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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 13


The Heterocera stands triumphant over the now cocooned Thunder Thief. As the
monster roars in triumph he sees Horse Power coming for him. They are flying in
their Hover Power Chariots.

It takes to the air, to fight Horse Power one last time. If It can not transform
them, they will be destroyed.

It does not notice Thunder Thief's Cocoon being struck by lightning.


Stallion gives the order.

"Alright Horse Power, lets bring the Horse Power Hover Chariots together to
form the Horse Power Chariot Maximus."

Stallion's Blue Hover Chariot forms the front of the Chariot Maximus.

Mustang's Green Hover Chariot connects to the rear left of Stallion's Chariot.

Bronco's Yellow Hover Chariot connects to the rear right of Stallion's Chariot.

Clydesdale's Red Hover Chariot lands on the rear of Mustang and Bronco's Hover Chariots.

Together the team shouts.


The Heterocera does not back off from the awe inspiring site of
Chariot Maximus.

 It tries to rip Chariot Maximus apart. But finds it is just as impenetrable as the Horse Power armor. Now the monster has taken to striking it. Each blow damages the Merged Hover Chariots. But Stallion is unshaken.

"Chariot Maximus Horse Cannon FIRE!!!!!"

The eyes on the Horse Head on the front of Stallion's Chariot fires. Wounding the Heterocera's chest.

Chariot Maximus circles the sky and prepares another strike. Stallion
again gives the order.

"Now lets finish off the Heteriocera with the Horse Power Chariot Maximus
Combination Power Blaster!!!"

Clydesdale takes out his Horse Hammer and places the handle into the
front of his Hover Chariot.


Bronco joins his Bronco Shooters at the handles and sends it to Clydesdale to
plant on the head of his Horse Hammer.


Stallion tosses his Stallion Sword to Clydesdale, who places the Sword on the
Bronco Shooters.


Mustang is last. He throws his Mustang Daggers to Clydesdale, who places the
Daggers on top of the hilt of the Stallion Sword.


Together they yell


The laser blast hits the Heterocera square in the chest. Sending it
crashing to the ground.


The cocoon of Thunder Thief draws upon more and more electricity. It causes a
black out in three states. Meteorologist are unable to explain the
sudden thunder storms in the area.


The Heterocera is in great pain. It is not only the pain of being struck by the Horse Power Chariot Maximus Combination Power Blaster. No it is a new pain. A pain similar to what Thunder Thief inflicted upon its Xenomoth babies. But the monster senses this new pain is also what saved its life.

With a new sense of power, the Heterocera strikes the Horse Power Chariot
Maximus. The blow is powerful enough to separate the mighty craft.

"Okay how the heck did Heterocera survive that?"

"That's a good question Clydesdale. Lets reform Chariot Maximus and find out."

"No way Bronco. Systems will need at least an hour to reset."

Heterocera is now shrugging off laser blast from the Hover Chariots. With its
power growing ever greater. Horse Power notices the monsters appearance
changing. Its wings larger. Its antennae longer. All the while crackling with electricity.

During the heat of battle, they had not thought to question what
became of Thunder Thief. They assumed he had been killed by the Heterocera. But now they know the creature trapped him in a cocoon and was using its symbiotic bond with it to become more powerful.

Mustang speaks

"Guys we need to get to Thunder Thief's cocoon and cut him out."

Heterocera sends Mustang crashing to the ground with a single swipe.
Next it flies hundreds of feet into the air and crashes feet first into Stallion and Bronco. Clydesdale takes his hammer and prepares to go out fighting.

When both he and the monster are distracted by a massive explosion. It is
Thunder Thief. He has freed himself from the cocoon.

Heterocera is hit by a massive feedback from this. His excess power is draining away.

Clydesdale knows he can not afford to let the Heterocera escape. He also knows
that Horse Power can not stop Thunder Thief alone.

"Bronco, Stallion, Mustang, can you get your Hover Chariots airborne?"

Stallion answers first.

"Yeah but just barely. You got a plan?"

"I do and it will take out both Thunder Thief and Heterocera."

Clydesdale blocks the Winged Monsters path of escape and fires a laser
at it. It heads in a new direction. But is blocked by Mustang. There is now only one path of escape. It goes in the direction of Thunder Thief.

The monster knows if it can cocoon Thunder Thief again, it can reclaim its lost power. It flies closer and closer to its prey. It has to fire the stream of silk at just the right moment.


It is Horse Power. They fire lasers into the back of the Heterocera, sending it
crashing into the fully charged Thunder Thief. Finishing the creature for good.

Horse Power run toward the fallen smoldering monster. They see Thunder Thief
with a big grin going across his face. Most of his body is covered in
electrical burns.


Thunder Thief collapses to the ground.

The team open the hinges on their helmets at the same time and share a look of



This Xenomoth? It does not remember its true name. What it was before the
Larva. It knows it is frightened. Instead of fighting Thunder Thief it fled Liberty Base. It is caught in a door of black light. It does not know where it is. It is frightened by this new place. It sees a man in a tattered robe. His flesh half rotting.

The man places a decaying hand on top of the Xenomoth's head.

"Poor creature. You have nothing to fear for you are home."


Horse Power barges back into Liberty Base fully armed and prepared for
war. But they are surprised by what they see. It is Dr,Hendrix and
Private Bedlam and they are caring for the Xenomoths.

Stallion opens his mask and walks toward them.

"Dr,Hendrix what is the situation here?"

"I was able to find a cure for the Living Larva. When we
came up from the sub basement labs, we saw the cocoons had hatched. But luckily the creatures were  unconscious. So Private Bedlam and I began administering the vaccines."

The team hears a cracking sound. They see a large cocoon opening.

"Why did you not apply the vaccine to that cocoon?"

"I..I needed to run more test."

Sergent Sargent falls out of the cocoon. But he is unchanged.


Horse Power runs toward their fearless leader.

"So you boys stopped Madame Butterfly."

Mustang replies

"That's right Sarge. But why weren't you transformed?"

"Hmm.... just lucky you boys stopped Heterocera in time. Is that Thunder Thief
over there?"

"Its a long story Sarge. We can talk about it in the morning. Right now we just
want to get some sleep."

"Y'know Bronco I think I've had enough rest for one day."


                                      Horse Sense PSA

Billy and Jimmy are heading home when they see that a power cable has landed in
a swimming pool.

"Uh oh Billy somebody could get hurt. Lets get that power cable out of
Mrs.Nelly's swimming pool."

"Jimmy we could get hurt."

"Don't worry Billy we'll use these metal poles to fish it out."

As the boys near the cable. They see a horrific sight, It is a humanoid
moth. The creature collapses in a heap.


It is the head doctor of the Liberty Corps Medical Unit. She shot the
monster with a tranquilizer dart. Med Grunts load the creature into the Red
Alert Ambulance/Tank.

"Boys never try to fish a power line out of a swimming pool with a metal pole.
Instead inform your parents and have them call the Light Department."

"Wow thanks Triage."

"Know Better."

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