Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye" Day 4


Romero Sanchez is uncomfortable with this. But Sergent Sargent asked him to go
down to the TV studio where Soldier Of Light tapes "Remmy and Friends"

Music stores that sell MegaSkank albums have been destroyed. Just like
the alcoholic beverage stores. Sarge and the rest of E-Unit are investigating.
Romero was sent to the studio hoping to find the Soldier Of Light.

Romero looks around at the studio. He sees the Remmy puppet. It looks like a
felt basketball with ping pong balls for eyes. He looks over and sees the Mr.Claude
puppet. It is an elephant wearing a old time baseball uniform.

"Sir can I help you?"

"Yes sir, I'm Liberty Corp Elite Agent Sanchez. I would like to speak to the
Soldier of Light."

"Well Agent Sanchez, I'm afraid the Soldier of Light is not here."

"This is where he tapes Remmy and Friends?"

"Not exactly sir. You see the Soldier of Light gives us permission to use his
likeness on the show. The Soldier on Remmy and Friends is an actor."

"Can you tell me how to contact him?"

"Afraid not sir. the Soldier contacts us."

"Thanks anyway Mister?"

"Hicks, Chuck Hicks."


Chuck Hicks is having a panic attack. Horse Power is looking for him.
Going after MegaSkank in public may have been a mistake. The worst thing is he told a lie. Chuck Hicks has never told a lie in his life, until now.

Maybe he was wrong to do these things. Yes alcohol is bad. But did he have the
right to destroy those stores. That was someone's lively hood. Perhaps he was
wrong to destroy those music stores. MegaSkank is vile poison. But but.....

A bright light hits Chuck Hicks.

"Is your faith wavering my Soldier?"

" It is... I am."

"You wonder if you have been doing right?"


"First your current form shames me. Change."

Chuck Hicks brandishes his Halo and holds it above his head and transforms into
the Teal and Gold form of the Soldier of Light.

"Would you feel guilt if you foiled a robbery?"

"No my light. But...."

"Would you feel guilty if you saved a life?"


"Then why do you feel guilty for destroying poison and its dealers?"

"I do not know...."

"Feel no shame my Soldier for I know why."

"Why my light? Please guide me."

"You have fallen victim to the most dangerous poison of all. The kind
that poisons the spirit."

The light creates an image showing the exploits of Horse Power. Showing them
using brute force to destroy their enemies. Showing both young and old alike
showering them with adulation above all things, above all others.

"Do you see my Soldier. They are false idols. They poison the spirit.
They weaken faith, they weaken even me."

"I understand my Light, I will never be weakened by such poison again."

"You can triumph my Soldier. The source of their power is rooted in
darkness. But it can be destroyed."

"How will I find it my light?"

"Trust in your Halo. For it will guide you to it."


Romero Sanchez returns to Liberty Corps base. He wishes he had news for the

"Any luck at the TV Station Romero?"

"Nothing Sarge. According to the producer, the Soldier on the show is
just a guy in a suit."

"Do you believe that?"

"No I don't..."

"What's wrong Romero?"

" I agree with a lot of the things he says. He went after the dealers. I don't think destroying all the Alcohol in Lawnvale has made the town worse, and I think MegaSkank are vile pigs."

"Yeah well whether you agree or not there is a right and a wrong way
to do things.

You don't just destroy one option so people have no choice. It is not
what we stand for. I know it is not what you stand for Sanchez."

"I think we can reason with the Soldier of Light. We can make him an ally."

Thunder Thief walks into the room.

"Yeah that's a great attitude. Look how well it worked for me."

"Why is he not in a cell?!"

"Cool your jets Wagon Train. Since I got the regulator belt on, I'm powerless.
They got me on the honor system."

"This is what I'm talking about!! A creep who hurt our friends is walking free and we are fighting someone who is basically on our side."

 "He is not on our side. You were at that concert. You know what he was
going to do, if we did not arrive in time."

A Grunt Patrolmen runs into the room.

"Sergent Sargent, Agent Sanchez, the Soldier of Light is outside and has a film
crew with him. He is challenging Horse Power."

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