Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 7


High Five is waiting for Liberty Corps base to go off lock down. He needs to
return the Sky Lynx to the Hangar. Fuel is not really a problem.

Thanks to the technologies discovered by Liberty Corps Science Bulbs, the ship could fly at optimum power for days without needing to recharge.

But he is concerned about the others. He knows some monster is attacking the
base. That it was dangerous enough to put the base on lock down. He can't even
radio the base for updates. So for now High Five and the squadron of Liberty
Corps Hatchets are in the dark.

"High........ High Five...%$^$"

Sergent Sargent is trying to contact him. It sounds like something is
interfering with the signal.

"Flying moth.....^&%^%^ Stand^%$$.."

Before High Five can wonder what Sarge is trying to say, he sees what looks like
some type of burnt up moth/butterfly turned inside out. It is heading straight for him.

He flips some switches sending Sky Lynx into battle mode. Sky Lynx is the most
advanced helicopter ever created. Silver and Blue it is hard to spot without sensors. It avoids the creatures first charge.

"Alright Hatchet Team we need to box this thing down. Maneuver F6G."

The Hatchets quickly get into formation. With two to each side of the monster.

Next they fire grappling hooks into each of its limbs. They pull back
but find the monster is too strong and pulls them along. The Heterocera crashes into the two Hatchets in its path causing them to explode.

High Five freezes.  He does not want to lead these men to their doom. He thinks
about Road Test. How he was was...... He can't even think it. But
maybe if he had been smarter or faster he could of saved him from Braoinic.

"High Five what do we do?!? That thing just took out four Hatchets. I
think I saw them eject but its circling around. It is coming back for us."
High Five snaps out of it. You can only be responsible for yourself.

"You men leave. The Hatchets are not cut out for this battle. Me and the Lynx here
can handle things."

He fires a barrage of missiles at the Heterocera. They do not slow it down. But
High Five expected that. Next he fires the Chain Lasers on it at full power and
goes higher into the air. The Lynx weapon systems seems to be having
little effect.

The Heterocera is under the Sky Lynx and digs its claws into both sides of the


The thrusters underneath the Sky Lynx ignite. Setting the Heterocera
on fire. The creature releases a human sounding howl. High Five hits the eject button as the infuriated Hetrocera dismantles the Sky Lynx. It is alive and burnt
but still alive.

As the only Horse Power with true super speed, Mustang is giving chase to the
Heterocera. Thankfully the flying abomination is staying close to the ground.
Mustang is running over, thru and between buildings. On the roof of "Sherman's
Grill" he leaps at the Heterocera. Who swats him back down..

Inside the Simon family is celebrating 15 year old Carl's birthday.
Carl is not happy about having his birthday dinner at Sherman's Grill.

"Look Carl there is nothing wrong with Sherman's Grill. I don't wanna hear one
more crack about the quality of the beef."

Mustang shatters the Simon families table.

"Alright we'll go to Smiths Steakhouse."


As the cocoons hatch, Sergent Sargent recognizes each newly born Xenomoth. Be
it Mess Hall, Courtney Hendrix, Spare Tire or even Grunt 5X9. The Xenomoths
are already stronger and faster than Sergent Sargent. But as an added handicap,
he knows he can not fight at full force.

His Laser Bayonet is set to stun. The Courtney Moth tries to take his
head off. He catches her in the stomach with the Bayonet. The Spare Tire moth is next. Followed by Mess Hall. He catches each one with a stun swipe of the Bayonet.

But it seems they are growing immune to the stun blast. He switches to fighting
them hand to hand. It is a seemingly inhuman feat by a seemingly human man. But he is fighting off the Xenomoths with his bare hands. He is hit from behind by a new Xenomoth.

He swears he heard it chuckle. The Laugh Track moth has escaped from his cocoon. The
Xenomoths swarm on him. Soon Sergent Sargent is in a cocoon.


Bronco rides up to Sherman's Grill in his new Bronco Breaker Motorcycle. He had
Stallion on the back and Clydesdale in the side cart.

They go in and see an apologetic Mustang talking to the manager.

"Sir please give your bill to Liberty Corps. They will fix everything
and heck even build an arcade if you like."

Stallion approaches Mustang.

"What happened?"

"I was able to keep up with the Heterocera. But when I leaped up to try to knock
him out of the sky, he swatted me aside."

Bronco speaks

"Look even the Bronco Breaker can't follow that thing. We need to hit the sky."

"We get the Eagle's Talon?"

"No  I don't think the Talon has the power. We need to summon the Air Chariots.
This is as good a time as any for a field test."

Outside they are ready.

"Horse Power Air Chariots!!!!"

Out of the sky comes red, blue, green and yellow chariots.

Mustang takes the Green.

Bronco the Yellow

Clydesdale the Red

Stallion the Blue.

"Alright Horse Power lets go get Heterocera."


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