Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye"


Courtney Hendrix is sitting on David Foster's couch watching Television.  She is watching the latest episode of Remmy and Friends. Originally it was a low rated public access show. But recently it has become a national sensation. The popularity is all due to the Soldier of Light. Who host the show along with two puppets named Remmy and Mr.Claude.

"What is wrong Remmy?"

"Gee Soldier of Light, I can't tell you."

"You must trust your friends Remmy. No problem is so terrible, a friend
cannot help."

"I broke Mr.Claude's Mini Golf trophy."

"Remmy that is not so bad."

"Yes it is. Because I told Mr.Claude, Miss Tiff broke it and now they
are in a big fight. Boo,hoo,Boo,hoo....."

"Do not cry Remmy. What you did was wrong. But telling me was a good start. Now lets tell Mr.Claude what you did."

David Foster comes out of the kitchen with a pizza.

"Courtney how can you watch this?"

"Oh David it's just a nice little kids show."

David Foster stares into space for a few seconds. He does not know why the
Soldier of Light bothers him. He did help Horse Power drive off SkeleGun.

"David? David?"

"Oh sorry Courtney. Been lost in thought lately."

"I talked to Curt today."

"And what did your brother want?"

"He wanted to know if I was ready to return to work. The Science Bulbs
are short handed at the moment."

"Every division is short handed at the moment. After that mess with Dr.Howard
becoming a Living Larva and transforming you and the entire base into

"I'm ready to return to work David. My injuries are healed and there don't seem
to be any lingering effects from being transformed. Dr.Howard is the one in a

"We just want to be sure. Personally I'm kind of attached to you."



The station manager walks onto the set of Remmy and Friends. Two of the
puppeteers stand up to stretch and the Soldier of Light walks toward
Bill Sumpton and shakes his hand.

"Another great show Soldier of Light. Ratings have never been
higher. We have sold the show into national syndication."

"Have you scheduled the clothing drive for the Homeless?"

"Scheduled for Saturday. Will you be there?"

"Certainly Bill, certainly. Now if you will excuse me, I have urgent business."


"Hear me Soldier of Light for your work is not done."

Soldier of Light knells in a darkened room in front of a gleaming
light. The light has a soft soothing feminine voice.

"What else is left to be done?"

"The people, they are poisoning their bodies."

"I understand."

The Soldier of Light is now standing upon a rooftop. He watches as a skinny
disheveled man sells a bag of powder to a wealthy man in an expensive suit.

He leaps to the ground. Punching the skinny disheveled man in the jaw. In a fluid motion he spin kicks the wealthy man in the ribs, dropping him to his knees.

He takes out his Halo and destroys the drugs.

He wakes up the disheveled man.

"Friend you are going to take me to your source."

Thus begins the Soldier of Light's crusade against drugs. Over several days he
destroys every illicit drug in the city of Lawnvale. Imprisoning the
dealers and putting the fear of light into the users.


Sergent Sargent sits in the Liberty Corps Rec Room with Zane Dresden
and Romero Sanchez. He is reading the Lawnvale Times Bugle.

"Soldier of Light shuts down third cartel."

"Sarge why do you look so worried?"

"I'm not worried about anything Zane."

"Is it because Soldier of Light gave you the cold shoulder?"


"Sarge I don't feel right about this Soldier of Light guy myself. But
for now he is doing good."

"Maybe you're right Sanchez."


"You have done well my Soldier. But still they poison themselves."

"But how my Light? I have destroyed every illegal drug in the city."

"Illegal!! You concern yourselves with man's law. There are other ways
to poison ones body that do not burden Man's Law."

"I understand my light."


Brutus Roberts is walking to Lawnvale Spirits and Beverages. He does
not drink alcohol, but he wants to buy some beef jerky and the S&B is
close to his apartment. What he sees shocks him. The S&B is now a pile
of rubble.

The owner, Mr.Kim has obviously been crying.

"Mr.Kim what happened?"

"Oh Mr.Brutus I do not know. At 3 am I get a phone call telling me to
come outside. I walk out, see flash of light and my store is gone.."

Brutus Roberts takes out his communicator.

"This is Brutus Roberts. Need a squad of Science Bulbs down on 5th
avenue. The S&B was vaporized and I suspect it was nothing human."

"All available Bulb squads are in other parts of the city."


"The S&B is not the only store that has been destroyed."

Brutus Roberts returns to Liberty Corps HQ immediately.

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