Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 8


The Horse Power Air Chariots were created for situations like this. During the
testing stages of Project Horse Power, it became readily apparent that Horse
Power would not be capable of using much of Liberty Corps arsenal of
vehicles and weapons.

So quickly Dr.Hendrix and his team started developing vehicles to accommodate the
Horse Powers added size and density. The Horse Power Air Chariots were
created. They are capable of traveling in the sky, on land and
on/under water. Now they have their first true test chasing the Heterocera.

Mustang as is his nature has gone on the attack. Firing a green laser
beam at the Heterocera's right wing. The creature yelps in pain as if it is
surprised it can feel pain.

Mustang fires another round but this time the creature avoids it. He
is surprised at the agility of the Heterocera. The monster fires a stream of cocoon

Mustang fires another beam at the silk stream. But the cocoon silk was a misdirection. As the
Heterocera strikes the Chariot from above.

Before it can follow up with another attack, Stallion slashes it with
his sword.

Clydesdale throws his Horse Hammer at its head. Next Bronco fires his Bronco Blasters in Horse Shoe mode at the creature. Stallion gives the command.

"Okay Horse Power lets form Super Chariot and finish this."

The Heterocera understands what is happening. It looks down and sees Mustang
finally regaining control of his Chariot. It senses this is the weak
link of the team.

At incredible speed it swoops down and dismounts Mustang from his chariot and
throws the Green Horse Power into Stallion. Now that the Blue Horse Power is
concerned with saving his friend, it strikes.

It wrapps both of them in it's cocoon. Bronco and Clydesdale go to check
on their teammates, allowing the Heterocera
to escape.


Thunder Thief steps out of the black door of light. He recognizes this as the
Liberty Corps base.  Within seconds he feels an intense sensation. His powers,
they are going haywire. What did that troll do to him? He remembers what Necro
had told him. He changed his powers. Now in addition to absorbing
electricity, he generates it.

"Arrrggghhh!!!! This is going to take some getting use to."

He rips the gate out of the ground.

"This base is on lock down. Back away from the gate or face the consequences."

Gravel Pit likely does not recognize Thunder Thief. He has never
encountered him in person. Not to mention the file photos on Thunder
Thief were not of him covered in electrical burns and flashing an x-ray every few seconds.

"Really and what consequences are those?"

Gravel Pit and his Dirt Napper Grunts takes out their shovel lasers and fire. Before Thunder Thief would have happily absorbed the energy and went on the attack. Now it puts him in pain. But he still goes on the attack.

First he melts the shovel lasers. Next using his newly increased strength he
dismantles the Dirt Nappers. Gravel Pit hits Thunder Thief with a
series of strikes that would cripple a normal man. Thunder Thief does not even
flinch. Casually tossing Gravel Pit into the wall surrounding Liberty Base.

He steps thru the dismantled gate and Pit puts in an emergency call to Horse


Stallion's sword cuts thru the cocoon. He opens the hinge on his armor
to expose his face.

"Why did you two not follow the Heterocera?"

"We had to abandon Sarge at the base, we were not losing you and Mustang too."

Stallion is receiving a call on the Emergency Line.

"Stallion it's Gravel Pit. Someone broke into the base. Took me and the Dirt
Nappers apart. I'm in pretty bad shape. I think its Thunder Thief."

"Don't try to fight him again Pit. I'm calling a local hospital to
send an ambulance for you. We'll be right there."

"We still need to catch the Heterocera."

"Clydesdale, you and Mustang go back to the base and stop Thunder
Thief, or whoever he is. Me and Bronco will try to catch up to the
Heterocera, before it can do any more damage."

With that the Horse Power team splits up.

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