Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye" Day 3


The Liberty Corps has been hard at work for the last several days.
Attempting to figure out what destroyed every alcoholic beverage store in Lawnvale Ohio.

Even the alcoholic beverage sections of super markets and convenience stores
have been vaporized.

Sergent Sargent is holding a meeting with the members of E-Unit along with Courtney Hendrix and her brother Curt Hendrix.

"Men we have been looking at this case from every angle. Eye witness reports
are all the same. They were given a warning to leave and then a flash of light
destroyed the store."

Courtney Hendrix asks

"Have the Science Bulbs been able to turn up anything?"

Curt Hendrix answers
"The only lead we have gotten is that the traces of energy are
similar to the energy given off  by Professor Necro's Black Light and your Horse Buckles."

"What does that mean?"

"I don't know Courtney."

"Sarge I have tickets to MegaSkank and since we don't have any good leads..."

"You want to go to your Rock and Roll show, instead of staying at the
base, is that it Zane?"

"Well uh yeah."

"You can go. But keep your communicator on you at all times."

"You got it Sarge."


The Soldier of Light kneels in front of the gleaming light. He knows
it is wrong to feel prideful, even in doing good work. But he is unable to help himself.

"You feel satisfaction with what you have accomplished?"

"Yes my light. I have destroyed the poison."

"Yet still they poison themselves."

"How can that be?"

"They poison their minds with the foulest of music."

The light creates an image of a musical group. The Soldier indeed
knows of them. They are called MegaSkank. The group is composed of Three men and a woman.

One of the men has hair down to his knees and wears lipstick. Another
dresses in tight leather and has a mohawk. The last man has multicolored hair. The female dresses in a way the Soldier is uncomfortable even describing.

The Soldier of Light hears their lyrics and sees them on tee shirts and lunch
boxes at the schools he appears at. They poison the minds of children . Yes the
Soldier of Light knows what must be done.


In the Necromizone, a place worlds from our own, yet seconds away if one knows the
correct path. Professor Necro closes the projector he has been using
to speak to the Soldier of Light.

SkeleGun approaches with hesitation. SkeleGun owes Professor Necro everything.
He was chosen of all the NecrOgres to become the first NecBorg. So he would
never question this man without due cause.

"Professor Necro this confuses me."

"Why do you say that dear SkeleGun?"

"I do not understand why you play these games with an Earther, when your goal is
to destroy Horse Power."

Professor Necro looks away longingly.

"My recent attempts to destroy Horse Power and claim the Oblivorex have failed.
From the Grease Monster to the Atomic Bear to the debacle with Thunder Thief.

This time I decided to use an Earther of pure heart and spirit. Give
him a totem of power and let his mind shape it. I will eventually lead him to destroy
Horse Power. His faith will empower him."

"But why such an indirect path Professor?"

"Because sometimes the fun is in the journey."

"Forgive my insolence."

"If you do not ask questions, how will you ever learn?"

The Super Band MegaSkank plays its number one hit "We are the Skank"

"Drop outta school and tell your Mum to flip off!!!!! Listen to us, Megaskank
band Number One!!!!!"

Zane Dresden has looked forward to this concert for months. MegaSkank is his
favorite band. He loved they're first album "Bowel Movements in the Key of

Zane was a little uncomfortable seeing so many kids here, but their
parents are with them at least.

"Okay now listen here. This is a single off a or new album. We call it "Nuts to

As the band begins to play a bright light destroys the amplifiers. A
teal and gold figure floats down to the stage on cloth wings.

He takes the microphone and begins to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen I apologize for ending this concert prematurely. But this
type of music is poison. As dangerous for your mind as drugs and
alcohol are for your body."

Jeremy St Samuels has heard enough. As the lead singer of the premiere Sludge
Rock band on the planet, he demands a certain degree of respect.

"Hey!!!! Hey you, ya green bucket of gizzards. Nobody interrupts MegaSkank. I
got a half a mind to bop you in da shnozz you wimp!!!"

Jeremy takes a swing at the Soldier only to see the Teal and Gold
figure catch the skinny singer's fist.

"You are no better than the dealers who were poisoning these people."

He tosses St.Samuels aside. Security has run on the stage and pulled
out their weapons.

Zane takes this as his cue to intervene. This could turn very
ugly, very fast.

"Zane Dresden, Liberty Corps. You security guards stand down."

The guards look unsure.


The guards leave the stage.

"MegaSkank you guys are going to call a rain check on the Lawnvale concert."

"Yuh right like Uh'll ever play this stink hole again. It's always sumthin. Last time it was a bloody nuclear bear. This time this sanctimonious fish monger. I can't even find a brew in this dump of uh town."


"I am not done talking to these people about right and wrong."

Soldier of Light holds his halo as if he plans to attack Megaskank.

"So we are really going to do this?"

"Excuse me?"

"Horse Power Charge!!!! Mustang!!!!"

Zane Dresden is overtaken by a Green light changing him into Mustang. The
Green Humanoid Horse Robot.

Soldier of Light takes a defensive stance.

"Fine with me."

Mustang charges at him. Only for the Teal and Gold figure to leap over
his head.

The Green Horse Power turns on a dime, before he can go back on the attack, he
is hit by the Halo of the Soldier of Light. The Halo returns to the
hands of its owner. He dropkicks Mustang into the fleeing audience.

Mustang summons his Mustang Daggers. The Soldier of Light walks toward
his foe until he is hit in the chest by two beams of energy. It is from the
augmented sidearms of the Yellow Horse Power, Bronco.

He is not alone. It is the entire Horse Power team.

"I put in a distress call, the second you started your little speech."

Sergent Sargent helps Mustang up.

"Good work containing the threat, until reinforcements arrived."

This is completely wrong. The Soldier of Light did not come here for a physical
altercation with Horse Power. He came to spread the word of light and
destroy the poison.

He holds his Halo above his head and has it emit a light
bright enough to blind even the advance sensors of Horse Power. In the few seconds it takes for the teams vision to return, The Soldier of Light makes his escape.

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