Monday, September 26, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 11


"What are you glue pots so upset about? I fried a couple of bug monsters. You
afraid I did it better than you could?"

Mustang charges into Thunder Thief. Hitting him with a series of punches.
Thunder Thief hits Mustang with a volt of electricity that gets thru his Green
Horse Power armor.

Clydesdale swings his hammer at Thunder Thief who catches the hammer with one
hand. With a crackle of electricity, he visibly winces as he throws
Clydesdale into the Hanger wall.

Clydesdale knows something has changed. Thunder Thief even at his strongest
has never been this powerful. Not powerful enough to run over two Horse Powers
at the same time. His power is not the only thing that has changed. He
is covered by severe electrical burns. His hair is fried and his costume in tatters.

Thunder Thief sends a volt of energy into Clydesdale. There is another thing.
Each time he uses his power, it puts him in visible pain. It is almost
like he is not immune to his own powers.

Clydesdale uses his hammer as a cane and pulls himself to his feet. He walks
toward Thunder Thief who increases the force of his energy beam. As Clydesdale
nears his foe, Thunder Thief screams as he unleashes a torrent of energy great
enough to power Lawnvale for five years.

Satisfied he has defeated the Red Horse Power he goes to finish him
off. Right now he does not care about finding the Oblivorex. Horse Power has
humiliated him one time too many. Tonight he'll make them pay one by one.


Thunder Thief feels a sharp pain in his lower back. Mustang hit him with his
daggers. Such a blow in the past would have been enough to finish him. But
Thunder Thief has changed in ways Mustang could never imagine. He swiftly turns
around and grabs the Green Horse Power's face. Sending millions of volts into
him. If not for his armor Mustang would be no more.

Thunder Thief is surprised when he sees the Xenomoths have recovered. They go
to attack again. Covering him in a swarm. If Thunder Thief were feeling like
himself he would fire another volt into the Xenomoths and escape. But he is not
feeling like himself. He is in agony. His head is throbbing, his skin
is burning and his limbs ache.

He smashes his fist into one Xenomoth, cracking what passes for a
skull. He sends twin bolts of thunder into a pair of Xenomoths charging him from each side. He breaks the wing of a moth that attacks him from behind.

He throws his hand into the air and begins collecting electricity. He
intends for his next attack to be his last. Each bit of power puts him in more pain which makes him more determined to do this. As he nears maximum capacity.


He is tackled by Clydesdale and Mustang.


The battle with Heterocera is near a stand still. The Stallion/Bronco
Sword/Shooter Combo Blaster failed. It has recovered and is now battering
Bronco and Stallion. It is taking every bit of power in their arsenal
to keep the Heterocera occupied.

It has Bronco it its grip. The creature is frustrated that Horse Power seems
immune to being cocooned. They can be entangled by the silk that creates
the cocoon, but they will not transform. It has a new strategy and that is to tear
the protective armor off of them. Stallion charges at the Heterocera only to be
pinned to a wall by cocoon silk.

Bronco struggles more and more but it is to no effect. Suddenly the Heterocera
starts howling in pain. It drops the Yellow Horse Power and drops to one knee. It looks to the sky and flies off in a blur. Stallion uses his sword to free himself.

"Bronco did you see where he is heading?"

"Liberty Base..."


Thunder Thief throws Mustang and Clydesdale off of him. As he stands up,
he kicks a prone Xenomoth in the side. Clydesdale hits Thunder Thief
in the stomach with his hammer. He follows with a right cross only for it to be caught. Mustang mule kicks Thunder Thief in the back of the head. Knocking him

Thunder Thief responds by dispersing the electricity he collected in every
direction. Even dispersed the energy overwhelms Clydesdale and Mustang.

"Huff.....Huff......Huff ...Grrr......ugh.,.... There that is the end of it. I'll find Stallion and Bronco.....Huff.....argh..... After I find the Oblivorex and get my powers fixed."

Before he can begin his search, the Heterocera crashes thru another
section of the ceiling. It knows immediately Thunder Thief is the
source of his pain.

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