Friday, September 23, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 10


Thunder Thief walks the Liberty Base grounds. Each step puts him in a
great deal of pain. Instinctively he knows this is how he will find the Oblivorex Crystal. The closer he gets to the crystal, the more pain he is in. He wonders why he keeps searching.

"I will tell you why you continue searching."

"Necro? How are you talking to me?"

"Thunder Thief you should know not to question my power. Communicating with
you psychically is a mere parlor trick."

"How bout you explain why every time I use my powers, it feels like I'm being

"I've been betrayed in the past by Earthers. You are particularly strong willed. Your powers will put you in intense pain with each usage. The only cure is the Oblivorex crystal. Once you find it, you will be immune to your powers again."

"You double crossing little..... ARGGHHHHH!!!!!!"

"Find the Oblivorex, then you can exact your vengance."

Professor Necro's astral form disappears and Thunder Thief continues his search.


Stallion and Bronco fly their Horse Power Hover Chariots at full
speed. Being far away from Liberty Base the Heterocera is easier to find. It has
attacked the High Plaza district of Lawnvale.

"Stallion why is the Heterocera attacking High Plaza?"

"The lights..."

"I get you, the Heterocera is still a moth. So it went
to the biggest light it could find."

"The problem is lots of civilians are out shopping."

As they near High Plaza, they see the Heterocera is wrapping people in cocoons.

Each Xenomoth hatched increases its power. The Lawnvale Swat Team is
attempting to subdue the creature. But unsurprisingly even the highest caliber
bullets are having no effect.

The Heterocera tears a wall off of the High Plaza Pizza Putz and throws it
at the brave officers. That would be the end of them, if not for a yellow beam of
energy fired by Bronco's Horse Power Hover Chariot. Stallion's chariot hovers above the Lawnvale Policemen.

"This is a Liberty Corps Operation. Remove the non cocooned civilians from the
scene immediately."

As the officers round up the civilians. Stallion and
Bronco attack the Heterocera.


Clydesdale and Mustang have reached Liberty Base. Thunder Thief has left a
path of destruction.

"Should I go scout ahead Clydesdale?"

"No we need to stick together. We have no idea what has happened to Thunder
Thief. Those cocoons were hatching when we left. I don't think
Sarge could survive a fight with whatever came out of them."

Mustang takes that as a cue to go, but with surprising speed, Clydesdale stops

"Look I'm worried about Sarge too. But you running ahead and getting beat up
will not help. Go ahead and get your brains beat in, but I'm not going
into this fight alone."


Stallion and Bronco launch their attack upon the Heterocera. Bronco
dives out of the Horse Power Hover Chariot on top of the monster. This time they are going to keep the fight close to the ground. The giant monster tosses Bronco aside.

Bronco takes out his Bronco shooters and joins them together in Horse Shoe
mode. Firing several shots at the creatures wings. Stallion follows by
slashing the face of the Heterocera. It howls in pain and attempts to escape. But The Horse Power Hover Chariots on autopilot block its path.

Cornered it attacks Stallion and Bronco. Scooping them up in each hand, it
smashes the Blue and Yellow Horse Powers together. Falling to the ground,
Bronco goes for his Bronco Shooter only to be stomped into the pavement.

Stallion leaps at the Heterocera's face, only to be caught by a fresh stream of
cocoon silk.

"Not again"

The creature has Stallion trapped and prepares to bite his head off,
only for a blue laser beam to scorch his hand. It is Stallion's Horse Power Hover Craft. Stallion scrambles to meet Bronco and form a new strategy.

"We cannot take this thing alone."

"Remember how you and Clydesdale took out Braionic?"

"The Bronco/Clydesdale Hammer/Shooter Blaster?"

Bronco takes out his Bronco Shooter already in Horse Shoe mode.


Stallion places his Stallion Sword on top of the Bronco Shooter.



A powerful bolt of energy is fired at the Heterocera. The creature is
compelled to meet the energy head on. They collide sending it into High Plaza Tower.

They see the creature laying on the ground unconscious and covered in rubble..

"I think we got it."

The creature burst free of the rubble and howls.

"Of course we didn't."


Thunder Thief has entered what he thinks is the Liberty Corps Hanger.
It is very dark and covered in what looks like cob webs or white cotton candy.

With each flash of electricity he sees something that would be horrifying for a
normal man.

He sees what looks like a tribe of humanoid butterflies. They surround a giant
cocoon. Almost like they are expecting their first child. Obviously
something bad has happened at Liberty Base. But that is not Thunder Thief's problem.

He begins to exit the hanger when three of the moths block his path. He turns
around and sees the rest have surrounded him.

"Heh they won't let me leave. I'm the world's sexiest bug zapper."

He powers up and the Xenomoths attack.

He uses brute force on three of them. Smashing them into the ground. The rest
decide to attack as a unit.

"I don't.....Grrrr have time for this."

He releases a charge of electricity that drops the remaining Xenomoths.

"You better pray they are still alive."

It is the Green and Red Horse Powers.

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