angry. He, Zane Dresden and Brutus Roberts take out their Horse Buckles.


Blue, Green and Red energy consumes them as they transform into Horse Power.

Stallion steps up.

"You wanted a fight Soldier of Light? You just got one!!!"

The three Horse Powers take out their weapons and attack. Clydesdale the Red Horse Power takes out his Horse Hammer and swings it at the Teal and Gold figures head. The Soldier catches it in his Halo and throws him at Mustang, who narrowly dodges his partner.

He runs at the Soldier and in a flurry of movement, attacks with his Mustang Daggers. The Soldier blocks and parries each thrust with his Halo. He executes a picture perfect back flip. The emblem on his chest glows and fires a ray of energy into Mustang. Driving him into a wall.

Stallion slashes him in the back with his Stallion sword.

"Coward, you attack me from behind."

He throws his Halo at Stallion who sidesteps it. The Halo returns harmlessly to the Soldier Of Light's hand. Stallion is back on the attack. Each swing of the sword having expert precision. The Soldier dodges most of these strikes but not all of them. Some get thru and wear down his resistance bit by bit.

"You're very powerful Soldier. You would have made a great ally. But fighting you, I see you lack the training to properly utilize your power."

Soldier of Light is infuriated by the arrogance of the false idol. He fires a blast from the Halo Emblem on his chest, but Stallion deflects it with his sword. As he continues running at the Soldier, his sword glows blue and directly hits the Teal and Gold figure.

The Soldier of Light is wounded but not out.

"You may have more skill than me. But I have conviction and that will always TRIUMPH!!!!!!"

The gold cloth wings on his back come to life and the Halo above his head crackles with an impressive display of power. He flies into Stallion with a blinding speed. Hitting him with several slashes of his Halo. Stallion falls to the ground and Mustang and Clydesdale rejoin the fight.

Using teamwork they surround the Soldier of Light. Clydesdale makes three direct hits with his hammer. Mustang makes precise slashes with his daggers. But it is not enough. The Soldier catches Clydesdale with a punch to the gut. Dropping the Red Horse Power to a knee. With tremendous speed he sweeps the leg of Mustang.

Suddenly he is hit by a high intensity laser blast. It is Sergent Sargent with his laser bayonet.

"Sergent Sargent... You have no powers, what do you expect to do to me?"

"Like you said Light. A man with true conviction will always triumph."

Sergent Sargent shifts his Laser Bayonet into sword mode. The Soldier of Light takes to the air on his wings and at a blinding speed attacks Sergent Sargent.

He turns around expecting to see the Sergent knocked out. Instead he is standing with a big smile on his face.

"Missed me Light."

"I will not miss twice."

He charges at Sergent Sargent only to indeed miss twice. Sergent Sargent hits him in the stomach. The Soldier of Light is hurt. How did a regular person hurt him. He hits the Sergent with a backhand knocking him down. He pulls him back up and headbutts Sergent Sargent.

"You will pay for embarrassing the righteous."

But Sergent Sargent refuses to fall down. The Soldier Of Light takes his Halo and prepares to finish him off.


It is the Yellow Horse Power. He has regained consciousness and is mad as a hornet.

"Have it your way Light."

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