Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 12

http://www.facebook.com/PlanetVictatorThe Heterocera looks at the human. He is covered in cuts, burns and crackles with electricity. It then looks at the Xenomoths, its babies laying on the ground broken and beaten. Instinctively it knows Thunder Thief is the one responsible.

The Heterocera is a creature of instinct. Its only goal is to create offspring. Transform the humans into higher lifeforms like itself. Every time a Xenomoth feels pain, the Heterocera feels pain. It aches deeply inside. It is why it abandoned the fight with the Horse Powers. It must protect its babies.

It stares at Thunder Thief with an intense focus. Distracted briefly by an unhatched cocoon created by the Xenomoths. It wonders why it feels no connection to this cocoon.

"So looks like I drew the attention of King Bug itself. Ugh,huff, grrr. Doesn't matter, You'll break as easily as your kids did."

Thunder Thief stomps a prone Xenomoth in the back causing it to howl in pain. This is enough for the Heterocera. An inhuman roar comes from its mandibles.

It flaps its enormous wings creating a hurricane wind in the Hangar. Clydesdale, Mustang and the Xenomoths are swept up in it. But Thunder Thief stands his ground. Drawing upon more power and putting himself in more agony.

The Heterocera flaps its wings even harder. Now Thunder Thief has dug his fingers into the Hangar's cement floor. The monster flies into Thunder Thief at full speed, sending them both crashing thru the Hangar wall.

With Thunder Thief in its claw it flies into the sky. Thunder Thief draws more electricity into himself and breaks the monster's grip. He leaps to the creatures face and punches it in what passes for an eye. The Heterocera screams and throws him to the ground from 500 feet in the air.

Thunder Thief is already in so much pain, he does not really feel it. He opens his eyes and sees the monster has continued flying higher and higher. It suddenly stops and begins to fly toward Thunder Thief at full speed.

The Heterocera gets closer and closer but before he can crash into Thunder Thief, he is hit by a tremendous volt of electricity. Greater than anything the Xenomoths felt. It knocks the monster down.

"Heh...Argh....Ugh.... Got you..."

The Heterocera leaps back to its feet and wraps Thunder Thief in a cocoon. If it were not a creature of instinct, The Heterocera would be cackling in triumph.


"What was that?!?"

"I do not know Private Bedlam. The base is on back up generators."

"I can't stay down here any longer. I have to go fight that Larva thing."


"I'm tired of you ordering me around sir. "

"Please Private... Mark I need you to be safe. You are so important to this organization. I can't risk you being killed at this juncture and you would be killed. I'm so close to finding an antidote to the Larva virus. But I can't finish if I have to worry about you."

"Alright Doctor, I'll trust your judgment."

Private Bedlam looks at the floor, feeling ashamed at his inaction and Dr.Hendrix returns to his work.


Clydesdale and Mustang have finally gotten to their feet. The tornado created by the Heterocera had nearly knocked them out. They survey the damage and check on the Xenomoths. These creatures are their friends and co workers. They are unconscious but not severely injured. At least the ones not attacked by Thunder Thief.

"Where are they Clydesdale?"

"Looking at this place maybe they destroyed each other."

"Sensors say they're about sixty miles away in the North Haven City limits."


Mustang runs toward the Blue and Yellow Horse Powers. They returned to Liberty Base in pursuit of the Heterocera.

"You got a plan to stop that monster Stallion?"

"Clydesdale for all we know, Thunder Thief killed the Heterocera. In any case I do have a plan."

"That's good because sensors say Heterocera is returning to Liberty Base."

"Alright team lets summon the Horse Power Hover Power Chariots and finish this battle."

Stallion, Bronco, Clydesdale and Mustang take to the Chariots and fly toward a final confrontation with the Heterocera.

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