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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye" Day 6


Bronco has not been able to land a blow on the Soldier of Light. Light is more
powerful than he expected. But Bronco is determined and refuses to quit.

"Bronco Shooters, Horse Shoe Mode!!!!!!"

He connects his Bronco Shooters at the handle and fires. But the
Soldier of Light deflects it with his halo.


Bronco charges at the Soldier Of Light. The Soldier expects Bronco to
fire again, but instead he leaps into the air and fires at the ground in front of
the Soldier kicking up dust.


Bronco's Lasso appears in his hands and he wraps it around the Soldier
Of Light.

"Mr.Light you gotten all tied up."

Bronco cinches up on the Lariat and whips Soldier of Light into the ground.

"You will pay for this......"

The Emblem on Soldier's chest glows and fires a energy beam at Bronco, which
the yellow Horse Power swiftly dodges.


The Energy Halo above the Soldier's head grows larger and Bronco's Lariat
tears as the Soldier of Light fires energy from his emblem recklessly. Some of
the beams cause civilians to be injured.

Bronco stands up, a bit shaken from the barrage.

"Look at you Light!!! You say you want to help!!! Have you helped those people
you've injured?"

Soldier of Light takes a step back.

"no.... no.... I did not....."

The Light appears to the Soldier.

"The wicked will attempt to confuse the righteous."


A blast from the Bronco Shooter hits Soldier of Light.

The rest of Horse Power gather around Bronco.

"Lets form the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster!!!!!"

Sergent Sargent limps over.


"We have to Sarge."

"No the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster can't cut it with this guy."

"Then what do we do?"

"Well I was saving this for your Christmas present but..... Summon
the Horse Cannon!!!!"

Horse Power instinctively get in position to hold the Horse Cannon on their

"Alright boys take the Horse Shoes on your chest and insert them in
the slots."

Clydesdale standing behind the cannon inserts his Horse Shoe in the Red Slot.


Mustang inserts his Horse Shoe in the Green Slot.


Stallion inserts his Horse Shoe into the Blue Slot.


Bronco is last and he inserts his Horse Shoe in the Yellow Slot.

Together the four Horse Powers and Sergent Sargent yell.


The Light whispers into the ear of the Soldier of Light.

"You see they seek to use brute force to destroy you. You must match them"

The Soldier has been charging up the Halo in his hands. It glows and
crackles with energy, having grown to in size.


He throws his Halo at the Energy Beam fired from the Horse Cannon. The two
forces clash causing a shock wave that knocks down all but Horse
Power,Soldier of Light and Sergent Sargent.

The massive energies struggle for dominance.

Bronco speaks.

"C'mon team. Grrrr...... Can't let this hypocrite beat us."

The Horse Power team puts more of their personal energy into the blast. Pushing
it toward the Soldier.

The Light pushes her Soldier onward.

"You must not allow the defilers to destroy me."

The Energy halo above his head glows larger and brighter. His energy stops the
Horse Cannon blast from advancing.


The Soldier of Light pushes forward.

Bronco gives even more of his energy to the Cannon. Tapping into his
armors life support system.

The Horse Cannon blast grows more intense pushing the Soldier's Halo back at
him. He begins to doubt.

"How can a false idol fight like this..... If the power of true conviction can
overcome anything? How is it I have not triumphed?"

With each doubt the Soldier's Halo is pushed even further back to him.

"Do not doubt my Soldier."

"But why? why did you send me to attack these men? Why do you not give me the
power I need?"

The Horse Cannon pushes the Halo closer and closer until finally the tremendous
energy hits the Soldier of Light.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro watches as his project falls apart.

"Dear SkeleGun. I believe you are needed."


Soldier of Light stands up. His cape and uniform torn to shreds. His energy
halo is gone and his Halo weapon is broken in two.

He stands up determined to fight.

"I...I am fighting for the right thing. true conviction."

Suddenly Horse Power are hit by the bone shrapnel cannon of SkeleGun. He has a
squadron of Necronoids accompanying him..

They surround the Soldier of Light. Ready to defend him.

The Soldier is hurt. Seeing these demonic creatures defending him,
takes away his last ounce of conviction. Soldier Of Light runs away.

Horse Power would pursue him, but they are occupied with SkeleGun and the


In a world seconds yet an eternity away. Professor Necro smiles. Once again
SkeleGun is confused.

"Forgive me Professor, but why are you smiling? Your Soldier of Light was
defeated and I failed to stop Horse Power. I only narrowly avoided destruction."

"SkeleGun it has been far too long since I have had this much fun.
Soldier of Light is but one part of my plan. He will return soon enough. True conviction always triumphs."


The rec room of Liberty Corps base. The Horse Power team celebrates with their
Liberty Corps teammates.

David Foster takes a sip of his Kaboom cola.

"Guys this was a rough one. Sarge you got it worse than any of us. Do
you want to get checked over by Triage?"

"No David. in fact I feel pretty good."

Romero Sanchez looks dejected.

"Whats the matter Sanchez?"

"Sarge I feel stupid. I kept thinking the Soldier could be negotiated
with. But in the end he was no different than SkeleGun."

"Romero you're not stupid. You tried to do the right thing. You
thought he was a good man and wanted to save him. Only thing you did wrong was thinking he could live up to your standards."

"Thanks Sarge...."

                                 Horse Sense PSA

In the storage shed in the backyard of a suburban neighborhood.

"What are we doing in here Jimmy?"

"Look what I found Billy. My dad had it hidden behind his power tools."

"Is that?"

"That's right Billy, Bikini World magazine, the Rio Edition."

"should....should we look at that?"


The kids look at one another and exclaim.


"What you kids are holding is poison. It will rot the spirit and the mind."

"My dad reads it."

"Let me show you a preview of where your father's foul spirit is
destined to go."

The Soldier shines a light upon the kids showing them a vision. The kids are

A police siren suddenly wails, and The Soldier of Light anxiously leaves.

"Know better."

The kids stand whimpering.

"Uh huh....."

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye" Day 5


"HORSE POWER!!!! Come out and face me!!! Match your power against my light!!!!!"

The Soldier of Light is being filmed by a camera crew from the station where he tapes "Remmy and Friends". He is now surrounded by a crowd of gawkers.

The gates to Liberty Base open and a squad of Grunt Patrolmen walk out. The Grunt Patrolmen walk up to the Soldier of Light. They have no fear of the figure in Teal and Gold. Grunt #44 speaks.

"Soldier of Light by the authority of Liberty Corps, you are under arrest."

The Soldier smirks.

"Is that so?"

The Grunt Patrolman is dropped by a right cross. The other Grunts take out their plasma rifles and fire. The Soldier of Light deflects the blast with his Halo. He prepares to retaliate when.

"That's enough!!!!"

It is Sergent Sargent and E-Unit.

"At last you face me."

Soldier of Light gets into a defensive position.

Romero Sanchez steps forward. Sergent Sargent puts his hand on his shoulder.

"What are you doing Romero?"

"Please Sarge, I have to try."

"Alright Sanchez, gonna let you call your own play on this one."

Romero walks up to the Soldier of Light.

"Soldier we are not enemies. We want the same things. We want to help people. You have not done anything unforgivable."

The Soldier hesitates. This man is being reasonable. Perhaps there is another way.

Romero offers his hand.

"The business's you destroyed can be rebuilt."

The light shines upon the Soldier though no one but him can see it.

"The devil will approach you wearing the face of an angel."

Romero feels good, he reached the Soldier of Light. While he shakes his hand, he feels the grip tighten. The Soldier of Light knocks out Romero Sanchez


David Foster is angry. He, Zane Dresden and Brutus Roberts take out their Horse Buckles.


Blue, Green and Red energy consumes them as they transform into Horse Power.

Stallion steps up.

"You wanted a fight Soldier of Light? You just got one!!!"

The three Horse Powers take out their weapons and attack. Clydesdale the Red Horse Power takes out his Horse Hammer and swings it at the Teal and Gold figures head. The Soldier catches it in his Halo and throws him at Mustang, who narrowly dodges his partner.

He runs at the Soldier and in a flurry of movement, attacks with his Mustang Daggers. The Soldier blocks and parries each thrust with his Halo. He executes a picture perfect back flip. The emblem on his chest glows and fires a ray of energy into Mustang. Driving him into a wall.

Stallion slashes him in the back with his Stallion sword.

"Coward, you attack me from behind."

He throws his Halo at Stallion who sidesteps it. The Halo returns harmlessly to the Soldier Of Light's hand. Stallion is back on the attack. Each swing of the sword having expert precision. The Soldier dodges most of these strikes but not all of them. Some get thru and wear down his resistance bit by bit.

"You're very powerful Soldier. You would have made a great ally. But fighting you, I see you lack the training to properly utilize your power."

Soldier of Light is infuriated by the arrogance of the false idol. He fires a blast from the Halo Emblem on his chest, but Stallion deflects it with his sword. As he continues running at the Soldier, his sword glows blue and directly hits the Teal and Gold figure.

The Soldier of Light is wounded but not out.

"You may have more skill than me. But I have conviction and that will always TRIUMPH!!!!!!"

The gold cloth wings on his back come to life and the Halo above his head crackles with an impressive display of power. He flies into Stallion with a blinding speed. Hitting him with several slashes of his Halo. Stallion falls to the ground and Mustang and Clydesdale rejoin the fight.

Using teamwork they surround the Soldier of Light. Clydesdale makes three direct hits with his hammer. Mustang makes precise slashes with his daggers. But it is not enough. The Soldier catches Clydesdale with a punch to the gut. Dropping the Red Horse Power to a knee. With tremendous speed he sweeps the leg of Mustang.

Suddenly he is hit by a high intensity laser blast. It is Sergent Sargent with his laser bayonet.

"Sergent Sargent... You have no powers, what do you expect to do to me?"

"Like you said Light. A man with true conviction will always triumph."

Sergent Sargent shifts his Laser Bayonet into sword mode. The Soldier of Light takes to the air on his wings and at a blinding speed attacks Sergent Sargent.

He turns around expecting to see the Sergent knocked out. Instead he is standing with a big smile on his face.

"Missed me Light."

"I will not miss twice."

He charges at Sergent Sargent only to indeed miss twice. Sergent Sargent hits him in the stomach. The Soldier of Light is hurt. How did a regular person hurt him. He hits the Sergent with a backhand knocking him down. He pulls him back up and headbutts Sergent Sargent.

"You will pay for embarrassing the righteous."

But Sergent Sargent refuses to fall down. The Soldier Of Light takes his Halo and prepares to finish him off.


It is the Yellow Horse Power. He has regained consciousness and is mad as a hornet.

"Have it your way Light."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye" Day 4


Romero Sanchez is uncomfortable with this. But Sergent Sargent asked him to go
down to the TV studio where Soldier Of Light tapes "Remmy and Friends"

Music stores that sell MegaSkank albums have been destroyed. Just like
the alcoholic beverage stores. Sarge and the rest of E-Unit are investigating.
Romero was sent to the studio hoping to find the Soldier Of Light.

Romero looks around at the studio. He sees the Remmy puppet. It looks like a
felt basketball with ping pong balls for eyes. He looks over and sees the Mr.Claude
puppet. It is an elephant wearing a old time baseball uniform.

"Sir can I help you?"

"Yes sir, I'm Liberty Corp Elite Agent Sanchez. I would like to speak to the
Soldier of Light."

"Well Agent Sanchez, I'm afraid the Soldier of Light is not here."

"This is where he tapes Remmy and Friends?"

"Not exactly sir. You see the Soldier of Light gives us permission to use his
likeness on the show. The Soldier on Remmy and Friends is an actor."

"Can you tell me how to contact him?"

"Afraid not sir. the Soldier contacts us."

"Thanks anyway Mister?"

"Hicks, Chuck Hicks."


Chuck Hicks is having a panic attack. Horse Power is looking for him.
Going after MegaSkank in public may have been a mistake. The worst thing is he told a lie. Chuck Hicks has never told a lie in his life, until now.

Maybe he was wrong to do these things. Yes alcohol is bad. But did he have the
right to destroy those stores. That was someone's lively hood. Perhaps he was
wrong to destroy those music stores. MegaSkank is vile poison. But but.....

A bright light hits Chuck Hicks.

"Is your faith wavering my Soldier?"

" It is... I am."

"You wonder if you have been doing right?"


"First your current form shames me. Change."

Chuck Hicks brandishes his Halo and holds it above his head and transforms into
the Teal and Gold form of the Soldier of Light.

"Would you feel guilt if you foiled a robbery?"

"No my light. But...."

"Would you feel guilty if you saved a life?"


"Then why do you feel guilty for destroying poison and its dealers?"

"I do not know...."

"Feel no shame my Soldier for I know why."

"Why my light? Please guide me."

"You have fallen victim to the most dangerous poison of all. The kind
that poisons the spirit."

The light creates an image showing the exploits of Horse Power. Showing them
using brute force to destroy their enemies. Showing both young and old alike
showering them with adulation above all things, above all others.

"Do you see my Soldier. They are false idols. They poison the spirit.
They weaken faith, they weaken even me."

"I understand my Light, I will never be weakened by such poison again."

"You can triumph my Soldier. The source of their power is rooted in
darkness. But it can be destroyed."

"How will I find it my light?"

"Trust in your Halo. For it will guide you to it."


Romero Sanchez returns to Liberty Corps base. He wishes he had news for the

"Any luck at the TV Station Romero?"

"Nothing Sarge. According to the producer, the Soldier on the show is
just a guy in a suit."

"Do you believe that?"

"No I don't..."

"What's wrong Romero?"

" I agree with a lot of the things he says. He went after the dealers. I don't think destroying all the Alcohol in Lawnvale has made the town worse, and I think MegaSkank are vile pigs."

"Yeah well whether you agree or not there is a right and a wrong way
to do things.

You don't just destroy one option so people have no choice. It is not
what we stand for. I know it is not what you stand for Sanchez."

"I think we can reason with the Soldier of Light. We can make him an ally."

Thunder Thief walks into the room.

"Yeah that's a great attitude. Look how well it worked for me."

"Why is he not in a cell?!"

"Cool your jets Wagon Train. Since I got the regulator belt on, I'm powerless.
They got me on the honor system."

"This is what I'm talking about!! A creep who hurt our friends is walking free and we are fighting someone who is basically on our side."

 "He is not on our side. You were at that concert. You know what he was
going to do, if we did not arrive in time."

A Grunt Patrolmen runs into the room.

"Sergent Sargent, Agent Sanchez, the Soldier of Light is outside and has a film
crew with him. He is challenging Horse Power."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye" Day 3


The Liberty Corps has been hard at work for the last several days.
Attempting to figure out what destroyed every alcoholic beverage store in Lawnvale Ohio.

Even the alcoholic beverage sections of super markets and convenience stores
have been vaporized.

Sergent Sargent is holding a meeting with the members of E-Unit along with Courtney Hendrix and her brother Curt Hendrix.

"Men we have been looking at this case from every angle. Eye witness reports
are all the same. They were given a warning to leave and then a flash of light
destroyed the store."

Courtney Hendrix asks

"Have the Science Bulbs been able to turn up anything?"

Curt Hendrix answers
"The only lead we have gotten is that the traces of energy are
similar to the energy given off  by Professor Necro's Black Light and your Horse Buckles."

"What does that mean?"

"I don't know Courtney."

"Sarge I have tickets to MegaSkank and since we don't have any good leads..."

"You want to go to your Rock and Roll show, instead of staying at the
base, is that it Zane?"

"Well uh yeah."

"You can go. But keep your communicator on you at all times."

"You got it Sarge."


The Soldier of Light kneels in front of the gleaming light. He knows
it is wrong to feel prideful, even in doing good work. But he is unable to help himself.

"You feel satisfaction with what you have accomplished?"

"Yes my light. I have destroyed the poison."

"Yet still they poison themselves."

"How can that be?"

"They poison their minds with the foulest of music."

The light creates an image of a musical group. The Soldier indeed
knows of them. They are called MegaSkank. The group is composed of Three men and a woman.

One of the men has hair down to his knees and wears lipstick. Another
dresses in tight leather and has a mohawk. The last man has multicolored hair. The female dresses in a way the Soldier is uncomfortable even describing.

The Soldier of Light hears their lyrics and sees them on tee shirts and lunch
boxes at the schools he appears at. They poison the minds of children . Yes the
Soldier of Light knows what must be done.


In the Necromizone, a place worlds from our own, yet seconds away if one knows the
correct path. Professor Necro closes the projector he has been using
to speak to the Soldier of Light.

SkeleGun approaches with hesitation. SkeleGun owes Professor Necro everything.
He was chosen of all the NecrOgres to become the first NecBorg. So he would
never question this man without due cause.

"Professor Necro this confuses me."

"Why do you say that dear SkeleGun?"

"I do not understand why you play these games with an Earther, when your goal is
to destroy Horse Power."

Professor Necro looks away longingly.

"My recent attempts to destroy Horse Power and claim the Oblivorex have failed.
From the Grease Monster to the Atomic Bear to the debacle with Thunder Thief.

This time I decided to use an Earther of pure heart and spirit. Give
him a totem of power and let his mind shape it. I will eventually lead him to destroy
Horse Power. His faith will empower him."

"But why such an indirect path Professor?"

"Because sometimes the fun is in the journey."

"Forgive my insolence."

"If you do not ask questions, how will you ever learn?"

The Super Band MegaSkank plays its number one hit "We are the Skank"

"Drop outta school and tell your Mum to flip off!!!!! Listen to us, Megaskank
band Number One!!!!!"

Zane Dresden has looked forward to this concert for months. MegaSkank is his
favorite band. He loved they're first album "Bowel Movements in the Key of

Zane was a little uncomfortable seeing so many kids here, but their
parents are with them at least.

"Okay now listen here. This is a single off a or new album. We call it "Nuts to

As the band begins to play a bright light destroys the amplifiers. A
teal and gold figure floats down to the stage on cloth wings.

He takes the microphone and begins to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen I apologize for ending this concert prematurely. But this
type of music is poison. As dangerous for your mind as drugs and
alcohol are for your body."

Jeremy St Samuels has heard enough. As the lead singer of the premiere Sludge
Rock band on the planet, he demands a certain degree of respect.

"Hey!!!! Hey you, ya green bucket of gizzards. Nobody interrupts MegaSkank. I
got a half a mind to bop you in da shnozz you wimp!!!"

Jeremy takes a swing at the Soldier only to see the Teal and Gold
figure catch the skinny singer's fist.

"You are no better than the dealers who were poisoning these people."

He tosses St.Samuels aside. Security has run on the stage and pulled
out their weapons.

Zane takes this as his cue to intervene. This could turn very
ugly, very fast.

"Zane Dresden, Liberty Corps. You security guards stand down."

The guards look unsure.


The guards leave the stage.

"MegaSkank you guys are going to call a rain check on the Lawnvale concert."

"Yuh right like Uh'll ever play this stink hole again. It's always sumthin. Last time it was a bloody nuclear bear. This time this sanctimonious fish monger. I can't even find a brew in this dump of uh town."


"I am not done talking to these people about right and wrong."

Soldier of Light holds his halo as if he plans to attack Megaskank.

"So we are really going to do this?"

"Excuse me?"

"Horse Power Charge!!!! Mustang!!!!"

Zane Dresden is overtaken by a Green light changing him into Mustang. The
Green Humanoid Horse Robot.

Soldier of Light takes a defensive stance.

"Fine with me."

Mustang charges at him. Only for the Teal and Gold figure to leap over
his head.

The Green Horse Power turns on a dime, before he can go back on the attack, he
is hit by the Halo of the Soldier of Light. The Halo returns to the
hands of its owner. He dropkicks Mustang into the fleeing audience.

Mustang summons his Mustang Daggers. The Soldier of Light walks toward
his foe until he is hit in the chest by two beams of energy. It is from the
augmented sidearms of the Yellow Horse Power, Bronco.

He is not alone. It is the entire Horse Power team.

"I put in a distress call, the second you started your little speech."

Sergent Sargent helps Mustang up.

"Good work containing the threat, until reinforcements arrived."

This is completely wrong. The Soldier of Light did not come here for a physical
altercation with Horse Power. He came to spread the word of light and
destroy the poison.

He holds his Halo above his head and has it emit a light
bright enough to blind even the advance sensors of Horse Power. In the few seconds it takes for the teams vision to return, The Soldier of Light makes his escape.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye"


Courtney Hendrix is sitting on David Foster's couch watching Television.  She is watching the latest episode of Remmy and Friends. Originally it was a low rated public access show. But recently it has become a national sensation. The popularity is all due to the Soldier of Light. Who host the show along with two puppets named Remmy and Mr.Claude.

"What is wrong Remmy?"

"Gee Soldier of Light, I can't tell you."

"You must trust your friends Remmy. No problem is so terrible, a friend
cannot help."

"I broke Mr.Claude's Mini Golf trophy."

"Remmy that is not so bad."

"Yes it is. Because I told Mr.Claude, Miss Tiff broke it and now they
are in a big fight. Boo,hoo,Boo,hoo....."

"Do not cry Remmy. What you did was wrong. But telling me was a good start. Now lets tell Mr.Claude what you did."

David Foster comes out of the kitchen with a pizza.

"Courtney how can you watch this?"

"Oh David it's just a nice little kids show."

David Foster stares into space for a few seconds. He does not know why the
Soldier of Light bothers him. He did help Horse Power drive off SkeleGun.

"David? David?"

"Oh sorry Courtney. Been lost in thought lately."

"I talked to Curt today."

"And what did your brother want?"

"He wanted to know if I was ready to return to work. The Science Bulbs
are short handed at the moment."

"Every division is short handed at the moment. After that mess with Dr.Howard
becoming a Living Larva and transforming you and the entire base into

"I'm ready to return to work David. My injuries are healed and there don't seem
to be any lingering effects from being transformed. Dr.Howard is the one in a

"We just want to be sure. Personally I'm kind of attached to you."



The station manager walks onto the set of Remmy and Friends. Two of the
puppeteers stand up to stretch and the Soldier of Light walks toward
Bill Sumpton and shakes his hand.

"Another great show Soldier of Light. Ratings have never been
higher. We have sold the show into national syndication."

"Have you scheduled the clothing drive for the Homeless?"

"Scheduled for Saturday. Will you be there?"

"Certainly Bill, certainly. Now if you will excuse me, I have urgent business."


"Hear me Soldier of Light for your work is not done."

Soldier of Light knells in a darkened room in front of a gleaming
light. The light has a soft soothing feminine voice.

"What else is left to be done?"

"The people, they are poisoning their bodies."

"I understand."

The Soldier of Light is now standing upon a rooftop. He watches as a skinny
disheveled man sells a bag of powder to a wealthy man in an expensive suit.

He leaps to the ground. Punching the skinny disheveled man in the jaw. In a fluid motion he spin kicks the wealthy man in the ribs, dropping him to his knees.

He takes out his Halo and destroys the drugs.

He wakes up the disheveled man.

"Friend you are going to take me to your source."

Thus begins the Soldier of Light's crusade against drugs. Over several days he
destroys every illicit drug in the city of Lawnvale. Imprisoning the
dealers and putting the fear of light into the users.


Sergent Sargent sits in the Liberty Corps Rec Room with Zane Dresden
and Romero Sanchez. He is reading the Lawnvale Times Bugle.

"Soldier of Light shuts down third cartel."

"Sarge why do you look so worried?"

"I'm not worried about anything Zane."

"Is it because Soldier of Light gave you the cold shoulder?"


"Sarge I don't feel right about this Soldier of Light guy myself. But
for now he is doing good."

"Maybe you're right Sanchez."


"You have done well my Soldier. But still they poison themselves."

"But how my Light? I have destroyed every illegal drug in the city."

"Illegal!! You concern yourselves with man's law. There are other ways
to poison ones body that do not burden Man's Law."

"I understand my light."


Brutus Roberts is walking to Lawnvale Spirits and Beverages. He does
not drink alcohol, but he wants to buy some beef jerky and the S&B is
close to his apartment. What he sees shocks him. The S&B is now a pile
of rubble.

The owner, Mr.Kim has obviously been crying.

"Mr.Kim what happened?"

"Oh Mr.Brutus I do not know. At 3 am I get a phone call telling me to
come outside. I walk out, see flash of light and my store is gone.."

Brutus Roberts takes out his communicator.

"This is Brutus Roberts. Need a squad of Science Bulbs down on 5th
avenue. The S&B was vaporized and I suspect it was nothing human."

"All available Bulb squads are in other parts of the city."


"The S&B is not the only store that has been destroyed."

Brutus Roberts returns to Liberty Corps HQ immediately.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:You Pray "Hello", I Pray "Goodbye"

Interview with Sergent Sargent, from the February 2003 issue of Toy Parlor magazine

GP: What eventually ended up on screen?

SS: A character by the name of the Soldier of Light. He did not have many overtly religious references. But looking back, it pushed the bounders for a kids show in the 80s. He was this character who was granted super powers, but instead of fighting villains. Would lecture regular folks about being immoral and worshiping false idols.

GP: Did the show get in trouble over the episode?

SS: There was some squawking from the affiliates. The problem was not with the stations themselves. But you know they sell air time to Tee Vee preachers. They kicked up some dust.

GP: What ended up happening?

SS: We took it out of rotation. It would air occasionally. I got to watch it a few years back on VHS.

GP:Was it in good condition?

SS: Yeah it was in pristine quality. Glen you might find this interesting. Overdog (Sergent Sargent's former wrestling protege) actually has every episode on tape.

You Pray Hello, I Pray Goodbye


Sergent Sargent and Horse Power have been battling the Necronoids for three
hours. Aided by the Necborg known as SkeleGun, the creatures are more formidable than ever before.

They are uncertain what the point of this attack is. It is far from
Liberty Corps HQ. It seems to just be a pointless rampage in the center of town.

SkeleGun transforms his arm into a rocket launcher and fires a missile at City
Hall. Mustang using his super speed, intercepts the blast.

Sergent Sargent runs to the Green Horse Power.

"You alright kid?"

"Yeah Sarge, just a little shaken up."

Three separate squads of Necronoids have isolated Bronco, Clydesdale and
Stallion. SkeleGun transforms his shoulder into a Chain Gun and prepares to
finish Sergent Sargent and Mustang.

"Cease your villainy at once evil one!!!!"

All eyes look up to the roof of Lawnvale Bank. They see a figure in a teal
skintight armor with gold trim. He has an unusual looking gold
cape. As if it were the cloth wings of an angel. A halo of gold energy hovers above his head. SkeleGun grimaces.

"Necronoids, destroy this fool!!!!"

The Necronoids fire energy beams from their Robo Eyes at the
mysterious figure. But he leaps to the ground avoiding the deadly blast. The
Necronoids now swarm the individual. But he takes them down with the elegance
and class of a ballerina, mixed with the viciousness and power of a Bengal tiger.

Despite the Necronoids being taken down in seconds, SkeleGun
is undisturbed. He shifts both of his hands into machine guns.

Before he can fire upon the mysterious man in teal, the man forms a Gold Halo in his hands. Like a world class Olympian, he throws the Halo at SkeleGun, severing both of his hands.

"This is not over Horse Power!!!"

The familiar black door of light takes SkeleGun and the Necronoids

Sergent Sargent offers his hand to the figure in Teal.

"You pulled our fat out of the fire. We appreciate it....."

The stranger walks past Sarge to greet the media covering the battle.

"You have no more to fear from evil. Not so long as the Soldier of Light shines
upon you."

The Horse Power team have gathered around Sergent Sargent. The hinges on
their helmets open, revealing their bewildered faces.


Thunder Thief sits in his recliner looking very amused. He has just
finished his lobster dinner.

"Why do you look so happy?"

"Sarge I have plenty of reasons to be happy. I live in relative luxury. This
regulator belt your Science Bulbs created turned off my powers. So even if
I'm a Regular Joe, I'm not living in agony. Plus tonight I got to see
you and Horse Power clowned by that Soldier of Light goon. Life can be pretty sweet sometimes."

"Don't forget the only reason you are in this one bunk Marriott, is because
you have inside knowledge about this "Professor Necro". Got any idea why he had SkeleGun and the Necronoids attack the downtown area?"

"Not a clue, from what Ol'Rumpelstiltskin told me, the only thing he cares about is getting his "Oblivorex"  back. Would not make sense to attack City Hall. Maybe its a red herring or something."

Sergent Sargent looks very annoyed. He did not want to cut this deal
with Thunder Thief.

After he was arrested during that business with the Heterocera, Horse
Power learned Thunder Thief had been in contact with the mysterious villain who
was responsible for the Necronoids, Greasetrap, Braionic and Thunder
Thief's power upgrade.

Thunder Thief is not stupid. He used this information to get put in a
cell that makes most penthouses look like shacks.

"What do you think Sarge?"

"I think you should shut up."

Sergent Sargent starts to walk out of the cell.

"Oh Sarge tell Laura I'm ready for my massage now."

Sarge fights the urge to punch Thunder Thief and leaves.


The Necromizone, a world that is both a universe, yet mere steps away from our

Professor Necro looks out into the Ocean of Bleakness, when Skelegun appears.

"Sir I apologize for my failure."

"Oh dear SkeleGun, you have nothing to apologize for."

One Week Ago

It is One AM and Chuck Hicks walks the streets of Lawnvale Ohio. He has
been walking the streets for hours. He was kicked out of the Soda Stop
at 11 PM.

Now he walks the streets holding a crumpled pile of paper in his hands. He holds
his crumpled hopes and dreams. He remembers the scene at the TV Station.

"Chuck I like you. I really do. But Remmy and Friends is losing ratings every

"But Mr.Sumpton, we serve a higher cause than just getting ratings. Besides with
this new character, I guarantee Remmy and Friends will get ratings."

"Chuck we do serve a higher cause. But we also have to keep the doors to the
station open. Besides I don't see how you wearing some cheap super hero costume
would get bigger numbers. Chuck I did not mean it to sound like that."

"but my comic pamphlets with him. They they were popular."

"Chuck we can't do it I'm sorry. Your last show is next Friday."


With that Chuck Hicks walked out of K-Pub and went on his milkshake bender.

One thing he notices no matter where he goes is Horse Power. They are all over
the city, posters on the street, TV reports, newspapers and magazine covers. Is it any wonder they are
not interested in his characters? With Horse Power around, who cares about things like real character and morality?

He sees the Burger Barn is still open. He walks in and sees a raucous
party. Well he supposes there is nothing wrong with a harmless celebration. It
appears to be non alcoholic after all. He walks up to the register.

"One Apple Pie milkshake please."

"Sure thing buddy. Here its on tha house."

"What is the occasion?"

"Oh you didn't hear? Horse Power took down that radioactive bear. What wuz it
called, oh yeah Grizzly Atoms. I tell ya buddy, shows real heroes still exist."

"horse power...."

"You alright pal?"

"horse power......HORSE POWER!!!!!!"

Chuck tosses his half finished milkshake at the Horse Power Pinball game.
The Burger Barn clerk punches Chuck in the stomach and throws him out.

"I ain't callin da copz on accounta my bein in such a good mood. But don't come

Chuck lays on the curb wondering how things could possibly get worse when he
runs behind Burger Barn. The combination of too many milkshakes and being
punched in the gut is too much. As he heaves out a days worth of binging, a light
shines on him.

It is a soft feminine voice that instantly eases Chuck's stomach.

"Chuck Hicks you have been chosen."

He looks up, tears in his eyes.

"Chosen? Me?"

"Yes my child accept your gift."

Chuck Hicks opens his hands, as a Halo is presented to him.

"With this you can meet your potential and save the world."

The halo emits an energy that swirls around Chuck. Transforming him into a Teal
and Gold figure.

"Beware evil doers of this Soldier's Light."